Thursday, February 28, 2002

Tomorrow's Friday, for many reasons I wanna that the wheel of time turns much more quickly than usual, just for the 24 next hours, that is :P
Anxiety justified. We're not leaving for *Pennyland* and for now that breaks my heart :)
I knowwwww we'll go there, but this time we were so close to it.
I feel like wanting a coffee ice cream, small one, hidden under a moutain of Chantilly
(greedy sigh)

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Oh, I have to express my anxiety in a way or the other (and as I'm at work right now, that's the main way I've found), besides drinking a cawffee every 20 minute :)

I will know for sure today if Martin and I can make Ze trip to Brissie. All what we organized last week looked purrrrfect**~* *(I'll tell ya about it once back from work, Miss Penny!! :-)))) and suddenly this week, it seems things are not going as we wanna.
We're so close to make the dream come true...and right now I don't feel it in my waters, I hate that sensation!!!
(running for another cawffee)

Monday, February 25, 2002

Next week, we'll probably go to see that Costa-Gavras' movie 'Amen'.
It's a movie about the position of the Christian Church during the last World War....spicy topic ;-)

This movie has already been the source of huge arguments, because the poster of it mixes the nazi and christian symbols.
(Oh I like it when art starts to provoke and shake our bits:)

Some traditionnal Christians got very shoked by this way of presenting the Church. Their opponents maintained it is only Historical truth and treated the shoked Christians as extremists.
I was to participate to some chats about it on cinema forums...but finally there could hardly be any dialogue.

I'm very happy, as a Christian actually, that this poster is now officially authorized by public authorities. The terrible position Church took sometimes in History has to be reminded. As we often say, "that should not happen again".
This poster is naturally also very linked to the Freedom of Art, which is my cup of tea ;-)

Now, I'm a bit sad, as a Christian again, that people assimilate us so easily to the position of the Pope.
I'd be sad too if during this War, I had defended the opressed ones in the name of my Faith (as many civilians and priests did) and would be only reminded as being on the side of the Pope.
That is also very unfair.

Anyway, nothing is black or white. We tend to judge so quickly!

About the movie, 2 of the main actors are German and said to be excellent: Ulrich Tukur and Ulrich Muhe. Matthieu Kassovitz (who played in Amelie) shoulkd not be bad either :P
That should be interesting and lead to other passionate discussions :-))

Saturday, February 23, 2002

Ohhh, since about 10 days, I try (and it's hard!!) to drink more milk (real one) and juices than anything else...huuu... I think in the last 6 days I've only had very reasonnable beverage!
It's a record!
We'll open champ tonight to celebrate that! Mwaaaaalalaa!!
(efforts gotta be rewarded!)
I hate it when life gets tough for those I love. So frustrating to feel helpless sometimes. Sure you are *here*, sure you'll always be here.... but if that makes life a bit easier, that does not solve probbies!

Eva, my niece, really thinks (so far) I'm a witch. Which she seems to really love....hehe :-))**~~* * *.... The other day she dressed as a fairy to go to school (they celebrated Mardi Gras), and she called me before because she wanted I explain her how to use her wand to change boys into frogs, she asked if I could put her wand into my special magic potion. I told her (I did not know what to tell her!! I still wanna her to "believe") i simply told her it only works in very hot days in summer.. (wellll, not the wooooorst explanation!)

I wish I was as Eva sees me... then I would solve probbies just in a wink! hehe
**~* * *^^^~ *

Thursday, February 21, 2002

I am very open to any *sign* coming from my belly.... I just wanna feel it getting a bit harder or getting a bit more round......I'd like to feel some bubbles as if a factory was starting to work inside .... but the only thing I actually feel are frogs in my stomach when I'm specially hungry. How frustrating!
(running to the kitchen ;-)
I made the strangest dream last night!
I dreamt next weekend Martin and I would be visiting Mizz Penny! hehe.....yup, just for a weekend...more than 40 hours by plane, just to spend the weekend in Brissie! ;-)
I must wanna go there very much or something, no?! hehe...
So, in dat dream, we had decided we would not sleep at all for the 2 days to enjoy Brissie as much as we could. In dat dream, Penny had a house made of wood in front of the sea, on a huge beach actually, almost like a desert. The house was small, or rather crowdy ;-), I met 2 of Penny's Angels in the house, Emma and Matt (who was trying to speak french words with me :P).
The most bizarre thing is that Penny introduced us to a child I did not know. She had just adopted an adorable lil girl named Eva! hehe

There was so much to do and to see in such a little time! Finally Mizz Penny decided the best would be to make a party on Saturday evening at home so that we can meet her closest friends and relatives!
I remember a fireplace in the main room of the house and just at the left of it on a lil table, the super modern (flat screen, etc etc) computer of Penny! hehe (no offence to Gertie, but that could not be her!).
We had to leave so quickly, all seemed already just like a mirage :-((
Penny's World was so bluuuue (so much sea and so much sky!!)...
....I simply hated to hear the rain when I woke up this morning ;-)

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Grabbing my axe, running after my Dentist-the-Butcher!
I usually stand him, right, but I have my own limits ....Because I told him I was preggie, he decided today to use the minimum to heal the pain while working on me (he did not want to take risks)....
Phewwww...Now it huuuuurts and I cannot even have aspirin!
But I should not complain that much, Gwenola has just had the threads on her head (after her surgery cession) taken off... She did not have any anaesthesia before (trembling in my boots)... and she told me it has been the most painful thing she's ever felt. They just gave her sugar once it was done!! She is really courageous (I would have run away from the hospital!!! ....I'm such a coward with pain!!)
Ohhh and the guuuuud piece of news of the day is that the official complains against da Warrior Mom have failed! She spent the morning at the police (rilly!!!), then she was confronted before a judge to the mayor. Finally all went well, but it's been a tough tough day for her... {sending her ***~~* *^^* * *

Monday, February 18, 2002

The good thing of the day is that the boobies are less painful, the baaad thing is that I feel very very tired since yesterday precisely, which should not be the case...I slept really much during the last 3 days...
Today, as soon as I arrived from work, I just literally fell on da bed and slept for 2 hours! hehe, not bad hey!

Hmm, I also went to take the results of my blood sample, I don't understand a word but (shrugging), all look fine of course! :-)))

Anyway, it's been a tough Monday at work, I'm really happy to focus on other *thingies* at the moment **~~* *^^* * *

Sunday, February 17, 2002

Here is the last painting I've done, I had unusual troubles to find a title for it.... so it is simply named "Mon Musicien" :-))

I've also officially added 3 words to the Magical Dictionnary:
Splendiferociously, created by Skydög from the Blooe Zone, meaning something close to damn kewl
Milk with a wink, created by Penny, the most lovely way to speak of wines, tequilas or champs :P
Hottie, a much more pleasant word to use than a hot tea... I wanna a hottie!! weeeeee!! hehe
Glad to see the blogger server is working again! :-))
I rilly had to confirm to the birds and butterflies around that my tummy is being very active, and that should last till next october !!! ***~~~* *^^* * * *
Laaaaaalalaaaaala***~~* * *^^* *
I'm very tired today, I think it's just because we've been out all da time on Friday and Saturday... right now I'd be a bear, and we'd be in november..hehe..I'd sleep for 6 months!!!
I'm going to have a *hottie* (hot tea in common language :P) and relax a bit more!
Gawd, I love dem weekends :-))

Thursday, February 14, 2002

Joyeuse Saint Valentin to every Sweet Creature around!!! **~* *^* * *^**~* * *

I've often asked myself what was the origin of this Valentine Day... and I found a story about it I rilly like :-)))

Back in the 3rd century, there was a Roman priest named Valentin.
At the time, the Emperor (some Claudius II) had forbidden his soldiers to get married (for marriage made soldiers too dependent on their families).
But then, there was this priest, our Valentin, who resisted and started to celebrate secret weddings, depiste of the law.
Valentin was soon arrested and imprisonned :-((
While in jail, a blind young lady (the daughter of the jailer) used to visit him often...they turned to be real special friends. A miracle happened and the young lady could see again!
But the happy time did not last long. Valentin was to be executed :-(
Just before he got his head cut off, Valentin gave a message (in the shape of a heart) to his young lady friend, and the message started with "From your Valentin, ...."

sniiiiif romantic and saaaad.....booo oooo:-(((
Poor Valentin!

Heads are not so often cut off nowadays but life is short... Love should simply be celebrated as much as possible!! Weeeee:-))**~* * * *^* * *

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

The "guess where da bird is hiding?" picture
(I've just received it from Arnaud, hehe, really cute)

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Weeee, I'm Queen for the day!! My Butcher-the-dentist has just put a new lil crown on me!!!
I feel in my waters (is it an expression by the way? ...hmm... I'm not sure of its exact meaning :P) that this gonna be a full and busy week!
hehe...and for once, not because of work! Yeeehoooo!!!:-))))
Tomorrow we celebrate mom's Saint's day (though I'm not sure she has much of a saint at the moment ;-) hehe)... It's the day of Sainte Beatrice... I don't know really why we celebrate it, but it's kewl :)
Then the day after... Valentine day...hmm I think we'll have some indian dinner somewhere to celebrate a lot of different thingies :-)))....Then on Friday, I have a day off... I wanna use the day to prepare the gift for Martin's Bday (crossing finger so that he does not read this blog :P), and at the end of afternoon I have my Doc's appointment. It's the Doc who took care of Gwenola when she was preggie, I'm stressed and excited and stressed stressed stressed! hehehe
On Saturday evening we go to a family dinner to celebrate Martin's Birthday and, well, probably to celebrate also the business happening in my belly (happy sigh). Hmmm and on Sunday, I'll celebrate with Martin his Bday (the very day of his Bday :P). He gonna be 33, the age of the Christ (that makes me Maria-Magdalena then huh! hehe) **~* * * *

Monday, February 11, 2002

Yeeeepeee, so the new blog is born : The Dog House News blog!!! The more I use it the more I like it, pretty practical one actually! :-))) ***~* *^* * *^**~* *
Penny, Jack and I turn to be the masters of da blogs!! weeeehoooooo!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2002

Ohh I've found a real lovely webpage about that French movie I've seen last Friday.. "8 Femmes". There is an english version of this site, ya just gotta click on 'version anglaise' there. Take 5 min to visit the page, t'is really well done and very into the movie's spirit (well, of course :P) hehe
I still can hardly believe it... I made the 'pregnancy' test on Friday evening after having watched a good movie ("8 Femmes"..."8 women" it another sign ? hehe).
I find it really RILLY amazing that it was the very first test I did and that it was positive!
It must be so frustrating to use those tests regularly to see they always turn to be negative....!....
I feel a bit uncertain that I'm really's just..I can't imagine that happens to me!!!..hehe...So, I've just done another test...positive again....(huge smile, but still uncertain!!!)....I think I *neeeeeeed* to hear a doctor to confirm me about it .... I think Martin *needs* that too :P
I'm suddenly looking at the year in such a different way (like thinking already of some special trip we have planned to do ;-)...I have to consider I might be kinda 'invalid' from summer to autumn ! //OO\\...hehe....phewwwww....That does not gimme much time before ;-)
Anyway, just 5 days and I see the Doc. Then all that will sound a bit more concrete (or not) to me :-)))**~~* * *

Friday, February 08, 2002

Ohhh beeep beeeeep : new pics in Jack's Bar !!! The cultural diversity is amazing, almost each pic is an open door to a new world, a new country, a new story! :-)))**~* * * *
Since 3 days I feel my hormones playing in the most strange way... If only I could read in cristal balls, I would *know* what all that means right now :P.... I might sound obscure..but... Patience is said to be a virtue...I'll know more in a few days ;-)
hehe (laughing at the clarity of my message! hehe)
My sister got operated last Tuesday... Everything went well, it lasted half an hour, then she was out :-))... She had to be operated because a cut she had on the head had not healed...
....Head surgery...huuu....She's been really tough, she went alone at the hospital (she did not want anyone to come with her, there was nothing to do about it)...She received 5 injections in the neck for a local anesthesia..(legs shivering here) she has a cut of about 4 cm on top of the head with stiches, and it seems to hurt a lot (fainting)...
Anyway, now it's done :-))
I just really regret that, in such cases, she does not ask for more help (and refuses when we offer)...
It is so frustrating when you wanna be *here*, when you wanna help someone and that the person refuses what he/she considers as "pity". That really makes me maaaaad! hehe rilly!

Thursday, February 07, 2002

The web is rilly a great invention...what a constant source pof pleasure!
Yesterday Martin and I spent 2 hours chosing zillions of songs... then Gulli (big hug to da boy) worked the whole night for us :-)))
The Andrews Sisters, Mylene Farmer, Supertramp, Alphaville, Starmania, Zazie, even Zouzou Pitchoune (laughing, it's a kind of ermmm symbol in the french musical background....terrible)... we found everything we wanted! RoaaaaaaRRRRrrrRR
There is just a certain cd that I really wanna hear and that I can't get... maybe someone could help me ;-)... T'is the Mizz Penny's Purp'Album...hehe.... any idea where I could find this one, hm? :P

Wednesday, February 06, 2002

I just heard we were about to start the new Olympic Games!
Kewl! I always love that competition atmosphere, this concentration of firm (bums) athletes trying to beat new records (happy sigh)...
There must be something like 7 hours difference between Utah and Europe... when we finish our days at work, they're starting theirs. That means (huge smile)... When the Athletes will be physically pushing their own limits, I'll be pushing my abilities to relax. There is something unfair in that ;-)
Good (for the Athletes) that the Games only last 2 weeks actually, because Utah does not sound at all like paradise! The landscapes look really wonderful though..
I asked myself why polygamy was still practiced there...and I easily found the answer ;-)
... Mormon prohibitions is the key.
Can you believe that alcohol is forbidden there, except when you're ordering food in a restaurant or when you belong to a private club?!!
eeeeck.... more strange... along with alcohol, tobacco, tea (!!!) and cawffee are forbidden //OO\\
That gives a good idea of their ways of living and looking at the world...maybe I'm wrong, I'm just making suppositions ;-)

Anyway, because people in Utah seem to have a very limited access to lil pleasures of life... I understood why polygamy is that popular there... They need to have fun in a way or the other :P
I just find it a bit hmm hypocritical to preach a virtuous life forbidding alcohol and all, and at the same time having no problem with having relation with several wives under the same roof :P
At least women there should be allowed to get several husbands, that would be fair. But somehow I think polyandry is also strictly forbbiden...

Tuesday, February 05, 2002

Ohhh there is a pic I've seen, rather noticed, not long ago... As incredible as it may seem, I've discovered that pic on ..tadaaaaaa!!....Jack's web page !!! hehe
It is actually the pic in browns and orange, the one at the bottom on the left side...yes, this one, with the reddish sky! It has a 'end of the World' touch that I find fascinating. And the colours...oh brilliant!
Ouch! There are a few things that hurts, I tell you, just like the the concept of filmrating....eeeeck!!
I was clicking on a link to the movie 'Brotherhood of the wolf' (Le Pacte des Loups)...suddenly a window opened as if Lucifer was pointing at me...."Dont go to see that Evil movie!!!".....I could read on the screen "R rated cause strong violence and gore, sexuality/nudity"....

(slapping my face) ....I always forget how much a nekkid body can disturb and chock teens.... and I always forget that all these *shocking* movies do not reflect reality... We live in a BeauDiful World, a World where everybody is creamily happy, where Mickeys always make children laugh and where clowns never get nasty...a world full of blondish lovely kids, right?
ermmm.... rilly..... censorship is disgusting....
Here is the website that made my hair stand on end.... a very yuccky website....(passing around the bucket ;-)....the FilmRating site
{rugger break}... As usual the French rugby team is improving its reputation...(sigh)
..Olivier Magne our new Captain (it was his first and last match as captain, sure thing) is being judged for having well... walked with some insistance on the head of an Italian player...
(cough)...not the best thing to do for your own popularity, hey ;-)
Olivier Magne is a brute anyway (but we're talking of RUGGER, not super footie bowl or soccer hey ;-) hehe)... He should have behaved.
But...The Italian team did not accused Olivier Magne of anything, the Italian coach said he also saw Magne had been violently provoked by an Italian player ....and it's the kind of things that might happen in rugby. LOL...Okok

Soooo... If the Italians do not accuse Magne for violence, who did it? Tadaaaa... Matt Baylis, an English one :P hehe
(hands on hips) How amazing! Rilly, rilly!
{loves this lil games between Roastbeefs and Frawnch;-)
It does not work, nope... I cut my hair and I thought I'd turn into some powerful Dark Vador ...But nenene, instead I simply heard a familiar voice telling me:
"The Force is with you young Candide, but you are not a Jedi yet"...
(rolling eyes at my lil voice who's always satisfied with baaaad imitations)

Monday, February 04, 2002

I don't know why people around hate so much the Valentine day concept.
They tell it's too business-related, it's stooopid to celebrate Love only on that day (to which I agree), it's stooopid to feel forced to celebrate it, etc.
Okok, I get their points....but....
I actually think that La Saint Valentin is a quite funny day! I remember last year when I came back from work and saw all these men in the metro with their bouquets, on their way back at home, happy and kinda relieved to have not forgotten their "Valentine"! Hehehe
Ohhh and for the kids too it's really fun... I remember those days when with we girls asked each other "so you have a boyfriend for the Valentine Day, hm?" "Oh no, I don't have yet but gonna find one this week!" hehe
I would be quite tempted to celebrate it in some exagerate way this year, like dressed as a bunny, spending hours to cook chocolate hearts or something like that ;-) hehehe
No, not cooking for hours!
Ha well, I'm going to think about it, a good opportunity to have fun and to open a bottle of champ anyway!
Cheers big ears! :P
(back to rugger)
Poor Welsh!!! Losing that way against the Irish (10-50) is not fun at all! :(((
I really cross my bits so that Scotland and Wales win their next match (even if against us), they really deserve it :-)
Oh, and I hope Ireland gonna score in the same way when they'll play England, that would be kinda fun! Mwaaahahaa

Saturday, February 02, 2002

Yesterday it was another stressing day at work. Till I woke up this morning I just could not help thinking about it. I just hate it when it happens; when I'm out of work, I want to close the door and forget it, you know.
I did not know what to do to change my mind and think about something else. I realize I have now to face an uncomfortable situation at work and I'm gathering some energy. T'is my new battle :-)... So little by little, a more professionally motivated Candy is appearing ;-)... Well, I woke up this morning and to mark that change, I took the scisors and cut my hair :P
I know it sounds stoopid, but it felt guuuuud. I came back to Martin who was still half sleeping, I told him "when you wake up, can you help me to trim my hair, hm?". He was very awake then ;-) hehe
My hair were really long, now they're not short but down to the top of the shoulders (I still can make plaits of dem :P).
And I've stopped being haunted by work since then :-))

Now thinking of it, good I don't feel that way every weekend ;-)
Ohhh Penny did the most amazing thing yesterday! She created the DHN blog!!! My Pewter and Blog guru! I really did not expect such a guuuuuuud surprise!!!
I find it fantastic and again so very easy to use!!
Bravo, Bravissimo, Sista mia!!! Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
French won over the Italians, it was a strange match but not too bad! We finally reached 33 points (12 for Italy).
I'm listening at the match opposing Scots to Roastbeefs right now.... I wished so much the Scots will do it! But the match is not finished yet and miracles are possible!

Friday, February 01, 2002

Ohhhhh tomorrow the 6 nations cup starts!!!! Weeeeeeeee!
We play the Italians tomorrow, while Scotland will play England (huuuray for Scotland!), and on Sunday Irish will play the Welsh :-)))
Isn't life BeauDiful !!
The French boys have posed for a 2002 Calendar, I wanted to offer it to a deaaaaar friend of mine (Penny :P) at the time... but 1) the cutest bums were not on it, 2) the pictures were not so guuuuud :((.... I'll have a better look for the 2003 calendar!
There are a few things in life that really makes my hair stand on end (always linked to pleasure or anger ;-), like the manipulation from the media..
I know it sounds boring but...t'is important :P
For me the typical example of what media should not be is CNN. Once again they've proved to be a propaganda channel, not an information one. Actually they are exactly the opposite of information.
Yesterday they showed a video from Bin Laden, and CNN repeated bin laden is threatening america. First, you don't even hear Bin Laden speaking (you only hear a background voice speaking in English, covering any voice anyway), Second, this video is dated from October... and they use it now as if if was the most fresh piece of news! Really!
We should be fighting against any form of intolerance and violence (exactly what Bin Laden represents) with a minimum of intelligence and honesty (to be credible)...
....but instead one of the most famous news chanel talks to people as if they were nothing but idiots. That is a real shame for democracy and integrity.
And I gave just 1 example among 1000 others!
...that's it, nothing to add... Thank you for your patience when I get that passionate :P