Friday, February 25, 2005

30F looking for 30°H(eat)

I'm dreaming of deserts, burning sun, warm wind, sweat (!), monoi oh yes monoi... and all I get is frozen feet in the night and frozen hands in the day!
I'm getting impatient!

Lucky cat below, sticking myself to a heater for the weekend would puuurfectly suit me!

But we're about to live for a colder Bretagne again (brrrr)... not even any access to rugger on tv to warm up there... damn! ;-)

Have the warmest weekend, ewws all :)))

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Cold feet

Snow in Paris isn't such a good idea. Nothing new here: you wonder where dawg shit hides, you get dirty shoes and pants after 1 minute walking in icy mud, and you can't even enjoy the lil pleasures that snow can bring... since they close most of the parks when there is any kind of possible danger: thunder, storms, snow! Snow, a danger in small Parisian parks...
Rilly!!! (shaking head)

Yup Paris does not want to be responsible in case accidents happen in its parks.
Now the fact this forces kids to play in the streets and on the roads around closed parks, is much safier, yeah.


Anyway, a threatening shrimpette had the time of her life playing with dirty snow today! We had a great time :)**~~*^* *
Now ewww, ladySnow, can make your luggage and start your world tour. I'm not being polite, but I've had just enough of eww, thank you for the visit by the way!

Quickies in Bretagne

Long time ago, quickies were enough to satisfy the frawg in me. But times have changed, and the frawg requires more and more biggies.
Greedy one!
Like.. last weekend was definatly too short to work enough in the house... So short that we've to go back there in a couple of days. French highways will get rich with us, I tell you! grmmpphhhh

Then we won't go back in Bretagne before end of March, this time for a real biggie (just droooling thinking of it!)
Our plan then is to finish the walls of a room and to build with our lil hands and inspiration a real fireplace to give some kind of spirit to the hole you can see below... and to get warmth in winter time, that might help ;-)
If you get any idea and advice to build a fireplace (something 90% of people naturally know), ermmm don't hesitate huh... it will be a very first time for us!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Musical chain

As decided by Alix, my turn to answer a couple of musical questions :P

How many sound files are there on your computer?
(Combien y a-t-il de fichiers de musique sur votre ordinateur ?)
On mine? On Gulliver? None, but we've 4 computers, huh :P

What's the last album you've bought?
(Quel est le dernier CD que vous avez acheté?)
hmmm, gotta think hard for this one... a few months ago, Björk's Medulla (I was pretty disappointed at the beginning, but I've completly changed my mind now!)

What's the last song you've heard before answering these questions?
(Quelle est la dernière chanson que vous avez écouté avant de lire ce message?)
Universal Traveller by Air

Name 5 songs that you often play or that mean a lot to you:
(Donnez 5 chansons que vous écoutez souvent ou qui comptent beaucoup pour vous:)

1) Ecstasy of Gold, Ennio Morricone, because of the movie and because Metallica's concerts now always starts with it

2) Unforgiven, by Apocalyptica... I started to luuuve Metallica thanks to them (and I promise, I won't mention Metallica here again! ;-)

3) Needles, by System of a Down, the kind of song that makes me really crazy. A jewl!

4) Atom Heart Mother, by Pink Floyd... shivering with pleasure just thinking of it, makes me feel like a knight(goil) looking for her graal

5) Crown of Sympathy, My Dying Bride, for the very schhhpeshul atmosphere it brings, makes me wanna grab a glass of dark red wine, light a candle and open a book of Anne Rice

That was fookin hard chosing 5 songs only...So many others, so many albums. Music to me creates mental movies. They inspire you, and you're the only one who can chose the script. dat's kewl.

Okies, as it's the rule of the game:

chose 3 (fucking lucky) ones to answer the questions on their own blog
(A qui allez-vous passer le relais (3 personnes) et pourquoi ?)

(rumbling drums)

Penny, because I've no idea what you, Aussie goil, enjoy at the moment! :P **~~*^* *

Etolane, because I know you love, really love music, and I simply wonder what you prefer ;-)

Lithium, parce que d'habitude c'est nous les autres qui répondons à tes questions ;-) ..Et puis ch'uis curieuse... Your turn, quoi!

Monday, February 21, 2005

The art of multitasking...

...something very female-ish they say ;-)

Well, not for me, not today. I'm just unable to multitask, so much to do that I dunno where to start. I gotta prioritize somehow. How? Help!

Okies, I'm going to start with work, the most boring part of the day... just like eating tuna (eeeeck) as a starter and getting a supa chocolate cake for the dessert... lol, you know?

I'll be back! :P

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Le renard et la belette

Time for a new trip to Bretagne for hard works on the house :-)
We have our friday off this time so we can leave tonight! Early weekends are simply exciting! hehe (sorry ewws all)

I just hope it won't be as cold as it is around here at the moment, 0°C, 1°C, with WIND ... brrrrrr, I can hardly stand it!

Anyway, have a fantabizooby end of week and enjoy lazy moments, you lucky ones ;-) hehe

17th February 1969

busy day for Martin's mama!!! But she made the most wonderful *job* I reckon :P
(happy sigh)

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

We shall survive till next year

...since we've just received a new (huge) stock of jelly beans (really kilos of them) from Fitz, our official murican (as he uses to say) supplier!

When Lola discovered the package with me, she turned crazy, almost jumped in the box and left running, screaming with 2 hands full of candies.

Thank ewww Fitz, you made our day, really!!!!**~~*^* *^^~~^* *

Spechieule Compilechionne

As the lucky winner of Alix' last quizz, I've just received a very *special compilation* with all the titles from the quizz.
Lucky me, Alix has excellent tastes (and we share a lot of them :P hehe).... like Metallica with the call of Ktulu, Depeche Mode, Dead Can Dance or even Kate Bush... I let you discover the rest of the selection (try number 3, lol, it's something I tell you!), a selection which was also a discovery for me.
Brilliant idea this quizz, music definatly reveals more about oneself (music tells a lot, doesn't it?)... and the compilation as the award is a real cherry on the cake!
Thank you Alix! Mwaaaaaa!!!**~~*^* *

Monday, February 14, 2005

Cupid's busiest day?

That would be sad! Or that would mean Cupid is a fookin lazy boy!
Anyway, I find Valentine's day hmm lovely, I'm not complaining about the *commercial perspective" of it since I won't buy chocolate or flowers. Why complaining anyway, if Love is to be celebrated, well very good that's my kind of celebration:)

Not for the occasion, but it's linked to it, I've finished TWO new paintings. Here they are:

Le bonheur des uns...

On the way to seventh heaven...

When rugger sounds like pleasure..

Like with the match yesterday between Roastbeefs and Frawnch. I thought we'd never make it, that was stressing, the scores were so close! And this is what I like with rugger, when you're not certain about the victory -or not- before the end.
That was good!
Ok, I regret the French won in the "English way" (lol, that's what the papers say here...well, just landing penalties ;-) though... no try on our side!

Friday, February 11, 2005

No chance for mice...

...with a roaring kitten and a talentuous tom at home (well, believe it or not, my posh city cat killed a mouse once!)

Lola's went to a carnival a few days ago. She took it proudly and very seriously, meowwwwing or rather roaring after every one! That suited her, lol. She only started to purr when she saw a Zorro, she got impressed, the mask effect I think ;-)

As for Joe, he's feeling on top of the world (=happily sleeping 90% of the time). It's been almost a year he got operated for his tumour and I would have not believed about any recovery at the time. Chemo and all, it sounded like too weird to work for a cat. And now it makes me fookin happy to see how well it worked! (dancing around Joe with a roaring Lola**~~*^* *)

The Crucible and Marilyn

These are the 2 words that I associate with Arthur Miller, and that's about all! Eeeeeck, that's not much.
See, let's take Celine Dion... suddenly I can associate "teeth", "walk into a bar", "René", "Titanic", "Las Vegas" and "Celine who??"... that makes 10 words.

I remember more about Celine Dion than Arthur Miller.
I worry for meself, but it should not be too late!


Are you a true Blonde at Heart? by funkychick
Hair color:
The date you will stop being dumb or start:March 5, 2037
You will stop being dumb/start being dumb for_year65
Are you blonde or not:Yes, but your in denial
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Them liars! And no I'm not into denial at all!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Don't you find it scary when your man's new fantasy gets.... large curves, a huge hole (sowwwy, but that's true!) and permanantly spread legs?
I can't compete!

(not sure my introduction above was the best I've ever written so far! lol)

But worse than that, I share the same fantasy. Experience brings new inspirations you see...
If you're open-minded, +18 years-old, and absobloodilutely curious.... then ok, you can have a quick, very quick (!), look... here!

(I told you... dat's scary!)

Herman on tv

Yup, I've just learnt our Herman book n°2, Herman dyslexic, is going to be presented on tv next week!
(dancing around**~~*^* *^^*)

It's motivating :)

Precious thought ;-)

What if suddenly money wasn't a problem anymore... Yup, I wonder what it feels to not worry about wether or not you'll still get money at the middle of the month.
I have no reason to complain, but I guess it must be such a relief, certainly another taste of freedom ;-)

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

When the cam is in Lola's hands

2,4 years old and already such a talent!
I thought our digit cam would be too heavy for her lil hands (it's a first generation cam, nothing to be compared with what you all have!)

But, ne, she can hold it and even have fun with it!
There are still lil thingies to improve of course, like... fingers on the lens, or being happy catching a smile (but no need to get the complete head, huh), etc etc.
But but, it could be far worse!

Here's her first official mini-gallery ;-)

Sorry, Doudou, Martin and I are her favourite (ermm and only) models so far! lol

Monday, February 07, 2005

no more time limits to pub crawls

(booking Eurostar tickets)
(training to improve my Oxford English)
(getting coins and a map in the pocket)
(putting walking boots on)

I'm ready to check how it feels when English pubs do not close after 11.00 pm!

Do you get any other good piece of news?
(I'm in the mood, huh!**~~*^* *)

Nothing to be proud of...

...when you finally decide to get a supa geo-loc map... and that after 2 full, big, huge, endless days, you get only 2 solitary red points!
(and you wonder why I do not enjoy checking my blog's stats, hm? hehe)

Divided on dvds

Since we have no time to watch tv at all, we watch zillions of dvds, most of them being dvds for kids (t'is ok, I enjoy cartoons!)

And apart from the movie or cartoon quality, there is one thing that keeps my attention -and maybe yours-: the "navigation", the "menu" of the dvd.

On a few dvd, you can chose to start the movie after 30 seconds, on most of the others they force you (more or less, rather more!) to watch all the trailers before you can reach the menu. That makes me maaaad.
That and the way the menus are made. Most often the time they're terribly *artistic-fun-unique*. Same as with websites often beauDiful and all (in Flash for instance :P), but not practical at all. The kind of website you visit once, and once only!

That was the least interesting post of the week, I swear it (lol)! But I just had to spit it out, see?

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Rugger's back!

The 6 nations cup starts today with 2 yummy games, France/Scotland and Wales/England!
(I've nothing -at all! nenene- against the Roastbeef team, but.... the Welsh can make it! :P)

As for the French-Scottish game, I'd like it if we could win, but I'd be happy for the Scots if they make it.
I just wish we could watch it from a smoky pub, but... you just can't get everything! :)

Cupid!!! wrong day, wrong targets!!!

I still can't get used to that

One day you hear:
"In his State of the Union address, U.S. President George W. Bush vows to spread freedom around the world while continuing the war on terror"

And on the other day, you get:
U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says an attack on Iran over its nuclear program is "not on the agenda at this point
(CNN sources)

Maybe I'm stoopid but how can you promote freedom and war? It's just that these 2 words together.. it sounds weird and fookin awkward!

Now as for Mrs Rice's words, no attack for tomorrow then? Phewww. We'll see next week. The world looks way safer with such a lady spreading good, comforting, peaceful words.

Quizzzz! Ohhh Yeahhhh!

Yeahhhhh, I made it! I won Alix' quizz!
(well I was just after Angel and Lulu to tell the truth ;-)

You had to recognize the band/singer and the album from a tiny visual.
There are a few ones I would have never ever recognized (like a-ha!), but others I already luuuuved (and that helps :P)

Sooo, my reward will be a compilation with one title from each cd! Isn't it a brilliantissima idea, hm?!!
(dancing around)**~~*^* *

Thursday, February 03, 2005

There's a zombie in me

I dream of long nights, non stop sleep, late mornings in bed... what else..? Oh, waking up, and seeing a fresh face in the mirror! Yeahhh, that too.
Lola's sleep isn't regular at all. She actually made her nights very early, till 6 months-old.
Then, it's been like a roller-coaster, 2 nights without any problem, 10 nights waking up, 3, 4 times/night.

Now it's been hmm 3 weeks she wakes up every night, at about 1.00, 4.00 and 6.00.
We used to let her cry, but that does not work now. She makes nightmares it seems, and need supa quick cuddles. So, wether we let her cry for 1 hour, or we go and she fall asleep again in the next minute.
Soooo, we wake up... every night... 3 times a night.

Lola can pee in her pants 10 times a day if she wanna, she can scream and drive me crazy... but waking up that much in the night... I think *that* is the hardest part of the first years of parenthood for me.

Soooo, yes gimme hot temperatures, a yummy cocktail, sweet music, warm wind... and HOURS of sleep **~~*^* *

Cavanna's words, sweet sweet food for the soul

Martin and I have many things in common, and one of them is that we appreciate the same kind of books.
Which is very practicial (to share good books) and really pleasant (to share views).

We both luuuve Fantasy books, Science-fiction ones, and historical novels too.

And at the moment we're crazy about Cavanna's historical novels...
le hun blond
l'adieu aux reines
le sang de clovis
les reines rouges
le dieu de clotilde
la hache et la croix
It's direct, BAWDY, fun, suprising, frightening and always linked to true History.
Cavanna talks of Human nature in its best: treacherous, perverse, and violent, but also loving, friendly, caring, impulsive and erotic.

Cavanna was born on the same year as my grand mother... and the words he uses almost make me blush sometimes! I just can't make any parallel betwen Cavanna and my grand mama! No way! lol

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A Hobbits' house in winter

We've spent another real hard-working weekend, and yes we feel a bit exhausted, but happy with the work done.
We're still working in the friends' room, getting rid of the cob on and between the stones.
You would not believe how hard every material is getting with such low temperatures... and how long it takes for cement to get dry!

We've been working mainly on the chimney because it seems it's pretty fragile and some parts need new solid basis (cement).
Having the chimney falling on our heads while we're in bed isn't one of my fantasies (eeeck!). I hope what we do will be enough!

We'll go back in Bretagne sometimes in februrary for a weekend, and we'll also take a week of *holidays* (somehow this word does not fit here! -trust me, Jack! :P-) in March.
We hope that in March, the walls of this room will be done and that we'll manage to build the fireplace in the room below with some of the old stones we have.

What you see on the photos below probably scares you, but I do not see the same... no, I see what we've in mind for the room, I see it finished and it's not bad I tell you!
(I guess you have to be *visionary* to keep being motivated ;-)

Happy lil bits

...when I woke up on Sunday, someone had already prepared a big fire in the fireplace

...some kind of monster is finally available!

...On the other day, Arte dedicated one of its programs to Hawaian shirts, my kind of topic I tell you (honest!)

...Lola always greets people with a "Bonjour Madame" or "Bonjour Monsieur", but still mix the "madame" and "monsieur" is said soon there might have very cheap flights between Paris and Hamburg!

...last Friday, I had lost my ring, THE ring! Found it again yesterday evening among Joe's croquettes! Weeeeeee!

(So I ask you, do I need too much to be happy?)