Monday, October 31, 2005

Dancing with the Pumpkin King

I'd luuuuve to celebrate the day with all the required ingredients, but it might be a bit complicate...
The only thing I managed to achieve was that lil painting, and 2 other ones that I'll try to finish after this post (pulllllease Loup, if you might sleep another hour, that would be fantabizoobidy!)

Have a purrrfect *bloody* day ;-)

Trick o' Treat?

A taste of *real life*

Despite the tiredness, which I can hardly survive at the moment, I manage to enjoy a blessed moment on the weekend: breast-feeding my lil wolf while watching rugger!
It felt wonderful, simple pleasures might definatly be the best :P

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Just a quickie 'cause I'm exploring a new planet here!

Huggggles my friends!
And thank ewwws for all your lil messages below (happy happy sigh)

Martin made me laff with the "last minute update" blog below, what a great idea! What a real life blog! It's mine and I'm proud of it :P hehe **~~*^* **^^* *

I'm back here since a couple of days, but finding time to seat behind Gulliver is almost impossible!
The birth went wonderfully, I'd do it again anytime:
-losing waters at 9.00 on Friday, as you ALL know ;-)
-mom arriving at 9.30 to spend the night to keep Lola
-arriving at the hospital at 10.00
-a *dream team* of 4 specialists welcoming us in the birthroom
-awfully painful contractions at 10.30
-blessed epidural at 11.00
-baby ready to come at 2.15 am
-2.25 am: I start to push, without any pain, wonderful
-2.32 am: I'm holding Loup (to be pronounced as in "Lou" Reed)

A few hours later I could walk and felt really well.
I really insisted to go back home as soon as possible. As Loup had lost weight only for 1 day (which almost never happens! Usually they lose weight for a few days!) and as I was having lots of milk after 2 days, they let me go out.

I had missed so much Lola, I just had to be back home.
But it's now that I feel really tired, Lola wanting to spend much time with me, Loup wanting to eat every 2 hours, night and day.

Just a question of time now to get used to it ;-)

I'll be back in a couple of days
Wish me luck ;-)

Loup, 4 days old

Friday, October 21, 2005

last minute update

Candy is losing her waters
we are off to the hospital ---------> speeeeeeeddddd!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hurry up, get dressed and let's go party!

Just found on the excellent blog de Mel', a lil game for us goilz (but hey guys, you can play and show us your *halloween fantasy* :P)!
We may do not play barbie anymore (and don't swear you never did!), but this kind of lil game is a fine substitute ;-) hehe

Et hop, I forget I am a big fat seal and I suddenly dressed for Halloween!
Show me your treats now ;-)

Who wanna play the *Penny needs* game?

Penny has just found a funnyhappybananas lil game :P
Here are her rules:

Go into Google and type [-your name- needs] (without the brackets), and see what comes up when you hit search

Okies, so here's what I find when I type "Candy needs"

...Candy the horse, needs justice!
and I supporte her ok?!

...Candy needs a paper wrapper
gotta wear something to dress for xmas eve, or Halloween, depends how u see it! lol

...We can handle all of your Candy needs, no matter how big or small
but size DOES matter!

...Evil needs Candy too
I just can't be everywhere! ;-)

Then I looked for "Candy wants"

...Candy wants to know if the dream will become true
to hold my baby, lola and Martin for hours? soon, very soon!

...Madonna wants Candy
She isn't my type anymore!

...Candy wants to go home with you today
caressing my belly

...Candy wants to get pregnant of Roy, but is having an affair with Lonnie
Falling from chair! I swear I never played in Y&R!


Now your turn!!! :P

Jour J -11

The shrimpette is still actively fighting against her chickenpox..
And I check everyday if the lil spots start to disappear (when there are not anymore of them, no way the baby can get infected), but it takes time.

I'm physically not feeling on top of the world, I *know* the baby start to lack space in my belly, I feel it, and it is uncomfortable for both of us.
But we do the best we can, I haven't been outside for 4 days now (!!!!) because I did not want to risk the 5 floors.
But tomorrow I'll have to do it, nobody will be here to help me with the shrimpette and she simply has to go out to breathe fresh air!

When my mom comes to see me, she can't help telling I look really bigger from one day to the other! LOL
Thank you mama! But I fear she is right. I have to deal with it, I'm a cocoon for my *mini-mec*, my body is his protection for the moment, and that's what matters :-))))

As for Lola, she's never asked for me so much, there have been no way I could let her to her grand-ma. So I'm here for her, doing all what I can.

I'll get my blood results for chickenpox on Friday...a week to get them! a waste of money because it will be too late in any case.

Anyway, I've never felt so much as a warior-mama as I am right now! Dealing with Lola's infection, still working on Herman's project, being ready to give birth, still taking care of all what I can at home, etc...
No doubt I'm winning a kind of new strength at the moment... thanx to my angels !**~~*^* *^^* *

Joe's planet is fine but...

...but there's something wrong.

It's been ages I've talked of Joe in here. He's been doing well, asking 20 times a day for food, sleeping the rest of the time, having to accept Lola's lil lies "Mama, Joe has just bitten me! Mama, joe has scratched me!!!".. etc, a sweet routine for him.

Till a few days ago when we felt something we knew already on the side of left hip.
THE tumour.
Fooking tumour.
It is back, not even two years after his operation and chemotherapy!!!!! :((((
Well, I should not be that surprised, the veterinary had warned us.
But shit. This time, no way they can remove it because he simply does not have enough flesh and muscle anymore there.

So I'm a bit in the fog with that. He does not suffer at all for the moment, and the tumour is very small.
Medicine won't help him anymore, or make him awfully weak. He's had enough of that.

He's 13 now, which is old, but he's a baby to me!
Well, we're going to wait & see, we do not have much choice now.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Full moon over Paris

It's quiet outside, not even a cat on the roofs!
The moon is really full and I'm holding my breath, sitting tight, hoping my contractions will calm down as usual :)

How's the moon on your side of the planet? How's your mood?

I'm off to relax and enjoy the zenitude of our round and bright guest **~~*^* *
night night, my friends :)

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Life's too short to drink bad wine!

and the Gawds have decided to make of this day another warm and sunny and inspiring one! Weeeeee!!!:)))

My day hasn't started as I expected (like stressing at 4.00am, trying to calm down Lola), but then if I think of it...

it's the weekend, the sun's shining, the Elements are not rebelling in this part of the planet, Lola's calming down in front of Clifford, and I'm going to lie down most of the afternoon.

Life's beauDifull too. Sometimes. Most of the time!

chickenpox vs newborn baby

VoilĂ , Lola has just caught a nasty chickenpox, which was excatly what she and I needed right now.

It can be very dangerous for a new born baby. And for the pregnant woman, the worst time to catch it during the pregnancy is within the 3 weeks before the birth.

I think I've caught it already when I was a kid, but I'm not sure. I've just made a blood test but I'll get the result in 5 days only. Till then, I've had time to catch it too.

Oh fook.
And my poor shrimpette needs me all the time while I do my best to keep some distance.
And I can't sleep at night, hearing her feeling pain. And I'm frustrated that it happens now!

I called the hospital emergency yesterday to tell them about it.
They called me back 20 minutes later, telling they cancelled all the rendez-vous with me next week and that they will not activate the birth.
They now ask me to be very careful and wait for very last minute with the birth.

Because the most dangerous for the baby would be to be in contact with that chickenpox. Via meself during the delivery or via Lola or Martin (who's never caught it when younger).
Lola won't be allowed probably to come to the hospital to meet her lil bro and if she's still infected when we come back home, she will have to go to her grand-parents.

That really kills me... for the possible danger for the baby, for Lola who needs us, and for all I expected from the birth: having my 2 angels around me, in health and with no stress.

Anyway, I just have to wait and see now.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Back from hospital, Jour J-17, -5, -7?

Thanx to Lola, who will not sleep this afternoon, I have time to relax on the computer (but Gawd, I need sleep right now, if you only knew!)

So, I'm back from the hospital, where my midwife (sage-femme) turned into a very male-ish version today. She's been replaced by this new "midwife" (he calls himself this way), and that was not the most comfortable surprise (lol): he's in his early 30s, Baywatch type, with a very white smile. I'm more into female gynos or ugly male-ish ones! (laughing)
He was professional, nice and careful, that was the main point :P

Anyway, the baby and I are doing well.
But the baby, being apparently quite big, starts to lack room in my belly, so I have another rendez-vous on monday morning (full moon on Monday! haha!) in the emergency part of the hospital to check how's my cervix. If it's ready enough or not. If it's ready, then they will *motivate* the labour on the next days.

Sooooo, I feel like I'm going to plan the most lazy fo the weekends! hehe
All that is exciting, A new chapter's about to start, I'll let you know on Monday about it, of course... if not before! :P

Mom? What is there all over your face?

Eeeeeck (sense of panic ON)

"Hmmm, on my face?"
"yuss mom, all these lil points!!!"
"oh you mean my freckles? It's nice, don't you like them?"
"no mom, it's not nice!!! we'll ask papa tonight to help you making them disappear"

I got used with Lola finding me BIG, but now that! What's next ;-)

How many candles? :P

If someone was not to forget Jack's birthday today, it had to be me ;-)
Joyeux anniversaire, amigo mio!!!
Here's your lil present (and watch out, the goils here really bite ;-)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Broken Heart

I think I talked of Julia here a couple of years ago...
Julia is an adorable sheep, a mama sheep actually. She lives in Bretagne, she's not ours, but she lives in front of the family house there.
Every year she gets preggie and usually give birth to one or two lambs.
She keeps her babies a few months, then... the lambs are sent to a butcher so that he can *prepare* them :-(

Well, I eat meat but could never eat Julia's babies of course! It's all different to me when you *know* them.

Anyway, on last Spring, Julia's had a new baby.

And a few days ago, the most horrible thing happened to Julia (I've been told about it, I was not there).
The butcher came to *take care* of the baby, I thought he would have taken the lamb in his van and do his job once back. But nenene, he *took* care* of Julia's baby in front of ... Julia!!!!!!!!!

The poor Julia saw her baby being killed just in front of her!
The neighbours realized that when suddenly they heard horrible screams from a crazy Julia who was desperatly running everywhere.

THAT really broke my heart.
You have to be a human being to do such a thing, I guess. Because human beings are *aware* of what they do, because they have the choice. What a shame!

(Jour J-18) Today I feel like


I'm still big, round, fat, huge, heavy but... alive!

My ribs seems to hesitate between the usual vertical position and the horizontal one, bloody painful!
My whole body aches specially when the evening comes, and I must say I don't remember too well what it feels to wake up without feeling like knives in the back and a belly as hard as big rock.
But the *mini-boy* seems to love it inside, he moves and moves again more than ever!
So, being already a careful-loving-patient mama, I'll wait till my petit monsieur feels ready ;-) (but hurry up, boy!)

Tomorrow, another jump to the hospital though. I can't wait to hear how it's going *inside* :)

Monday, October 10, 2005

Birthday postcard

When Autumn is that warm and that sunny, you just wanna thank the Gawds and enjoy every bit of it (happy sigh)
We've had a wonderful day with a very happy Lola... dat's all I wanted :-)**~~*^* * **^* *

click here

pssst: in case you've missed a previous bloggie, I found the cake's idea on Alix' blog :)


What is it with the news here on the weekend who kept talking about fookin footie even before talking about what's happening in Pakistan...!
But when something happens in the western side of the planet, now that's all different.


Sunday, October 09, 2005


Shrimpette de mon coeur, I love you my baby d'Amouuuuur
Happy (3rd) birthday to ewww**~~*^* * *^^* *

Friday, October 07, 2005

The magic of the geoloc map

Even after one year using it, I still love it when I see my lil geoloc map "flashing", specially like right now, I just *noooooooe* miss lulu and Penny are around (or have just been around)!
What about a cup of catweewee with me, girls! :P (I'm sick, remember, can't have anything else, sowwwwy ;-)


Hey, girrrrrls, the new edition is available!!! Woooo ooooo
Ok, in the last famous rugbymen's calendars, I did not enjoy ALL the pics, but some were fookin funny, and many others were hmm rilly *guuuuuud*, artistically speaking naturally!

I've no idea about this new edition, and I won't know really except if ol' Santa hears me (hey, I've been a good goil you know!)

Anyway that reminds me Autumn is the beginning here for the rugger's new season!
Even Lola loves rugger already (and footie too... SIGH!)

Message to miss Alix

We've took our final decision: we're gonna pirating your lil princess' birthday cake for Lola's birthday!
It looked too too kewl, Martin and Lola will have fun making it ;-)
Thank you for the idea! :P

Madame Pliz: investigation part 1

My neighbour is neither Madonna nor Monica Bellucci, but in her way she's a kind of legend too (ermm in France only)!
I think Madame Pliz, Marie-Pierre Casey, lives just near. Two times I've faced her.

I thought she had passed away a few years ago (eeeck), bu I'm investigating to be sure!
What a scoop if it would be 1) Madame Pliz + 2) in the shape of a ghost ;-)
I'll let you know...(s)

Thursday, October 06, 2005

(Jour J -24) Today I feel like

shit that ...

(yuss I'm too good with photoshop, I knowww :P)

No, I feel actually much worse than this panda who seems quite relaxed after all!
My belly skin's stretching so much that it hurts now, our *mini-mec* keeps punching in my ribs (at least I KNOW he moves a lot :P), I need 5 minutes before starting to walk because of my back-ache and yeahhhh I've caught that bloody cold which makes me feel I'm gonna push my lil treasure out everytime I sneeze!

Ok, you just can't feel on top of the world everyday, huh :P
Now which me luck, I've to cook the whole day for 27 kids who've planned to celebrate Lola's birthday (in advance) at school tomorrow!

Monday, October 03, 2005

the 10 *blog-commandments*

1. 'You shall not speak about religion'

2. 'You shall not speak about politics'

3. 'You shall not expose your boobies or/and bollocks without being ready to have fun with pervs'

4. 'Remember your jokes can make you laugh, but sometimes you only and nobody else'
(I know that too well!)

5. 'Honor your visitors by answering their comments'

6. 'You shall not despise people's opinions'

7. 'You shall post a bloggie every 2 days, no less'

8. 'You can't expect visits if you never visit other blogs yourself'

9. 'You shall not bear false statements against your blog-neighbours, but gossips are not that bad!'

10. 'Forget at least, hmmm, 7 of these commandments (you chose which ;-), it's YOUR blog and you do whatever you want with it' :P


Well, it is NOT a good idea to take your child to the doc telling him/her We go to the doc, and the injection will be quick and fine, I promise!
We had to be 3 to hold Lola!
10 more minutes and I'd have lost my waters there!

Petit Jeu

Mel' has just had the good idea to make me look into 4 years of archives to find 1 sentence! Thank eww, miss :P
Okies, it's a lil blog game, here are the rules: your archives
2.find the 23rd bloggie you've written
3.take the 5th sentence of this bloggie
4.putit on your blog, include these 5 rules
5.ask 5 people that you like to do the same

Okies, my sentence was:

"Isn't life BeauDiful !!"

I was talking about rugby ... lol
Useful sentence that I could use just right now!

I won't chose 5 people (your lucky day Martin, it would be difficult to find your "23rd" post :P), but if you wanna do it, lemme know, I'm curious :)

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Waiting for new movies, tapping foot!

Autumn's gonna be a wonderful time, for many reasons, including the arrival here in France of 5 movies I rilly don't want to miss.

the Corpse Bride

... Because it's said to be close to Edward scissorhands and The Nightmare before Xmas (faint)

the Brothers Grimm

...Because it's a Terry Gilliam's film! I luuuve most of the movies he did. And I'll watch this new one... despite Matt Damon (nods)

Harry Potter and the goblet of fire

...Because, no it was not my fav' book, but the movie trailer makes me drool already!

Wallace & Gromit : the curse of the wereabbit

...Because we're fan of this team!

King Kong

...Because of Bad Taste, Braindead and the 3 LOTR... because of Peter Jackson's talent, who else could make me wanna watch something like King Kong, huh!

9th month, countdown: jour J -30

Done! I'm back from my 9th rendez-vous with the gyno.
So, yes I can confirm I'm a whale, despite only +10 kgs since the beginning. But the weight does not seem to be a problem for anyone at the hospital except for me and other preggie mamas! lol

fully preggie!

I've told the gyno I've had a lot of contractions lately and that my belly was *hard* as a stone most of the time. I wondered if all that was a probbie and if it was painful for the baby...
She said "not at all". Then she added that the main point (besides losing waters or having painful contractions) is now to check regularly for the baby's movements.
I must feel him moving regularly, at least once, every 4, 5 hours. If not, I have to "wake him up", and if he does not answer I've to rush to the hospital (rushing? lol).

Now for a real piece of news (sorry guys, but for us, goils, pregnancy means also such details), the cervix has just started to open, the gyno could feel just a lil bit the head of the baby there!!!
(falling from chair)

I asked her then how long she thinks before the baby wanna go out, and she said about hmmm ... anytime actually, but she thinks I can get 2 other weeks, maybe more if I'm very careful.

I answered with a big PHEWWWWWW and told her I just wanna wait to celebrate Lola's birthday! :)

That's it for the moment, I guess I'll need to share my (positive!) stress in the next days.