Saturday, May 31, 2003

Martin's still rilly sick. His temperature is now of 39.6°.. I told him if he reaches 40, that will be beyond my nurse's power (g)... I'll call the *night doc*.
I thought I had busy days, but I did not know what it meant to take care of baby AND a sick hubby!
It sounds stoopid but the fact I cannot ask Martin to carry Lola for a minute makes a huge difference to my days. I'm dead!

But then, I'm having a glass of white milk while typing this bloggie AND cooking for Martin (it seems I never have the chance to do one thing only at a time).
I hope he'll get better tomorrow because Martin cannot stand to not be able to cuddle his lil princess (but no probbie to cuddle his *queen*.. hehe... I told him I won't catch what he had and that he has nothing to say against that because I am the nurse! :P)

Friday, May 30, 2003

Poor Martin! It's sunny and hot outside (above 30°C!) and he's caught a baaaaaad influenza!
The doctor wanted to stop him for a week, but they made a compromise on 4 days if Martin had recovered enough.

He was burning las night, unable to get rid of his 39°C!
So I've put my nurse outfit and i'm beeing a mamanurse for a few days. I've to make sure Lola won't catch it while helping Martin to recover quickly.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Yesterday night we watched A.I. (by Spielberg) and among all the last movies we've seen recently, it was the best one. Which was a surprise, I thought it could be ok but not more than that.

It's very poetic, a quality I luuuuuuve in SF movies! And the kid playing in it is simply **~~^* *^* * !!!!
I don't want even to talk of the topic, except it's about humans and robots... I just rilly rilly recommend it, you might get a guud surprise with it.
And psssst Penny.... there's a Teddy in it...and santamaria... you'd adopt it if you could, trust me!

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

As I was telling Jenny earlier, I'm going to check on ebay if I can get for free an ebay shop. If not, then I'll start auctions for prints (limited series) :-)
It just take (to much) time to finish my website. We work on it almost everyday but not enough time. We do insist on building ourself this gallery of mine because we don't want to pay anyone for an online shop and we want to have enough control on everything (as payment tools, etc).
So, while waiting for my gallery to be finished, I'll see what I can do with ebay. That will be interesting anyway :-)))
Here's the pair that makes me happily crazy all day, I'm surprised my tiger of Siberia stands so well my lil cats/pigeons/dawgs/horses' catcher!

Ohhh ohhh, Metallica has just made a new album!!!!
lovely title, huh! hehe... Dat means (faint) there should be concerts soon (drool)..yeeeeeeehoooooooo!!!!

Monday, May 26, 2003

Yesterday was Mother's Day here (my first one, haaaaaaaaa :-))) .... and Lola offered me a lil present in her own way ... 2 TEEF !!!!
Yup yup, when we were feeding her with the spoon, we felt something trying to bite the spoon harder (s). We cannot really see anything but when you pass your finger on her gums, you can feel clearly 2 lil teef coming out.
She's growing up so quickly! First the teef, then the first boyfriend!!!
heh **~~*^* * * * *

Sunday, May 25, 2003

I find that German and English have more in common than French and German (while Martin thinks French and English have more in common!!! LOL (shaking head)

But what I'm sure of is that Germans are really different in the most pleasant way (not talking of the Bavarian creatures here! hehe).

There, they seem to not care about the look (or maybe to *care* much more than others!). For instance, There's no other country where you can find so many guys with long hair (wooohoooo)... there some (many) people also dress in funniest way and they're not looked as weirdos! I find that very kewl that the society is so mixed.
At least that's the way in Hamburg (and I think it's not like that everywhere there).

That's one of the reason I would not mind going to live in Hamburg if Martin asked me (but he won't, snif... hehe, he luuuuves France too much!)

Talking of Hamburg, the trees there (and there are lots of parcs) are simply huge. And here comes my new theory. Trees and human beings are alike. The average German tree is higher than the average French tree... and the average German guy is simply (much) taller than the average frawnch guy! hehe
Hamburg (episode #3) : the lil pleasures of life

We've been out actually every evening; we put Lola to bed, spent some time with Martin's family, then we left at about 10.00 pm for pubs.
We've been really pub crawling... german pubs, punk pubs, heavy metal pubs, irish pubs.. wooooo! It was fantastic. I got addicted to Pino Grigio (they get wonderful italian wines there!)

We've been also following a Quest there... finding the best curry Wurst (I've gotten addicted to that too! heh)

We've been out to dance in clubs. 2 times. Again in some heavy metal one (hehe, luvvvvve dem!), called the Grünspan, but we did not stay too long... knowing a lil devil wakes up a few hours later makes you inevitably more *reasonnable* ;-)

We've been out on Sunday morning for a typical brunch near the canals. One of the moment I prefer when we're in Hamburg. The place is like paradise:)

And I found time to read 2 books (I dunno how I managed to do all that, it sounds like the twilight zone!).. "Strangers on a train" (topic being: you murder my father, and I'll murder your wife), by Patricia Highsmith (that I don't know at all)... and a books of 50 short stories from many different authors. Entertaining. I discovered I still could not stand Hemingway (lol, that sounds posh!!!) and I discovered I could finally enjoyed Henry James (and that sounds even more posh!)!!!
Hamburg (episode #2)

During these hol' we managed to see a few movies we had missed last years. It was very kewl to have the time to do it!
So we've watched..

Harry Potter (2)
... pleasant but it wasn't as good as the first. It was like they did not know how to make a perfect script from the (excellent) book.

Minority Report
... worse than expected (snif). I did not like to much the plot (though the story started very well). But it was kinda to predictable and you know just in the first minute who'se the real baddie (which was supposed to be the final surprise)

With Mel (Gibson), which is already enough to make a good movie :P ... It was a quite good one, not excellent, a bit weird... about E.T. invasion.

Panic Room
With Jodie Foster (that I luvvvve). It was probably the best movie we've seen amonst these ones. Not the best of Jodie Foster but it was ok:)

Ice Age
Very kewl one! We laughed a lot with this one. Very well done movie:)))
Hamburg (episode #1)

So, where do I start, hm?!
We've had a great week in Hamburg, with almost no Hamburger shit weather (rain+cold).

This time we managed to see more of the family than usual, and a bit less of friends. That will be for next time :)
Lola was not in her best mood (crying often when she met new people - which happened all the time!) but we managed to take her often for big walks in the city or in the country side, which she always loves.

By the way I've noticed Lola prefers much more shopping and busy streets than peaceful trees and quiet paths.. hehe, a city goil already huh.

We slept there in the same bedroom than Lola. We almost could not breathe for fear that she wakes up! And in the morning, I could observe how she awakes. She needs 30, 40 minutes once she first opens the eyes... During these minutes, she looks around (often at us through her bed's bars), checks her elephant is still here, grabs the curtains, plays with dem, etc etc. Then once she's fully awake, she starts making noises to finally call us with tenor's screams :)
Memorable moments **~~^* *

It was really Fantastic to be far from "work" and bills and everything of everyday life. Leaving to another country for holidays is really different. I recommend that *therapy* (G) to everybody!

Saturday, May 24, 2003

(gettin rid of the dust on ol' Gulli)
(trying also to get rid of Joe, who's on a cuddling mode)
(discovering again the taste of cawffee)

We arrived yesterday from Hamburg really late after an awful travel (=with much delay)!
But our holidays there were fantastic... you gimme the tickets, I go back there straight away!
hehe :-)))

Before telling more about the trip, I'll first post some pics we made there. What would be telling about such a journey without adding pics of my angel(s) :P

My angels with Oma und Opa (yup, yup, fluent one you see)

Lola's now addicted to apples as you can be to white milk (that tells a lot huh!). Look at her dress and trousers, it's her posh Springish costume when there's a party to go :)

That was on a stormy day. We were having wine and beer and Wurszt on the beach near the Elbe when ice started to fall! Thank Gawd, there was this bar where we could go on with our pleasant activities :)

Here we're standing in front of the city house, it was on a shopping day (woooohoooooooo!)

CandyMom tenderly explaining to a Lola who did not care at all why pigeons are so nasty!
And they are!

Lola's playing with Marcel (german rabbit designed in Italy, made in China, with a Frawnch name... it could not be more international!)
Martin and I could not resist adopting Marcel when we saw him standing alone amongst nasty frogs and hyppopotamus.

Lola with her cousin Mara who's 3 months younger but taller and much bigger than Lola.

Lola meeting her first boyfriend... James (Her mom Tanja is 1/2 English, 1/2 German) is 10 months-old. Very very cute, very active and having lots of kewl toys! Wooohooooo!!!
His parents, Tanja and Thorsten, are excellent friends of us; they were Martin's witnesses at our wedding.

Haaaaaa, what can I say...other than... I'm a proud mom!!! hehe

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

*~~* *^***Holidays**~~*^* * *

(noticing your jealous look :P)

The luggage is ready, or almost. Gawd, travelling with a baby is really something (and we've not started yet!).
Before we needed a t-shirt, a pair of jeans, a lil dress and that was it!
Now we've to add Lola's toys (very important!), Lola's clothes (more than for us!), Lola's medication (just in case), Lola's eating tools, etc etc + the push-chair!
I've sacrified myself not taking more than panties and socks... (I'll buy all what I need there! Mwaaaahahahaha!)

I gotta thank Papa who has offered to take us to the airport tomorrow morning at about 6.00 !
That's rilly great... because of the strikes and because it will be much more comfortable for Lola (and us!) than with the metro. :-)))))

We've already planned to see all our good friends there. It's been almost a year we've been there!

So between our rendez-vous with family (martin's family + my mom's sister who live there) and with our friends, we'll be deliciously busy!
And I've noticed many of our friends had a lil baby too!!! The Papas will talk babies while the mamas will enjoy their Hamburg's beer! Waaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa!
strikes strikes strikes!!!


See, I get into unusual bad mood these days! .... I need holidays! Phewwwww (I've finally found an excuse to go and enjoy 8 full days of holidays! hehe)
All the public (as in "working for the government") services are blocked since yesterday! No post, no transport, no school, etc. Because they refuse to work as long as the private companies' workers.
Martin could go to work yesterday with his rollers, it took him 1.30 hour. At least he could go to work, unlike many!
And today it was supposed to be over and tada, they start again!
And they complain because they are not completly paid when they're on strike!!!

I find such strikes... irresponsible, we should fire all of dem and give jobs to people who wanna work!.. hehe, yeah it's a bit radical, but less radical than the way they take people as hostages!

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Shiteroo, I hate it when my paintings are not accepted in an online gallery (I try to put them on every good website I see)...
They almost never give any reason, which is almost beDer to keep me in an "avarage" mood (s). But when they say it's not enough refined or lacking details.... Baaaaaa, that makes me maaaaaaad!

Well, I do accept critics.. of course (hehe)... when I find them well erm.. appropriate, naturally!
I've a little favour to ask to the dark forces (g)... Pulease, whatever Giscard (Frawnch Pres' in the 70's) is doing in the European comission right now (he is trying to be very active... which is ok, even great!.. when you're not Giscard!)... someone gotta stop him! I only tell that for the guuudness of Europe ya know.. hehe

Monday, May 12, 2003

While Martin is playing a very VERY clever game... "match the beer to the country" (lol, and he is mad because he's not making a purrfect score!)...
... I'm deciding I've no time to write a bloggie tonight!


So 'night'night you birds of the night!**~~* *^* *


Friday, May 09, 2003

Lola's 7 months-old today!!!

When I see the new-born babies, there is already such a difference with Lola! It's incredible!
Lola will get her last monthly visit at the doctor on monday (with 2 last injections..huuuu), then she'll go back there in a few months only:)

So what has changed in a month... She is much more active with her hands and mouff! She tries to grasp whatever is reachable (or not!) and does the "mouffcontrol", she tastes what's in her hands to check if it's interesting or not! She also starts her *throwing away* cession. She takes, she plays, she tastes, she throws away. More often she takes and she directly throws away!
She also screams a lot more (most of the time when she's happy)
She loooooooooves putting her nekkid feet in her mouff too. She loooves playing in the bath, she knows how to sit by herself for more than a few seconds. She eats more, much more, and still get nursed twice a day (applause :P).
Oh and she's getting rilly more and more cute! hehe **~~~* ^^* * *

Thursday, May 08, 2003

I'm still very active on the website dedicated to pregnant women and mamas :-)))
I've just had contact with a young mom, whose life is rilly terrible. Married to a guy whose attitude has completly changed during the pregnancy. Since then, for whatever reason, he's harrassing her morally speaking. I had no idea really about what could be moral harrassment. Well, I did not imagine it could go that far. I'm not going into details here, but I can say this young mama is ready to leave with her baby even though she is scared to death.
She's asking for help and advice from other mamas. She does not want to do anything that could be held against her after her departure. So she has to be just a bit more patient before doing anything.

I cannot stand a mama and her baby can live such things. It is so much "against nature"!!!!

When I see that I somehow always wonder how these women can involve with such guys. I mean, a person is not white one day and black the other.. You should be able to "feel" how a person really is after a while.
And I always tell myself I'd prefer being alone 10000000 times more than getting *involved* with a guy in which i'm not totally confident.
But I noooooooooooooe Love can rilly makes us blind.

Now I find it very very VERRRRY courageous to get up one day and to say "stop! I don't want this life anymore". It's already hard for any of us to do it normally... but for a new mama with a newborn baby, I find it... fantastic. **~~*^* * * *^^* *
I've just started working on a painting (which will be sent to a "anti-cliché" Fantasy contest). But I need time time time!
And there are quite many people coming to visit my site (an average of 40 different visitors per day), so I have to keep it updated. But.... I need... *whatyaknow*!
And there are the illustrations for the story i've written.. I'm in the process of drawing them (pencil coming before painting).. there are about 15 drawings to make. I've almost done 4. Gawd... I miss dat fookin time!
Jack has finally (hehe, sowwwy Jack, I can't help insisting on this "finally") an online photos gallery, a gallery full of treasures, believe me!
I'm already very impatient to discover (more) the world through our DHNer's eyes! Isn't that exciting!! wooooooooohoooooo!!**~~*^* * *^* *

Monday, May 05, 2003

We had time to visit 3 houses in Bretagne! not bad in 2 days!

The first one was rilly fine, 140 square meters, big dining room, big living room, 1st floor with 4 bedroom and a huge attic to be renovated. Actually more than a few little renovations to make. There was also another lil house with it, very old one, used to park the car and for whatever you want. But the garden was so small, and the neighbours get a "passage right" with their car just in front of the house. Not kewl at all.

The second one was too small, though with 107 square meters. And pretty ugly inside. Which would have been fine if not that expensive.

And the third one was the one for which I had taken rendez-vous before leaving. An old house near the river, completly renovated inside! When you enter it, there's the huge living room + kitchen. On the first floor, bathroom, toilets, 4 (big bedrooms), in the attic, 2 big berooms and another bathroom.
But as expected, it was just near a bridge with much traffic. The house was so kewl that even with a small garden we would have signed for it. But the traffic just near. Yuck!!!!!

to be continued :P
How kewl to have a digital camera, I took about, I dunno, 150 pics!!! ...and discovered how it felt to be a japanese tourist :P
Our weekend was rilly great, though we had a stormy weather for 2 days!
Before telling more about the weekend, here are a few pics I took (I hurry before Lola wakes up!!)

Lola's first hat :)
I'm Xtremly careful when there's sun, I avoid any direct contact which leads to acrobatic but protective positions from me sometimes**~~* *

Lola's fascinated with cats, here with Charlie, Marie's beauDiful cat

Martin and Lola in front of the house, with the typical Bretagne's blue windows

Eva (my niece, 5 years-old.. isn't she tall!) pretending, as usual, to be very tired during a walk. With Jeremy, half-bro:)

Eva, pretending (again yeah) she's praying (I asked her :P). Just beside is a beauDiful lil church

Martin, Lola and Eva, running in a bulls' field to take a short cut (and me running with the cam!!!)

Eva running near the Rance river. Lovely pic!!! (taken by Martin!)

Lola's adorable red cheeks after the walk

Martin and Jeremy having their first aperitif

A door just behind a tiny church... very inspiring and protecting certainly faeries!