Thursday, September 30, 2004

You have now crossed over into ...(tadaa)..the Twilight Zone

Science-fiction and tv, a perfect love story?
Well, apparently not!

I've tried to think hard about all the SF series I know, and there are not even 20 of them!
And I don't think I know one single French SF series...!

What does that mean? Is good SF very hard to write (for scripts, that is)? Aren't people interested enough in SF?
Hmmm, I have no idea, but I think it's a real pity we do not have more of it.
Here in France, It seems that what works is mainly boring detective stuff (but nothing like columbo or miss marple!).

We had in the eighties a very kewl show (or at least I was a fan of it), Temps X, which talked about all that was linked to SF.
Some images they showed at the time really impressed me...!
(by the way, there is not a single website about Temps X!!!!! Can you believe that? If you find anything about it on the web, just let me know:)

I hope soon we'll get new exciting SF stuff on TV... something surprising, scary, weird, and fun ;-)

Among the series I remember, I really luuuuuved Twilight Zone, the X files and the first Star Trek.

Then I've watched with pleasure Babylon 5, the Thunderbirds, Lexx, Planet of the Apes

If there was nothing else on tv, I could watch Space : 1999, Stargate or The Invaders

But I really could not stand The Outer Limits, Freakylinks, Roswell or Sliders.

That's about it.

I still don't know the Red Dwarf, Farscape and The (old and famous) prisonner!

I guess there are still lands to explore for writers and producers :)

(psssst... this blog inspired by a Star Trek fan, JL :P)

How many years does it take... be a good mama?!!
And why don't we learn the basics at school!!!

Our parents have forgotten what it is to have a baby, so you almost never get the *precious* advice at the right moment... boooo

I've just fallen into the trap of the *bed threat*...
Voilà, Lola's been really hard since a few days. They say it's the crisis of the *2 years* (lol I've known new crisis about every month!).
Lola fights a lot. Screams more loudly than any kid around (trust me on that), at any time of the day... and night.
She does all what is fobidden if she can't get what she wants (while screaming all the time as usual).

So well, I've started to threaten her a bit with "if you do not stop with that, I send you to bed in less than 1 second".
And it works pretty well!
But here's the trap: the bed is now associated to threat for the shrimpette. And she gets hysterical when we put her in it now. She even does not want to play in her bedroom anymore...

That was really stoopid of me!

Blahblahs about Herman

And here's a new article about Herman which appears in Famili magazine:)

It's really nice to get new lines about our book!
A pity though only the author is named... not the illustrator ;-) ...Grmmmppphhhhhhhh!
I can understand they do not mention illustrators all the time, but with children's books, the main job is made by the illustrator I think (and that's why they're usually more paid :P).

But but ok, I do not complain really (s)... I'm happy for the book!

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Foggy perspective

I prefer to warn you. If I ever meet you in the street and do not say a happy hello, it is not because I am snubbing you!
My world is extended to a 4 meters'perimeter, beyond is another planet to me.
I'm simply as blind as a bat but got the baaad habit to wear glasses only if RILLY necessary (=when I'm driving only).
And it makes the world looks wonderful, trust me :P

Home Chef

Another very first time... Last weekend, Lola made her first biscuits :)
Well, basically, I gave the recipe, Martin made everything, and Lola came to play for 1 minute 28 seconds.

Anyway, what she did, she did it really well! The biscuits are yummmmmmy!

Monday, September 27, 2004

Petit buziness

We've just sold new books and dvds online and now we've enough money to get the last season of Babylon 5 (Martin's jumping around!)

my type of man, mysterious,
with a slightly hidden sense of humour ;-)

In the same way (from the sale of our books and cds), I've just got a new album, Rajna's Hidden Temple.
But argg, it was a bad surprise because I really can't stand this album!!!
Bad version of Dead Can Dance here.

On my way to re-sell it anyway :P

Oh, while you're here, do you know where I could find albums from Juliette Lewis and the Licks. I've heard a few songs from them and wooooo, t'was terrific!

Cuddle, part 1

When Lola's tired, sad, angry, or in a cuddling mood... There's only one being that can make her feel beDer...

... but it does not work the other way round ;-) ...

Cuddle, part 2

..because when Joe's tired, sad, angry, or in a cuddling mood... There's only one being that can make her feel beDer...(standing up proudly)

(I am actually suffering here! I was freezing, even with 3 pullovers on... So Martin put Joe on my neck, Joe luuved it, and I spent the end of afternoon begging for neck massages! grmmpphhh)

Saturday, September 25, 2004

A lilliputian (me!) in a Gullivers' country

St. Pauli Hafenstraße in Hamburg, by Rafael Mucha

A new bed's waiting for us in Hamburg (thank you Christa, and Achim!)
But that's not the only reason why we wanna go back there :P

Oh neeeeeeeeeeee

There Lola will have time with her Oma and Opa while Martin and I can take some for ourselves.
(which is no more the case around here!)

We don't know how much reasonable it is to go there, inevitably spending money, while we should be working on our house.
Ha well, we *need* real holidays sometimes, no?! ;-)

So if all is going as we want, we'll be there end of October, for a big week of festivities.

Once in Hamburg...

We wanna spend time with relatives and our closest friends there, Thorsten, Tanja, Tomas, Silke, Oliver, Sönke, Anja, and Markus. And a few others if we've time left.

Then we'll do what we hardly can do anymore in Paris.
-going to dance in the noisy Grünspan, more than once I hope
-having a Sunday brunch near the Alster
-visiting probably again our tatoo *santaclaus* (he's just the portrait of santa claus, just with tatoos all over :P) in St Pauli.
-shopping in the Punk district
-going for an italian dinner in the gay district
And we shall also attend a concert, a Therion's one. I've nebber heard them before, but Martin thinks it might be fun (the band sing in old greek! lol)

Anyway, suddenly I feel I should win the lotery twice in the next 3 weeks! lol

Friday, September 24, 2004

Kathleen' s magic World

Have you ever considered visiting Pennsylvania? ... If not, I think this photoblog might motivate you ;-)
I'm completly under the charm of Kathleen Connally's work. Through her eyes (her photos), you can feel the love for what surrounds her overthere.

I could not decide which photo I would show here. Reducing their size just spoils them me thinks.
Yet, here's one I really like.

Ancient tennis ball

I luuve it. Makes me wonder who lost the ball, how it happened? How many times it has been "played"? Will it become a real part of nature's life?

But this photo represents only 1% of what Kathleen does, you must have a look at her gallery to *know* why I'm talking about *magic* here :)

I believe... nature,
in life after death,
in men being born *good*,
in action,
in individual responsibility,
in the power of sitting down and relaxing,
in words,
in the respect of the differences,
in the respect of the beliefs,
in you.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Pleasure, little treasure

2 hours free with meself
2 (windy) terrasses
4 allongés (ermm, "extended coffees"?) + 1 perrier
1 hour working
30 minutes reading
25 minutes dreaming
5 minutes writing this blog.

...felt fantabizooby **~~*^* *~~*^*

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Virtually real or really virtual?

I can remember the time when my *real* friends really got upset to see me spending so much time *connected* with my *virtual* friends.
(see, Jack, I've got inspired by our last chats :P)

I remember the "addiction", "anti-social", "fake", "lies", "manipulation" words linked to the internet chats and forums and whatever linked to relationship.

I've been addicted, like you would be to any kind of game I think.
I've been confronted to lies and manipulation which at the end I found amusing. That allowed me to take distance. Since then, I've decided to trust anybody on the internet. Their lies are not my problem.

But there's one word that is definatly inappropriate to my experience with my internet: *anti-social*.

I can say I've met more people through the internet than in any kind of pubs or kewl bars.
Not all of them have become close friends.
But a few I've known since years (a few others since months) are now completly part of my life.

And when I can finally meet them, then it's the cherry on the cake.
I've almost never had a bad suprise. Friends always corresponded to what I knew from them

In a few days we should meet American/German internet *friends*, next month English ones... and in December...(but chhhhut, that's still a secret)... let's say French-speaking ones (and I can see there a memorable time).

So, the internet being anti-social? No way :)

This is NOT a blog about Autumn :P

(I've already done it anyway :P)

Ten days now I've that cold.. I don't feel really sick anymore (atichoooo!), but that cold sticks to me.
I must be a charming company! ;-)
Anyway, physically I'm not feeling on top yet, but inside it's summertime**~~~**^*

(dancing around)

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


I've just finish a lil work for my publishing house.
Four desktop wallpapers to download for kids, for the Herman collection. (not available online yet)

I think I should make some Fantasy ones for my website. Gotta find the time. Fookin time!

Beam me up, Scotty!

Today, I'd sell my soul for...(see above!)

Lola's refusing to have her nap for 10 days now. And when there's no nap = no work for me...
I manage, after half an hour, to put her to sleep in her bed, but as soon as I move a foot, she burst into screams and tears.

I'd need badly that fookin teleportation.
(Kirk, I'm ready for any deal!)

Papier mâché, nearly digested

(chrgrmmphh chrgrmmppphhh)

We've 4 days to finish our new babies, one faerygoil, one faeryboy!
They're hanging above right now, waiting to get their first skin and then their final colours. Then we'll make dem free.
If I had the time (I will find it somehow I hope), I'd make much more stuff in papier mâché, I really luuuve working it. Not easy, but it works pretty well.

Sunday, September 19, 2004


(=contest, where the contestant must hold one maß beer with straight arms. The one who can carry the beer longest, wins)

München's Oktoberfest has just started (yeah I know, you'd give anything to be there too, right? ;-)
I think my stomach can stand 2 pints (gurrlz! tsss...) of lagger, more isn't pleasure for me anymore.
And I don't like bitter beer.. make you wanna eat more and more Bretzel.
Yet, if I was sure the music wouldn't be typically Bavarian, I'd be curious about this Oktoberfest! :P

Anyway, while they're all partying without us there, here is a lil something to awake the *Melker* in you!


Yesterday, Lola asked for muzik. She was in such a (party) mood that Martin decided to put a live from Metallica (believe it or not, it's a live in San Francisco and people in front of the scene hardly raise their arms or move!!!! LOL)

Lola loved it, a few other years and we take her with us to concerts!!
Weeeee!! :)))

The quality of this lil film is rilly baaaaaaad but it gives you an idea of how much Lola's already a metal goilette ;-)

Summershoes..And the livin' is easy

We had such a fine Saturday that I just had to take out my last pair of summer shoes (the ones I hadn't worn so farn this year).
Who cares?! (lol)
Good question, and I agree :P
Anyway, this pair is one of my beloved pairs, one I have since years and that I will nebber throw away :)

Talking of that, I've visited many blogs dedicated to shoes only, made by women most of the time... and others about feet, toes or ankles, always made by men! lol

Friday, September 17, 2004

Joe's 2nd life (and 7 other to come!)

What have I said again about veterinaries the other day?
(running to wash my mouff again)

Joe's doing much much better, not vomiting anymore (Gawd bless these pills and new food).
And with his new hairs, moustache and antenna, he's even looking like a boy again!
(happily purring)

She *needs* "Holiday"!

Madonna's participating to religious ceremonies where women and men are separated.
(I am NOT criticizing the religion itself).

Where is the warriorian singer, representing woman's freedom!
I am disappointed!


Monsieur Moustache

(falling from chair)
I would have never thought Cavanna, the atheist, the anarchist (at least that's what I've always heard about him) would have touched me and made me laugh the way he did with his historical novels.

Attila, Childeric, Clovis, etc etc... I'm now completly addicted to the 5th and 6th century. Crazy world at the time, so brutal.
(Makes you appreciate your 21st century at many levels, and more specially for women...)

And Cavanna talks of these times in such a *human* way, that you can almost hear the guys shouting their "Hoch" "Hoch" "Hoch"!

Boots and grape

It's been a week now I've caught that cold. Summer has left me a bit too early me thinks.

Catching a COLD...
Getting COLD feet...
Always feeling COLD after a shower...
Days getting shorter...
Parks closing earlier...
Lola spending more time inside than outside...

Autumn is not only a romantically beauDiful season.

It can be much beDer too (s) ..


..with its warm colours,
..with the cosy feelings you get inside when a COLD wind rules outside,
..with the pleasure of wearing again your *autumn shoes*,
..with all the birthdays and party times that are about to happen,
..with its season's fruits and vegetables (with a special thought for the orgy fruit, the grape)

HAPPY sigh **~~*^* *

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Sainte Lola

Today the calendar celebrates Saint Lolas, or rather Dolores... (ouch, "dolores", what a name!)

They say Lolas are extroverts, they always *need* to move, sing and dance.
They're curious, imaginative, affectionate and emotionate.

They're VERY sociable.


They often exagerate their fits of anger to impress the audience... and they can be quite possessive and capricious TYRANS!

LOL .. any one for baby-sitting tonight???

4 lines of Glory?

I doubt it but... Herman has got 4 lines in a "parents"' magazine here, Top Famille!

Oh someone's knocking at the door again (grabbing my pen just in case I need to... you never know... give my *signature*! :P)

No dark sarcasm in the classroom

After a 3 days break, I thought Lola would have forgotten the crèche -and the cries-.

Yeah I know, the crèche again. If only I did not *need* to talk about it here...

When I told her where we were going yesterday morning: She ran away to hide, crying.
When we arrived there, shes started screaming and cried harder, calling me at the door to leave with me.

I came back a short hour later, her t-shirt was completly wet, from tears.


And in the night, she wakes up all the time with nightmares.
I feel responsible, I should have put her in a creche earlier, teach her to be without her mama earlier.

We start again today.
That stresses me, and it's the last thing I want Lola to feel, my stress...!

(memo to self for the next baby... the "school's adaptation" will be Martin's job ;-)

"Whoever wins... we lose"

Last time they did Jason vs Freddy, now we've Alien vs Predator coming... What's next... Jaws vs Orca?

As a fantastic/sf movies' fan, I wonder how it gonna be. But I do not expect much at all.
I wonder why they chose Predator to face Alien. With his dred locks' kinda head, he is definatly funny (I've never liked him anyway).
They should have made Alien vs the Thing... I dunno...

But the concept, however seducing, of putting scary legends together is stupid.
Alien can't be without Ripley for instance.
Same for Jason and his Cristal Lake, etc etc.

In the same way, I don't like at all these new movies making fun of the old horror movies (which are often fun enough by themselves). They steal all the magic of a good scary movie. It's not fair they do it!

Anyway, what's the scariest *movie creature* for you?
For me it's many of them... but it's definately the very classic Jaws. Probably because it's the most realistic one, as Martin's just told me.

My favorite movie of the genre is Alien, the 1st, 2nd, and 4th if I remember.
The worst one I saw was Ghosts of Mars. Never ever again!

It's funny because there are scary movies I'd be unable to watch again now (at my old age ;-). The yucccky thingie (street trash, bad taste and all the nights of the living dead stuff! hehe)...huuuuuuuu!

Monday, September 13, 2004

Lost in Strawberry Shortcake

Have you ever had a video or dvd of "Strawberry Shortcake"? When you open it, it smells strawberry!
What a girlie thingie! hehe
Lola luuuves it and it's been 2 days now we hear a giggling strawberry shortcake from the tv... That's part of the parents' job I guess...!

Thankfully, Lola agreed to have a break for 2 hours so that we could watch Lost in translation.
(I say 2 hours, but it's not really true. Lola's caught my cold and woke up maybe 8 times in the first hour of the movie! Then at 2.00 am, 3.30, 4.00 and 7.00!!!... part of the parents' job too I guess. But... I don't wanna that again! never ever!)

Anyway, we agree with everybody, it is a very good movie.
When a movie is so much appreciated, you always tend to watch it with a more severe point of view. Which makes the movie here even better!

Sticky spam

No!!! I'm getting spams in my Haloscan's comments now! I've got 3 of them today!
I've got rid of them and told Haloscan about it but... I hope it's not going to really spoil my comments' boxes...

Waiting for Björk's next album...

... just because the last one, Medulla, doesn't completly seduce me. So far I've heard extreme criticism about it, people talking of it wether as a master piece or as a joke.
It is certainly not a joke, because a few songs are trully beauDiful and full of Björk's poetic and unique touch.
But I admit that some songs tend to push me to grab the remote control to jump to the next song. Which is not the best sign! lol

Anyway telling it's a good or bad album would be stoopid, let's say this one touches me less than the others. A question of tastes.
Thinking of it, I believe *music* is definatly the most *sensitive* art to me... in the way "good" or "bad" music can only be a very personnal judgement. It's as much the case with other arts (for me at least!).

Love love love

I've been ill the whole weekend... turning into a fookin weak creature unable to do anything!
... Thank Gawd, mon *petitmarid'amour* took care of Lola and did ALL the rest keeping asking if I needed anything...
Besides making me the happiest, he always manages to do more (I'm not talking of house cleaning here! lol!) than I would have ever expected!
I could not dream a beDer other-half.
**~~*^* *happy happpppy sigh**~~*^* * *

Friday, September 10, 2004

29+1 (Lithium has joined the oldies! haha!)

I send you big becs à la Sarah Kay!
Mwaaaaaaaa! Mwaaaaaaaaa!
Happy birthday! **~~*^* *

Your pants or your life!

"Material fantasies" are, unlike many fantasies, only enjoyable when they come real!

Et voilà... I've been caught in the cobweb of a new material fantasy.
It's almost never a jewl, never something extremely special, nor that expensive... no just a normal something my body begs to wear! ... and I can hardly control what my body wants! lol

This time, it is NOT a pair of shoes!
Just pants!
Plain pants.

And here are the guilty ones:


It must be so easier to be a man! You don't have this lil girlie stuff in the brain that makes ya drool in front of clothes. Lucky ewwws!

Barbapapa, come back, puleeeeeease!

Lola and I have got stressing moments with the creche this week. I thought I'd deal with all that without any problem. But it's been a bit tiring. Leaving a screaming Lola in tears in the morning, coming back to find a livid screaming Lola in tears.

And then you've the family to tell you how to raise children, that not letting them with "strangers" early enough make them anti-social... grrrrrrrrrrr
I wonder how they do in the northen countries, where they raise their kids till 5 or 6 years-old! Does that make the kids' social integration impossible?
(rolling eyes)

Lola will get used to it. All that is normal. She simply needs time!

Anyway, all the tears must have had some effects on the shrimpette since she's kicked Barbapapa out of here ... to welcome the pinkish "Lucile" cartoon! She's turned crazy for it. She luves it, asking for it from the morning to bedtime!
I can surive that, I'm a goil, but Martin is having a baad baaaaaaaad time! :P

Long day to come

I've caught a bad bad cold ... with 30°C outside!
I did not get why I was really tired since 2 days. Now I know! That fookin cold was infiltrating my bits!

Dorothée's world... created.
From the moon to the mice, all the visuals have been created for the new tale.
24 illustrations. That will make a 48 pages book.
(Gawd, that will cost a lot to print and to send to publishing houses!)

It took me 5 busy weeks to make them. Next step: water colour work and new corrections and modifications on the text part.

The central character of the tale is named Dorothée. I just started calling her this way when I created her personnality. She had to be named Dorothée:)

(to be continued)

From the air to the river

Here's a vue of the hamlet where our hobbits' house is hidden. It's an old pic, so poor quality. But it gives a good idea of the place itself!

Next summer a picnic will be orginazed with everybody from the hamlet. I'll finally see the mysterious faces of the people hiding behind the curtains...grmmphh ;-)

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Springtime: under construction!

This RILLY sounds like a sect: all the mamas I know from the park (and there are a loooot of them) who already have a baby (the age of Lola), are training for a second one!
A few of them are already preggie, the rest of us cross fingers and do practise!

Scary, isn't it?

I guess there's something tribal in that... females that feel *ready*... gathering this way, giggling, stressing for what is about to happen, still protecting their first lil ones...:)

Amazing how weird these mamas' gangs seemed to me when I was young, thin and rich (=not a mama, kiddin! well...ok, 50% kiddin!)

The only Bush I wanna hear Kate!

How come w.Bush still get more support than Kerry?
Reality's much weirder than fiction!
I just do not understand.

(in)Dependence -chapter 2-

Yesterday, Lola's been alone at the crèche for one hour.
I left, thinking she'd be fine, and knowing that I'll have to survive (rolling eyes to meself)

I survived very well... on the sunny terrasse of a café near! lol
I had taken some work to do with me, and inspiration was there too..

...When I came back to take Lola, she was crying like I had never seen (nor heard)... and this had started 50 minutes before!

The girls there told me Lola would require more time to be ready. So we start again the training this morning.
I've to bring a photo album for Lola... to help the girls there when nothing can stop Lola's tears.

I hope she'll get used to all that quickly, that breaks my lil heart already!

Monday, September 06, 2004

Hidden places

Chhhhuuuut, Haloscan is playing treat or trick! Hidding comments sometimes to organise secret cyber places.
Very salacious! ;-)

Sun lights up the daytime, Moon lights up the night

After hours working pretty hard on the house...

...we went to the beach...

..which was so, hmm, empty and peaceful that we decided to make it *our* beach!

But we did not know spirits had already invided the place, waving madly at us!

...making faces, discussing about the best way to cook us...

...till a lil giggling shadow turned into a threatening lil devil!

hurried back home, had a beer, forgot all about it .... till a lil giggling shadow turned into a threatening lil devil!!!
(running under the table!)

Thursday, September 02, 2004


So what do I take, my monoï? My sun cream? sunglasses? My eyes are delicate, I've to be careful!

Yeah, that's not fair and all, but we're off to our corner in Bretagne tonight!
Hoping to enjoy the beach now the sun is back... but only after working HARD on the house! (so don't be that jealous ;-)

Herman's moods

I've just learnt that Herman was feeling great today!
Fookin kewl piece of news!

Herman sells pretty well (Herman is among the 1000 first books sold on Amazon! Ok, it can be #999 but even THAT is not so bad!).
I did not expect that really because it is very specialized (about hyperactivity).

happy sigh

(Jeeez, I sigh a lot today!)

Some kind of tough job

Juste before starting my weekend (Oh Yeaaaaaaaah in the way James Hetfield would say), I have a warm thought for Alinet who's about to start as a REAL teacher in a REAL school!
Gawd, 3 of my friends are teachers. It feels so bizarre, you know? It feels weird.
My friends are no more the pupils, but the teachers!
I'm old! That's it!!!!!


I took Lola to the crèche this morning.
(when we woke up, I kept repeating to Martin "I don't want to go to school, I don't want to go to schoooool""

Her big first time.
(and kinda mine too!)


I sigh, but what will it be next week!
This time I could stay with her for "adaptation", second time I'll leave her by herself for a short period of time, and third time.. alone for a full hour... and then...


Wednesday, September 01, 2004


If you enjoyed Kubrick's Shining, you might have a good laugh with that...

Joe's visit

veterinary: so you say Joe's vomitting? Ok, how often, once a week?

me: more like 3 times a day.

vet': oh are you sure? It's quite serious then

me (sighing inside, Joe's lost half of its weight!: it IS fookin serious!): yes, that's why I'm here. Can it be due to the food he has?

vet': no way, his food (the food they sell actually) is excellent.

20 minutes later

vet': ok, well, what we can do is changing the kind of food he gets.

me: ok but, what does Joe suffer from? Any explanation?

vet': oh it could be anything. Try this food, give him this pills. Then come back in 10 days if nothing has changed. You pay with a cheque? 50 euros, please.