Monday, September 30, 2002

Ohhhh ohhhhhh !!!!

It seems Martin has found a job!!!

Yeeeepeeeeeeeeeee! I should not be talking 'bout it before he signs but....
I'm too excited!
Yesterday we had a "down" moment when we both started to say we won't find a job anymore, we'll have to go and live under bridges, etc (s)
We actually started to think that finding a job won't be that easy (I and my eternal optimism were losing confidence! eeeck!)

Anyway, this morning, Martin found an email from a man he had met last week.
The job offered was "project manager/webmaster for the German Department" (the German department does not exist yet).

When we had first read the offer, the job was attractive but we laughed and thought it was not a serious company.
It's a company that help people to meet, like hundreds of other internet companies.
But we went to visit the webpage and found details about the reference of this company, and it's one of the most serious one in the market.
That has been confirmed when Martin met its manager. It's a start-up managed by youngish ones with already heavy "luggage" in the internet field, who see in this market (national and international meetings) many perspectives.

All their policy is based on the seriousess of their activity (which is pretty unusual in this field). Weirdos have no chance to be customers, that's it.

This company exists since a few months only and they have already about 550 000 members/customers! They've developped a French, Belgian and Spanish version and now wanna start with the German market... web development, web content, web design, web programming, etc... that's what Martin will have to do! That's what he loves!

Martin fitted completly to the offer (an offer I had found by the way :P, I can be proud , no?! hehe), because of his technical knowledge and also fluent German, but we had no hope since apparently they could not pay as much as Martin wanted.

Anyway, after having met other candidates, they finally chose Martin!
For the first three months (that we call "start months"), he won't be paid as much as expected but they agree to renegociate after.
And because it's so interesting for Martin, we think it's ok.

Martin has to meet them again, but...and it's the cherry on the cake... he would start beginning of November!
That means no stress for the birth! Martin will have all the time he *needs* with us!
That's just wonderful **~~* * *^^* * *

(keeping crossed bits till he signs though)

Oh, by the way, at the moment I'm typing this bloggie, Martin has a rendez-vous with another company another start-up near les Halles.
We thought he could still go there, you never know.. when guud vibes are on your side, it's better to take advantage of dem :P

Saturday, September 28, 2002

I've heard today: Virginia, the state where "men are men, and sheep are scared"
Is it an English expression, hm?
it must be! Naturally!

Gotta translate it in Frawnch in a way or the other, it's pretty guuuuud! hehe
it's getting close!!!
As the cervix is now really open (I hope it nebber chocks when I start with such details! hehe), the gyno thinks the buDerfly will arrive in 7, 10 days maximum!!! We'll see... I'm patient!!!!

All I need right now is sleeping (without going to visit Penelope 4 times in the night!)...hehe... I should not feel that tired before everything starts! huuuuu

Sooooooooo ..... woooosh: to the bed!!! yoooohoooooooo!
I agree with the media here, whatever might happens, Bush will attack Iraq.
Does he need proofs or any official reason to do it? nooo
His plan is to attack this small country in any case.
Pushed by the oil biz? Or to hide such probbies as the national american recession? Or to show again that the usa is the 'leader'?
Certainly a cocktail of all that.

After Bush confessed he could not let go a man who attacked his father and his country (laffin here just thinking about such a speech),
the last thing that has been said in the American Congress is that Iraq has been highly responsible in the spread of AIDS in the world!
Can you believe that?
It would be a joke if it did not concern such a serious matter (shaking head)

I hope Europe and most part of UNO will not get into any fever, attacking george w. or defending him, but will keep doing its job "properly", with a minimum of cold head.
We don't want war as much as we don't want Iraq or any country to be threating the world.

But I wonder, is Iraq the only country which "would be" working on chemical weapons? the only country that has enough ressources to be a threat?
hehe, really I doubt it.

Friday, September 27, 2002

Tommorrow I gotta go to the clinic, the gyno wanna see me everyweek now :)
I just hope he won't tell me (don't laff) that I'm "giving birth" and gotta go directly to the birth room! ... I'm so used to painful contractions that I'm not sure I would recognize the "right moment"... hehe... well I noeeeeee it will be obvious when it comes, but... I still wonder.
Most painful to me right now is the back, whatever I do, it hurts!

But I'm very patient, I'm not eager to be in the birth room... eeeck not al all!!!
Gimme 3 other weeks and I'll be the happiest! :P

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Yeeeeppppeeee !!!
Clara and Aymeric are now PARENTS! ....Maïa is born yesterday at 1.00 pm (they arrived at the hospital at 1.00 am!), she is beauDiful (I've already seen pics) and her weight is of 3.4 kg.
Everything went ok and they are the happiest!

Clara was one of the moms we had met, whose due date was for October (1st of October for her).

It's emotionnally very intense for me because it feels like Clara has left the "starting blocs" and we're now all in the race!!!
All of us *Octobrette goils* were expecting patiently who will be the first one to make the big jump! :)
...and Clara has brilliantly 'done it' .... our turn now!!

That stresses me... everyday my belly gets bigger and I wonder how the buDerfly will manage to get out without me to split in two just like a sheet of paper!

hehe.... wooooo..... I gotta keep zeeeeeeeen!

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

My first book is now full !!! .... full of the prints we've done from my paintings!
It's the first step towards celebrity ;-)
Now I can walk around with this book showing easily my work, it's kewl :-)))
And now George W. refuses to send his congratulations to Gerhard S. because because of the "German" anti-americanism!!! And the American governement waits now for big efforts from the German governement's attitude!!!

This george has no manners and is lucky to have enough power to allow himself treat a "partner-country" that way.
It does not come to his mind that another country, another government might not share the American ideas and plans for the future.

Thanks Gawd, CandyZorrette is back with her last find from George's gallery :P

Sunday, September 22, 2002

As promised, here's the detail of what I gotta bring to the clinic on the big day :P

For the BuDerfly:
10 undershirts in wool and coton, 6 pyjamas, 6 bibs, 3 pairs of slippers, 2 towels, 1 pair of mitten, 1 turbulette (I have no translation for this one!), 1 body, 1 all-in-one, 3 pairs of socks, 1 bonnet!

And for I (the list is really less cute!) :
4 nightdresses, 1 dressing gown, slippers, kleenex, 2 special bras for the feeding, 1 hair-dryer, net panties (eeeeck), feeding cushions (that's how they call that), feeding shell (to take the extra milk during the night... well, that's what's written on the box!), and a good dose of energy to enjoy all what will happen there :P


I just hope I won't spend too many days there, the clinic is semi-private, it's a very small and kinda cosy one... and actually very expensive! If I spend 5 days there, at the end all will cost about 2 200 Euros! Waaaaaaaaaa... we've just realized that!
But at the end, the public hospitals are full and if I can have good doctors around, my own room and bathroom (yeah, I have posh tastes), and a pleasant atmosphere, we think it's not really wasting money :-))

Saturday, September 21, 2002

Warning (S): you can just jump into another bloggie if you don't wanna hear about politics :P

Keeping on focusing on george w.'s policy, I keep wondering a lot about the American strategy.
Since 2 days, you can hear the American congress repeating:
"We will not hesitate to act alone, if necessary, to exercise our right of self-defense by acting pre-emptively."

What does that mean? They legitimate an attack by naming it 'a right of self-defense' ? lol
If they go on using such bad arguments, I'll start thinking the German minister was not so wrong in her criticism! That's exatcly the kind of arguments used years ago...

I also wonder why the American government focuses that much on Irak! As if Irak was suddenly the only "American problem"... Are they hidding "national" problems... like economic and social ones? Would they try to keep the attention of the people on Irak to avoid any kind of other crisis? dat's strange.

I read this morning in a paper that thanks to george w.'s position towards hussein, suddenly hussein is winning credit and positive image with the rest of the world.
How true! If we start criticizing george w., we must be very careful to not forget hussein is a dictator, not a victim of some american paranoia ;-)

That's all I wanted to add about the topic, enough with America for the 15 next days:P

Friday, September 20, 2002

And today, I've just finished my 8th month!!!
Wooo ooooooooo!!! :-)))))))
In 2 days exactly, the buDerfly will have reached the final step of 'prematurity'. In other words, she can arrive whenever she wants in the 9th month!

The gyno hopes she'll have at least 10 more days to grow up a bit again but when he checked my bits, he saw the cervix was ready now (hard to find the right words in English! in french we say "the cervix stands sideways" or something like dat).
He considers that the very first part of the labour is actually done now (//oO\\)...
He says once she will start to push hard, it will be very quick (trembling in my boots here!!)... so if I have contractions for one hour maximum, I gotta rush to the clinic.

In other words, he is sure the mermaid won't wait till he 20th of October. Even if there is no risk anymore for her, he does not want me to start again to go out and be active (as if I could deliver such a precious present in the middle of the street! eeeck!)

I have another rendez-vous at the clinic next week to check again everything. It's getting so "real" now!
I'm excited and a bit scared, I admit. You can read tens of books about all that, but you never feel "ready" (for the first one, at least).

Now my only wish is to spend another quiet week, maybe 2!!! hehe
Oh and if the mermaid could arrive at about 11.00 am on a saturday, that would really suit me :P

PS: and contrary to what is sooooo visible on the pic, I have actually only taken 6 kgs, not even 8! hehe... Well all these kilos went directly in the belly, trust me:P

Thursday, September 19, 2002

Arggg, what a mistake the German minister of justice has done!
Comparing Bush to Hitler won't bring anything good, or worse that will only give credit to Bush!

Strange, usually it's us Frawnch who make that kind of mistake :P

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

To change from the heavy metal background, I put a cd Martin had about songs of whales, and that just for the Buderfly!
We thought sounds from the sea would seem familiar for a lil creature living in a water environment (S)

I don't know it it worked for the buDerfly, but Joe was scared! I suspect him to understand what the whales were talking about and it must not have been pretty-pretty!
Anyway, after I found a few records from cats meowing, and that suited Joe who came to cuddle my belly!

Huuuuu, I realize the life of preggie ones is very exciting, huh! hehehe :-))))
25th legal and authorized murder in Texas. Guilty one named Jessie Patrick.

Well, some things never change even in *civilized* countries.
Of course the USA do not have the "monopoly" of death penalty. They're even far from it. But we share more or less the same kind of culture and ideals, all that looks very barbarian and really hypocrit.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

It's been a kewwwl day! I had the visit of Clara, one of my friends who's preggie :)))
Her mermaid is expected around the 1st of October, so about 3 weeks before me.

It's so great to share our feelings about that same *event* we're both experiencing!
She's very active (lucky goil!) and hopes to go to the hospital very quickly now.
We compared first our bellies ;-)... then what we had prepared in our respective "hopital bag" (many things are required! From special panties (eeeck, ugly ones), airbrush in case you get an episiotomia (I guess it's to keep all the bits "dry" -faiting-), to lil gloves for the baby (so that the baby does not hurt him/herself with his/her nails), etc etc.... hehe

.. my bags (one for the buderfly, one for myself) are ready since about a month, I'll have to give complete details about them... it's kinda funny ;-)

Clara was not too stressed actually, but she really worried for her weight.
As she's very active she does not understand why she's getting that big (her words)... She must have gained some 10 kg so far (and I about 8) which is really ok and reasonnable! I told Clara about Gwéno who had taken 22 kg (hehe, sorry Gwéno, I know you'll read this... but now you've the shape of a model, who cares :P)...and that just reassured both of us! hehe

It's terrible how you can reassure yourself in many situations just by thinking about those who're living much worse experiences than yourself!
But it works :P

Talking about weight, since about a month my appetite has doubled (not my weight, pheww :P)! It's scary, I tell you. I feel very quickly hungry and I cannot resist any cake. Each time Martin goes out, I just suggest the "well, hahum, if you ever pass near a bakery... well, if you see anything that looks terribly attractive, well... you knowww (S)"

I really don't know how a now big buderfly and such a hungry stomach can cohabit in the same belly!
Dat's magical!!!
(looking at my huge belly)..magical in a very "real" way :P

Monday, September 16, 2002

Yeeeehoooooo!!! another sunny Monday :-)))

That is guud to balance the news I've got about my "administrative" situation. Since I've stopped working, I should have received money as a social insurance (for which you pay when working, of course), and it should have been really easy for me to get it, as a preggie one. But the social services have not paid anything so far... always finding a stoopid reason, asking for a new paper, telling it's not their responsibility now because I'm pregnant so I should depend from another service, etc.
Really it's more than boring.

But ...... the sun is shining outside, hey! :-))))

Thursday, September 12, 2002

And I was to talk about Iraq, sharing my views about how I could feel that finally france would follow george w.'s plan, as any guud puppy (sigh)... I found something beder.. well, more entertaining! :P

Just for Joe's pleasure :-)))

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

I've heard, from Newsweek mag, that hundreds of Talibans had disappeared after they surrendered to the Afghan and American authorities.
All that sounds strange, why would prisonners just disappear like that? (shrugging) It's not our habit to lose prisonners "that way"...

...I wonder if the ONU will manage to find the the truth about it.
I already expect a positive conclusion that won't involve any "legal" authority.

Anyway, I'm curious to find more about it.
We've almost finished the bedroom for the BuDerfly! Yeahhh!! That's one of the positive point with Martin being free at the moment.
He has time to take care of all that (which I could not have done)!
As soon as it's finished, I'll take some pic of her nest :-)))

The other positive point is that Martin is living the end of the pregnancy in a unique way, he's always arround when the buderfly moves, when I feel sick, when I worry about the birth, etc. We have time to share all our feelings about it and it's fantastic!

For the birth, the only thing that worries Martin is "cutting the cord".. he's not sure he wanna cut something from my body! (laughing)
I can understand him, really!
I do not enjoy either thinking much bout all these physical lil interventions they'll make. Cutting the cord is one thing among tens of others! I've read all what might happen during the birth... it gets really bloody sometimes! eeeeck

It's normal I think of it that way I guess, a "first time" is always stressing huh... If I project myself at the clinic right now, I feel scared and hysteric and happy. More hysteric than anything because I naturally think of it all the time! hehehe
It gonna be terrific!
Have you ever watched an episode of The Osbournes?
hehe... I did.. (pointing at Martin).. we did!

Oh we enjoy it! We've never been big fan of his music, but it's ok. Now his Ozzfest is a great creation for the metal scene!

Coming back to the tv show, the whole family is really fun. The kids, the wife of Ozzie (everybody would dream to have such a mom! hehe, really!), Ozzie himself (who amazingly never seem to be sober)... they're all pretty unusual!
They all seem quite united and it's great to see them all organizing Ozzie's tours, for instance..
Yesterday, Ozzie's wife was working on all the details for a concert... and when Ozzie saw she had asked for soap bubbles to be sent everywhere, he really turned mad and kept telling her "You can't do this to me, I am the fucking prince of fucking Darkness!!!"

hehehe, that was too guuuud!

Thursday, September 05, 2002

If that is not Love, huh ;-).... : I've just spent 6 hours looking for jobs and contacts for Martin, and it feels like a day at work!
I'm complely dead now :P

Today I've mainly looked for startups within Paris and I've found a few ones really interesting:) It's funny because I know so much what kind of job Martin's looking for, that I noooooooooooe purrfectly there would be much more chances I find a job for him than for myself!

If anyone look for a job, ask da new jobguru for help huh ;-)
(for 1 job found, I ask my weight -as preggie one- in candies :P)

Sunday, September 01, 2002

Last week, I finished the Voyage en ballon, and I guess there will be again a few other paintings about pregnancy. I could not be more inspired than right now :P