Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Mes Loulous de Novembre

(yup another bloggie on my lil devils!)

Just a postcard that tells everything. Lola is being the very best sister with her lil bro. She's so patient and careful and loving.
Even when Loup screams and roars like, well, a tigerwolf, she asks if she can hold him and sing him a song to calm him down. So much love in my shrimpette, and no sign of jalousy at all! **~~*^* * *

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First snow in Paris

... and I forgot my camera!
tssss... very *unprofessionnal* for a blogwriter ;-)

Too bad because when we went to chose a Xmas tree on Saturday, it was snowing hard and Lola was just crazy with it! Another "lil house on the prairie"'s episode, I tell you (happy sigh).

We're a bit in advance with the Xmas tree (as usual, huh), but Lola was expecting it so much and we thought it would be a purrrfect occupation for a whole afternoon, yeahhh!!!

And finally, despite very short nights and many cries from the lil wolf (how can such a lil one can scream so much!!!!), we had a great weekend, with Nim's visit as the cherry on the cake!

And now the week has started, I realize I've never been so busy than right now with my 2 loulous. Which makes my days very alive!! :)
But I worry a bit for the illustration work I have to do... when will I find the time, I really wonder. That stresses me a bit.
Anyway, I'll grab any free minute to do it and will finally relax once it's done!

The French Post, really....!!!

Found on miss Lulu's blog, here's what the crystal ball told me today :P

What does your future hold?

You will find a love letter addressed to yourself that was written 20 years ago

Take this quiz

If the crystal ball next time could mention a lil boy making his nights soon, THAT would make my day!

Friday, November 25, 2005

What Loup does not like...

...,at all, is when I start laughing when he's stuck to my boob! Oh that makes him pretty angry I can tell you!

And here are the (cheap) reasons why I did laugh. Maybe you already know these lil videos... personnally I do not need much more to laugh to tears. That's almost sad, isn't it? But hell, I'm that way too :)

video #1: Xena's riding

video #2: Watch your feet!

video #3: Birthday surprise

video #4: the copy machine


Cold feet' season

Yup, the cold feet' season has just started!

My ass is freezin down here and I find it appropriate to insist that summer's heat feels much much beDer (gimme 8 months, and I'll change my mind again :P)

Here's what we expect in the next days (though the sky is wonderfully blooooe this morning)

Snow, we expect snow. Lola's excited, while I wonder how long i can stay outside carrying my lil wolf against my stomach. The temperature isn't motivating at all, despite thick sox!

So I'm going to experiment a *desperate housewives* typical hobby: joining another mama later (she's American and definatly very kewl, we get on very well) to share a guuud cawffee and maybe watch some kind of funny video, and share gossips -naturally-, while our 4 kids will live their life around us.
Winter isn't so appropriate for kids... and worse for mamas who've to entertain their devils all day!

Then on the weekend, we've the most exciting plans... absobloodilutely purrrfect for such a winter time, including...
...finding a xmas tree, hoping this will make Lola busy for most of the weekend
...watching a probably fookin guuuud rugger game tomorrow (france/south africa)
...maybe having one or 2 hours for meself again, who knows!
...oh and expecting Nim's visit on Sunday!

Warm touches on a frozen time!

What age do you act?

You Are 26 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

What Age Do You Act?

hmmm...I wish I was also a bit "under 12", dat's the way I really try to look at the world :-)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

4 Non-Blonds

Find X

il est là = x is here

Yup that makes me laff! So what? :P

Winter Loup

Loup is 1 month-old today, yeahhhhh!!!!
He's doing really well: eating-sleeping-crying :-)

And even if last night I slept 4 hours, i do not feel as tired as i was a few days ago...

So no he's not making his nights, only *ours* ;-), but we're getting used to it, which is a relief.

okies, i'm typing with one hand (Loup's eating), so i just make it short today!
have a fookin guuud one :-)

Saturday, November 19, 2005

60 minutes for meself

Martin has just left with Lola and Loup for a huge hour!

Thank you, Martin, thank you so much!!!! :-)**~~*^* * *^^* *

A month I have not been alone with meself for a minute! It sounds like Heaven!
Ok.. fine music's on but... I've to decide... whether I just glandouille and relax, or I use the time to clean the flat as I suggested (told you I was a desperate housewife! :P). Argggg.

Don't I look tired enough?! LOL

I'll enjoy the music ANYWAY!

Feeling more than supportive with blonddies

I warn you, the quizz here is stoopid! But what could you expect! :P

I'm am .....

..... 50% BLONDE!!!
You're a sorta average blonde. You're not totally
ditzy, but you're not really clever either!

brought to you by Quizilla

I'm a Desperate Susan

I guess, for those who know, it would be much more worrying to be a Bree or an Eddie!

Congratulations! you're Susan!

Who are you most like on Desperate Housewives??
brought to you by Quizilla=

and you can also try it here

Me tragic one

First lil quizz of the day, found on Mel's blog! Yeeepeeeee!!!


To which race of Middle Earth do you belong?
brought to you by Quizilla

Oh hmmm, ermmm, gotta check who these Numenorean are rilly, I just can't remember... fookin memory!

Haaa here we go: Numenor is a fictional location in Middle-Earth of the Lord of the Rings. It was essentially Tolkien's version of Atlantis. In the Quenya language of the Elves, it meant "West-land". The story of the creation and downfall of Numenor offers some insights into the fascinating universe created by Tolkien. Elendil, his sons and a few followers escaped from Numenor before its downfall and established the realms of Arnor and Gondor. This line eventually gave rise to Aragorn, son of Arathorn, who was a central figure in the final battle of the ring in the Third Age

Well, that simply means I'm somehow linked to Aragorn, hey! How does that sound, huh! :P

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Following Jack's advice, we finally watched the whole father Ted series.
On a lil Irish island, 3 catholic priests live together. 3 catholic priests which are hilarious caricatures of the catholic religion. Very very funny! We luuuved it!

We bought the first season some time ago in UK (hoping to re-sell it at a guuud price here), but we had doubt we'd enjoy it really. So we reluctantly started watching it. Got addicted. I can tell you we had huge laffs in the middle of the night (while feeding Loup) in front of the gang of desperate housewives! The best series we've seen since ages!

"The life aquatic with Steve Zissou", the title was too tempting. An original movie, yes. But I wasn't caught by its magic. Forgot it as soon as I watched it.

It was a good movie, Di Caprio is brilliant (again, no kidding) and Scorcese did a great job, as usual. It's a real show! But... the movie is a bit too purrfect, I wish there had been more emotions maybe, dunno.

After having seen the first images of Colin Farrell as a blondie, I feared the worst.
And I was right!
Oliver Stone made a real bad job this time, he just seemed to forget what was interesting in Alexander's personnality and what was not. Same for the plot. Each time something started to tease the spectator's curiosity, the movie just jumped to another part. Very disappointing!
And the narration was terribly bad, and the backgrounds worst than in the hilarious 1960's peplums, and the actors... Angelina Jolie and her Russian accent, ridiculous, same with Val Kilmer...
As for Colin Farrell, I dunno, but something in him touched me though. I still can't put the finger on *what* really (OMG! fainting! ;-), but I'll let you know when I find :P

When you see Alexander just before, you are almost forced to enjoy Troy! So, I did :P ... in the way I expected the worst of worst movies, but... it was fine! No, really fine!
And a pleasure to find there Peter O' Tool and Sean Bean... without talking of Brad Pitt! Brad in skirt, Brad nekkid, Brad in skirt, Brad nekkid. What a sight! hehe... Martin found that for a Achilles, he lacks muscles... LOL! I insisted muscles were not just *everything* :P

Now, I'm waiting for any suggestion with dvds... What shall we watch next??!

Rock-a-bye baby , on the tree top...

Lucky me! I've got another inspired gift! And this time from the hard working (s) Mel'!

Thank you goil, hehehe, this is indeed very me at the moment!!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Penny Sillan on the moon

If my memory isn't too disconnected (hahum), I won't be ridiculous if I jump on my purp' sofa to sing the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY to Miz Penny Sillan, the most *wonderful* Aussie creature (and there are a LOT of them overthere) that I know!

We've known each other since, Gawd, I can't remember... 7, 8 years?!!!
Did you know, Penny, that the first time I saw your handle online I imagined you dressed as a nurse, but not a nurse in a Jack's way ;-), neeee a nurse who always said the *right* word at the most appropriate moment! I wasn't far at all from the truth :P

And on that full moon day, I wish you a kazillion of happy vibes for the next year to come!
MwaaaaaaaaaaaaMwaaaaaaaaa!!!!! ****~~~**^**** ^^*~~~** *

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psssshhhhiiiit: sowwwy for republishing this post about a hundred times, I just could not get the right code for the image! I need to sleep!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

GMTA !!!

Yesterday I've received a real adorable gift from Nimwendil :

click here

... this was a kind of "double" surprise, because guess what I had drawn for Loup's birthcards a month ago???
(and I've to insist that Nim' had never seen that drawing of mine! ...) :

click here

I was just stuck to my chair when I saw how close the 2 drawings were!
I mean, you can draw a wolf in this or that situation about a zillion different ways!! ... and see what I and Nim' did!

Very revealing, me thinks :P
Good taste (for many things, music, paintings, books, beverages, etc), great ideas, and a unique talent! hehehe ;-)

(yeah my ego is doing pretty ok today ;-)

I will survive! :P

Go, go, Candy! You've 30 minutes to blog today, no more!

If my lil wolf did not require to eat every 3 hours, night and day, I'd certainly have more time.
I'm still not used to get up at midnight, 3.00 am then 6.00 am. Count 1 hour each time to feed him and put him back to bed.

I try not looking too often at the red-haired zombie making faces in the mirror and I try to relax a bit in the mornings, when Lola is at school :)
(tomorrow's my nightmare, no school for Lola... that means, not a minute for meself!)

Everybody tells me I'll forget soon how hard it is taking care of a new born babe.
I've not forgotten how painful contractions are, so far ;-)
And I'm not about to forget how busy life has turned since 3 weeks :P

If I wanna 3 kids? LOL
Good joke ;-)

...but hey, you can be sure we're the happiest here! That's the wonderful paradox :-)***~~*^* * ^^*^* *~~*^* *

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Over there, the Sun's shining *hard* :-)

Yussss, Etolane and Juan's babygoilette is born!!!!

I could just *feel* it when I try to call the *mama* several times 2 days ago. But nobody was there.
The only time in 3 weeks I could call and it was just too late! My luck!

Nowwww... I really can't wait to get all the details about the adorable Lily-Soleil!!!!
... and I wish already a fantabizoobidy beginning of *new life* to the papa and the mama!

(On that note, i'll have just a drop of shining beer ;-) to celebrate that... hey, they say it's good to make milk!)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

ChallengeS!!! (part 1)

Finally, I've taken the time to do this new list thingie, found a few weeks ago on Romuald's bloggie, originally an idea from Triplux :-)

The Mission:
Complete 101 present tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

(rolling up sleeves, here we go....!)

01.helping Loup to make his nights (ermm in far less than 1001 days! lol)
02.ordering 12 bottles of champ' for speschul occasions
03.being able to tell jokes in German (hahum)
04.visiting Penny in Oz, despite the sharks and snakes !!!
05.visiting Etolane in Quebec, despite the bibittes
06.finishing the biggest works in our Hobbit House
07.having a real dining-room or living-room to welcome friends
08.playing tarot like during my lazy students' years
09.going to Hamburg at least once a year for party time
10.visiting Marine in London, despite the fish & ships
11.improving my painting style
12.having time to read a book when I want
13.finishing my new painting website
14.enjoying mead with Romuald and his lil family in Bretagne
15.joining Mel' for a Paris-carnet
16.making regular massages to Martin (what he did to me for 9 months!)
17.losing all the extra-kilos I've got during my pregnancy
18.wearing more sexy stuff again
19.finalising an auction on ebay
20.reselling at a very good price the excellent first season of Desperate Housewives
21.making it possible for my 2 *babies* to sleep peacefully in the same bedroom
22.learning how to tame photoshop from a to z, then starting with Flash
23.getting as good as martin with the sewing machine
24.making our medieval costumes for Dinan's fiesta on next summer
25.riding horses along with Eva and Lola
26.making a trip with Martin to Ireland, without the kids :P
27.getting used to type or tell "the kidS" :-)))
28.living in more than 55 square meters
29.listening at Depeche Mode and Kate Bush's new albums
30.reading all the second-hand Titeuf comics we've just ordered
31.finding a way to be better at multitasking
32.sharing a good glass of wine very soon with Esox, and a pint with Nim'
33.having my 3 new crowns done and paid...2100 euros!!!!! fooking teef!
34.watching ASAP Desperate housewives's season 2
35.finding a way to look fresh again, I'm being such a Zombie
36.visiting Tammo and his lil family over the pond
37.trying to paint something with that new Indian Ink I've just bought
38.being a beDer housewife, less desperate ;-), so that Martin can relax when back home
39.getting a new tattoo, probably a chinese buDerfly on the back, between my 2 dragons
40.making sure Martin won't get a Johny Halliday's type of tattoo (eeeeck), he wants a wolf :-)
41.visiting Michele's mama, who lives near San Francisco, we're welcome there! yaaaayyy!
42.keeping writing this blog as often as possible
43.organizing a kind of video cession via skype with the DHN gang
44.not being stressed anymore while driving
45.saving enough money for a real guuuud camera
46.making the most beauDiful, and cheapest, presents for Xmas
47.learning again how to use with at least 3cm heels's shoes, while running after kids
48.finishing the 50th point here before running to take Lola at school
49.no more time!!!
50.Argggg, I'm offfff....wooooooshhhhh

Cry, baby, cry

Awww, like every morning since a few days, I have to enjoy about 2 hours of non stop cries from our lil wolf.
He just wanna eat again and again, and I can't produce milk that quickly!!!

So I let him cry, hoping he will fall asleep at some point.
But no, he never stops. It breaks a lil bit my heart, and much more my ears (s)

And I try to *blog* right now, hoping to stop "hearing" the cries.
And what do I blog about???!!!


Sunday, November 06, 2005


We've just reached another step in the realm of tiredness!!!

Yesterday, both Martin and I fell asleep in front of (running under the table, blushing)... rugger!!!!

nods, nods!!!!

Worse, in front of a French-Auzzie match which was being really *guuuuuuuuuuuuud*!
I just could not believe this happened to me!

My pumpkin Queen

Yesterday my lil pumpkin Queen decided it was time to write to ol' Santa Claus (Nebber too early, right?)

What do you think she'd ask for Xmas?
She asks for... a letter from the Old Man and nothing else!
And then, as she finds him REALLY...*RILLY* nice, she wanna us to make shopping to find the *right* presents for him.

(happy smile)**~~*^* *

(btw: what do you think Santa would enjoy, huh?)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween Parade, parts 1 & 2

How can you trooly celebrate Halloween in just one tiny day?!!!
Well, I could not, so I'm still into it with 2 very fresh new paintings. The originals are pretty big, so you won't get the details on the screen. Frustrating for me! :)

click here

click here

Birth Postcard

I stoopidely look at my arms everyday to check I still get the huge bruises caused by the needles during the birth (first times, the nurse did it wrong, so I have a very *marked* right arm).
I just don't want the bruises to disappear, they make the birth still alive, you know? Yuss, told you, dat's stoopid :)

I've finally gathered a few *not too chocking* photos of the birth. The quality isn't good, we never used the flash.
Ohhh sweet memories of such a wonderful *moment*!
I find that Loup has never looked like a wrinkled redish new-born baby, no, he just arrived as an angel! (smiling)... the eyes of Love are talking here, every parent will tell you the same**~~*^* *^^* *

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Message to *big and beauDiful* preggie goils around

I've finally decided to jump onto the scales to check how it's been since the birth...
And, tadaaaaa... -10 kilos in 9 days! Ohh, not too bad!

Sooooooo, that confirms we should not worry for kilos when we're preggie. The birth adds its magic on that respect too ;-)