Monday, August 30, 2004

The Moon's best profile

Tonight's another sacred night. Full, complete, zen and generous, the moon's my guide **~~*^* *


Have a look at that, below... a bit long, but pretty *guuuuuud*!

"From a Dog's Daily Diary:

08:00 am Oh Boy! Dog Food! My Favourite!
09:30 am Oh Boy! A Car Ride! My Favourite!
09:40 am Oh Boy! A Walk! My Favourite!
10:30 am Oh Boy! Getting rubbed and petted! My Favourite!
11:30 am Oh Boy! Dog Food! My Favourite!
12:00 Oh Boy! The Kids! My Favourite!
01:00 pm Oh Boy! The Yard! My Favourite!
04:00 pm Oh Boy! To the Park! My Favourite!
05:00 pm Oh Boy! Dog Food! My Favourite!
05:30 pm Oh Boy! Pretty Mums! My Favourite!
06:00 pm Oh Boy! Playing Ball! My Favourite!
06:30 pm Oh Boy! Watching TV with my Master! My favourite!
08:30 pm Oh Boy! Sleeping in Master's Bed! My Favourite!

From a Cat's Daily Diary:

Day 183 of my captivity.
My captors continue to taunt me with bizarre little dangling objects.
They dine lavishly on fresh meat, while I am forced to eat dry cereal.
The only thing that keeps me going is the hope of escape, and the mild scolding I get from ruining the occasional piece of furniture.
Tomorrow I may eat another houseplant. Today my attempt to kill my captors by weaving around their feet while they were walking almost succeeded; must try this at the top of the stairs.
In an attempt to disgust and repulse these vile oppressors, I once again induced myself to vomit on their favourite chair; must try this on their bed.
Decapitated a mouse and brought them the headless body in an attempt to make them aware of what I am capable of, and to try to strike fear into their hearts.
They only cooed and condescended about what a good little cat I was. Hmmmm, not working according to plan.
There was some sort of gathering of their accomplices. I was placed in solitary confinement throughout the event. However, I could hear the noise and smell of food. More importantly, I overheard that my confinement was due to my power of "allergies". I must learn what this is and how to use it to my advantage.
I am convinced the other captives are flunkies and maybe snitches.
The Dog is routinely released and seems more than happy to return. He is obviously a half-wit. The bird, on the other hand, has got to be an informant. He speaks with them regularly, and I am certain he reports my every move. Due to his current placement in the metal room, his safety is assured. But I can wait, it is only a matter of time..."

Sunday, August 29, 2004

It's raining -not men- (sigh) ;-)

Blogging about the weather is kinda risky...
Ok, I'm not scared, I gonna do it whatever may happen! :P

We're having another fookin rainy weekend, rainy but in some exotic way. Like suddenly the sky turns very dark to cry heavy tears for 10 minutes.
And when I say heavy tears, that means ya can't keep dry more than 1 second when you're outside!

I gotta reckon this dark sky is really beauDiful though.

No, what bothers me a lot more is that apparently it's not warm enough for my monoi oil to keep liquid anymore!!!!!
And dat's THE sign!

The sign that, whether you want it or not, Autumn is already around. Dat's crazy! We're in August!

Thank Gawd, it might be autumn around but my bits feel like in full summer (nothing that salacious here! Well...Oh well! LOL)

Entente Cordiale

We know, we all know how we can get baaaadly addicted to internet chat!
That won't happen to me again (lol), but if I had to be addicted to some chat, it would be to this one...! Yup, I can feel it in my waters!!!

I've already talked of it here once I think.
A chatroom (on IRC) where you can speak French and English! You would not believe how many Brits try to learn French! hehe..
Anyway, beyond the funny part with the languages, the atmosphere of the room is fookin good. I did not think there was any good chatroom anymore!

(happy sigh)

A battle is won, maybe not the war... not yet!

Have you done anything against spam?
We thought about blocking it, but it's said this way you lose 20% of "real" emails (that are blocked too).
I dunno anything about all that, but what we've done is selecting a list of words that we forbade (like "offer" "medicine" "sex" etc) for the emails we receive.
We did it yesterday, and it seems to work pretty well!

My email box seems now to be virgin again!

Material Girl, chapter 258 bis

It is RILLY not the best time of the year for my lil purse! I don't have the money but somehow ... I do spend it!

Well, ewwws goils will agree what I've bought was absobloodilutely necessary (thank ewws for your support here ;-).

Today I've finally received my summer's Birkenstock! ... the first shoes I've ordered online. I had to wait 15 weeks to get them! No kidding!
They said 5 weeks in average (which was already very long). I've ordered them back in May!

And at the time, I was longing for comfortable summer's Birk'... but now... summer is over and I don't wanna wear anything *that* comfortable at the moment!
Ha well, I'll use dem a few days (before next summer at least)... to not feel I've wasted money!

And my second deliciously decadent touch of the day was this:

Well, no, these are NOT sex toys! lol!
*Just* a massage kit to relax after a long hot bath. I've already tried it. It's troooooly trooooly wonderful.

(just talking of it makes me wanna jump into the world of laziness)**~~*^* *

So I'm poor but kinda happy... I guess?
I guess.

Friday, August 27, 2004

French Bubbles and English giggles (and vice-versa!)

Take one English rugby player, one german bagpipe player and two Frawnch goils....

....and you'll definatly get a purrrfect evening!

I love it so much when different people are put together. Not that different at the end, cause the only big point on which we did not agree was the way you cook meat. hehe

(our Roastbeef friend cannot imagine eating meat that is *bleeding* LOL! ... even less a "disgusting" steack tartare!)

We spent a very pleasant evening and if we'd get the money, we'd soon be over the pond to London for a good party time!


Thank ewwww Fitz for all the goodies we've got! Yummmmm!
Viva Americana and its giant candies!

I tried to join Compuserve chat yesterday to say hello to the old gang, but it definatly does not work -if you're not a member-.

I have a particular thought today for Ariel (waving towards Georgia) who's not having the time of her life at the moment. But soon, very soon, it gonna be all different! **~~*^* *^^* ^*

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Aliens and air ducts

Why do I hardly remember any of my dreams or nightmares?

And why then when it happens I remember one, it's nebber something psychologically strange (like classic ones: falling, flying, walking in a field full of flowers, talking with your grand-grand-ma etc etc) that could gets hundreds of fine explanations!

But nenene, good ol' classics are not for me.
I've dreamt last night Martin and I had significant roles in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings (lol, a pity to have such a teenage'dream...I mean being in a movie...not worse than my last drean where I was having mint tea with the whole Metallica gang! LOL)

... and that between the scenes, we had to learn our text. At that moment we are back in the bedroom I had when I was 16 (a couple of years ago!)...
...BUT... we never managed to learn it properly because Aliens were threatening us all the time. Instead of learning, we spent our time running with the text sheets, trying to escape these aliens (hairy aliens in my dreams).

What you wanna do with that dream, hm?
I wonder!

The funny thing is that at the same time, Martin had a *real* nightmare! He was escaping "danger" in a kind of very narrow air duct, and when he was about to be out, the narrow air duct transformed into 5 narrower air ducts in which it was impossible to go. He had to go back by the bigger one then. Which got about impossible.

Haa, that is a good nightmare, one that makes ya happy to wake up! One that you can interprete easily... life, new choice to make, decisions... not going to fast, etc etc!

(jealous sigh)

Hairy miracles

Joe's hairs growing again!!!
He's now new tiny moustaches, like 5mm long. I'm happy that he seems to feel beder on that respect. Still vomiting though.

The call of CthuLOO

If I talk of the spice girls more than once in the same week, you gonna start getting suspicious!

Actually, we're teaching Lola to go to the loo at the moment (if you get any advice! puleaaaase! ...'cause, Gawd, it's fookin hard!)...

So far, we've simply asked her "do you want to go to the toilets"... but she always refuses (and you definatly can't change anything about that!).

Till yesterday when we asked her... "wanna go and see Ginger?"
She nodded!

I brought back a *Ginger* from London a few years ago.
She's turned to be our loo's keeper.

So now, when Lola's there, she talks to "zinzer" and waves her goodbye when she leaves.
A good beginning, I hope.
But there are not Gingers in every loo (a pity when you think of it!)... which might be another problem!

I gotta find a new plan!

Monday, August 23, 2004

...missed the train!

I must be the last one on Earth (what, what exageration?!) to learn that Björk has just finished a new album!
I had missed her at the Olympics show, but knowing her new album will be available in 10 days... makes me really happy!
I wonder if it will get closer to her *Homogenic* album or *Vespertine* one (which I find rather different)...


..because I wanna go and watch this:

+ this:

but neeeeeeeeee, I won't have the time! I gotta prioritize (sigh).
And if I ever find the time, it will already be too late (movies being shown hardly more than 3 weeks)!

Dressed to kill

Dunno if you heard about this couple who used their agressive dog to punish their kids...
I heard they risked something like 3 years in jail. Which means, in the facts, 6 months maximum and they're out!

Martin thinks they should be judged just as people using a gun against their own children with the intention of killing.
And I totally agree with that!
People using dogs as weapons should be judged as any criminal using a "classic" weapon.

"This" world makes me sick.

Back to mine :)

Saturday, August 21, 2004


I was so happy when Marine (Frawnch friend living in London) called yesterday!
As usual, we shared the last news (which took about an hour) and when she told me she might visit us next week with her new English boyfriend, we both turned kinda hysterical, giggling, laughing, talking very quickly, etc.

Impossible to determine if we're 13 or 30 years-old in such moments. Suddenly we turn into gurlz and we're extremly good at that!

When I went back to work, I just could not draw really. I wondered if it was a cawffee overdose or just basic girlie excitment! hehe

I luuuuve it!


As promised then (;-), here are a few doodles from my new book.
Actually what you'll see below is the very first work I do when I illustrate a book (as if I had done that since ever! lol).
I just let myself *go* with doodles, trying to define the atmosphere, the background, the characters, etc.
Usually I take the best of these doodles (often only very small details), I don't use them really in the final illustration.

Anyway, as soon as the book is done (probably in about hmm, 2 months), I'll be able to present real work:)


Have you watched bits of the Olympic games?
On my side, not much (but already too much for Martin! lol)... but enough to enjoy a great show!
I'm fascinated by these physical extreme efforts provided in such a competitive and stressing background. Must be the male-ish side in me.

Or maybe I'm simply fascinated by all these muscles working hard (must be the female side in me then!)

So far, I've really enjoyed handball, swimming and fencing. My grand-mama used to do fencing competitions, I can hardly imagine that. lol

The only sports that bother me so far are basketball, footie and boxing.

"Tell me the sports you like, I'll tell you who you are"

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Angry gods

It's been a week now we've thunders! Well I don't complain, no hurricane, no flood!
It's warm, almost hot all the time. Sometimes the temp drops quickly and you can be sure 2 hours later you gonna have thunder.
Kinda tropical for Paris!

With such heavy rains and weird weather, I've managed to work pretty well on my last book. I've done the basic preparation of 8 illustrations... another 16 and I'll be ready for painting them.
I dunno, maybe I'll show in here some of the work in process. It takes so much time, I can't work on any new painting at the moment.
And in september I start working on the Herman series. Third book.

Herman should be available in Italy soon. Good piece of news!
I hope my new tale, in which I really believe, will get same luck! **~~*^* *^^*~~*^* *

Material Mama!

Who is in your celebrity family? by cerulean_dreams
User Name
DadBen Stiller
BrotherJohnny Depp
SisterChristina Aguilera
BoyfriendAshton Kutcher
Best friendMilla Jovovich
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Madonnamom, probably overprotective, but fine to me!

Johnny Depp as a bro? Then I'd be forced to consider sis-bro relationship really RILLY differently!

Aguilera as a sister, hmmm, good for fights! :P

Kutcher as bf, no way... rilly not my type at all.

Jovovich as best friend, lol, no way either!


Here's definatly the fifth family member: Doudou, or Doud' (for intimate ones :P)

and that's precisely why he's now so important to all of us:

Doud' had been hiding in a wardrobe a couple of years before Lola arrived.
We had forgotten to send it to a couple of friends who had had a baby.

He finally got free as soon as Lola decided to join. And since then he's his best buddy, his friend and confident.
Whenever Lola feels tired or sad or angry, she *noooooooes* Doud's here for her, avoiding being too talkative or demanding.

Of course we're now slaves to him. He can do what he wants wiff us, he just *noes* we *need* him.
Today we've ordered his third clone. We've forgotten the second one in Bretagne and you nebber know... the original one can decide to have a break!

I can see Doud' laughing at such a dependence, but he brings so much help that I'd forgive him anything :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Happy Birthday to my *Bonne-maman*, my dear grand-mama who's the most adorable (and talkative) grand-mama on earth **~~*^* * *^^*~~*^* *

Paper and ink

Tomorrow I'll finally get the prints of a year's pics!
I love photo albums, I just could not keep all my treasured memories on a cd. I just like to sit on a sofa sometime and watch some photo album.
It feels really different from a puter (no offence to you, Gulli :-)

I've done a selection of 200 pics. It could not be less!
I can't wait to sit on my sofa to enjoy them **~~*^* *^^*


A week ago, Lola went to restaurant for the first time in her life.
She simply had to make it a purrrfect first time :-)

She was lucky because we had a family celebration (65 years's wedding birthday of grand-parents), and so we went to a place where they really know how to make you drool.
We had a special menu (which I secretly took for Lola's treasures'box :P)

Lola luuuved all of it. Posh tastes already ?!!!

Here was the menu:

Champagne Taittinger et sa petite bouchée
intention du chef
Homard bleu cuit à la minute en salade au xérès
Dos de bar rôti, aux artichauts à l'émulsion d'échalotes de vigne
sélection de fromages, pain aux noix
coupe glacée aux fruits rouges
petits fours

with Pouilly fumé Pabiot and Saumur-Champigny "Vieille Vignes" Filliatreau

I can't translate menus (me lazy bum)... but (homard = lobster
bar = bass), and for the rest, just trust me, it was ....woooooo .... (drooling!!!!)

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Home Olympiads

Germany versus France
... Dat's fookin exciting!

Ok... Here's the sport: wearing or not socks with sandals!
(no offence to anybody here ;-)

(this foot does not belong to any of us! I insist! hehe)

Martin's view: "you don't do it in summer when it's hot... but when it's cold, it's good because your feet is warm and can breathe"

My (Frawnchly arrogant) view: LOL!!!

If you don't consider the aesthetic point of view (which you HAVE to consider anyway!), I don't see the point in wearing sandals with socks!
If you wear sandals, it's to let your feet out and freeeeeeeeeee!
If you wear socks, it's because it's cold, then rather wearing other WARM shoes.

End of the match: in 30 secondes (GMT1 Europe, Paris)

The Lair of the Beast

Any piece of good news has to be shared just like... candies!
Jack has just come 3rd in a writing competition!
If you get a minute to dive into Jack's world, have a look at his Lair of the Beast's story!!


Joe's sick again. Vomiting all the time, day and night.
I've just found this pic of him, taken last week. His best profile, I can tell you.
He looks so zen and relaxed.

You would never guess here how thin he is actually...and hardly how many hairs he's lost (here you can see a bit above the eye and under his lil mouff).
But then, he starting vomiting again worries me a lil bit (as in "nope, he's not going beder").
It should improve. I don't wanna take him to the veterinary again right now.


Friday, August 13, 2004

Jason's day

Tridecaphobia, fear of the number 13, is one of the most common superstitions. Biblical origins they say

Am I superstitious? hehe... I did the test... and here it goes:

Superstitious AND Clueless
You're ready to believe anything you're told. Alas, what you've been told is so wrong! Oh, well, as long as you don't let your ideas interfere with your 24-karat life, it doesn't much matter, does it? Go ahead and dance on wedding cake or refuse to open umbrellas under ladders. And just to get this one out of the way: swallowing a watermelon seed does NOT make a melon grow in your belly.

Well I thought it was true with cherries! Not with watermelons!!!
(taking notes)

In the boots of Indiana Jones

New adventure about to start for me.
For me, for me... rather for us!

When can you say you really taste what adventure is?

When you're taking risks, no? When your future is suddenly not that secure at all (but hell, life is short), when you doubt but keep faith...
... when you accept to leave your so precioussssss comfort.

I'm kinda scared but determined in a sort of blessed blind way.
I just don't wanna miss the train, no matter how fast it can be.

I've stopped the pill today!


Thursday, August 12, 2004


Marquise, dat's my grand-mama's title!
lol... I find this so romantic :)

My next post being an important one, I wanted to add a lil something new to my bloggies. Like titles. I find it quite hmm boring as in "extra-work" but I also find it kewl for the reader :)
LOL I sound like a lazy granni who is always reluctant to make any change... scary!
Eva, my niece (6 years-old), told me the other day she luuuuved... cemeteries!

I jumped on my chair wondering very quickly how you could turn into a gothic goil at such a young age!!!

I repplied then an hesitating "why?????"

She said in the most adorable way : "because cemeteries are always full of flowers!!!!!" (just as if it was the only obvious answer, and well, it was!) **~~*^* *

Okies, I know you are all like St Thomas, you won't believe what you haven't seen (well, at least I'm that way :P)

So here's one of the job we did in the house: getting rid of the ugly greenish surface of the wall to make the stones visible again.

Once the greenish part was off (made of cement and plaster), we had to clean all the joints between the stones. Which was the hardest work we had to do so far (it took about a week).
The joints between the stones had to be 3-8 cm deep so that we could put the lime+sand mixture in them for the final step.
Once you've put very carefully the lime in the joints, you've to wait a couple of hours so that it get just dry but not too dry. And then you've to quickly brush the joints to make them at the same level as stones.
Watta work.

We've not finished the walls of the room, but made 3/4 of it.
We'll make the same work for most of the rooms.
Walls in old stones, that's the way we want it.
The pics are not so good here, but it gives you an idea.
It's already almost a sensual pleasure to feel all these big stones back to life in the house **~~*^* *^^* *

the room as it was a few weeks ago

the room with the clean joints, ready to be filled with lime

stones with lime joints, how the walls look like now

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

If I had to share in a minimum of words what these holidays meant for me... it would be this way:

..playing on the beach wiff Lola
..swimming wiff Martin alone
..spending time with the family, specially wiff Martin's parents
..hearing Joe's purring in the sun
..enjoying crepes and galettes and lobsters
..enjoying more wine and beer and cider and aquavit than water... hic!
..spending endless evenings around the fireplace

*sweat* (mixed wiff pleasure)
..dancing in Fest Noz
..working on the hobbits house more than my body could allow
..sailing with no wind around
..running after the shrimpette who tried everything that was forbidden

..realizing I could do -pretty well!- such a physical work (on the house)
..realizing how much work will be necessary before we can live in the hobbits' house
..watching a HUGE, ENORMOUS red moon raising in front of us on our way to a fest-noz. One of the most beauDiful show I had ever seen.
..discovering our carpenter was not as good and as cheap as we thought!
..being the witness of one of the angriest thunderstorm I had ever seen. Elements were definatly very alive overthere **~~*^* *

Dat's about it!
Wanna join next time?
(we need generous -oh and STRONG- hands for the house :P)
Woaaaaaa!!! Now puleaaaase, sit down, relax wiff some catweewee or cawffee and jump in here (miss lulu's server's down for a few days, but you'll get the idea :-)!
Miss lulu has had such a brilliant idea! She's being very busy with fookin exams at the moment... so she can't spend too much time blogging.
Being a purrrfect blog's moma, she could not stand letting it down for 10 days!
Sooooooo, she's offered to inspired visitors to post blogs there to keep it as alive as usual.
She literary gives the keys of her bloggie to whoever is inspired.
I find it such a good and generous idea. Something that I somehow expected but did not find was a request that people behave in their messages, or at least do not use it for baaaaad reasons. But nenene, miss lulu is definatly not PC! No warning, no advice, just a sharing process.

Ohhhh... and it's both in Frawnch and English!
Yayyyyy :)))

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

(crawling towards the keyboard)

(keyboard finally reached)

(I need a nap)

We're back and trying to survive the heat wave in Paris. This heat wave stinks and sticks and makes ya feel you are not in the right place here.

Nothing to do with the heat wave we had in Bretagne!
Our blessed time has been xtremly busy, which I expected.
I'll tell a lot more about it soon, but I miss the time right now, mainly because the shrimpette has been very demanding (and devil-training!) since a few days. If I don't keep an eye on her, you can be sure I'll regret it in the next minute!

Glad to be back for two things though:
-to recover, naturally!
-to get connected to ewwws!

(happy sigh)