Monday, May 31, 2004

4 hours, 16 minutes!
That's how long Martin and I needed to write a new children's tale.

We've already had the main topic in head since days.
But we had no idea about the where, who, how, etc.

For 2 hours, we've shared our ideas, the construction of the story, the characters, the message we wanted to give, etc. Then for 2 other hours I've written the story with all the elements we had found.

We're well organized, aren't we?
I don't like writting, I find it very difficult. That's why I like doing that with Martin (and vice-versa :P). It's very motivating and we often manage to develop each other's ideas.

It's not so obvious, but our tale will be "environment"-orientated. But no lesson in it, no "don't do this, don't do that, protect the nature around". Just a message.

Tonight, around a lil glass of wine, we will re-work it. Now the most boring part is done!
(dancing around)

And then, I will start with the illustration. That will be a very new adventure!
After zillions of hours thinking hard and shaking our neurones... we finally decided that the first big tree we'll plant will be a ... palm tree!
Yup, a palm tree.
I know they love the climate there in Bretagne.
I luuuuve the shade brought by a palm tree when the sun is shining hard. And I just dream about having a nap under my palm tree (who will have his own name like every tree we'll get)
...happy sigh***~~*^*

But I've also learnt it gets only 10 centimeters more every year... and I've heard that even a small palm tree (like 1 meter high) is really 350 euros.

First shock for me as a new and inexperienced garden lover: plants and trees are incredibly expensive!

I'll need patience... to save for my palm tree... then to see him growing up :)

Saturday, May 29, 2004

There is one thing (among zillions :P) that is trooooolly wonderful with your own children.
It's the first times.

First time your baby call you mama, first time your baby walks, first time your baby give you a kiss, first time your baby tries painting, etc.

And today gonna be another "first time" for Lola.
First we take her to the swimming pool.
We join my sister, niece, half bro there. Lola should love it.

I still have to buy the special nappies that can be used in water. I hope there won't be ermmm *nappy's troubles* once there!... lol
Martin and I are big fans of cartoons (that's from a cartoon I took my handle after all :P).
For me the top of the top is cartoon + rock opera... cartoon parts in The Walls, Yellow submarine, etc.

It is funny how much we try to transmit (unconsciouslly I think) our catoon *culture* to Lola.
Among lots of them, there is one cartoon Lola luuuuves. The Barbapapas, with a clear prefence for Barbabelle...hehe

Anyway, yesterday Lola and Martin were re-re-re-re-watching Barbapapa, when I heard Martin laughing while telling: "OMG, come and see that, there's something weird here!"

I came and saw a well, barbazoo transformed in a milk bottle! But nenene, Martin saw something completly different... like a Barbadick! LOL
It lasts less than a second, I captured it.
And I let you judge!

(men's mind's perv!!!)

Friday, May 28, 2004

Joe's back from his second session of chemo... and he looks bad, rilly. Much worse than before, and much worse than after the first session.
He can't walk, his legs just move as if there was no bone inside!
He does not purr. He's all wet. His eyes look like he's smoked something baaad.

Booo oooooooo....:(((

We've first installed him in Lola's bed (usually forbidden place for him) for a while... so that he isn't disturbed.

After a few hours, nothing has changed. He does not move at all. His moustache does not "vibrate" when I tickle him. His ears do not make lil electric waves when I talk to him.

I think he just need to rest and he gonna feel better tomorrow.
I told Martin anyway that if ever he feels bad that way for more than a few days, I won't take him back to any chemo session.

I bought last week this Breton coke, but had no time to taste it!

Everything's good to make biz, specially when it's to replace some rican products (rolling eyes). The funny thing is that coke is to Bretagne what snails are to Texas, no?

(message on the bottle is a pun, Phare reminding the English "Far" for "Far West"... phare meaning "lighthouse" in French. We gets zillions of them in Bretagne)

Thursday, May 27, 2004

One of my relatives (my dad's future wife...his girlfriend? I dunno how to call her! ... Madeleine! lol) has decided (and started!) to involve in the political field.
For an ecologist independent "mouvement". I'm very happy and impressed she does it.
She will even speak in front of the lil crowds during the next meetings... Right now, she's sweating hard preparing the speeches I can tell you!


I hope one day I'll kick my ass hard enough to involve that way too.
I can live weeks without reading books.
When you are running after time, you think you should deal with priorities only.

But since when reading is not a MAJOR priority?!!!!

I feel the books' fever back in me. I wanna dive into new worlds, new imaginations, I wanna run along with heroes!!!!

I've looked for books today. After much time lost (not lost! tssss @meself) trying to determine what I wanted to read... and I have found!

(planting Candy Froggie's flag on my new books'island! I won't leave before visiting it from north to south, east to west)

Les Pirates (Gilles Lapouge)

The Briar King from Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone series (Greg Keyes)

I thought my father was God (Paul Auster)

La Hache et la Croix (Cavanna)
And I realized I've not said a word about my birthday!
Ohhh me baaaadie!
I will remember it, and not because of what I talk about below. Rather because I'm 30 and I'm the happiest woman, wife and mama. Yes, that's really what matters.
I would never go 10 years back in the past. Very promising for the next 10 years to come **~~*^*

Now (watch out!) the material goil in me grabs the mike... I gotta say I've been really RILLY spoiled for my birthday.
... I wanna be 30 everyday now !


Lemme think one second... I've got a bike, an adorable lil 1970s jewl, inspiring underwears, the promise of a tree for our garden (isn't that a great idea?!), Fantasy books, ohhhh... and customized guuudies from Martin... what a surprise! I've got mugs, cards and t-shirts for Lola and I with my own logo on them!!! Weeeeeeeeeee!!!! I really did not expect that (happy sigh) **~~*^* *^^**~~*^* *

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

**~~*^* *Yesterday, we've had a wonderful piece of news about the health of an excellent friend. That does not mean there's nothing to worry about anymore, unfortunatelly. It's still extremly serious. But there's good hope now. **~~**~~*^* * Thanking the Universe around**~~*^* *
Driving cession... I'm very proud 'cause I've driven the whole weekend!

I feel still ermmm ... unsecure behind my wheel though. Dat must sound so stooopid for most of ewwws.
But it's like that for me.
But I've improved, I can tell you! Now I know where to put my foot to raise my speed! LOL

Driving again was the lil challenge I had ordered for my 30 years. And I'm on the way to success! ;-)
You cannot imagine what "not driving" meant to me. It felt like being totally dependent at many levels.

Martin is a great coach, he's reassuring, never stressed. And he never laughs at me when I drive (or rather about what I say when I'm driving)!

Now I don't mind if I have 50 cars behind me, I won't go faster than I wanna.

But, I'm still unable to drive alone (I forget which road I have to take, I'm so concentrated on my driving! LOL!!!).

I think after the summer, I will feel much more comfortable with it. I just need more practice.

Now you can laugh if you want!
hehe ;-)

(psssst... did I mention that I'm starting to LUUUUUVE driving?!!!)
We naturally went to check for the works on our hobbit-house while in Bretagne.
I wouldn't have imagined that holes could move me that much (no comment!).
We have now 2 beauDiful holes in our future living-room and kitchen. They will be windows.
Another huge hole between the kitchen and this living-room. To have a connection between the 2.

The walls are about 60 cm thick. I was very impressed. Old stones, huge stones. I could have hugg dem!

The roof is now also partly done. Actually the old one has almost gone.

I worry a bit about the invoices we'll get. But the works are brilliant! Just as we wanted!

I've also discovered 2 huge snakes in our garden. NO KIDDING!
Well, before Martin laughs at me again, these snakes (and no, Martin, they are not just like legless lizards! :P) are "slow-worms". Huge from a ant perspective, and from mine.

I suspect we get vipers in the garden near the river. Hm. I don't want to spend my life with rubber boots.
I'll get used to lizards, as long as they stay far from me, but not to snakes. Or rats. Or mice. Thank gawd we have lil falcons and huge buzzards (we saw 2 small but so agressive falcons attacking a huge buzzard just above us!).

But well, I'm not very fond of these feathered creatures either.

Jeeez, I've nothing of a country goil!
The weekend in Bretagne was (again?) fantabizoooooby!

Above anything else, the sun came with us there and it felt so much like summer!

So much that we went to swim (for ermm, maybe 10 seconds... the water was kinda cold!), while Lola was discovering the pleasures of the beach... the sand, running wildly on it, falling down without feeling pain, feeling the waves on her lil feet, touching weird algae, etc etc.
THAT was fantastic.

We also took Lola on the boat for a couple of hours (a bit too long, she got bored, I think). There was much wind, much sun again, till we went along the river, inside the "lands" where it was much more peaceful and purrfect for a little drink!

Monday, May 24, 2004

I've just seen one of our book's distributors (that sounds so posh! lol!) has completed its web presentation with the book cover.
I don't think I've shown the cover here yet. So here it is :P

Leaving for 4 days or 4 weeks feel about the same once you're back.
It feels weird to realize how easily you forget the routine and daily habits!

My mind is still having a lazy nap under the sun of Bretagne. Once it will wake up, I'll be back :P

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I leave Paris tonight, immature, innocent (that above anything else! lol), optimistic, utopist, idealistic, and YOUNG.

I'll be back at the end of the week... still immature, innocent, optimistic, utopist, idealistic, but OLD.

Meanwhile, I'll have celebrated my 30th birthday (on Friday)... :P
If I ever complain about my age, younger ones will reckon 30 is not that young, older ones will laff at me for excellent reasons ;-)

So, I'm fine about it... and fook, I'm only 29 so far!

Oh noooooooo!

My TV has gone! It happened in a millisecond... wooooosh!
Now a terrible smell has invaded the flat. She's burnt from within it seems. My little Jeanne d'Arc. My sacrified plastic witch.

Tele vision by Annabella Claudia

(grabbing my kleenex)

I think I've not treated her well enough :( ... She's suffured way too many soaps, too many reality shows and too many Z movies.

Now what am I going to do without her?
We're going to open her belly to check if anything can be done though... affording for a new TV is not at all one of our priorities!

We could live without one, yes yes, sure.
But I kinda need it with Lola. It's so helpful sometimes, when she's tired but refuses a nap, when I have a real important work to finish or a serious call (yes THAT happens sometimes :P) to give... a cartoon and I don't stress about what Lola's doing.
Bad habit, huh?

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

(dancing around)
And tonight, guess who comes for diner, hm?
King Esox! (who will have his own blog, some day.. I'm sure of that)

We have *royal* relationship, so we stick to the royal etiquette ya see :P

But before that sparkling diner, it's time to use Penny's advice.
(writing down all I gotta do...
-Taking Lola to the parc 2 times for at least 2 hours
-working on the final touches for my illustrations
-cleaning the flat (I just have to! grmmpphhh)
-starting to make the luggage for tomorrow
-finding the dinner, and making the dessert ;-)
-working on my painting site, for referencing)

Okies, now I have to make 2 lists with that.
Hmm hmmm
(boiling mind)
Lola's showing us the most entertaining way to eat raspberries!
Long life to the *red fingers* technics! hehe**~~*^* *

It was high time I add a new painting in my gallery!
So here's the last one, still wet, but finished :P

Spirits of the Woods

It took me much time to make it. I'm way too slow, I gotta improve that... too! ;-)
Oh shhhhtoooopida niña!
(talking of meself here)

I've just found an email asking commercial questions about prints of my paintings (the kind of email I'm desperately waiting for!)...
...But I find it 3 weeks after it was sent. Just waiting in some dark corner of my email box. Grmmmppphhhh!

Monday, May 17, 2004

Et voilà, I feel harassed by Time... again!

We leave on Wednesday evening for an extended weekend in Bretagne. Lucky us, hm?! :P
But I just don't know how to do all what I have to in 3 tiny days.
Can anyone teach me 'cause I'm getting bad at that (in case you hadn't noticed ;-)

So bad that it happens sometimes I'm unable to do anything for long minutes because I just don't know how to *prioritize* anymore.

OH! *PRIORITY* is ZE word I needed!
Yes, dat's what I must do: focus on my priorities only.

Weeeeeee, that sounds so simple, and I was good at it before! If it's like bicycle, in a couple of hours I'll be a professionnal again :P

Thank ewwwww, Thank ewwwwwwww!!!!
(jumping around)
Marine's birthday evening went rilly well!
And I don't say that because we had more champ' than blood running in our veins but... it was nice too! LOL

We talked about the favourite topics of 2 *mature* goils (lol! nenene -washin my mouff-) ;-)
Are we happy with our life? What do we expect from Life? etc etc (what? You thought we'd only talk 'bout sex? shrugging!)

I think we finished our last drink at about 3.00am, 3.30.

And with Lola waking up at about 8.00, we needed the whole day to recover (the 3 of us having a long nap in the afternoon ;-).
Gawd, are we getting old? If so, not for long. A special *Fiesta-training* is on my list :P

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Do you get sometimes this odd feeling, that you lose total control over Time?

I spent most of my day doing boring stuff (house wife stuff, ya see ;-), being sure it will be quickly done.
But at about 9.30pm, I realized I had kinda failed! Lola hadn't had her bath yet, not eaten yet... and my plan for a kewl evening had gone to *neverLand*!

I feel stressed, losing this lil control over my day. Stooopid, huh?
Dat's why I'm blogging right now, it's my xpress therapy, ya know. Stopping running after the time I've lost. Trying not to think of what I've to do after typing this blog.
... Enjoying Gulli (my puter)'s silent comprehension.


from Pink Floyd's images

Friday, May 14, 2004

Ohhh, our hobbit's house is not virgin anymore! Ermmm (sowwwwy for the images I use, but I have a low intellect, ya see!)...
The big works have started yesterday! (yehooooooooooooo - not thinking about the money to spend - not thinking about the money to spend - not thinking about the money to spend!!!!)

The mason called Martin yesterday and we have now big hole between the kitchen and the living room (meaning we don't have to go from one room to the other from outside. Yeah dat's complicate :P).

Martin told me it felt strange to hear the "bang bang bang" against the stones of our house!

We can't wait to see all these changes now !!!!.... :-))))
Is it more shocking to see female soldiers as torturers?
(weird question anyway)

Personnally, I don't agree at all with that.
It's weird, unusual, to hear about women associated to extreme violence.

But I think it is as shocking as with men.

We naturally associate women to sweetness, to Life, to motherhood, etc.
But what can we expect from women who are trained to be... like male soldiers... women that are sent to Hell. Same behaviour as men, same atrocities, not worse ones.

War's definately against human nature.
Marine's coming to Paris for the weekend (she lives and works in London) to celebrate her 30th birthday with her family.... and with us!!!!!

She'll be here tonight with champ and all! Lola and I are going to make of the flat a lil birthday paradise and we'll try to make of that evening something really special (with a west-Indian diner! Guuud idea, ne?)!
I'm so happy we can celebrate that together (she's born on the 15th May 1974)!

(dancing around)
(shaking bum in front of the window -for the pigeons!-)
(jumping from the sofa to my chair, from the chair to Martin's knees, not moving anymore now :P)

We and others should have joined Marine in London for a big ermmm HUGE birthday weekend next week.
But a few of us can't make it, so it's cancelled.
Cancelled... well yes and no, because we gonna organize that in the next months!


Poor Martin, it gonna be a very goilie evening! hehe... But I think he secretly finds that very entertaining :P

We've to make lots of pictures because I only have this one below from Marine and I!
It was back in 1986, we were 12 years-old! LOL
Jeeeez, time's running! We gotta train to run faster ;-)

Does anyone get a PURRRFECT translation for the French word "coquette"... none from my Harrap's dictionary suits me! grmmpppppphhhhh!
Lola's getting very girlie. She likes when I do her hair, she luuuuuuuuves when she gets new clothes... she luvvvvvves watching herself in the mirror (she smiles at herself with such obvious pleasure! LOL!!!)

...which does not mean she's in great mood. Being girlie is being totally girlie ;-)
Since a few days, her behaviour has changed. She's being very touchy, very shy, a bit stressed.
I did not see why at all.. but at the Green House, the psychiatrists gave me an explanation. They asked me if there had been big changes in our life, or new ones to come. I said no. They asked me if we had started talking of a second baby.
And I said yes, but just a bit... a few words here and there, nothing serious.

They said that was probably it. mainly because of the "shy" behaviour. Lola realizing we want another baby (someday, not yet though!), she suddenly feels unsecure, maybe try to play the role of that new "baby" we want in the future, etc.

Why not, that's an explanation like any other.
Other say there's is always a step back before a big change (like walking, talking, etc).

So we'll see. But I think I do not imagine 10% of what Lola can really feel. It seems babies, lil children understand a loooooot more than we believe.
It's magic again! **~~*^* *

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I've just got an email from my sister showing the scans from her belly of her 3 months old shrimp or shrimpette....
***~~*^* *Happy sigh**~~*^* * *
He or she is already so *mimi* and so "human" that you can't believe he/she has to spend again 6 other months in the comfortable nest!
3 months of life and already a real *baby*!
It's magic!

I wonder why we do not start telling the age from the first day of life.
When Lola was born, I did not feel at all she was just a "few minutes old"! Oh neeee, she was already 9 complete months old to me...

This sounds quite logic if you think of it. Neeee?
So, how changing the rules now??? :P
If you wanna expose yourself in your blog, all nekkid, here's a funny and quite serious way I think ;-)

(my exposed bits ;-)
So what...
Army chiefs making excuses, apologizing for something they're indirectly but completly responsible...
They promise justice punishing those they have trained to such extremities.

You cannot expect any war to be clean. Sure.
But when you hear pseudo-civilized people (talking of the politicians now) telling they're going to save a country and its people... and that at the end you see what kind of job is done, well... there a lil difference.

I wish to any soldier overthere to get the possibility and courage to desert and leave that hell (though I really doubt they can make it from Iraq).
I heard 2 of them the other day, who managed to escape to Canada. Disgusted with the situation, with the position of their own country. They explained they were soldiers who only wanted to protect people and save them. Not the opposite.

Poor boys there.
And at the end the fookin politicians will abandon their boys, putting all the blame of the war on them, avoiding their terrible responsibility.

Lovecraft's Cthulhu (by ?)

Monday, May 10, 2004

(waving at blogger's users)

What do you think of the new *face* of Blogger?
I find it ok but I really prefered when we could do everything on one screen! Grmmppphhhhh
I've got that email yesterday from a friend telling me "I've no news from you, but I've seen your book was available! ... so I guess you're busy signing hundreds of dem!!! ;-)"

How our book could be already in shops and we would not know about it?!!!!
I don't even know where it gonna be distributed.

I checked on Amazon and found nothing.
Then I checked on the French site *la Fnac* and typed my name... and there I was!

I can tell you it feels wonderfully weird to see your name where you usually find your CDs or books!
Now you can buy one Pink Floyd album and a Froggie's book! LOL

Oh Gawd, it is very exhilarating, my heart's can't stop beating fast!

The book is cheap and hyperactivity is a very trendy topic. So it might sell well, who knows! ;-)

When I think people can already buy it (though only available in a few weeks)! Wawww!
I'm proud, even if this work is far from my usual one:)
3 huge bags of clothes for the Red Cross (beder to give dem than to throw dem away, huh), we did a good "Spring-ish" job on the weekend!

Now the books (wavin @Mizzz Penny who's a *Books-seller-Guru* on ebay!)... the books, yes.
There is role playing game on PS2 (Champion of Norrath) that we wanna try... so we gonna sell books to buy it! Haaaa, I luuuuve the web for that too!

(watching my trembling books getting nervous on the shelves!)
Et hop! A lil stoopid quizz to start my week! Just to please my ego naturally :P

Your element is Earth. I hate to say it but you are
down to earth. Stubborn and loyal. You tend to
want to nurture others and you are the one
person friends always come to for awnsers.
Without people like you others would be flying
over the edge because, whether you know it or
not you keep a steady beat to your life and
will end up where you want to in the end. There
is a sureness about you that is hard to match
that draws people to you. No matter what
happens the Earth keeps turning.

What's your element
brought to you by Quizilla

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Today's big day!
It's raining, it's cold.. BUT .. we go for shopping in the morning! Weeeeehoooooooooooooo!!!!!!
If not real shopping, that will be for greedy window-shopping!
I'm very excited, isn't that terrible!
But I just need to feed my most basic and material inspirations! You know (grabbing my pair of serious spectacles), I'd be a doctor, I'd recommand this to my patients.
Imagine a Woman

Imagine a woman who believes it is right and good she is a woman.
A woman who honors her experience and tells her stories.
Who refuses to carry the sins of others within her body and life.


... if you wanna know more, you can have a look here, I haven't read something so beauDiful since ages.

(fainting with pleasure) **~~*^* *
Yesterday, guess who joined the chatroom?!
Miss Alinet! Yup!
It was a great surprise and a welcome break (I was working on illustrations)!
Did you know that Alinet has worked a whole year in UK as a French teacher! A whole year in UK... respect! :P hehe
She's even ready to go back there (English must pay really well or something ;-)

It took more than a week to the Vatican to react to the torture pics from Iraq.
A WHOLE week for the messengers of the catholic Gawd to tell this was "baaad"!
Gawd should fire dem me thinks.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

I love Music, but not all kinds of music! Oh not at all, it would be (for me!) just impossible to enjoy rap or country music or reggae, for instance.

Like I find it impossible to enjoy listening to Les Freres Morvan, just for pleasure!
Martin loves them. Lola ask for them!!! (she always finds the CD where I hide it and brings it back to me).

Les Frères Morvan are to Bretagne what supa strong calvados (apple-brandy? ..the French name is much beDer btw)...what calvados is to delicate stomach!

Les Freres Morvan are 3 brothers, old farmers, singing together without instruments behind. They started to sing in ... 1958 (lol, earlier than the Stones!), and they usually sing to make people dance Bretagne's dances during Fest-Noz.

They sing in a very particular way: the second singer start to sing the last syllables with the first singer and then go on with his own part...and so and so. this way of singing is called there "kan ha diskan".

Now you know everything!
I find the guys funny, I can stand their music when we're dancing at a fest-noz... but dat's the maximum I can do.
It's just like you can hear the missing teef when they're singing. Not that pleasant!!!! :P

PS: they're still single, soooooo if anyone wanna taste bits of Frawnch country pleasures... ;-)
I dunno why Walt Disney Company has blocked the last Michael Moore's movie (Farenheit 9/11), because beyond the freedom of speech etc etc, it's great publicity for Moore's movie!
I'm very eager to discover it btw!
Online chats, a real institution!
The chatroom we've created some months ago is really kewl. And not only to talk with my DHN buddies and buddettes... but also with a few really pleasant visitors who joined lately (Canadians and English).

So far, no weirdos visiting us. Oh, and no "ASL?" ones. Phewwww :)))

I've turned kinda allergic to icq-msn-yahoo-aim-gaim thingies... I wish there were more confortable chatrooms on blogs!

Gwenola (my lil sister) is going to have the first scanner (is "echography" ok in English?) for her baby today!!!
I remember how much stressing this was. You ask yourself the most stooopid thingies like... "will there be something on the screen?" .... "and if I was not really pregnant?"... or more serious stuff like "will we hear his/her lil heart beating?", "will the measures be fine?", etc etc.

In France we must do 3 scanners when you're preggie. After 3 months, 5 months and 8 months (if I remember).
On the second scanner, you can ask to know if your baby is a boy or a girl.
An English mama living just near told me the other day it was not the habit at all in UK to know about girl or boy before the birth.

Here, some don't want to know, other can't wait.
I could not wait! Knowing is trooly wonderful to me, it's like your baby is turning into a person, not just a "baby".

Anyway, I can't wait (again!) to hear Gwenola telling me all is fine! :)))**~~*^* *

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

S comme Sorcière... (could be translated by "W like Witch"), by Marie des Bois. That's what I've been reading since a couple of days and it is really good!
I've dozens of books about witches and this one is different in the way it is not over funny, not over serious, it just talk of witches in a very pleasant way, talking of the legends that have been built around them.
It's also a book dedicated to women, witches been shown as women like you and I just very sensitive to the world around, as excellent listeners and advisers too **~~*^* *
Lola's a fighter. From a shy lil shrimpette, she's turning into an active lil devil!
So far, she did not really care when someone took her balloon for instance. Now she starts screaming like hmm like Daryl Hannah in Splash!!!!!! (LOL, I did not know I could remember that movie in a second)
Once she's screamed she starts to fight with the kids! She gives kicks, using her feet, her fists, her head... all what she can!

I have to be twice more careful now... or mamas will not let their *angels* play with my lil devil anymore!
So we'll know it: chemo starts to get side effects after 3 days. At least that's what happening to my sick tiger of siberia who's started vomiting yesterday... I hope he'll get better today.
Lola's very impressed by that and cuddles Joe twice more than usual... There's a real connection between the 2 of them :)

If the weather keeps beauDiful, we might see clearly the full moon tonight!
Did you know that witches are often born on full moon days? So if you're preggie and about to give birth, you might welcome a lil witch goil or witch boy in your family today! :)

Monday, May 03, 2004

I dunno what happened... maybe the influence of Spring as a motivation for rebirth or whatever...
... But, I feel my lil inner self is going to put me into troubles ;-)

It's been a few days I'm thinking about all that and I'm sure now that I'm ready to get rid of the political and religious tradition which has surrounded me since ever.
I could have put most of my beliefs into questions when I was a teen, like many people do naturally. But I was not ready then (I'm the kind of slowwww type, see!).

Politically, I'm not going to let myself put into a the cage of right and left parties anymore. What matters to me is those who surround me... like... people and trees. LOL, that sounds so so greenish, no?
So I'll stick to those who will respect the most what matters to me. It's so logical that I wonder how I could have been such a prisonner of "traditions" instead of just following my own desires...

Religiously, it is difficult. I'm a bit afraid to follow my inner self and let down the family habit.
Maybe there will be a compromise ;-)
The roots of my religion are very strong in the way I have Faith. I don't *need* to believe, I believe because it's in me, obvious and natural.

But I start doubting my faith in an austere, rather sexist, and *blind and deaf* religion.
I also start to find it hard to believe in abstract concepts only...

And more than with the religion itself, I do not agree with the way religious people interprate it. They can do well their job and all, but... I prefer a direct connection with Gawd or Gawdess.

Penny Sillan and I had started (years ago) to name what we believed in as the *Universe*.
And I'm amazed realizing how much it is actually appropriate as far as I am concerned.
I have finally more faith in what makes the world beauDiful, the sky, the plants, the trees, people, the wind... rather than in an old book (the Bible) which nevertheless contains a lot of good elements.

Anyway, all that to tell I'm ready to put down reassuring and comfortable walls.
Let's see what will happen.

(... Huuuu, my mind does not usually boil that much on Monday mornings! lol
I hope I won't need the rest of the week to recover! :P)

Saturday, May 01, 2004

And following the French tradition to celebrate the 1st of May, here's our lily of the valley (the English name of the flower is so so beauDiful!)... 2 passionate lovers in Paris, isn't that romantic ;-) **~~*^* *

Like all of ewwws I've been shocked with the last Iraqi prisonners' photos.
That makes me really sick, I feel responsible, I can't help it.
It's just that it was supposed to be a war for freedom, a war to liberate people.

War and freedom, how could people be fooled that way! You can defend yourself for your freedom, you cannot invade in the name of freedom.

I don't blame "Americans" in general of course, for we French would have been there, there would be such horrible pics too.

I'm angry with our western civilization which is only good at showing superiority. We've learnt nothing from centuries of wars.
Oh we are good at talking, but in the facts, we're still animals.

When I see what has happened in these prisons, I wonder...

-How can Iraqi people explain to their children that these torturer soldiers are here to help...
No, it's too late now. The biggest mistakes have been done now, it's going to far.

-How can soldiers there stand the situation... I've read quite a few blogs from soldiers (who have access to communication centers) there who are desperate and do not agree with the whole policy in Iraq. It is not possible to let dem there!

-How can people like you and I can turn into such barbarians? I've thought a lot about this. The answer is WAR, no?
As Martin said, they've probably seen their friends being killed there and react as a revenge. The situation must be awful. But is it an excuse to torture? oh Gawd, nope!

-Will the war end or will it turn into some bigger war ?... Middle-East countries will react, sooner or later. Bush has led his country to suicide there.

This woman smiling in front of the humiliated prionners will remain printed in my mind. A nightmare view.

West Berlin, 1988
Joe is recovering from his first shemo session. Much better than when he got operated last month. He looks tired, seems to forget a bit where are the looooooos, but it's temporary. I'm off for more scruffles and cuddles with the tiger of siberia **~~*^* *

I'm dying now, just right now, for CARAMBARS!

It's your fault, Alinet, telling your most excellent carambars' jokes just awoke in me a huge need for sugar!

How can I explain what a carambar is (it's French but, do you have them overthere and there and there?)... Carambars are an institution, really...
More than a caramel bar, a carambar is a bar of pleasure. Pleasure for the mouff, pleasure for the ermm brain (brain is not the most appropriate word though :P).

Inside the paper, there's always a joke (just like you can see below), a heavy joke, à la Jerry Lewis. The kind of jokes you love to share when you're at school in your very early years.
It's said that jokes are sent by kids and the *best* ones get published.

Ok, here's a translation of that carambar joke:
(PS: you can smile at least, to not make me feel ermmm that lonely with my laugh ;-)

"What should you NEVER ask an antiquary?"
......answer: "What's new?!"

Ok...I'll be back in a few years, once this will be forgotten!!!