Monday, December 29, 2003

DO NOT READ THIS ... if you plan to watch *The Return of the King*!!!

We went to watch it on the 24th of December (could we have chosen a beDer day? neeeeee! :P) ... we went there at 10.00 am and it was the only theatre in Hamburg which showed the movie in original version with no subtitles.
(happy sigh)

And gawd that was GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUD!

There was almost nobody there, too early I guess, so we had the delicious feeling of intimacy with the movie. That was already fantastic.

I've been surprised again by the mirror effect between the third book and the third movie. I could not expect a beDer interpretation of Tolkien's work.

If I was forced (with torture) to criticize anything, hmmm... I would say the moment I found the less well done was with all what surrounded Arwen, I did not find it very clear. Oh and I still don't enjoy the Gimli character in the movie... his face does not move! ...last point was the music, I have to listen at it again, but ending with this annie lenox song... (cough cough)

Now I was really happily surprised with the Dead army, the battles again, the oliphants, the importance given to Pippin and Merry, the interpretation of Eowin (for once, I say one Blonde worths 10 Brunettes! hehehe), of Faramir, Eomer, king Theoden and Denetor! They were all purrrfect!

***~~~**^* ***happppppppppyyyyyyyyyyy sigh**~~^^^* * * *^^* *
I can finally sit down and relax for a minute today (G)
I've decided I would not work (maybe just a lil bit though) before the New Year and just enjoy the day right now for what it brought me.
Our rendez-vous went extremly well. Pascale (the author) and I did not expect all would go that well actually.
If everything goes as expected, you should be able to order on amazon.con or about anywhere else a lil book with OUR NAMES on it before Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!


I need some time to realize! hehehe

Sunday, December 28, 2003

We're just back from Hamburg! Holidays can't be over, I wanna more of dem, NOW!

No time to surf at all, not even a minute to check about emails... (SIGH)
I gotta prepare my rendez-vous with the publisher tomorrow, so I'd beDer run (with one of my new pairS of shoes!!!!! noss noss !!!!!)

hehe*~**~~*^* * wooooooooooooooooosh

Friday, December 19, 2003

Dancing with my Met' ticket around the snow flakes (that we should find in Hamburg actually :P)
It's so so unexpected and miraculous (no, I'm not a fan at all ;-) that they come back in 6 months!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeee**~~*^*

I just regret we haven't bought them earlier in the morning... we would have had better seats (it's just that, I wanna see dem in details!!!!)... Ha well, I'm fantabizoobidy happy with what we have already!


Phewww... the luggage is almost ready! (it's been 3 days I'm making it!!!)
I hesitate a lot to take with me some work to do overthere... I will just take the book cover painting I think, it has to be ready for the day I come back.
Working at home, RILLY, what a great idea!!!!!! grrrmmmpppphhhhhhh

We will leave tonight when Lola should go to bed..about 10.00, 10.30, I dunno. And we'll arrive -maybe not so fresh- in the morning for a yummy german breakfast!!! Anyway, as long as Lola AND Joe sleep well, it will be rilly ok!

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Gwenola (sister) has just found a new job! Her last one was to finish next week... and she's got an offer starting on the 5th of January! Just purrrfect! She'll work for her cityhall in the "youth department". I don't know exactly what will be the job but that sounds kewl.

Oh, and I've discussed with the publishing house today... olala... it's so exciting! We've a rendez-vous on the 29th of December! Weeehooooooooo**~~*^* *

Monday, December 15, 2003

My weekly contribution is really RILLY classic. I'm not specially sensitive to the charms of actors from the 1950's and 1960's, but I gotta say that if I had to chose one of dem, it would be Jimmy Stewart.
There's something in him, a mixture of male-ishness and sensitivity that makes him rather purrrfect. Unfortunatelly I've not found real *sexy* picture of him! ;-)

Cheers nonetheless! :P

Having no time to work on a new painting (and I have to finish this book cover for Wednesday... impossible mission!), I just *had* to do a lil something for Xmas.
So I just started a lil competition! The winner will get one of my prints (the one he/she wanna actually).

If I had time, I would create one or two other websites, more dedicated to visual arts in general and to music, with lots of lil challenges and competitions in dem. That is usually a source of extreme creation, always very interesting!

Saturday, December 13, 2003

And here it is! Just published on the second page of Le Parisien, not bad hey :P
A pity though they haven't put my website URL!!!!! The journalist told me he did not know what they would cut or not...
Anyway, they say I'm a painter and that I sell online... and with my name, people can find my site. Huuuuu

It was a funny experience!!!

I just had to show you my papier family of faeries which is full process of creation! There are actually 5 of them, requiring much time and patience:)

Right now I'm still with the hand in the glue and paper but soon, they will get a proper face and body (I don't like to know they're all nekkid with such a cold around!) hehe

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Okies, the interview is done (have I mentioned here I got interviewed by a French newpaper about the Internet? I've been talking for 40 minutes non-stop! ... I was inspired ;-) ... tomorrow at 10.00 am, a photographer comes here for a photo cession! LOL
And the article will be published on saturday!

(what a week, I'm dead!!!! **~~*^* *^^* ^**^*)

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Gawd, yesterday was such a day! The house, Metallica, the book publication.... and it was on the 9th of december.

I think number 9 is definatly *our* number... we married on the 9th (january), Lola was born on the 9th (october), and it seems again the 9th is again a lucky day!

I don't know much about the meaning of the number 9, except I found 9 was often linked to the universe, the brotherhood, and the challenger.
I don't know -yet- what all that means. But I'm going to have a look at it **~~*^* *^^* * *

ohh ohhh and what a day it's been yesterday .... our notary has signed for the house!

**~~* *we are the proud owners of our lil Breton hobbit's home**~~**^* *

We should receive the keys tomorrow (then only we open champ'!) .... and start to pay for 15 years ... now! lol

(happy happy sigh)

Some days, life can get RILLY full of suprises......

(popping around like a wild wild lil creature!)

Yesterday I found an email from a publishing house telling they were interested in the story the Belgian woman has written and that I have illustrated....!!!!!!!!

I had send the first copies of the book to publishing houses on Monday, and I got this email on Tuesday... which is already unbelievable!!! It takes 3 months minimum before you get back a (negative) answer.

This email sais they loved the story and its illustrations and wanted to get in touch with us.
My Belgian friend (because we turned to be friends :) called them and they repeated what they had said in the email!!!!! They added they would send a contract for publication and that they are interested to make a collection with us around the topic.




The dream of every writer or illustrator is happening... just like that!
I still can't believe one second that there might be a published book soon with my name on it..... !!!!!!!!!

(falling from chair, lying happily on the floor, watching the ceiling!)

I don't know how will be the contract, my Belgian friend will tell me all about it. But I don't worry, if I have already a very little chance to be published, the rest does not count at all.

That is a crazy story which is happening, crazy crazy crazy!!!!!


I feel so many things at once...
.... the pleasure of having a positive answer that quickly and ... that easily somehow!
.... the pride to be really starting my own business based on my own work and passion.
.... the happiness to see all the efforts are rewarded
.... the conviction that we should never give up. We say getting published is like winning lottery, it almost never happen.... Well it does!!!!!

Ok, I wait to see the book on my shelves before getting too too excited (well, too late I fear! LOL)
But just a positive answer, publication or not, means a LOT to me.

**~~*^* *^^* ^**~~* *

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Et voilĂ ! Tonight is our Metallica night!!!
I can't wait to see and hear the Metal guys and be part of this Metal atmosphere!

Say your prayers little one
Dont forget, my son
To include everyone
Tuck you in, warm within
keep you free from sin
till the sandman he comes
sleep with one eye open
gripping your pillow tight

(trembling in my boots! lol)
(on my way tofind some metal outfit! hehe)

Monday, December 08, 2003

Full Moon tonight!!!!
Let's all get our blankets (Gawd it's coooooold today) and run out around the burning totem!!!!
**~~*^* *^^* ^^* *^^* *~~*^*

Sunday, December 07, 2003

My second sketch is accepted for the book cover!
I'm so excited! I gotta finish the painting before Xmas and woooooooooosh I send it to Oz lands!
I'm prouuuuud of the work so far, I hope the painting will be as I expect it to be!
It's been more than 3 months that i've seen my papa, who lives at about 15 minutes from here...
And finally I think we see each other about 3 times a year.
He's always too busy, playing music or whatever.

Strangely, I'm used now to not be a priority for him, and vice-versa.

Saturday, December 06, 2003

My in-laws are coming later today and stay for 5 days in Paris (which explain why I woke up at 6.30 to clean the flat... eeeeeeeeeeeck! That can't happen more than once a year, I tell ya! hehe)
They haven't seen Lola since August and 3 months in a baby's life is huge! I can't wait to see them discovering all the lil changes, and I hope Lola will get used again to them quickly :-))) **~~*^* * *^^* *

Oh and they come from Hamburg by car... and they leave by plane.
They let their (our?) car here.
They actually have sold us their car!!!! Woooohoooooooooooooo!!!!
We've been looking for a second-hand car but quickly Martin's parents worried we could find a not so good car (with techie probbies) and offered to sell us their car (they were to buy a new one). For -you can imagine- a VERY interesting price! A *parent's price* (haaaaa parents, what would we do without them!!!!).

Our future car is almost as a new one, and very practical for a lil family who gonna travel a lot!
Her design is kinda unusual and weird, and cute, which I like for a car. Oh and it is SO SO comfortable inside, you can't imagine!
We're so lucky!!!!!
I gotta find a name for her now, it's urgent. I can't arrive and just say "hello, my car"! neeeeeee

Friday, December 05, 2003

Have you ever tried the milk just taken from the cow? Way to creamy and heavy for me. Beuuuurrrk!
I prefer "industrialized" milk (lol)... what a shame!

And my weekly contribution will be named Keanu!!!

There are times (when Keanu gets sad eyes or does smile) when I find this Keanu rilly inspiring :P
Unfortunatelly these expressions can't be seen in the series of Matrix, where he is quite expressionless.
I really enjoyed My Own Private Idaho, but since then I think he hasn't got the roles he deserves!

Thursday, December 04, 2003

The book cover on which I'm working is a really really exciting work!!!!
What's a bit frustrating is that I won't be able to show it around (because the buyer asked, and for a first online sell, you accept almost everything :P).
Argggg, the full story is complicate, but the more it goes, the more I really can't stand notaries!

Did you know that notary was the only profession in France that makes CONSTANT profit?!!!!!

(gimme my bazooooka)

Because I'm maaaaaaad yes!
We've asked our notary to sign for us for the house.
We pay him for that too.
But he tries to make us accept that all the papers get signed by the opposite side, by the notary of the sellers. (we learnt that via mail).
Ya follow me?
And we don't want that at ALL!

Because our notary does not want to move his ass on a friday afternoon, we're getting more delay.
I can't believe it.
We call him again tomorrow morning and if he does not react in 10 seconds to defend ofur interests, we go there asap.
The probbie was that we had no time right now to go to Bretagne, but if it's getting baaaaaad, we won't hesitate!

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

sendin an s.o.s to the world

I'm looking for a KEWL online advent calendar... and so far I've found rilly ugly stuff! Nothing lovely and funny!

If anyone find something, don't forget ol' candy :P
One of my daily moments of total, complete happiness (happy sigh)
Makes ya wanna have dozens of angels around **~~*^* *^^* *

When Lola wanna a cuddle, she just forces you to lie down (she can do that!)... then she comes and stick herself against you while purring (she really make the noise of purrrrr!!!)

Monday, December 01, 2003

16 days before we get the final part of the Lord of the Rings!!!!
We'll go and watch it in Hamburg, with a pub before and after (I can't wait for that either :P)
I'm so impatient to watch it and just a very lil bit sad it gonna be the final part... "No, no, I don't want it to be the end, puleaaaase"

It's always like that when you expect something with much excitement, isn't it?
All what comes before, this boiling feeling, is so pleasant and delicious. We would not like this feeling to stop even though we wanna enjoy the *source of pleasure* itself. But enjoying, consumming it also means putting an end to it.

Maybe I'll wait and watch it in a couple of years, then? //oO\

I could not start my day in a beDer way! I got one of my highest score at my daily quizz!!! (yeah I nooooooooeeee, that sounds like a lil grannie's habit, but who cares :P).
I got 16/20 instead of a usual... 7/20 or 9/20... or in my bad days 4/20 ! :P