Thursday, January 31, 2002

Yesterday with friends we were talking about how much work is against human nature (hehe)...true, isn't it?!!
Look, when you work, you finally spend more time everyday with people you don't specially like than with your family and friends... That's really weird!
I have heard that the Americans were those who spend the most time at work. Gawd, not fun for dem!
Hmm working half of the day is maybe a good compromise... ;-)
Santamaria !! I again sound very motivated at work today! hehehe
Tadda!! A new link is to be added today, *Jack-the-Picturer* 's webpage is born!
To use "propper" English (baaaaa ;-) Jack is a Photographer. A photographer of much talent, able to capture the little something you are unable to notice usually :-)))
{is very proud to have such an artist as a friend, and vice-versa ;-)

If you ever read this blog (and this is a test ;-) Mwahaha!), Jack, the only thing I would really love on your newly-born page is that we can click on each picture and have larger views of them! That would be just kewl! **~* * * *

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

I will start to think the weather influences troooly my muud... today is a *blooooe* day and I feel like a lil frog playing in her pond! Work's boring but later we'll join Emmanuelle, Romuald, Anna and Starsky for an improved aperitif!! Dat is kewl! I think days should be balanced that way.... whenever you have tough times, then you must have relaxing ones! (hahum.... but the opposite is not troooe! nenene :P)

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Today is the kind of day when I repeat myself I should stop my job (I work in an import/export dpt)... I'm so sick of it right now that I wonder why I'm still here working... no I don't wonder, I know that I'm still here because of the money I can get every month ;-).

My big problem is that I still and again don't know which kind of job I want to do. It is a real problem because I cannot project myself in a new job, I don't know what kind of companies I want to contact, I can't feel motivated by a job which I simply don't know.

It's exactly like when I was finishing school, I had no idea about which studies I'll do. So I simply chose the first ones, these studies kept me busy for a few years and then I had to get a job, naturally. I chose the first one, exactly in the same way. I have learnt a lot, sure, but I'm not a specialist in anything... That makes hard to find a job, I don't feel like having any professional profile, you know? :-)

What I know is that I want to work near where I live and I don't want to work on weekends... That shall make a long list of possible jobs hey ;-) hehehe

I'm going, at least, to think about it really seriously and I'll open my eyes and ears to be sure I won't miss any opportunity:)
I'm kinda convinced that the more I think about it, the more I might suddenly find inspiration!!!

{on meditation mode about jobs ;-)}
I lost at the game yesterday! Boooo... but I was so frustrated that Martin finally offered to cook for me! hehehe
I've been the real winner at the end, hey! :-P

Monday, January 28, 2002

hehehe Thank you for your support Penny One!!! I'm crossing all my bits to win (the game starts in a min!!)... I've just had time to add Morning Dew painting :-))... I had finished it a few days ago and I'm already working on another (bigger) one ***~~* *
Okies, I'm off to win my Bandicoot driver license !! wooooooooooosh!
Tonight Martin and I organize a little hmm playstation's Crash Team Racing... a kind of car race during which you can throw TNT, bombs etc against your partners (very funny, but less easy than it seems! hehe)... My plan (but don't tell anybody about it)is to come back earlier than Martin and ... train!! hehe... The fact is that I lose all the time at that game... I'm a bad driver in when I drive a car on the playstation, it's simply worse...and, fooook, it makes me angry that I can't tame the machine! ;-)
... I've made the bet that I'll win at least 2 games over about 10. If I lose, I gotta cook tonight, so please, wish me good luck and may the force be with me :P
(Damn, I feel a bit baaad, some run back at home to take care of the kids and I run back at home to play games!!! Playing games must be part of my destiny! Mwaaalalalaaaa)

Sunday, January 27, 2002

(happy sigh) I will sleep like a baby tonight! ... It's been a guuuud day :-)))....I finished my site, found Penny online, and discovered a new chat zone on compuserve! Not that I did not know it... but I simply did not know it was that kewl! We have found our ol' room there, all empty...looking like waiting for us to be back! hehehe
And here we are! We've been redecorating the walls of it and we already feel at home (as Penny said) **~~* ** *~~* * I hope Jack will come and visit us there, I kinda feel he will like this purple room :P
Ohh talking of the web, yesterday Martin and I went to a party in the new flat of Arnaud, a french friend I know from compuserve :-)))... We know each other since about 4 years now, a real good friend... I realize that people still always look at you with big eyes when you say you know this one or that one from the web. They always think you're a kind of desperate !!! They should try it one day, them frustrated ones! ;-)

Ok, I think today is the day..I mean ZE day! I feel my site is ready even if not complete... Hmm I hope I will be happy with it for a few months cause it really took me days (ermm weeks!!!) to make it! I specially wanna thank Martin for all his precious advice and Penny for having open new doors in our cyber World!!! My Gurus!

Friday, January 25, 2002

I've just heard from Penny that Gertie (her pewter) does not feel well today...(sigh)... I hate it when that happens to Gulli (my pewter)... let's just hope it's not a virus (crossing bits)

Saturday, January 19, 2002

I am seeing the end of the tunnel !! my webpage shall be finished tomorrow!!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Waaaaaaaa Yeeeeehooooo !!! I've finished the page 'my info'...well, almost! I am proud, Gulli, very proud!!

Saturday, January 12, 2002

I've done it!!! Spent 3 hours downloading paintings, working on the pages!! Yeeeepeeeee!! And I already see mistakes to be corrected....booo oooooo ..... watta hard work!

Tuesday, January 08, 2002

Ok, I gonna do it! Tonight, I put my paintings online! Cross all your bits so that it takes me less than 4 hours ;-)

Sunday, January 06, 2002

I'm feeling like having worked for a whole day, and the webpage is faaaar from being finished...I'd better stop for today and relax with have a glass of wine :-)Tomorrow I wish to add my painting on the page.. then I'll have all the texts to write! Phewwwwww!
I think now it works!!! Thanks Gawd, Martin helped me cause my technical english and (okok) knowledge is much reduced!
I also wanna thank Penny for having discovered da blogger thingie ! yeeepeeee!! :-)))**~~* *

Wednesday, January 02, 2002

coucou !!! ;)
coukk mon ch'tit chou,
ben, c'est temporaire, mais une fois que tu auras trouvé le bon mis en page, on va changer ça !!
:-* ton Choupikouinet

Tuesday, January 01, 2002

last try of the day, phewwww
Coucou, cette fois c'est la bonne!!