Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Vin Glögg and other Xmas stories

Ok, it's early to make a Xmas tree, but what's the point putting it for a couple of weeks only..
Besides, when there's a 2 years-old one around, you can't resist much!
(Ok, Lola does not even know what a Christmas tree is and I am using my shrimpette as an excuse! Shame on me... not! :P)

The tree is done, and it smells wonderful around here

click here

click here

Once it was done, we had a very bad idea (but which seemed appropriate ;-): trying that bottle of already prepared mixture for hot wine... eeeeeck!!! Never again!

I'm almost happy the wine was yucccky because the picture of that Xmas tree with the three of us around was a bit too purrfect! Almost as if we had been playing in some advertisement for Xmas decoration in a purrfect Xmas atmosphere!


PS: Lola calls the angel on top of the tree the "clown"...lol


And here's the lil Marine, keeping my sister and Luc busy enough since a few days ;-)

... Gweno and Marine are just back home, the two of them doing well
(happy sigh)

...Now let's see what kind of funny nights the happy moma and popa gonna have! (mwahahaha!)
**~~*^* ***

The lil carpenter and the red district

It could be a fairy tale, yes yes.
And it's almost one.

Have you ever seen such creatures moving their body in good dancing clubs (=metal clubs)?

Ok, the malish photo is almost ridiculous, which is NOT the case in reality (trust ol' Candy)

I've only seen that in Germany... and when you see a large black hat in a club or in a pub there, you can be sure a carpenter (male or female!) is hiding under.
I'm frustrated I haven't found better photos ...because they look trooly beauDiful in their black costume, with such stylish flared trousers and all!


Anyway... they are real carpenters! Not yet "masters" though, but improving their art while travelling around the country to learn more. Just like in the old times. I find this fascinating.

That makes me think about the hero of one of my favourite books (The Pillars of the Earth), he was a carpenter... a crazy job, for passionate people... that inspire me a lot!**~~*^* *^^* *

Monday, November 29, 2004

Main weekend menu

Gimme a weekend like that any time!
(happy sigh)

The very first thing we did after leaving Lola was putting some loud heavy metal stuff when we jumped in the car.
That was the signal! We were free! hehe

While Lola was making half of the family RILLY busy, we started our free weekend shopping for... Lola's Xmas. lol

Then we went at the hospital to see Gwénola, Luc and their lil angel Marine. She's so beauDiful, so small, so alive already... Marie (other sister) and I spent the weekend repeating we wanted a baby like that!**~~*^* *

Once back home, same *neeeeeed* to put REAL loud music, sowwwy for the neighbours... but it felt guuuud!

Then we left for this yummmmissimo restaurant. Traditionnal French cuisine.
First exceptionnal restaurant in 2 years!
We had booked quite early... to not miss too much of the fookin rugby later... Scary, no?! hehe

We started with a cup of champ' to celebrate a lil professional something (I'll talk of it later).
Then, let's be crazy, we had champ' for the whole dinner :P

Martin had (grabbing my dictionnary: food is hard to translate!)
-poultry croustillant (croustillant=crispy) on a bed of spinach
-doe with bilberries and its chestnut purée
-pear pastry with chocolate sauce

On my side, I took (be prepared to drool again)
-fois grad escalopes with fresh figs
-scallops on a bed of endives with its soufflé
-pistachio fondant with its white chocolate sauce

Et voilà! Come on, you'd sell your soul to the devil for that, neee?
I sighed and fainted zillions of times (just like I wanted) while having my fois gras and figs and while tasting Martin's doe. These were the best!

I had a lovely talk with the waitress about the menu, asking about usual female or male choices... she said that doe was something typically male-ish, we shared a wink and a laugh while Martin was making a face like "it is not my fault!"! hehe...

Once having reached this first heaven, we left to enjoy in a more smoky place the end of the rugger game. We lost against New-Zealand 45-6... eeeeeck!

Then we went back home. Music, candles. Other heavens.

And finally at about 2.00 am, we started to watch Master and Commander that we had borrowed without much motivation, weeks ago... That was ok, and an excellent way to end this very free day***~~*^* *

Flying high

And no, I am not talking here about that Pink Floyd Concert in Chantilly a few years ago..lol...sowwwy...maybe sometimes, one day!

No, I'm just here to introduce a new illustration for another Xmas card! (it should be Xmas everyday, I could make good biz!)
Santa Claus, having fun, again:)

Flying high

Friday, November 26, 2004

24 hours

without the shrimpette!
Believe it or not... in 2 full years, it's going to be the first time Lola sleeps somewhere else!!!
Whenever we went out, we've always come back where Lola was sleeping, even if it was at 5.00 am!

Time for her to enjoy some independence you think?
We agree!

So on Saturday morning we send her to her grand-mama and grand-papa till Sunday.
And I tell you, we're going to enjoy every single minute we'll spend alone.

There are so much we wanna do...and days are so short!

Besides work, (sigh yes, work), on the list there will be:

-Shopping (not much, just enough for me to enjoy taking my time -poor martin!-)
-A Breton pub near, where we'll watch rugby! Weeeeee
-wearing what you usually never wear when you have to play the horse on your all four! ;-)
-a restaurant whose menu will steal me a few tears of pleasure. I want a menu that will be pure poetry! I wanna sigh and drool even before sitting at the table.
-painting (words!) on tshirts (yup, something I wanna do since ages)
-candles and soft music times
-candles and metal music times!
-oh! and one morning sleeping late (late = anything after 8.00 am)

Lola will have the time of her life there, being spoiled and all... and same for us!

(dancing, throwing rose petals in the air around the bubbling champ' bottles)
**~~*^* ***~~^* *

Bright side of the Moon

I doubt we can see the full moon in Paris tonight, and anyway, I'd be the moon, I would run away from such cold place! (it's fookin freezing)

cold place, full moon... typical clichés coming to my mind: a dark forest, hungry wolves hiding, waiting for *you* to come around.

lol I know, I have a limited imagination! :P

Happy full moon ;-)


Thursday, November 25, 2004

Confessions for voyeurs

hehe..nope, I'm not about to reveal you anything that crispy!

Yesterday, I was telling Jenny about this site.

Some of you probably know it (it's in Frawnch, sowwwy), and for those who... it's a site where people share *confessions*. Some are trooly hilarious, others are just way less good. But it's fun

Here are 2 confessions that made me laugh... The first one sounds like an old joke, but it's so well told! hehe

"Fiston, 17 ans, Paris
J'avoue que mon petit neveu est vraiment un chieur, pire que ma très chère mère. Il a toujours la joyeuse idée de laisser tous ses jouets en plein milieu du passage. Son bordel constitué d'une grosse moto, d'une armée de soldats sanguinaires, un camion de CRS, deux moutons et un dinosaure. En pleine nuit il me prend une soudaine envie de pisser (bah oui on peut pas prévenir !). Et là je me gaufre sur la moto, m'explose le genou sur le car de CRS et m'étale de tout mon long sur le carrelage et je me prends le dinosaure en pleine tête. Je commence à hurler des insultes et la seule chose qu'arrive à me dire ma mère qui venait de se réveiller, c'est de faire attention de ne pas réveiller le petit bout de chou ! Donc moi et mon genou entaillé, on va pisser et se recoucher pour pas emmerder le morveux. Le lendemain ma meilleure amie me demande pourquoi je boite, et pour ne pas passer pour un con j'ai dis que j'ai eu un accident de moto et que j'avais percuté un car de CRS qui venait à contre sens... J’ai pas osé lui dire qu’il y avait un dinosaure au milieu de la route."

"Petit nem, 22 ans, Babylone
J'avoue qu'hier j'ai eu un coup de folie, et que j'ai décidé de m'acheter une belle paire de bottes qui allaient très bien avec ma minijupe que je ne met jamais.
j'avoue que ces bottes étaient le coup de grace à donner à mon compte en banque...
j'avoue que ce matin mon père m'a dit "petit nem, ton compte va mal".
J'avoue que je n'ai rien trouvé d'autre à lui répondre que "faut souffrir pour être belle"."

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Auntie Candy

Et voilà!
Marine was born earlier today at about 3.00pm!

(lightning sparkling candles all around)**~~*^* ***^* *

My lil sister is going ok, though I could not talk much with her.
She said her belly was very painful though.

The lil one is doing fine, starting to train at breast-feeding (Gweno is courageous to try it with her painful belly). The only thing is that apparently Marine has some stiff neck due to some wrong position while in the belly.
But it should not be a problem, really.

It won't be too hard to remember Marine's birthdate, Martin's papa was born today too! A few years earlier :P

Now I can't wait to hold Marine and see Gwenola at the hospital. I'll go on Saturday.

Holding Marine... lol, one of my best friend is called Marine too!
That really makes me laff thinking about it. I wonder if my way of talking to Marine -the old- (sorry marine! lol) will be influenced by my way of gazouilling with Marine -the young-!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

summer 1976

Back in summer 1976, my mama, lil sister Gwenola and I were enjoying some extremly dry summer in Normandie (which is nebber ebber dry usually). Here's one photo of it, a photo that I've already put in my bloggie before.

click here

I have no memories of my sister's first years, a pity though because I've been told I was the most careful and protective sister. Which did not last, I tell you!
We were very close in age (she's 1.5 year younger than I) which may have been one of the reasons of many tensions between us.
That or rather the fact we're really different. Opposites.

Anyway, now I can tell we get on well, accepting our -huge- differences.

And tonight, Gwenola is at hopsital (lol! no, nothing terrible happened!!!)... She's pregnant for more than 9 months now, and the baby does not arrive as expected, with the head downwards... sooooo, tomorrow morning Gwenola will get a Caesarean.
I'm so excited and so stressed!
I'm very happy she's there, with professionals around, etc.

She's already one daughter, Eva... who's tonight at my grand-mama's and who fears she'll never see her mama again. She knows how the baby is going to come and I think she's having nightmares' about her mama having her belly opened (I have the same nightmares though I'm not 6 years old!)

Anyway, 1976 does not seem so far... but, ne, I'm not nostalgic! She and I being now mamas make us the happiest!
What makes me smile with that pic above is the way my mama holds my sister on my knees... a love gesture I feel now so natural when holding Lola, when holding babies.

(happy sigh)
**~~*^* ***~~*^* *

(dancing around, waiting for news from Gweno!)
**~~*^* *~~*^* *

Monday, November 22, 2004

It began in the year 2257

...or rather at about 1.00 tonight on my tv screen!

I've still some work to do tonight, but there will be some highly expected rewards: a hot dog whose sausage has a funny (I don't say really "stooopid" though...)face.


wanna fight that:

And the lil one below..

..wanna try what it feels to be in-between... how salacious!

Cause nothin' lasts forever...Even cold November rain

The Guns'lyrics really suited our weekend in Bretagne!

Just the three of us there was fantastic. When we arrived on the first evening, at about midnight, we started a warm fire, had warmer drinks and definatly hot music.

click here

We finally jumped into bed early in the morning!... a few hours later we were about to turn into Hercules in rubber boots :P

(memo to self: green rubber boots should be an old story nowadays)

We spent 3 days getting rid of the cob on the walls of another room... so that we can make the old stones visible again.
You have to be so organized when you restore such a old house...you just can't imagine... To make the floors, you have to make the walls first, and when you want to make the floor, you must *KNOW* what kind of heating system you will use.

House Elf, I *neeeeeeeed* you

Anyway, the country side was in some particular november mood. All looked grey.. the yellows, the greens, the reds... they all looked grey.

But it was fine, with the work on the hobbit house, then the warm times around the fireplace of the family house... it was purrrfect!

I could not help though projecting myself in the future, living there at this time of the year...

Living in a hamlet will be something for the city goil I am! Sometimes I feel like I'm going to turn into a fat farmer having some heavy peas'soup at 7.00, jumping to bed at 8.00, etc etc...

hehe... I will need my comfort there, I tell you! (Do I sound posh??)
I will definatly need to be connected to the world with a (slow) internet connection.
That might sound stupid to think about the internet when you start a new life, running -almost- neekid, happy in the country side. But that will means a lot to me. I will *neeeeeed* to keep links with what I've used to enjoy in Paris since 30 years. And the internet will definatly help me.


I feel better now!

Not so easy to change of life... and never easy to get overpositive when November rain is around :-)

Thursday, November 18, 2004

We are not alone

Starting the weekend (yup some are lucky) with another quizz, isn't life full of bubbles?!

A test found on Etolane's blog...there you go:

Which Science Fiction Writer Are You?

you are William Gibson
The chief instigator of the "cyberpunk" wave of the 1980s, his razzle-dazzle futuristic intrigues were, for a while, the most imitated work in science fiction

I like SF, but I've never been attracted by Gibson's word. I've started a couple of times again Neuromancer... but neeee... I just got fed up.
I should try it in French I think, maybe that would be somehow different...?

F, 30, looking for a strong, obedient and motivated HE

Yup, I'm looking for a really helpful, House Elf. The deal is... you help us with the house and you'll enjoy the happiest times with us, I swear it! (spitting)

We leave tonight for 3 days in Bretagne. 3 days of work again...
This time, there won't be anybody to take care of the shrimpette (who's fookin ill by the way: double otitis + scarlet fever + flu! no kiddin!!!)... so Martin or I will do it while the other works.
Talk about organisation...

And yes, I RILLY need a House Elf because I've just listed the BIG works that mus be done soon... and Gawd... that's a lot (of energy + money)!

-the heating system
-the water-heater
-water evacuation
-the floors
-2 stairs
-restauring the old fireplace

These are the most important... the works that have to be done before we can hope to live there.
And for each kind of work, you have to chose which system is the best, at what coast, if you're able to install it yourself, etc, etc... (yawn)

This time, we'll prepare the floor so that next time we can put a new wooden one (that we hope to find at a good price).

We'll also clean an old beam we have to be used for the top of the fireplace (I really wonder how we'll manage to make it stand on top!!!) and prepare the old stones for the 2 walls around the fireplace.

I really hope we'll make something nice with all that... because we are not expert at all in anything!

Have a good weekend, you lucky ones! ;-)

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Monthy Python's gang

You are a Lumberjack...with definite issues...
You are a Lumberjack...with definite issues...

What Monty Python Sketch Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

LOL! I don't know what I am exactly here but it looks funny!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Training for Xmas

The only thing Lola's accepted to do today was cooking. She's caught such a cold yesterday... and today she's been like sitting on the moon, with red eyes, hot head, running nose and terrible cough. Poor Shrimpette!
She was awake most of last night (and so we were), and I believe tonight won't be better. If it's like yesterday, I will go and take care of her and sleep with her (challenge: her bed is only 1m40 long! lol).
But Martin has to recover, and the shrimpette is feeling so bad.
We'll see.

Anyway, we've cooked today Lithium's biscuits! they were excellent! They look less nice than his, but trust me, you'd drool to have dem! hehe
Thank you, you Chef!

Our mason's gone

Yesterday we called to check if we could meet our mason next weekend in Bretagne. We want to build the chimney and need advice.

But, to go straight to the point, our mason's just died.

His deperate wife managed to explain that it happened very quickly, but that is was not an accident. A few weeks ago, he had felt some pain in the back.. Nothing suprising with his job. But as it was a kind of constant pain, he finally agreed to go to the doc for a checking.
A cancer -which had spread to its terminal form- was discovered. 3 weeks later, that was it. He was not forty. had 2 lil kids.

That really broke our heart. He was such a nice man. Available, generous, talentuous. We have to sculpt his name somewhere in the house.

I'm happy I do *believe*, *praying* has suddenly helped me here. I really did not expect it. I was not looking for it.

Anyway, such a sudden death make our life so fragile. You don't know what tomorrow will bring.

We've to live every minute to the maximum, and these are not just nice words...

I feel lucky and alive today. I feel selfish too for inevitably focusing on my own life and threat of death.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Not loving stairs today...

After a few hours of intense work (with cross legs) yesterday, I stood up and just... fell!
lol... (I wish I had a more adventuruous story to tell, but nenene)...
Dunno, it felt like one of my leg was asleep, or maybe my body was asleep, my energy just concentrating on my working hand.

Anyway, I got a sudden violent pain in the left ankle, which is now blue and getting bigger. Today I can hardly walk.

No way to practice my sophisticated cat walk! lol

Anyway, I laugh, but I have to follow the shrimpette, of course, I also have to go out at least 2 times... eeeeck... and when I think of the 5 floors, the stairs... the shrimpette in the arms (she's now almost 14 kg!!!)

Wish me luck!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

When black is beautiful ridiculous!

Martin just came across this site which has listed the top 10 most ridiculous black metal pics of all time
What a brilliant idea! Have a look at it, and read the comments, it's good, really good! hehe

I think I also like metal for that too... it can be really fun when people are getting themselves too seriously!.. Because wether you want it or not, metal is that too! :P

Frolich Geschray

Next time we go to Hamburg might be earlier than we thought... which would be end of Spring.

Thorsten, Martin's old friend and leader of the band in which he used to play -Frolich Geshray-, would like Martin to sing one of the songs on their new cd!

Frolich Geschray in 2004

Martin has a great deep voice, specially when it comes to sing such medieval songs. He would sing actually a medieval song for which he re-wrote the lyrics at the time... making them more salacious I think!

So when they start recording the cd, we might join if we can afford it really.
I find the project really kewl, and I luuuve the idea that Martin still participates a lil bit to his "old band" with this song!

Martin and Thorsten back in 1997

(dancing with the tamburin)

Lola Jekyll and Lola Hyde

Amazing how easy it is for the shrimpette to jump from her angel outfit to the devilish one! ... it has always been this way, but the difference is that now she is *aware* of that and enjoys these sudden changes even more!

Her real weapon is that innocent look she takes under any circumstances! She will make some brilliant politician some day ;-)

wearing the dress Tanja (Thorsten's wife, Thorsten being the leader of the band I talk in the bloggie above)has made

A couple of hours ago, just after painting the kitchen -her innitiative!-

Friday, November 12, 2004

Aussies versus Frawnch

Rugger's season's starting again!!!
On Saturday night (hmmm it will be way too early for you Penny!!! about 6.00 am in Brisbane I think), France plays Oz!!!!!

(dancing around)
Oh dat's kewl, the purrrrect match, because it's simple: they're all my favourite!

Talking of rugby, have you seen the 2005 Frawnch rugger calendar was available?!!!

gimme a drop (cause I'm a lady nonetheless :P) of guinness for me to recover!

will get a royal movie cheese with french fries

Lately I've watched a few movies I really wanted to see (except one, you know which one I'm talking about, right, Martin? :P)

Though personnal opinions about movies does not mean much really... oh wait, I've always said that but that's wrong! Opinions about movies reveal quite a lot about people, don't you think?
Anyway...I've just seen..

Big Fish, and it was not the real surprise I expected. I enjoyed it right, but there's a lil something in it that did not totally charmed me. I just can't put the finger on the *something* though. I prefered Edward Scissor hand or Beetlejuice, and even better, the nightmare before xmas.

The day after tomorrow, which I enjoyed, sorry for all who hate that kind of American cinema :)
It was not the movie of the year,no , but it really entertained me!

Van Helsing... Martin's choice!!! (sorry Martin but it was so bad that I don't want to have anything to do with it! lol). I fell asleep after 5 minutes, last time this happened was in front of the James Bond with Sophie Marceau.

Goodbye Lenin, I really enjoyed it. Great story (with really interesting comments from Martin) with guuud actors.

Elephant... From the list here, I think I will remember this one. I've stopped breathing in the middle of the movie (yup, one of my new hidden powers;-). It was terrifying, excellent. I don't look at teenagers carrying big bags in the same way now ;-)... Well, seriously, it's the kind of movie that should motivate our involvement to protect the kids... and to get rid of the NRA and any kind of similar organisation immediatly.

Captain Santa

Soon everybody will think i'm santa-obsessed!
There must be a lil something in him that I rilly like ;-)

I've just finished an illustration for a Christmas card. I did it on request and will sell it at a quite guud price (almost guud enough to get a new pair of shoes... kidding, not the right moment to buy shoes ;-)

Anyway, here's Captain Santa :

click here

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Letter to ol' Santa

As Alinet did a few days ago, I think it's time to write some unreasonnable Xmas list, just in case Santa Claus would be wasting his time around here ;-)

Okies, so I won't ask for the end of death penalty, peace on earth, etc... That is not Santa Clau's biz! :)

Dear Santa,

I've always made my list LONG enough so that you get real choice. I've been a good goil of course, so I'm sure I deserve full socks near the chimney!

Here you go...

-a laser printer A3 to makes *home-made* prints of my paintings (Gawd, I already need real LARGE sox!)

-a Canon EOS 300D to have real fun when taking pics

-DVDs: Kill Bill 1&2, LOTR#3 long version, last season of Coupling, Candy candy, more Captain Harlock (Albator), In the Realm of the Senses, Metallica's Some kind of monster, the Who's Tommy

-CDs: Juliette & the licks'

-expensive creams to make me feel fresh and young (mentally, the more expensive they are, the more efficient they get :P)

-champagne and chocolate


-a new black skirt, I've just made a big hole in my fav' one with the iron!!!! BOOOO!

-campers and kickers

-PS2' Champions of Norrath

-a real medieval dress (they are fookin expensive!)

-2 train tickets for London + the hotel ;-)

hmmm (jumping on your lap), any other initiative will be welcome :P

Thank youuuuu! Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!"

Hamburg #5: the little big house on the prairie

I dunno how many other chapters there will be about Hamburg, but put me there for a week and I grab zillions of memories, can't help it! :)

Just around Hamburg, in Rögen, there's the family house:

click here

It's a typical old farm, quite low walls with a huge, huge roof. I love it! It could be the house of a fairy tale actually.
Fairy tales, I'm sure German *believes* more in them than we do. Trolls seem to be part of the daily life there...Or Xmas, they're crazy about Xmas, but not in a flashy way, neeee... more like.. enjoying the warmth of it. Wooden angels decorate the houses. Candles are put on the windows. Candles... they put REAL burning candles in their Christmas trees there!!!! (something we hardly do anymore here since electricity was invented)

(happy sigh)

The real master of Rögen seems to be Findus!
A beauDiful mice hunter, a very cuddly one too.

click here

And there's a lil shrimpette who understood very quickly that it was important to entertain properly the master of the house ;-)

click here

Sunday, November 07, 2004

We've all been *newbies* once!

I've just found this for Lola...

I luuuuve it! hehe
Too bad it's expensive. I have to find stuff to make t-shirt transfers me thinks (like a good ol' creative mama ;-)!

Hamburg #4: Laterne, Laterne, Sonne Mond und Sterne

During our trip to Hamburg, I discovered with much excitment that up there they use to do "lantern processions" at the end of autumn (usually on St Martin's day! lol), to celebrate the end of harvest, the beginning of cold times, etc.

click here

Lola luuuved it naturally!!! The music, the candles , the beautiful home made lanterns everywhere!

You should have heard all the kids singing like angels the apparently usual

Laterne, Laterne, Sonne, Mond und Sterne.
Brenne auf, mein Licht, brenne auf, mein Licht,
aber nur meine liebe Laterne nicht!

Wawwww**~~*^* *

And I fell in love with these lanterns. I used to do such processions in France when I was a kid in summer, and I know the beauDiful chinese lantern tradition... But it was different there. The charm of the cold northern countries meeting the warmth of these coloured lights...

click here

(waving back at the grannies above)

Of course, all my photos looked like shit. It was raining, it was dark and the only option I know on my cam is "click here to take the pic"! hehe

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Why days are too short...

Working at home is not simple.
Working at home with a shrimpette around is almost impossible!

So you make some compromise, you have no other choice anyway. Working in the evenings, waking up earlier.
I wish I had the time to really take care of my biz but I'm hunting free minutes to finish with projects here and there.. and finally never get the time to focus on my biz... I will have to find this time.

It's Saturday evening, almost midnight... dinner's almost ready by the way, usual time for it.
I've just finished working on Herman #3. What a relief!

Tomorrow I've to start making a Xmas card for which I got an order (which happens only once or twice a year! lol.. I'm not a donald trump yet!).
Then I'll have to (find the time to)..
..create this new website, a bit different from the one I have, a bit more salacious.
..work on new paintings for this new website
..draw more tattoos (used finally as *marketing tools*, yes yes)
..finish my fairy tale, a big big project dear to my heart and I hope to my "purse"
..trying to find paterns for medieval costumes (I'm really bad at sewing, but Martin will teach me) that maybe we could sell on medieval markets... hehe... I'm actually serious!
..learning how to create my own lanterns (you know, with candles inside)

etc etc

So I feel kinda busy. Which is motivating too, I reckon...
But jeeeeez...gimme time!

Feeling like a wet sock... eeeeck!

There are days like that when you plan doing hundreds things... and finally get caught by a succession of lil events that makes you do 1% f what you wanted to do.

And today we've been caught in the fookin traffic jam for hours, we've got lost on our way to go to Ikea, and then AGAIN on our way to go to a family lunch. Then we wasted more than 1 hour trying to find a parking place when coming back home!
We've also bought a too large slatted base for Lola's new bed (so we've spent good time sawing them once back home!!). Etc, etc.
Anyway, just a succession of boring stuff.

What made me really mad was getting lost with the car. It happens all the time to Martin and I! We talk and talk and never watch the signs! Sometimes when we go to Bretagne we drive 100 km more because we forget to watch around! Each time we go to Hamburg, we get lost in Dusseldorf. Each time we lose 1, 2 hours turning around there (with maps on the knees, of course!)

Funny, that never happens when I'm sailing. The compass is just enough to find our way.
But with the car... I'm a real blondie! grrrrmpppphhhhhh!!!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Hamburg #3 : captain Lola!

On some cloudy afternoon, we decided to take Lola on a boat to visit Hamburg's harbour.

click here

A huge harbour!
There is much traffic there and I got impressed by the size (typical goil, hey) of the boats and equipment!

click here

The big boats there pay 50 euros per ton everyday... and some of them have a weight of 250 000 tons... I do understand now why they work night and day there! lol

Hamburg #2 : the Lighthouse

Discovering that (my favourite) Jack's story started to meet success, I thought of this lil pic I did during a walk along the Elbe..

If you enjoy, like me, telling scary or weird stories around a fire in the middle of a summer night (dunno, not the same effect in winter! lol)... you just have to read Jack's Lighthouse Keeper!!!

When Ronald fisherprice singing BaaaBUSHka

I know this title is about the most confusing one I've done so far!
The fault of all this political BUllSHit ...

Anyway (I've promised to meself I won't talk of American politics for a couple of weeks), I wanna applause 2 American companies today for making my mama's life easier!

1)McDonald for making the cheapest meals (and not the worst) when we're travelling + for offering closed and safe places for kids to play. It's heaven for parents!

2)Fisher-price for making games online for "babies" = babies can play with about every key on the kboard, and THAT is fookin practical! :)

Watchin tv, having a tat'

The skin gets a good memory! Mine at least remembered how painful was the first tattoo I got. So for the second one, my skin knew what to expect. And it was just better!
But the scratching effect... THIS is very disturbing...when the skin is healing, you just wanna scratch and scratch again! (like right now! arggg!)

I wanted ivy, but I haven't found a right design... I should have done it meself. Next time ;-). This time I decided to put some balance on my back, having another tribal dragon on the other shoulder . I did that for a (chhhhhut) bigger project, for a big buDerfly or something like that in the middle of the back. lol. I type this but I'm not sure I'll do it one day!

Martin has now his (mine! :P) mermaid done! Our tat'opa (that's how people call him there, "grand pa") really enjoyed doing it, because it's the "old style"... not just "colouring" like with the tribal.

What was the words used by our tattoo guy again? Keep Hell beauDiful, get a tattoo!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Hamburg #1 : the starter

I don't know where to start... help Penny, you organized Guru! **~~*^* *^^^*^* *

Hamburg was just better than I expected it to be. Welcoming with its autumn colours, warm with our adorable family and friends, sparkling with its pubs and discos, entertaining with its Autumn's festivities and so beauDiful with the first xmas lights in the houses and cinnamon perfume in the air!

We've really spent excellent holidays, certainly thanks to Martin's parents who took care of everything when we needed it, starting everyday with a purrfect breakfast made of pumpkin marmelade, eggs, croissants, etc etc(happy sigh).

I was suprised how much Hamburg was into Autumn's fashion. All the trees wearing superb reds, yellows and oranges. The trees there are huge... bigger than here, no kidding!
And you have so much of them within the city that streets are covered with leaves in autumn, something I had forgotten with the maniac parisians who get quickly rid of every lost leaf on the floor.

I wish I had made some nice pics of it... but nooo... I bring back here the most colourless photo I've made, taken on a wet day.
Can you believe it's the city here? Me neither. Hamburg is definatly full of charms.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


(throwing my Traveller's hat on the bed, taking off the dusty boots...ewwww :P)

Back and bloody busy!
So much to do around here with work, but even more with the shrimpette... I guess I'm going to be a time hunter for a couple of days. It just that I've to get used to be multitasking again (sigh ;-)

Soooo wooooosh... gotta run... I'll be back in a bit!