Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Did you dream of wearing a hat in a dark slippery cavern last night?


As I was looking for my teeth'dream meaning, I found general meanings for other common dreams with strong symbolism. So here you go:

-water might be linked to birth
-travelling by train might be linked to death
-activities with rythm (playing piano, riding horses, driving, dancing, jumping, etc) might be linked to sexual activity
-insects might be linked to brotherhood or sistahood (//oO\\)
-fire might be linked to desire (don't have to be a nobel prize to get that :P)
-doors, carvern, jewl chests, bedrooms might be linked to the female-ish sex
-hat, snake, umbrella, pen, trees might be linked to the male-ish sex
-when you feel like slidding or sliping or falling from a branch that just broke, it might be linked to masturbation
-when you feel like falling, it might be linked to an erotic temptation

Now come on, who did slide last night, huh?! lol (no I don't wanna know!!)

You can get more infos here, but I've already told you the most interesting part, of course :P

I've had a dream...

The other day, I started to feel some baaad toothache.
Last time I was preggie, it was just the same. And at the time, I thought you could not get anything from the dentist, simply because some products can accelerate the birth, etc.
But after being sent 3 times in emergency to the hospital, I have learnt!
Pain is worse than anything when you expect a baby, it simply provokes contractions!

Now it starts again. Fookin teef.
And my subconscious had a good laugh wiff me provoking a nasty dream. I dreamt I woke up and half of my teeth had disappeared!!!!

And in my dream, I woke up on a Saturday, so no dentist would help me before at least 2 days... which was simply unbearable!

After that dream (why don't I use nightmareinstead, hm?), I spent a full morning trying to get a rendez-vous with a "not-on-holiday" dentist.
I've seen one today, fewwwwww..... :):):)
One of my nerve is touched (sigh, just as usual wiff me). So more works (and money!) to come later.

Esox (aka "the-one-who's-almost-started-blogging") told me there was a meaning when you dream of loosing teeth. So I looked for it (because that dream was very very real).
Dreaming of loosing one's teef could mean jumping from childhood to adulthood (reponsibility, etc).
LOL, it was time!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Once upon a time in CandlesLand...

...there were days, extremly short days, and lots to do, way too much to do.

I'm so glad the weekend's starting!
And so glad we do not have any *plan* for it! I wanna be gentle with my belly and my back, you see. Or rather... they force me to behave in the most gentle and careful way!

2 months to go, I wonder how I'll stand that...
My poor shrimpette, it's not fun spending days with a mama who can hardly move (= not run, not jump, etc)! Thank Gawd, school's starting (very first time! yeaahhhh) end of next week (typically French.. starting school on a Friday! //oO\\)!

I've got 2 first negative answers to my "Dorothée Catafée" manuscript, which does not worry me at all. I'm supa happy that one of the editor sent me back my work, I can use it again! Yeaaaayyyyy!

While taking care of a very demanding Lola ("what do we play now, Mom'?"), I've started working on the new Herman's book, which will focus on loneliness (poor Herman!).
It usually takes me 3 months to work on a Herman's book. I've given all my energy to it and I've made 40% of it in a week. Working early in the morning, whenever I could during daytime, late in the night.

I do not have much choice... the editor wanna published 3 Herman together beginning of next year.
And very soon, I won't have time at all for that. I must work in advance.
The first Herman of these 3 is done, I'm working on the second one... and with luck (but I doubt I can do it) the 3rd one will be done before the birth.

What's boring is that sitting for more than 45 minutes start to be uncomfortable now (the *belly-back* conspiracy you see)... So I really have to hurry before it really prevents me from working!

Anyway, it's the weekend, it will be one with naps, hot baths, guuud music (so many new albums to discover!) and zillions of cuddles and massages!
Weeeeeee**~~*^* *

Psshhhit: + a weekend with many new bloggies to read I hope :P

Quentin and I ...

...have definatly something in common!
Yup, Quentin Tarantino and I's favourite movie is (but almost all of ewwws know that already) The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (drooling sigh)

Anyway, a good opportunity for me to add another pic of Clint here.. et hop! :

Now, dunno if you heard about these lil details, but... did you know..:
-that Ennio Morricone inspired himself directly from the hyena's scream (its agressivity and energy) to create the music?
-That because Leone enjoyed giving much importance to music and action, the first text line starts after 10 minutes? (my type of movie, really!)
-that Clint's role is inspired by a Kurosawa's samourai hero?
-that Clint first refused to play in the movie! But he changed his mind quickly. A few weeks later he refused to play in Once Upon a time in the West.. (you can't play in all the good movies, can ya?)
-that the first title of the movie was "The Magnificent rogues"... not as guud, sure thing :)

Now we always refer to Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone as Gawds. But do you only know their face? (I did not till I looked for them today!)

Sergio Leone

Ennio Morricone

What about ewws? Do you enjoy Leone's movies? What are your favourite one(s) among, I dunno, My name is nobody, Once upon the time in the west, For a few dollars more, A fistful of dollars, etc...

I luved My Name is Nobody!

(just dreaming of lying down in front of tv with a fistful of dvds :P

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Summer' final magic touch

I've just remembered I had brought back with me (from Bretagne) a series of lil faeries! I had about 4 colours wiff me, almost no paper and really no time. I could not do more than lil faeries when I had 10 minutes for meself!

(phewww, it's so cool that holidays are over ;-)... no kiddin, I have more time now :P)

Sunny Faery (click here)

Grass Faery (click here)

A world full of weirdos

Funny quizz, thank you weird Mel', it was fun!

Spoiler: okies, I still wonder what weirdness there is between enjoying chocolate ice cream or vanilla one (lol), but I give a 20/20 to the genital herpes question, it was the very best!

You Are 50% Weird

Normal enough to know that you're weird...
But too damn weird to do anything about it!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

"I'd luv to see your pic!" ... "Only if u send me yours first!"

The other day I was surfing on my big fat mamas' specialized website, and someone posted a message like "let's tell how we met the papa of our baby"

I was curious. I thought, well, let's see if there's another one who met the man of her life via internet... hehe
There were zillions of answers (about 40)... and I fell from my chair when I saw 90% of the goils there had met their man on the internet!!!!

90% !!!!
The last 10% said they met their man in a club, at university or at a village's ball (lol, all that sounded like from another century, somehow...)

I met Martin back in 1998, we were ol' friends from chat (Penny's been following all that from the beginning! She was there too! Yeahhhh!!!)

Anyway, at the time, telling you've met someone on the Internet sounded really like worse than a "meeting club". LOL
So desperate that you even needed the devil "computer" to meet someone.

Of course, it's not the case. But the reputation of it was bad enough so that some of my relatives still don't know how I really met Martin!

And now I discover a website where women are going to be mamas and most of them telling they've met their man via the supaweb.
You just can't say the internet is less serious than anything when it comes to relations. We wale-ish goils are all a proof of it!


Looking into the mirror

I've just got a new questionary!... thank you (ermm, I guess ;-) miss lulu! :))

Okies, I will translate in my Frawnch-English way the basic rules of it (because, there are rules! Just answering questions is way too easy :P)

If you wanna answer this questionary on your blog, don't forget to remind these rules at the beginning:
1) Make a link to the person who sent you this questionary, to keep the thread alive, aliiiive :)
2) Ask yourself 5 to 10 questions, questions that you will chose yourself
3) It's forbidden to copy a question already used in the questionary of the person who sent it to you. Be creative (good luck :P)
4) Create a new rule that will have to be followed by all the new participants! Be very creative! (re-good luck!)
5) Ask at least 3 other blog writers to answer this questionary (trembling in your boots already, hm?)

1.What does really make you grmmphhhing?
-intolerance, specially from religious extremist and from people basically against religions
-waste of food vs starvation
-to earn somehow just enough to be refused finiancila helps, but not enough to not need them //oO\-people never smiling, the ones who do not have, you know, the smile wrinkles!!!
-that it's always women (often old ones) who give me their seat in public transport
-lack of time
-the price of shoes and make-up
-someone making terrible noise while eating (lol)

2.If you had a personnal chief at home, what menu would you ask him?
(I already have one!**~~*^* hehe)
The menu of my dreams (for today at least :P) would be...
Starter: (raw) Spain mussels and Bretagne's oysters
2nd starter (I don't have a cook everyday at home!): squid cooked in its ink
Main dish: a real paella
Cheese: smeely ones
Dessert: profiteroles, flan and melon (LOL! no comment!)
I will drink expensive champ' only, from the starter to the dessert (except with the cheese, I'd *need* red wine)

3.You've 50 euros in the pocket, that you MUST spend in the most frivolous way (hehe).. What do you buy? (you've to answer with a picture)

The only boots I can get for 49.90€ :-)

4.You'd be president, how would you spend the money of your generous citizens?
1) Health and Education
2) Social care, providing a "roof" to everybody
3) Make the income tax more simple. Like 10% of what you earn and no more weird calculation
4) Support to small biz and Environment
5) Free parking in Paris!

5.Which cinema hero would you have enjoyed interprating?
Ripley in Alien I guess (but not in Alien#3, shaving my head, you're kidding or what!)
Ripley in Alien #4 more specially...!
Or Jaws' shark (G)

6.What talent would you have liked to have?
Drawing like Juan Gimenez, writing like Stephen King, and composing music like Pink Floyd or Air.

7.Would you really sell your soul for anything?
To save the life of my beloved ones, yes. Of course. We would all do this.

8.Do you know your limits? Like how you would react in some extreme situations? (like you're on the Titanic, 4 people left including you, only one person can leave)
I've often wondered how courageous I'd be in extreme situations. And I have no idea, it's frightening. I hope I'd behave like the people I admire... but I guess you never can tell except when you confront such a situation.
About the titanic, I'm pregnant, I would leave and kick the bastards who try to stop me!!!! :P

9.What are the qualities you prefer with your friends?
(take notes please. kidding! hehe. You already have these qualities!)
-sense of humour
-mutual and unconditionnal support
-enjoying as much talking of soap operas (ermm) as death penalty
-share of advice without judgement
-just being *here* whatever happens

Okies, that's done! (bowing as graciously as a wale-ish one can do)

Before pointing my finger towards the *chosen ones* (be afraid, be very afraid)...

...Here's my new rule (as you have to create one each time you do this questionary):
I have to modify rule #3! That's my new rule: you can ask yourself any kind of questions you wanna, If they've already been asked and you wanna answer them, do as you want!!!:))

But I reckon it's been fun to create questions for oneself! Thank you again, miss lulu!

Now I pass the questionary to...
Penny,Martin, and Jenny

Thursday, August 18, 2005

An (electro) baby's born!!!

Believe it or not, some blogwriters do not post more than once a year (usually to wish a happy new year! lol)!


Yet, a single year's post is sometimes enough motivation to keep on with the blogging life.

And dat's why today, on a hot Parisian day (30°C), I jump on our building's roof to announce that..... Martin has just given birth to a new bloggie, a blog free of any rules (I prefer to warn you ;-)!
The baby's going well and the papa's celebrating his second post of the year (one in his old blog, one in the new)


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

35 euros

Our new challenge.
Since the beginning of August, we've started living with one salary.
And already spent pretty much for stuff for the arrival of the *mini-boy*!

I don't earn anything anymore at the moment, and we've made the choice to try living this way.
Why? Because I'm pregnant, first yes. But mainly because we want to give priorities to our life. And our family life is THE priority.
We chose to eat more pasta and less cheese, you see.

When Martins join after work, the time we have is dedicated to ourselves. Enjoying each other, playing with Lola, etc.
We don't want to run. We want time for each other, yes.
Not sure if it will work, it will require many sacrifices. But we wanna try.

And who knows, one day I might make money with my books and paintings. I won't give up!

(putting my hand in the pocket)
So, we get 35 euros left for the rest of the month.
Our new challenge.

:)**~~*^* *^^* ~~~* ^* * *~~*^* ~~ *^* *

On Candle's screen

Here are the last dvds I've watched. Some real surprises here, not what I expected except for spiderman and a very long engagement...

Really I thought it would be crap. And actually... not so much, I even enjoyed it pretty well! But as others said, no more than a M6 movie...
Halle Berry was pretty good in it, the first time I really noticed her as a *good* actress!

Mystic River
I thought this movie would be a jewl... but it was crap! (my opinion of course). Knowing it was a movie by Clint (Eastwood) was enough to make me enjoy it already...
I luuuved Clint's "High plains drifter", "Pale Rider", "Unforgiven" or "Space Cowboys", but this one... eeeeck! The topic is much worst than a M6 movie ;-). What a bad surprise.

Spiderman 2
Well, it's Spiderman, I could not expect anything really but Spiderman! Oh I had to watch it in French, and Gawd, there was a real comic effect with the way characters'names were pronounced: with a terrible American accent //oO\\. Too funny! The best part of the movie!

A la folie, pas du tout
Not my favourite type of movie, but interesting. In the first part of the movie you follow the main character, a young woman falling in love with her neighbour. You see how love makes her happy, etc.
Second part of the movie, you see the same scenes, but not from the lady's perspective. From the neighbour's perspective, and from a more objective point of view. And then only, in this second part, you discover the nightmare dressed as an obsessive woman.

Danny the dog
Hmm, I liked the poster of the movie I think. I had no idea about what to expect. I was disappointed. But I fell asleep before the end, so I can't really tell (Martin insists it was pretty good)

A very long engagement
I expected a good movie and it was. The main story isn't so exciting, but all the characters, the dialogues, the visuals, the colours, all the details are wonderful.
I can't wait for Jeunet's next movie!

The final countdown, between stress and Hapiness

I went to the hospital for the 7th month' visit yesterday and it went pretty well.
Well, except the fact I learnt last Friday (when I got some medical results) I had caught a nasty infection.
Not nasty for me, but for the baby. The baby can only caught it during the birth, which sounds stressful.
If it's not cured, it can be fatal for the baby.
I spent an awful Friday. Never felt so down.

Then I got reassured, as long as your infection has been determined, there should not be any problem. When the labour starts, I will get antibiotics, then the baby will have them and that will be enough to fight the infection.
Fewwwwww... still a bit stressing, but fewwwwwww nonetheless

Sometimes I think we would live more happily without knowing so much about our health. But I've realized it is very stoopid to say that. I thank Gawds for having discovered this infection in time!!!!!**~~*^* *

Anyway, about the rest, it went *sunnybabanas*!
The baby's going well, his head is already downward (but I think he moves so much that it can change again). I heard his heartbeats... the sweetest music **~~*^* *
The *lil door* is still very closed and this is such a relief!
The tests show no sign of diabetes (that can often appear during the pregnancy.
And the fattie detail, in 5 weeks I took 2,5 more kilos (at home it shows 4 kg, but nebermind!!).
That makes a total of 7 kilos in 7 months. Could be worse!

When I came back home I shared lots of bread and nutella with Lola to celebrate those 2 lil kilos! LOL

In less than 2 weeks, I will have my last baby scan, a few days later my 8th month' rendez-vous at the hospital.
I have also taken rendez-vous with the anaesthetist to be ready for the birth.
There are 2 months left, yeah, but you start to feel very well birth is just at the corner of next street!

I think I start trembling in my boots somehow, somewhere ;-)

7th month

Monday, August 15, 2005

Daily sweets

The other day, Penny wrote a supa blog about all what makes her feel *guuuud*.
It's just that when life isn't easy or when you never take the time to sit down and relax, you tend to forget all the lil pleasures that can make your day.

Soo here's my *lil pleasures* list... writing it down here just helps me to *see* how Life is simply beauDiful !

I feel good when...

Martin arrives from work on Friday evening
I don't have to cook
I sleep a full night without waking up
Martin offers to massage me
Lola tells me she loves me, just like that
Lola, Martin and I fall asleep on a weekend afternoon
I have time to read
I manage to drink my cawffee before it's cold
I open the door to discover one or two friendly postcards
I take care of meself, painting nails, massaging meself with perfumed creams, etc
I don't run out of time
Lola falls asleep in my arms
I finish a painting
I write a bloggie, just like now while Martin and Lola are playing and laughing hard
I start my day with a cawffee+milk and a hot pain-au-chocolat
Martin and I takes the time to play together
Martin and share a glass of wine and start with inspired talks
I wear lovely shoes and lovely ear-rings and lovely underwears (the 3 of dem go purrfectly together)
Martin talks to my belly
I get news from friends and relatives
I fall in love with a new music band
I can put music as loud as I wanna
I eat profiteroles or a banana split without feeling *baaaad* :P

And here I check that list and realize I've already got many lil pleasures today!
(dancing around**~~*^* *)

The 2 last *high season* postcards

I'm kinda happy we haven't made many pics, it would have been too much work for my lil postcards :P
For the relatives and friends who're not on the postcards, your turn will come, huh ;-)

click here

click here

Friday, August 12, 2005

Renovation in process (neee, still not into botox yet!)

I'm not sure it's a good idea to show you the pics of what we've done in the hobbit house during these 3 weeks.
The pictures do not reflect so well the amount of work, you see ;-)

Before anything, I wanna thank Markus, Jeremy, Patrick and Esox who more than helped us (anyone around to subscribe for next summer, hm?! :P)

Our days were wonderfully organized (bowing :P)
From about 8.00 am to 3.00pm, the courageous ones went to work on the house, and then the rest of the day, we could enjoyed some real holiday time (beach, etc).
Well, now I think of it, a good thing the weather wasn't that guuuuud! (phewwwwww even!)

Okies, so here are the results of liters of sweat and kilos of swallowed dust...

Each part is still "in process" so it's hard to show you the real beauDy of it... You've to get a *visionary soul* to imagine how it will be one day!

click here

Here Markus and Martin have installed stairs to go from the first floor to the second one. Stairs are one of the most expensive stuff if you ask a professional to make it. We decided to do it by ourselves when we saw on several professional quotations it costed about 3 000 euros!!!.
Next time, we have to install the handrail and to treat the wood. The stairs will be much darker.
Where you see the plastic piece under the stairs, we will make the toilets. Yup! hehe... We've to use every lil corner in the house if we want to make of it a palace!

click here

The dining room in process (be visionary, pulllease!). We've cleaned the walls partially to renovate the stones, and same for the chimney. Much much work has been done here.
Next step will be cleaning the stones (which have much paint on them, argg), cleaning the joints and making new ones. Then the ceiling, the floor, the chimney and other stairs to join the first floor.

click here

The chimney on the first floor. A purrfect example of what we mean by renovating the stones and the walls! We thought we'd call a professional again here because the chimney got many huge cracks that looked dangerous... But hey, what can stop us?! ;-)
We've learnt and repaired the cracks the proper way before renovating!
On the first pic, you see no ceiling, it was open to the roof (the old ceiling had just turned into dust). So again we decided to make by ourself the floor/ceiling (above will be our bedroom). It was very hard, because you've to dig into the stones to install the joists (ou solives, les petites poutres qui soutiennent le plancher).
In this room, there will be the puters, the paintings and bagpipe stuff, and sofa/beds for friends. We've to work on the floor next time, it's turning into dust too...

click here

Our bedroom! (and on the other side of the door, where the new stairs come, the kids' bedroom). There was no (more) floor, so we built a new one. I jumped on it and I'm still alive, so yeahh, it's great work!
We won't put a beauDiful wooden floor on top of it because we'll put fitted carpet there.
Next step here, the roof isolation and inside covering of it + renovation of the walls.

So much to do!

Anyway, now you know everything!
Sorry for the bad photos, next time we'll have sun and it will look pretty better!:)

Tower, Bonheur, Pleasure!

Yesterday evening, we spent a delicious evening in company of 2 *speschul* friends!

Yup, at the very last minute, Mel', Fennelin and the 3 of us decided to meet for an unexpected picnic at the feet of the Eiffel Tower :)

We could have gone in a more intimate place (lol, anywhere else was simply more *intimate*), but at the end it was just purrrfect, the tower had never been so beauDiful, Lola loved it, and we could spend a great time together (happy sigh)**~~*^* *

nothing wrong with your eyes here, but wanted to keep it anonymous enough ;-)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

A 7 months-old belly

Seven months already! Yeahhhhh!!!
The *mini-boy* is expected end of October, which sounds to me like in about a hundred years!

I feel heavy... but hell, I AM heavy! :P
No more cat walk for me, my balance is changing (the heaviest part isn't on the side of my bum anymore! True!) so I have to adapt to it.

And the bigger my belly gets, the more painful my back is. Oh that's about the most boring part, as soon as I lay down on a bed or sofa, I'm totally blocked, no need to tell you I spend wonderful nights!
Talking of nights, the *wild moments* are kinda forbidden now, they provoke contractions whatever effort you make (isn't that very unfair?!)

Then (singing the Who's *Acid Queen*) you get the stomach part, playing with acid stuff, you feel like it's burning inside. Yeahhhhhhhhhh!!!

Who wanna be preggie again?

And soon I won't be able to control meself anymore and will simply pee in my pants if you make me laugh (so please let's talk politics and religion only!).
When I sneeze, it's even worse and as you've noticed I catch a cold about every 2 weeks!

What else? Hmmmm... I can't go by car more than 30 minutes anymore (bad vibes from the car make nice lil contractions!) which make it impossible for me to go back to Bretagne before the end of times!

And the cherry on the cake is when you're in your 6th month and some woman come to you telling she was just like that at her 9th month! grmmppph!!!


There was a time when I wanted my pregnancy to last forever!!!... to enjoy it... and also for fear of suddenly getting overbusy with a new babe.
Now I've to thank Ma' Nature to make me getting over impatient to hold my baby!!!
hehe**~~*^* *

The *mini-boy* moves so much, I almost should make a film of my belly when he starts to play. You can see waves and mountains popping out of my belly (lol or almost) all the time.
I'm impressed! (lol he's kicking right now as if to agree with what I'm typing!). He moves much more than Lola used to do! And I have no fear playing with him (pushing him here and there when he kicks too hard, etc) hehe.
That is wunnnerful***~~^^* *~~~*^^* *

Oh, we have found a name for him!!! We've let Lola chosing between 2 names, 2 very different ones. So that's done, you will know it in a couple of months, I swear it! (lol, sorry for teasing)

The *mini-boy*'s weight is about 1kg300 for a size of about 36cm (my painful back confirms all that)
He takes about 200g everyweek now. He needs a lot of energy so no surprise I feel hungry again and tired again.
They say in the last 2 months, no chance to feel hyperactive again (I can't remember being hyperactive while being preggie anyway!). The last 2 months, you keep giving all your energy to the greedy lil angel.

The baby can recognize voices and music now. His eyes are now open and he can feel the differences of tastes according to what you eat.

(happy sigh)**~~*^* *

Next chapter: next week with another visit to the hospital.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

It's raining men? Not in Bretagne, I tell you!

Haaa summer in Paris, so many shops closed around, so few people in the streets, so many free parking place... soon I'll be convinced pollution is on vacation too!
Honestly, it's wonderful. The sun's shining hard, Life seems to be slower than usual, the vibes are warm.

The sea would be around, it would be heaven.

But you just can't have everything, can you?!
We could enjoy the seaside and countryside for 3 whole weeks. Too bad the sun wasn't much synchronized with our time there!
(having a jealous thought for Lithium who must be having the time of his life there... now it's warm and sunny! grrmmppphhhh)

Anyway, despite the rain, we jumped into the sea almost everyday (hey la Manche -the English Channel- at almost 20°C, that was something!). The sea. It was the only place where I did not feel like a whale, funny, no? :P

(by the way, Thorsten, if you read that blog, you've to gimme back very quickly the film you made of us all in swimsuits playing on the beach! You remember?! Or just burn it, ok? thank you! hehe)

Swimming with rain around is nice yeah (...), except that after a week I caught a fookin cold (yup, again...)! Just got rid of it a couple of days ago.
Ewwws nasty virus, now stay away from me, I'm gonna take my revenge very very soon!

That kinda spoiled my time there. Coughing like an oldie for hours, hardly sleeping. (why am I happy to be back in Paris, enjoying summer in the city? I wonder!)

Thank Gawd the fireplace is huge there and worked 70% of the time! :-)))

The family house was full with friends and relatives all the time, which was really kewl. The average was about 10 people. Martin's family, mine, friends from Germany, then from France.
I can run a castle now! If I can do it with a house full of people while being fully preggie, nothing's impossible!

It was fantabizooby to have so many visits. Much help with Lola and even more with the *hobbit house*, and definatly brilliantissima late evenings (if I forget the fact I only drank agua con gas! arggg)
I'll give ya details about the works in the house later, I promise:)

Now, raise your hands, who's been on holidays? who's enjoyed summer in the city? Both have their advantages, rilly! :P

the sun was there! Look at the waves glittering!

Anyway, Bretagne with or without sun is magic. Isn't it a land of pirates, fairies and happy souls after all?**~~*^* *^^* *

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I just could not stay away from Gulli any longer (roaaaar)! I came back to Paris 2 days ago, but could not find the time to sit down and relax with ewwws (sigh)

I have to recover from these holidays I tell you :P

Just to let you know, I'm doing well, even though I feel fookin exhausted. Before telling you more about these holidays and jumping into your blogs, I've a few exams to do (pregnancy stuff) and boring administrative papers to deal with (just lost some financial help, the most wonderful "after holidays" surprise :P)

Anyway, I'm RILLY happy to be around and can't wait to see all what happened in your bloggies!

Catch ya just a lil bit later :-)))**~~*^* *