Sunday, June 30, 2002

One day almost without any contractions... it feels guuud!
It should be that way for the next 3 months...

Anyway, Martin has installed a sofa or a bed in each room here so that I can lie down wherever I go, and that has already helped me!!

I hope Martin is not too stressed... well I know he is but he refuses to admit it.. to protect me. And I start doing the same... to protect him!
Isn't Love really BeauDiful?

Okies, time for me to get horizontal-ish :P

If there's any job available around, it will be ours! :)

We've spent half of our (so sunny -sigh-) Sunday sending CV, looking for offers, etc.
We've selected tens of offers and answered to 3 (not easy to find the right offers).
I think in a couple of days, the CV will be on every specialized webpage.

We *need* to get a good feed back :)

Thursday, June 27, 2002

The Parisian Octobrets (men "expecting" a babe for October) and the Octobrettes (goils "expecting" a babe for October) shall meet next week in le Jardin du Luxembourg (quartier latin)!

It gonna be fun, even more for the Octobrets I think. Martin really enjoys the idea to meet future dads sharing the same experience as he does **~~* *^^* *^^* * *
And I can't wait to see all these round bellies around!

We'll look like some aliens I'm sure, people will run away and children will cry as soon as they'll see this herd lying on the grass :P

and psssst... I'll try to make pics! It will be a memorable meeting :P

Tonight, I'll start to work with dreamweaver to make my own webpage, without the help of any geocities or whatever online tools!
I'll just re-do this one and improve what has to be re-done.
Martin will teach me how to use this dreamweaver thingie; he warned me it would be complicate at the beginning (I just hope it will be in French!!!!) but then it should be the best (and most pleasant) way to create new pages!
hehe, guess who's holding a dualshock controller hmmm?
I mean a controller from a Playstation 2!

Yup yup, dat's me!
It comes from Martin's work, where they had gifts for customers (like dvd players, etc) which could not be distributed..... :-))))
Woooo ooooooooo

Nice game, I tell you :P

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Wooooooosh (running from Gulli to the playstation :P)
I've just finished a new painting *Livraison X-presse*! Yeeepeeee (I like it)
I got inspired by several thingies (g), included Dune (the movie), which I really enjoy :-))

Tomorrow, we'll give 2 of my paintings to a professionnal printer, so that we see the result as a postcard and as a poster. I cross my bits so that it simply looks guuuuuuud :P (very hard with water colours)

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Hahaaa it seems that the Germans are in final now!
What a nice lil (huge) revenge against the media which had not really believed in them since the beginning!!!
And I had not realized there have been only 1 goal against them during the whole cup!! Wawww, brilliant defense!

Okies, now I gotta go and grab all the billions I've won with my bets (G)

The last 2 days have been really weird, I've spent my time feeling "overwell" or really dowwwn... kinda hypersensitive!
Now I just feel too tired to feel such extreme sensations.

Talking of pregnancy, I've spent some time surfing on (""), and I got registered in the "Octobrettes" forum (a forum in which goils expect a baby for October! :-))))
We're organizing a meeting in some Parisian park in July or August to compare our bellies and enjoy as many candies and cakes as we wanna :P
We'll look like a bunch of funny whales, lying on the grass, but I like the idea ! (S)

**~~* ^* ***^* * *

Saturday, June 22, 2002

Haaaa, M'am Penny, aka ze Phantom, aka ze Ghoslette :P...... has just reappeared!!!!

She's been working almost nights and days on this very complete website Easy-Refills, while Jack and I were thinking she was having the time of her life with chippendales downtown :P

I'm very impressed by the amount of work there .... now let's all cross bits so Easy-Refills turns into a big success!!!

Friday, June 21, 2002

Tonight is la Fête de la Musique all around in France **~~* *^^* *
The concept is that once a year everybody is allowed to play music everywhere, in the streets, at home, etc., as long as they want till the end of the night.
We'll go just around to see if there's any guuud band, but I think Martin would rather take the opportunity to play urdy-gurdy and bagpipe (smiling while giving a glance at the ceiling...poor neighbours :P)
I really should have bet a few $$$ today! Footie matches happened almost as I thought they would (sowwwy Jack, but I always win my bets, except when France plays ;-) :P
I was a bit surprised by the way Brazil played, even with only 10 players. They might win the cup!
I think Germans must be surprised that their team goes that far in the cup, it's really great for dem :-))

Now I cross my bits for Korea and Senegal!
The advantage when *your* team loses at the world cup is that suddenly all the matches look interesting :-)

Thursday, June 20, 2002

I've heard this morning people talking of footie as the new symbol of Peace between the nations!!!

LOL !!!

(and why do people always need a *symbol*, hey?)

I think no sport brings more violence in the streets than footie! It might be a kewl sport for the fans, right, but a symbol of peace...//oO\\
the Buderfly is 5 months today!
I can't realize there's only 4 more months to come and woooooosh, she'll be around!
Yeeeepeeee:-))))**~~* * *^^* *

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

wat a cuttie :P

Ohhhh waaaaaooooooo, I did not expect Spiderman to be that guuuud!
(actually, I thought it would be the opposite).

We're just back from the cinema and we've really spent a kewl moment! Spiderman is muuuuuch better than Batman or really worse, Superman!
It was often very funny and the actors were great! Oh and it felts a lot like the original comic, the spirit of it was there!

Martin enjoyed it too (:P): "very well done, with much humour. With a very sympathetic hero, not like some stooopid clark kent. It was so pleasant that it could have been 30 minutes longer".

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

I've spent my last euros to buy books today.... a huge and very complete (and expensive!) book to improve my english skills at translation (I have decided maybe I could start to work as a translator). I might follow extra courses next year to be really guuuuud for that job :-))

Then I found 2 books to improve (or rather to revive) my Spanish... I've studied it for about 6 years and I think I really *need* to re-start with it. It would be a pity to lose it!

And finally I found 2 books to help me and my almost non-existent German :P
One book for children like "my 1000 first words" (s), and one book of grammar which should be useful... one day! hehe

I've a good opportunity right now to *study* again, and that's exactly what I'm about to do :-)))
huho....Argentina, Portugual, and now la Squadra.... "we" ' re feeling far less alone :P
I regret Japan lost though, I was starting to enjoy that team!

I cross my bits for Senegal (they play tomorrow, no?), they're pleasant to watch!
I also wonder about England and Germany, both could win I think... hmmm

Ohhhh, while I'm talking footie...... for the first time in my life (waooooo), I heard Beckham talking..... hehe.... hmm... I shouldn't have!!! He's a real footie heroe but I did not expect such an acute voice! It somehow did not suit the guy! lol, that was too funny:)
Ohhh but I've not said in here that the babe I expect is a mademoiselle!!!


Everybody (except Gwénola) expected that the babe would be a boy. They (friends included) really thought it would be a boy!
Actually, we had started to believe it too because on the day before the scan we had repeated aloud a series of names for boys and girls... and each time we said a specific name (of a boy), the babe kicked in the belly!!!!
That happened successively 2 times and I called Martin on the third time for him to check, and that happened again!!!

Sooooo, we thought it would have been really a "sign" if confirmed by the scan (s)

But nenene, as soon as the babe appeared on the screen the doc said *it* was a SHE :-)))))**~~* *^^* * *^^* * *

We're both extremly happy (as we'd have been with a boy) and we've started to talk a looooooooooot to her!
(-laughing- as she is moving right now as I'm typing!)
What a guuuud weekend we had in Hamburg!!!
The weather was really fine there (not as hot as in Paris!!) and we managed to see all those we wanted to! (it's always a kind of marathon when we go there, in the way that we gotta check which relatives and friends are available, when we can meet, etc.).

This time, as I could not walk much or spend too much time in the transports, we mainly spent (a ferociously guuuuud) time with Martin's parents :-)))
On Saturday, Martin's cousin, Zonke (I'm not sure of the spelling), came to visit us and introduce us his goilfriend, Anja... Anja has just learnt she was preggie too! She'll have a baby in January! Woooo oooooo!

And in the evening we came to visit Thorsten and Tanja (friends)... Tanja is preggie (!!!) and her babe is due in 3 weeks!

That's fun because last time we all saw each other, we had talked of everything but having babes! hehe
Guud synchronicity (s)

Talking of babes, Martin's parents offered me 2 dresses for preggie goils :-)))))
I start to seriously *need* them... since about a month I feel my belly is getting bigger each time I wake up in the morning!!!
I've had to tell adios to most of my trousers and at home I only feel very comfortable in a bikini (which is also due to the very unpleasant heat since 2 days).

Anyway, it is wonderful to see one's belly growing that way, and the round shape of it is very fun!

Now I can't wait to see the belly button popping out! hehehe
(well, I can wait actually!!!!)

Thursday, June 13, 2002

Ohhh jeeeez, the rendez-vous at the national agency for employment was not that fun. But nebbermind, I forget that right now ;-)

I have my sunglasses on the nose and almost a foot in the plane (s)
Since our visit at the clinic yesterday, I'm the happiest in the Universe!!!
It feels so guuuuuud to be a woman, and to be a *mom* !!!

dancing around**~~* *^* *^^* *~~* * *

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

What a busy day tomorrow (I had started to forget how such a day was ;-)
I start with a rendez-vous at 8.30 at the "national agency for employment", then a bit later, back to prepare luggage to leave for Hamburg (where we'll spent Friday, Sat', Sunday), then woooosh to the clinic, then woooosh to visit friends we have not seen since weeeeks!
If I don't have cramps, it should be a kewl day!!!... a bit stressing too, for different reasons, but stress is not always baaaaaad :P
Grrrrrrrr!!! My last painting has been rejected from Elfwood by one moderator (probably a rican :P)... here is his/her reason:

"Sorry, but some of the items you chose to submit to Elfwood was not accepted by a moderator. We have deleted them from our storage space, and you will recieve a copy of all removed items in a separate email.
blue_lagoon.jpg is too explicit and will not be published!
==> blue_lagoon.jpg was REJECTED! Reason: Too explicit porn or violence."

"porn"..."violence".... no kiddin! A certainly frustrated moderator!

What a barbarian attitude! Great I have this webpage here to express myself in the most free way! :-)))

Monday, June 10, 2002

I've tried my whale-ish swimsuit yesterday! And it's wayyyyyyyy too large (victory scream here!!!! hehe)
Anyway, we've been to the swimming-pool then jakusi (happy sigh). It was a bit expensive but very relaxing!

The only probbie was the chlorinate in the jakusi (LOL, that sounds a lil posh :P).The water was so hot that the chlorinate was rushing massively into your lungs. I'm still having a headache from it!
I'm a little nature, rilly!
Waaaa, I spent the day working on my c.v....huuuuu....
It took me the whole day 'cause I had no idea how you call my job and how to define it, because my job is not extremely precise. I found a nice title that represents well what I can do: "assistante polyvalente"(I don't translate it because it sounds far less guuud in English :P). It means basically I can adapt to many kind of different projects.
Been a hard day, trust me :P
Oohoh, Martin just showed me a great tool (no nooo, not wat ya think!!! tssss)
Have a look at this BabelFish thingie.... very practical for quick translations!!!

see: Os diamantes são os amigos os mais girls'best
(diamonds are the girls'best friends! in Portuguese!! hehe!!!)

Saturday, June 08, 2002

Okies, I've finished a new painting, *Blue Lagoon*, which I rather like!
Martin finds it quite sexy (shaking head), though my aim was basically and innocently to present two blooooe-blood creatures, posing like statues! Yup yup
It's almost the first time I see some improvement in my way of drawing a male-ish one!
It's a good beginning at least! hehe

Friday, June 07, 2002

Have you ever imagined the feeling when you gotta buy a swimsuit for preggie goils, hm?!!!
Lemme tell ya what it feels like... simply feels like you are about to occupy (making huge circles with arms) muuuuuuuch space!
I'd rather turn into one of those tiny fish than into some imposing whale....huuuuu

A fine week that ended in a strage way.
Martin's company is having probbies. Not that the business isn't good enough, but they are linked to a big German group which want to get rid of that French branch.
Well, we'll know about it before the end of the month. I just can't imagine both of us without job right now, it is not possible.
Martin's going to start to look for another job... but all that is not the piece of news we expected. Shit.

Thursday, June 06, 2002

Joe and I loved this one ;-)

I hope the weekend will be warm enough for some wet times at the swimmingpool!
I think it's the only real exercise I can do safely. Since yesterday morning I'm having cramps again and I think just swimming might feel very guuuuud and relaxing for the babe and I :-)))

I really can't wait for the moment I can type "he" or "she" for the babe.
Emmanuelle told me it was a moment I should really enjoy. She remembers hers with immense happiness, she says it's like the second stage after learning you're preggie. The babe you can see on the scan is a real lil human, and knowing if it's a goil or boy pushes you to talk and to share more with him/her. Just because it feels more real :-))))
Waaaaaaaaaa, I just *noooooe* what she means (happy sigh)**~~* *^^* *
Haaa Footie.... the Frawnch played so badly again, which was not that surprising after their first brilliant show (g).
You really wonder if they can still remember what's a goal :P

Anyway, now I gotta change all the bets I made... and I put 100$ on my other team, the German tigers! RoaaaaaRRRRrrrrR!
I won't watch the games, just the results though...It just takes too much time for very little pleasure ;-)

Monday, June 03, 2002

So far it's been quite a busy day!
I've spent da morning calling several administrations to take rendez-vous, then I started with my German intensive lessons (s). Well, I've been learning to count only, but from 0 to 1000 ! Now I'm supposed to pronounce and write all the numbers well, and it's not easy, trust me... when you get a "sechzig" (to be pronounced like "zech'tssich) to repeat 10 times, you're happy not to wear a "set of false teeff" :P

I've also had time to start to read those new books I've found and to work on drawings. So far I'm into "male studies". I'm studying all the body parts... the right proportions (s), etc. I am unable to draw in a realistic way, but that helps me to feel more comfortable with da male-ish subjects :-)

Okies, I gotta take medication and wooooosh I'm out to breathe fresh air!
Yeeeeepeeeee, Marine and Lionel (those crazy French living in London) come to visit us tomorrow evening!
I should thank the UK Queenette because with the celebrations happening, they just found the opportunity to come back to Paris for a few days!

When they learnt I had to be more than careful with my pregnancy, they offered to bring me all what I needed (heavy liquid stuff...juices, etc ).
How kewl from dem :-))))

laaaalalalaaa**~~* * *^^* * *^^* *

Sunday, June 02, 2002

I hesitated a loooooot before including that new painting to my gallery because I'm very angry with my hands at the moment. Troooe

I have found enough books in the last 2 days to get all the technical advice I *need* to improve. Even if I'm told my paintings are nice, I'm not happy with what I do in the way I feel unable to draw what I've in mind. And I get frustrated :P
I have inspiration, oh yup, that I have... but it's not enough. I find what I do far too naive, lacking real work. That's it!

Soooo, wish me guud luck, I'm on my way to work hard as long as it will be necessary! And I won't publish any other work before getting satisfied! RoaaaaaaaRRRrrrRR!
**~~* *^^* * *^^* *
What a beauDiful Sunday!!!
So warm and sunny, let's hope the coming week will be that way.. in every way possible (s) **~~* *^^* *

which Episode II character are you?

Probably the greatest Jedi Knight of all. Like Obi Wan, you are wise and keep your feet on the ground at all times. You will not be outsmarted by anyone. You are always faithful to your friends. Be careful though, danger lurks around every corner - you could even be betrayed by those closest to you.

Haha!! Obi Wan KenoCandy !
I would have really hated it if I had been Yoda or "Ani" :P
Which era in time am I ?

Which era in time are you?

I could have hesitated between the wild 13th century and the stormy 18th....but 2002 suits me far better! :P