Saturday, February 28, 2004

I gotta mention here that just before starting writting this specific bloggie, I've just spilled my first cawffee all over the flour behind Gulli...
(which has nebber happened... I just don't spill!!!).

Well, yesterday evening, I thought I would COOK, I mean really cook. I don't enjoy it, but I'm not against it from time to time.
My plan was an orange cake.
Great, hm?
I was motivated.
Well, in the 5 first minutes, I dunno how, but I spilled the box of flour all over the floor in the kitchen. That happened in a millisecond but that was enought to have me grmmmphing for the next 10 minutes.

Martin shouted from the other side of the flat: "I will do the cooking, just let everything as it is!!!!"

tssss. No!!!! I would do it, no matter what!

... I took the vacuum-cleaner and get rid of the flour. I put the vaccuum-cleaner in the next room, thinking I had to go on with the cake first.

There had enough flour left to finish my cake... phewww.
So there I go, playing the kitchen scientist.
Butter...sugar... eggs... flour.

But I'm not comfortable enough, I have to pour the flour very slowly while turning the preparation.
I have an idea: why not going on the sofa, put the dish firmly between my legs so that it does not move? Then I have a free hand to pour the flour.

Cooking is complicated.

Anyway, on my way there, to the living-room... my feet met the forgotten vaccuum-cleaner and woooosh, I spilled my preparation all around!!!!
And the worst is not on the pic (how practical to get a digit cam!)... When I started cleaning, I spread the buttered preparation... a nightmare for my parquet ... and my jeans.

My cake is done, I haven't abandoned. But I'm not about to go back in the kitchen for a few days.
These are *signs*. I gotta listen at dem :P

I've caught the proof Lola participated actively to the weight excess of our tiger of siberia (I find you thin Joe, no but really! ...but the fookin vet' tells the opposite... I see a *liver mission* here ;-)

Friday, February 27, 2004

Lola has cried from 3.30 to 4.30 last night....
And it's a cry that meant "come and take me wiff you! I'll cry harder till you do it!"
(tired sigh)

Martin went to calm her down a couple of times...

...and I finally took her for 5 minutes with us. She started smiling, calling us, kissing us, putting her arms around our neck, etc. It was Heaven for Lola! (happy sigh **~~*^* *)

Then we re-started the ceremonial to put her in bed... and let her with a lil light on and a bottle of water, she cried again for 10 minutes and finally fell asleep.

I think next time we'll let her cry for 10 minutes, but we won't wait for a full hour! I don't want to answer her whims, but I think it is good at a certain point to "break" the rythm (of the cries). With a cuddle, a lil walk around the flat or whatever :)

We've order a night light btw. One in the shape of a big yellow rabbit. I'm going to turn this rabbit into Lola's protector, and will tell her so till she understands :)
I hope it will work.
The only probbie when you start with such habits... is that whenever you forget the lil helper... you get a tragedy ;-)
And here's my CUTE pic of the week! (G)
If you replace this CUTE hairy lil creature by my fat lazy (no I'm jocking, Joe!) tiger of siberia, that's about what I get each time Lola try to feed him!

And there you go, extremist Catholics, also the extreme right party here ask (loudly) that Mel's movie be distributed.
I'm fed up with extremists, they're going again to "intellectually" steal another cultural event (a movie in that case). They're going to spoil it.

Then it will be an attack from the anti-religious extremists, attacking Religion and Faith in general.

What could be just another movie, maybe and probably interesting, is going to be used by extremists as a weapon. That makes me really mad.

I knew I needed to grmmmpppphhhhhhhhhhh a bit this week!!!! ;-)
But I hope I'm not grmmphhhhing for nothing... I hope I'm defending a right cause (cultural freedom?) with this movie. Something I won't be able to confirm before I can watch it!!!


Thursday, February 26, 2004

Why blogging? I often hear that question at the moment...
And my point hasn't changed really about it.

Some finds it very self-centered, talking about oneself all the time.

I use my blawg in a very personnal way, and you can tell self-centered way, yes absobloodilutely.

When I'm blogging, I sit down and relax and take some distance with all what's happening around me. I find this time I spend blogging really precioussssssssss.
I run almost all the time, except when I'm blogging. Phewwww

Then, beside this zen effect it has on me, it's a good way to share with close friends what's happening.
I clearly remember why I started blogging. It was to replace the tons of emails we (friends) shared. It turned complicate to answer this or that, etc etc. And suddenly the blog solution appeared like THE tool we needed.

And finally, even if I don't fancy (at all) getting more and more visitors (new ones are always welcome with a good pint though!), I luuuuve talking about hot topics or very *light* ones, ones that will provoke reactions and discussions.

Isn't blawglife beauDiful? ;-) **~~*^* *^^* *^^* *
And just for pleasure... let's all sing it!

Let joy fill every Briton's heart,
For now the country's going to make it.
At last a King who looks the part,
At last a Queen who looks good naked.

A monarch with panache,
He's got a nice moustache

Everything he wants he'll get,
The world is now Blackadder's oyster,
Most Prime Ministers are wet,
But Baldrick he is even moister.

A dog who's got his bone,
A bastard on the throne

His beard is neatly curled,
He's going to rule the world
I've just found my tv-quote-of-the-week and it's been a hard work chosing one among thousands from... BLACK ADDER!

We've discovered Black Adder a few years ago thanks to a good couple of Anglo-German friends.... it's been a real *discovery*, I'm sure the French would love it (and it would be a good change instead of my beloved Benny Hill ;-).

Percy: Only this morning in the courtyard I saw a horse with two heads and two bodies.
Blackadder: Two horses standing next to each other?

from Witchsmeller Pursuviant episode

hehe, I luuuve it!

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I should FINALLY know in the next days when our book gonna be published! (weeeeeeeee!!!)
For the moment I'm checking the cover they've made from the one I had already done. And I find it good enough, but with a few visual details that are not purrrfect.


That means I gotta work the whole evening now!

I've just finished the illustration of another classic fairy tale: Donkey Skin, (by Charles Perrault).

I don't find Perrault's tales really classic, not in the classic way we get the pattern "the evil-the innocent princess-the heroic prince".
And here, Donkey Skin talks clearly of incest, though I also see it as a representation of forced marriage, "forced love", which happened at the time of Perrault. That habit led to tragic situations as it is more than suggested in this tale.

Anyway, I like a lot this tale, this young princess wearing the bloody (that's how I'd paint it in an adult version) and ugly skin of her dad's beloved donkey. The kind of tale that does not let you with a stoopid sighing smile all along (=the way I smile most of the time! ;-)

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

It's said that *mardi-gras* is the last day to enjoy party time and good food before starting the catholic Lent. A special day celebrated since the Middle Ages.

What I know is I've always celebrated it with excitement, funny costumes and lots of pancakes!

I don't know really where mardi-gras is celebrated... I know they do it in Germany and Italy too.
Talking of Italy, I've always been fascinated by the masks they wear during the Venice carnival. I find them beautiful, a bit mysterious, devilish and frightening too (with usually dark eyes).
It seems that they get a direct effect on people wearing dem: they all behave so graciously. I like that a lot!

I would love trying playing with them once, I wonder how I would feel. I'm sure they'd transform me for a while ;-)

Sunset Queen
It's official: Lola can tell 5 words! Not bad, hm?
These 5 first words are in French and all being on an affective level (there's no "cake", "yes", "no", "sleep", etc in her language yet).
I find that interesting.
Her words are:
1.maman :P
3.mamie (granny)
4.papi (grandpa)
5.doudou (her stuffed animal fetish, an elephant)

She starts to repeat a lot certain words we say, but she does not use them yet just like that.

I'm fascinated by all what the shrimpette can already do and understand. Yesterday I heard some storm in the kitchen and she was standing there in the middle of Joe's food, trying to feed him. hehe :-) **~~*^* *

I'm pretty curious about the last movie of ol' Mel "the Passion of the Christ... not so curious about the topic itself, but I wonder what is so shocking in it. I won't talk of the polemic about the Jews representation it, I think there is no polemic here to talk about.
Now, is showing the main hero (G) carrying painfully his cross for 20 minutes the shocking key?

I would find that very hypocritical from media to focus on that. I find the title of the movie quite explicit, no? They're not going to watch a movie about a Jesus picking up flowers in a prairie, right?
Anyway, I find it hard to believe Mel Gibson will do something really shocking. I don't expect a great movie, but who knows!

If I'm interested in that particular topic, it's because I rilly LUUUUVED Scorsese's Last Temptation of Christ, which was rilly criticized at the time.

Such a beautiful movie, showing a very Human Jesus (Willem Dafoe as Jesus could have turned any sceptical goil into a devoted nun... :P).
I wonder how come I don't have this movie on my so precious shelf, btw!
It was a very clever and sensitive interpretation of the Bible me thinks.

Anyway, I like it when movies provoke lil storms. Vive le cinema libre et different!

Sunday, February 22, 2004

It's been a strange weekend! Kewl but strange!
On our way to Bretagne, we've been talking so much that we've forgotten the rest and taken the wrong direction for ... 200km! No kiddin!
Then once there, we were about to say hello to our hobbit house and to show it to other relatives when we realized we had forgotten the keys (in Paris!)....

Thank Gawd, we had nothing important to make in the house but it was very very frustrating!
I thought I'd take the opportunity to make at least great photos of Martin's birthday and the family house full of happy creatures. But as soon as I turned the cam on, it said the batteries were empty (and of course the charger was in Paris).


After all that, we've run to play lottery, we thought it could be A special day for us ;-)
(dunno yet if we've won ot not :P)
I've started reading Mickael Moore's books... but however interesting it is, it's just a bit too political for me.

So I'm having a break and I've just finished this short novel (or rather short story?... 97 pages..?): "Oscar et la dame rose" (Oscar and the rose lady), by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt.
The book is composed of 12 letters written during the 12 last days of Oscar's life.
Oscar is 10 years-old and condemned. He writes these letters to Gawd.

I've read the book in a couple of hours and I've spent a fantabizoobidy time. It's funny, kinda metaphysical too (just enough for me to not get lost), poetic and realistic.

I've got really inspired and now I feel in the mood to eat voraciously dozens of books! When will I be able to do it? I dunno, but I'll take the time.

(on my way to make a (home made!) pizza while finishing "l'encycopledie du savoir relatif et absolu" by Bernard Werber! 2 different kinds of food for twice more pleasure!)

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Just a quick rendez-vous at the *doc-of-goils'-bits* early in the morning (gawd, damn too cold to expose bits that early btw!)... and we go directly to Bretagne!

Martin has taken his Friday off so that we can enjoy our corner of countryside (happy sigh**~~*^* *)

There, part of the family will have already arrived, others will join late in the evening, and again others on Sat'... all that to spend some time altogether (well, originally, there were to be only the 3 of us! LOL), and to celebrate... Martin's birthday!

Hmmm, I can read in my hmmm glass of wine (hehe) that the weekend might not be very peaceful, but really sparkling in many ways **~~*^* *

And here's my tv quote of the week!
I chose it because it was the only quote I remembered from X-Files! Have you ever seen the movie Carrie or read the original Stephen King's book?
I've been very impressed by both. And Scully's words here made me laugh, which I thought impossible to do with Carrie! :P

"Psycho-kenisis? You mean how Carrie got even at the prom?"
by Scully, X-Files

That won't mean anything to anyone around, but I'm really grmmmppppphing today because I've learnt most of the shows of the comic guy Dieudonne are slowly cancelled!

Still and again because of this joke he made about Jews...'s a pity it has turned this way, it's not good for anyone.

... scary society!
I don't take at all position for or against any religion, but we're letting censorship rulling again!

I now wait for Blondes to call for censorship against blonde jokes, same with Belgians, fat people, thin people, people having a moustache, cats, dawgs, old people, etc etc.

Not a good time to be a *JOKE-r* !


Wednesday, February 18, 2004

And here's a lil pic of the special "birthday cakes" we had prepared so that Lola can participate before going to bed.
And the shrimpette loves much more candles than cakes! :) **~~*^* *

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

And here's a lil drawing that could purrrrfeclty illustrate the last bloggie written by Penny!
Yup, sometimes we're inspired by the most hmmm weird topics!

10 more days. Dat's the xtra time my Aussie *customer* gets to pay for his book cover.
I know he hasn't much money and all... and that's preciselly the boring part with commissioned work. You never know (when you start in the biz at least) when/if you'll get paid.

The book cover is finished since end December, I spent about the whole month working on the project. And I really have no time (nor money!) to waste... Dat makes me in a grmmmmppphhhhhy mood!

35 years ago, it was about time to organize Woodstock festivities and a month before we'd talk of the first moon Landing... 35 years ago already!

...and 35 years ago from today, a lil blondish chubby baby was about to discover the world!!!!

A very very speschul day indeed for my *other-half*, or maybe more for me just because I'm the happpppppiest he is *here* **~~*^* * *^^* *

Sunday, February 15, 2004

There's one word almost everybody (including me) usually does not like much... and this word is:


Wellllll, I have found a lil something rilly CUTE and entertaining! If you've time to waste, have a look at this!!!!

PS: I spent more than 1 hour today with that! Scary, isn't it?!!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Don't we all think that Ventine's day is just a commercial event, that it's stoopid someone offers once a year flowers to his cherie, etc etc. hmmm?

I like this day!
I'd like to celebrate something everyday, using all these lil events as pretexts to have fantabizooboidy times!

I think what I prefer today is the presence of the red colour everywhere. Flowers, cheecks, lips, underwears, etc etc.
I like it when such a passionate colour is around!

I have already shown this Fragonard painting here, but I thought I would put it again for this speschul (Penny, can I borrow your creation? I Luuuuve it!) day.

Le Verrou - the Lock

I find it inspiring, and talking of passion, I think these two are about to share some of it **~~*^* *
And the 6 nations rugger tournament is about to start in a few hours!
I will have to record the end of our match against Ireland though because we have our "mini valentines" party this afternoon (party with Lola and her goilfriends!!!).

So today we have France/Ireland, which should be really interesting, I think both teams can win.
Then we get Wales/Scotland. I'll cross my bits very hard for Scotland!

And tomorrow we have Italy/England... I'll pray for Italy (the minimum we can do for them no? I mean England is not just like any team!)

Friday, February 13, 2004

Oh, it's Friday and we're on a 13th!!!!

Have you ever watched the series Friday the 13th? or the Freddies? Texas chainsaw massacre? or any movie of such kind?
My sister and I were completly fond of dem when we were teens.
I remember the first one I saw was The Night of the Living Dead... I was 12 and got scared with these guys eating nice people's brains! lol

Then my sister and I got addicted, we used to rent anything that was really bloody or horrible or disgusting (like Bad Taste... made by the now famous Peter Jackson!!!).
And I remember we were having much fun!!!!!!

But since my hormones have opened new doors and I've turned into a mama... I feel kinda sea-sick anytime I watch such movie (except Freddy which is really funny). I find this really weird! I wish I could watch dem again, eating pizzas and having good laughs!

Here is what happens now whenever I do not pay attention to Lola for a minute!!!! LOL

The photo "speaks for itself", doesn't it?! And she looks so happy of the result here!!!
I grabbed my cam because I thought it was too late to avoid anything anyway!

Gawd, I think Lola is starting her funny days... where she will consciously do anything that is forbidden!
That means hard work for me, and sometimes good laughs I reckon!

Oh and with the pic, our intimacy is now exposed! "tell me what you eat, I'll tell you who you are"! lol
With 3 bottles of wine, ketchup, tea box, choucroute, milk, pepsi and endives... what does that tell then, I wonder... Except that we're ol' drunks! :P

Thursday, February 12, 2004

We're going to have dinner before midnight today !!!!!
That won't happen twice in the year, but we gonna enjoy it!

weeeeeeeeeeeeeewooosh!***~~*^* *
I'm surprised I cannot find any structured organization here (in Frawgland) acting against censorship. Because we also suffer from censorship, on tv in general, and culturally speaking. Like what's happening with our comic guy Dieudonné who's accused of antisemitism because of a joke he did about the Jews.
It's clear that now it seems whenever you give an opinion which is not politically correct, you are instantly judged and all the concerned organisations (tell a joke about cats, you'll get Brigitte Bardot after you) will attack you.

If the society forces us to be moderate, isn't it again a form of censorship!

The other day I've signed some petition against censorship of the web. The only way I found to "participate". You can have a look (and improve your French :P) at this site if you've a minnie!

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Now I'm fixed... Miss Jackson has simply worked for the opposite side: the censorship gang!!!!
The horrifiterribliawfull event of THE breast will have the only result of creating a violent wave of new censorship within the media.
I wonder how much she got paid for that! At least la Cicciolina does it for free!

Yesterday we were talking again of the way people download music online. And I'd be a musician I'd worry a lot naturally!
Closing sites that allow downloads would simply not change anything! People will always be able to share their files, individually. You'd just need whatever forum where people would say "yup I've just bought this new album". (which would literary mean, "i have it, you can download it!").
What can you do against that? nothing, people would exchange their files individually.

The only way would be to make real un-recordable Cds.

Anyway, dat's not my probbie -at all- :P
Gawd, I'm happppppppppppppppy to be a painter!

Pubs, currywursts, reeperbahn discos, friends, etc... yup we plan another trip to Hamburg next month!!!!
These holidays were planned since long, but we doubted we could make it, because of time and €€€.
But we might not be able to go back there before the end of the year (minimum), because of the first 2 reasons above and because the big works in the house will start in April.
Every single day we'll get then will have to be spent in Bretagne, same for every single euro!

So we do it while we can still make it, see?! ... The carpe diem thingie really inspires our plans. We prefer not to think how it gonna be in a few months, we'll see by then and do what is necessary :)**~~*^* *

I *nooooe* now how my body works! (it was about time I understand it!)
I can be very speed for about 10 days, multitaskin all the time without any probbie, then for 3 days I'm completly exhausted. Empty, physically very tired.
(I'm such a lil nature, huh!!!)

And I'm in the middle of the "low speed" cycle. Another day and the machine will be running again! wooooooooooooo!! :)))
So don't tell anyone, but today I've decided to forget all what is linked to work (illustrations, etc). I just need to create an harmony between the mind and the body, ya see :P
My last painting's online. Phewwwwww, it was a big one requiring much more work than I imagined! Oh, if you look carefully, you'll find a *Betty Page* in it :P


Tuesday, February 10, 2004

(jumping around), our hobbit house has a website of its own!!!
Martin has decided to show through it how we'll make of this lil fisherman house a house where Parigos will be able to live :P
Ok, there gonna be scary pics of the house before the works, so make your imagination work hard, just like we do!

Is there any book from your childhood that you will nebber ebber forget?
There are a few for me. And "Where the wild things are" is one of dem.
All was fascinating in it, the lil boy, a kind of anti-hero, this world made of monsters, the story, the drawings too. I luuuuuve the drawings in it, so unique..! They are printed in my memory now. I wish I had this talent!

The French title (Max et les Maximonstres) was much better by the way (to me!). Funny, no?

I'm very sowwwy to hear that Jonny Wilkinson won't be able to play for the 6 nations cup!
Too tooooo bad, no really. But I'm sure the Roastbeef rugger team don't need him anyway to win the tournament!

Sunday, February 08, 2004

And here's my rather appropriate tv quote of the week!!!!

"The monkey is French?"
"All monkeys are French. You didn't know that?"

Willow and Oz (Buffy)

Oh no! I have missed the full moon!!!!!
Too busy to pay attention to what matters....tsss... I'll remember that!
It's just that I enjoy being aware when the moon is getting full. It feels guuuud, don't ask me why!!!! hehe

What a weekend! I've nebber been that busy since ages.
I wanna LAZY times now, I just wanna stop doing 20 thingies at the same time. I've been working and working again, from 7.00 am to 11.00 pm. My illustrations, a painting, important papers to deal with, + the shrimpette (I could simply not let Martin do everything!) and all the boring house stuff that you can't escape at some point!

My arm hurts now, I had nebber worked that much on my paintings! hehe

I bet I'll get drunk with half a glass of wine tonight!.... and I'm on my way to check about it!
Wooooosh**~~*^* *^^* *

Saturday, February 07, 2004

"The innocent will be perverted" :P
Looking for a whale pic... I got results from search engines about porn websites! (again)
My request was "touching whales"...
I just expected a pic of someone caressing a whale, ya see!

oh no!
I've just found websites offering tours for bear hunting (gawd and the google's images associated to that... unbearable!!!) !!!
I thought this did not exist anymore.


Friday, February 06, 2004

Yesterday I watched something on tv about Faroe Islands. Beautiful place though a bit too isolated for me :)

After discovering their culture, they showed their traditions... including "whaling" or whales hunting.
I'm usually kinda open -in a very moderate way- when it comes to fishing or even hunting. I eat meat and fish and that would be weird to denounce violently something I support in some way.

But despite coming from a family where a good hunting on sundays in the rainy countryside was the top of the top (rolling eyes), I hate it since I've heard how rabbits could cry.
I'll never hunt, of that I'm sure.

Coming back to my topic (lol), yesterday they showed the traditional Faroe whale hunting.
People there think we city people don't understand them, that we fantasy too much on whales being special creatures, etc.

But the way they hunt and kill whales there is terrible! They all push them with their boats to the beach (poor animals, they could dive below the boats to escape but they're lost with all the noise in the water!).. and there on the beach, happy people wait for them with knives!!!!!
Martin could not stand this butchery and went to have a whisky. I could not stand it either but *needed* to know how far human beings could go just to have a "happy time".
So much blood, a sea of blood. Disgusting.

Far worst than ugly fox hunt.

I think there is a big difference killing an animal because you gotta eat or killing it because it's the tradition and it shows you're a real man once you've done it.

And there's another difference in the way animals are killed. When it's quick and aparently without pain, or instant one, I find it the best that can be done. But this way... and with whales!!!!!


I wonder.... imagine that in their next life, hunters come back in the shape of the animals they've killed..... (G)

Oh it's kewl!
When you're registered at the national employment agency here, you have a rendez-vous twice a year to discuss about what you've done and what you plan to do to get a job.
And I was waiting for the convocation for my second rendez-vous (trying to see how I could find someone to keep Lola), when I received (today) a letter with a paper to fill and send back to avoid the rendez-vous!!!

I've just finished with the papers and it's kewl, no need to organize for that anymore!

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Pulease Gawd, do a lil something so that all our Motörhead cds disappear!!!!

Martin -and LOLA- are dancing on it, which is great, but I cannot stand this mewwwwzik!!!!!
Yuck yuck yuck!

To me they play hard-rock and I hate hard-rock (Martin insists they play heavy metal! grrmmmmmmmphhhhhh, I luuuuve heavy metal, it's all different!)

I think that, among others, motörhead and ACDC are 2 bands that could push me to buy a J-Lo cd!
Anything but dem!

The weather's been fantastic enough since a few days that it can deserve a bloggie!
I had forgotten how pleasant was a soft and warm wind, how generous could be a deep blue sky.
Energy *distributors* :-)**~~**^* *

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

2h33 of work!!!
Thank you my Shrimpette!!!!
Lola is still having her nap (something she had somehow forgotten to do lately) and I have finished the first x-tra works I gotta do for the book.
The guy who's dealing with all the visual part of the book asked me if I could paint lil thingies (buderflies, moons, stars) to be added around the text.
And I've just finished that! Gawd, I've been working in such a hurry that I feel all the muscles in my back and arms completly tensed (Martin gonna have fine work tonight :P)

I have also to add 2, 3 thingies on each illustrations... (grrrmmmppphhh... and I'm not even paid for that!!)... but I cannot start before they send me back the original paintings (which is kewl, I have enough to do with other stuff right now!!!)

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

I'm sometimes frightened to see how politically correct our society has turned to be, how much people shout words like "morals" and "virtue" to get rid of any basic form of freedom.
Really.. we're in 2004 and you could expect that we've learnt and started to be more tolerant, but I think our grand-papas and grand-mamas were more open than we are now!

When you see that m'zelle Jackson is forced to apologize because her breast felt free for a min....!!!!! ... and when you see that superbowl's sponsors threaten to stop if that happens again....!!!!

Oh we have no probbie agreeing wiff fookin death penalty, no probbie making war and no probbie letting kids starving overthere, but seeing a Jackson's breast on tv IS the most dramatic event of the day!

Let's show our breasts, goils!
We must let nobody hide and be ashamed of what we are!

Monday, February 02, 2004

I'm not pregnant. Phewwwww???? hehehe, I don't know.
Yes actually!
I wanna be preggie when I decide it, not when I forget the pill. I rilly stressed about it today. Having the visions of my last pregnancy being forced to lie down for the last 4 months... something I could not do again with my shrimpette around!

But I know, next time will be different ;-)

**~~*^* *^^*^* * *

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Weird feeling. I've always quite enjoyed the Terminator trilogy, and the other day I saw a good offer for the 3 DVDs.
I instantly thought I'd never pay again to watch dem. And I realized it was simply due to that article I had read before about Schwarzenegger rejecting some clemency death in row case.
I cannot feel comfortable now watching him killing the baaadies in the movies. It's too close to reality now. No way he can be a heroe anymore. Weird feeling.