Thursday, July 31, 2003

Befor any blabla, here are the pics of this fisherman house! RoaaaaaaaaaaRRRR

The adress of the house sounds like coming from a fairy tale already: 5 Impasse du Val, le Chatelier, La Viconté sur Rance

The front of the house. Or I should say the 2 houses (you can't really see it because it's the same roof, but there are 2 houses that we will connect). This house is in the middle. We've one neighbour on the left, one on the right. We 've the biggest house :P... which I still find amazing! hehe
There are 3 different doors to enter the house (very hobbit like I tell ya!)

Half of the back of the house, where we'll have to build 2 windows. I love the stones walls!

One of the room inside. I told you, lots of work to be made.

another room inside. And no we're not stressed by the amount of work in it!

The first garden in front of the house.

The fooookin kewl view we get from this garden. We'll make a terrasse in this corner :P

The garden behind the house, with lots of trees and which goes down directly to... the river!!!! yeahhhhhh :-))))

And finally... the view from the other shore!**~~* ^* *

ok, it's high time to tell more about this hobbits' house!
First here's where it's located:

I think Miz Ariel did not know that we were looking for a house... so now you know! hehe... we plan to move from Paris in a few years.. yup I plan to get rid of my city goil clothes :P
And we've just found one a few days ago!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

I'd honestly have never guessed our holidays would happen this way.
We started pretty well, as purrrfect holiday-makers. Sea, Sun, late evenings discovering the weirdest kinds of beverage!

But then after 3 days, we decided it would be a pity that we do not take the opportunity to visit houses.
So we started with that. And Gawd it took a LOT of time to visit agencies. I felt like spending my week on roads.
And yes, we visited lots of houses. Usually more expensive than what we wanted (the prices are raising so so quickly now, dat's scary!).
Our budget was between 60 000 euros up to 130 000.

In the first week, we found an old farm to be renovated... For 38 000 euros!!!!
It was really really beautiful and huge!
But then, a craftman came to give us advice and he said the farm was not to be renovated but to be RECONSTRUCTED!!!!
We got scared by the amount of work to be done on it. 2 walls had to be destroyed and rebuilt, same for the roof. A total renovation.
The price of the farm would have gone beyond 150 000 euros after the works.... eeeeeek!

So we started again with our visits... when on Friday (first week), we arrived in front of that *hobbits'house*....
(to be continued! heh)
Lola's rythm has changed and suddenly my days look even shorter (how can that be! I thought it was impossible!) than before.
But I think she'll soon find again her old habits (sleeping late in the morning, having looooong naps).

I must say it's fantabizooby to sleep again in separate rooms (s) ... at least we can let her cry a bit longer (terrible parents, hey!heh) !

Lola has had a hard first week in Bretagne with 2 new teef coming out and a bad cold to deal with.
She also found it hard to be seperated from us it seems. She rilly cried and roared when we were away. Poor grand-parents :P
But that went better during the second week. She got used to faces and voices.

She also discovered how funny it is to play in the sand. She was crazy for it! She grabbed it, tasted it, threw it away. She loved it! And she was over-excited in front of the sea. It was funny when we made her touch the water with her feet, she seemed to shrink instantly! hehe

She's also learnt to walk on all fours! Wooohoooooooooo! Oh and she's dancing on music now (with her hands, legs and head!)
***~~^^* * * *

Monday, July 28, 2003

I'm baaaaack! Yeeeehooooooo!!!!
(jumping around, not because it's the end of holidays, but because in everything i hope to find something kewl... and being back means having time again for my bloggies!! hehe **~~*^* ^** *)

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

(running) We've had a first CRAZY week, going to the beach at 8.00 pm (rilly!!!), having dinner at midnight (not so unusual), celebrating birthdays, going to a wedding, visiting houses... tons of houses!

And well....
Hmmm're reading the words of .... one of the happy owner of an old fisherman house!!!!!!!
no kiddin!!!!

We've just signed a couple of hours ago.
I feel happy but so stressed ... you can't imagined.
My accounts are being emptied, it's really hard to stand. And we've now to hurry to find a bank that will accept to offer us a good credit.
Before we've to evaluate all the works (roof, etc) that have to be done on the house.
It's stressing!

Anyway, the house will be really ours on the 31st of october the latest. Till then we've to find the money.
(biting lipS ;-)

I'll jump again on here as soon as excitement will replace that stress. It won't take much time (s). Then I'll give ya details about this (tiny) house **~~^^* *

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

While it's getting really stormy around here, I've just had time to add a new painting in the gallery!

And now I'm on my way to visit (too expensive -sigh-) houses! It will be fun anyway!

Monday, July 14, 2003

The other day we've invited 2 sailors (also air pilots, one of 80 years old who had served in the RAF) for dinner. They got drunk quite quickly with our deadly punch and then they started to tell about their incredible adventures on boat or on plane. I tell you, our life sound so easy when you hear how close to death these guys have been!!!
Behind very simple and humble words, you could guess these were heroes types. They finished the evening playing guitar and singing with us to finally thank us very very warmly for the evening they had spent. Funny, because it was *dem* who made us all spent an incredible time!
The sea is warmer than usual. About 19°!!!
But the sea does not look like usual really. Fot there are oil bits that have reached our beaches!!! And nobody talk of it in the newspapers or on tv!
The coast is theorically safe, but it's not practically the case!
That has been a shock!
But then, I've not seen any bits of oil so far (phewwww). I would not put a foot on the beach here otherwise.

Fookin pollution!!!
Despite the shrimpette's moods, we manage to get guuuuuuud holidays'habits. Lunch at 4.00, dinner at 10.00. Sunbaths on the beach at 6.00. Badminton at midnight (we've light in the garden, it's too too kewl!) :-)))
By the way, I'm getting like an expert in badminton, who wanna play next?
We could not have a better weather (reaching above 32° in Bretagne is like having palm trees on the pack-ice!)
But it's a bit too warm for the shrimpette who's sick since 4 days now. The first time she's sick, poor lil one!
When we left Paris, we managed to sleep 2 hours, not more. Lola's been crying the whole night and started to get fever.
And since we've arrived, she's lost her appetite (which makes me very nervous...mamas can be stooopid, hey!)... She does not sleep well (so do we, since we're sleeping in the same bedroom!)... She cries more than usual too.
Her cold + new teef + bad mood makes an explosive cocktail, rilly.
I keep wondering how women do with 2, 3, 4 children. Gawd, dat's a tough job!
Tonight's a quiet night. All those who came for dinner have left and the rest of the family as gone to sleep on the boat (lucky dem, there will be fookin kewl fireworks to see on the river!).
Martin's reading the last Harry P. sitting in a huge armchair, drinking some gratte-cul (fookin tough kind of beverage) while I'm writing my bloggies near the fireplace.

(happy sigh)^**^~~^*^^** * *

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Lola is 9 months-old today!!!
But I've no new pics to show for the event (booooooooooo)

She is now 69 cm for a weight of 9 kg (I *nooooooooooe* why my back hurts now!).
Everything is going ok for the shrimpette.

She can now try much more new types of food, which is great (i'm fed up with cooking carrots and peas!) ..
What else?!... ohhh ohhh

(jumping around)

she now wants and asks in her own way for REAL CUDDLES!!!

yeeeeeehoooooooooooooo!!!!**~~**^* *
Have you ever wondered what it felt like to sing along with Mick (Jagger)???!!
No? Me neither... till tonight!
Because YES it has just happened !!!!!!!!

I've tried to forget all day that half of my family (on the side of my papa) was attending the Stones'concert at le stade de France (where I had seen dem a few years ago...phewwww!).

...and suddenly at 10.00, the phone rang.


and it was Mick singing *you get always get what ya want* (my type of lyrics! hehe). it was very VERY loud! And the audience sounded completly "in the song".

Gwenola called me with her mobile and she held it for a few minutes just for me.
Mick and I have had a fookin kewl time!
thank you Gweno!!!!!

(happy sigh)**~~^* * * *

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

It's been about 2 weeks Martin awakes in the middle of the night because he has violent pain around one of his eye... I've kicked his ass this morning so that he goes to see a specialist TODAY! So he will (when women ask something, hey..! ;-)
He has a rendez-vous at 7.00 pm, I hope the specialist will find a way to help him!
**~~*^* *
I've just finished a new painting, and I RILLY wanted this one to be done before leaving!
I'll put it online next week, because THAT can wait a bit :P
It's an SF painting, and I really enjoy the genre (Juan Giménez being my SF painting guru... I wish I had his hands!).
I think in a few weeks I'll separate my gallery in 2 parts: one for Fantasy, the other for SF :-)

Monday, July 07, 2003

And I gotta add m'sieur Jack to the high circle of *vocagrammarbulary gurus* (just waiting to add you in it, Penny One! :P)
Thank you Jack!!!**~~* ^* *

Sunday, July 06, 2003

I've just finished correcting all the lil mistakes in the English version of my Dragons' story, and I've to thank m'zelle Jenny for her very precious help!
People almost never take the time for such help, but Jenny did! **~~*^* * *^^* *

Saturday, July 05, 2003

Behind Candide-the-wine-drinker and Candles-the-doodles-maker was hiding a delicate and sensitive creature able to write stories for children!
(yes yes that's moi, I swear it :P.. hehehe)

Forget the illustrations you gonna see (my scanner won't forget though, I tell you!), and discover "Why do dragons breathe fire"?

Thursday, July 03, 2003

Phewwww... I feel somehow relieved because I knowwwww why I get almost no chance to sell on ebay right now!
Because so far I'm the only visitor to my shop! LOL
There are very few categories in French, and no adapted at all for my paintings (I'm classified in classic paintings/antiquities...! hehehe)
So well, I'll suggest them a new category and we'll see :P

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Lola making faces ALL day at the moment (I call her my lil leprechaun ;-), I just had to put her Lola Jekill and Lola Hyde's picture :P

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

I can't imagine end of next week we're in Bretagne...till the 28th!
Yes that sounds like paradise... specially when I compare with last year when I was as round as a jelly ball, when I already had contractions, when Martin was also losing his job, and when I had the worst toothaches!!!
That was a bit heavy huh.

But this year is ZE year! I even feel I might win lottery soon, it's a good sign ;-)
What will I do first with the $$$? I'd find a huge expensive farmlike house or castle and invite those I love for REAL holidays! RoaaaaaaaaaaaRRRRRR

Anyway, till I win the lottery, I already get these holidays. Fookin kewl.

I will naturally bring my liliputian one (laptop) with me to follow my biz websites, and to update my bloggies regularly (yup, you won't get rid of me that easily :P)
I should not have done it (it's like not the right moment to spend happily $$$ :P), but I've just bought the last Harry Potter!
I should receive it in the next days, hopefully before I leave next week for Bretagne (where I wanna *swallow* as many books as possible! :-)
A young austrian goil has just sent me an email telling how much she hated my paintings!
She was getting mad at the "innocence" shown in dem.
About 15 lines explaining me why she hated my work. Don't you find it weird to take time to send such an email?
I mean when you like something, when you find something interesting, when you think you've a good piece of advice to give, you might take time to tell it. But when you hate something... you just don't lose time telling it...!

I don't care, but...(cough).... rilly I prefer compliments! hehehe
Who said criticism was constructive?! :P

(tapping foot while waiting for some world recognition of my lil art :P heh)