Saturday, February 25, 2006

My turn!

Catching the thread Alix and Etolane sent me (thank you gals! hehe), before I'm the last one to answer the *4x4 questionary* ;-)

4 jobs I've done:
-selling computers's stuff when computers where big heavy slow machines
-marine equipment buyer (boat propellers have no secrets for me)
-book illustrator
-translator for Amnesty International

4 movies I can watch again and again:
-Sans peur et sans reproche
-The good, the bad, the ugly
-The nightmare before Xmas
-Alien 1,2,3 & 4

4 places where I'd rather be right now:
-I'm quite happy in here right now!
-on our way to the airport with tickets to Canada, Oz, Finland, Ireland and Scotland.
-in a 5 rooms flat were my neighbours would be my closest friends
-in the desert, watching the sun rising

4 places where I've lived:
-Paris 17th arrondissement
-Paris 15th arrondissement

4 places where I've spent holidays:
-very often on a boat, great trips to Spain and South England
-Normandie, during 15 years on summertime (till I realized that even Bretegane was sunnier ;-)

4 tv shows I enjoy:
-Lucky Luke

4 dishes or type of food I really enjoy:

4 websites I often visit:
-Yahoo music
-Gals Talk, have I ever mention anything about it? hehe

4 blogwriters who are happily invited to answer this questionnary
-Mean Maude
-Jenny, just because I know she's lots of free time at the moment ;-)

Delightful & Magical

From 2 different but very serious sources (waving at Toï), the last Depeche Mode's concerts (that just happened this week) were fantastic!

There are not many bands I wanna see again and again on stage, but DM is definatly one of dem.
And we've missed dem again! Booooo oooooooooo

Thursday, February 23, 2006

New saying of the day

Should be easier to use than the previous one ;-)

As confused as a hungry baby in a topless bar!

And to illustrate these words, my kind of topless that I dedicate to Alix and Etolane of course!
(psshhhit... the questionary is ALMOST done :-)

For better or for worse

First painting of a new series I've started with the bride and his strange lil groom as main characters.
The idea is that they're not made for each other apparently. I wanna explore in my cartoonish way some wedding's scenes :)

click here

Futur baratineur

Loup is now 4 months old! Yeahhhh (sorry but with a new-born child, each day, each week, each month is important!)

(dancing around, while carrying my big boy **~~*^* *)

He changes a lot from a month to another... he's very awake now, asking to play all day long (sleeping ONLY 20 minutes in the morning and 20 again in the afternoon!).
He also laughs a lot when I carry him while running after Lola, I think he's already really fond of his big sister (happy sigh**~~*^* *)

It's getting more difficult to put him to bed, he does not fall asleep just like that anymore (sigh). And he still wakes up at 4.00am for a big bottle of milk! (I've stopped breastfeeding, very naturally, he just got used to milk bottles).
I'll get more details next week at the doc (size, weight, etc).

Et voilà mon petit baratineur (en tous cas je trouve qu'il en a la bouille :P):

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Oh it feels bloody kewl to have time to relax on Blogger!
I've been so busy!
-busy with the devils
-busy with a (just finished) painting
-busy multitasking with everyday life
... and busy spending great time in forums...yup yup! 2 major forums including the absobloodilety fantastic Gals Talk of course (you haven't joined us yet? Hurry up, we're just waiting for you, and youuu yes, and youuuuuu over there hiding behind the door!)

... and busy too watching ice skating (lol, yeah I know what you all think about ice skating!), got a Bolero overdose by the way!

See, I just could not find a min to sit down and relax on here.. till now!
Phewwwwwwww :-)

Saying of the day

(to be used in some kind of posh conversation)

As tight as a Camels arse in a sand-storm

lol, I luve it!

Riders on the storm: new generation

The holidays are over but I know two lil ones who won't forget them so easily!
You could not imagine a better place to learn how to ride horses. An old farm, surrounded by green fields and very close to the river :-)

Lola and her cousin Eva have got addicted to the place and its inhabitants ;-)
And since their grand-ma has offered them as many "horses holidays" as they want, I think we'll hear about poneys and horses for the next 10 years! lol

But that's kewl, great sport with many qualities behind it (nods, nods)

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Back to 1969

Lola and I have been waiting the whole week for today...

...Only 10 hours to prepare everything for Martin's birthday tonight... (I could not do anything before because Lola just can't keep any secret! On Monday she started with "Oh Papa, I have a secret about your birthday, but you MUST NOT repeat it ok?"


Our first lil present will be to accept for ONE evening only to listen to ACDC and Mötorhead.. if that is not a proof of Love, huh... ;-)

ya sexy thing

(laffin, sowwwy)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Gals Talk

Sowwy guys, this is a goily bloggie, soooo... why not having a Bud and watch tv, hm?
(hehe, tsss, you know me, I'd happily share the Bud)

Ok, let's make it simple:

2 friends of mine, ol' and new friends, have just made one of their dreams come true: they've created a very schpeshul website dedicated to women. A place of freedom where we girls can share everything we've in mind.

I'm talking about Miz Penny and Mean Maude; and their baby is Gals Talk!

Hiro, Michelle (yes you, David's mama! hehe), Ariel, Jenny and all of ewwws French speaking gal friends,I'm sure you'll luve it!

..Because you get so easily addicted
Because we're 13 members so far, and we've to make it 14! (and I don't walk under ladders either)
Because with 13 members so far, there is some real intimacy there
Because we know the creators of the site, and dat's kewl
Because it's very easy to use
Because beyond sharing ideas, questions, advice with other women... it would not be that bad if women from different countries would join the Aussie gang. We can all bring to each other a lot!

And, no, I don't get paid for free advertisement :P

Waiting to see you there ... with a Bud or two ;-)

La boucle est bouclée

In less than 4 months, 4 wunnerful ladies (including meself, lol), who're also great blog writers (my ego's suddenly boosted), have given birth to adorable babies.

After Loup's birth, Etolane joined the gang with her Lily-Soleil, then Alix with her minimec, and yesterday, it was Jenny's turn with Sylvain!

Welcome on our noisy but bewDiful lil planet, Sylvain!

I still find it amazing that we all got preggie almost at the same time! Of course that meant I carefully followed each pregnancy with much interest, I felt more than concerned :)

Now I hope one day we'll manage to spend some time altogether with our angels around
(happy sigh)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The day after yesterday before tomorrow

...I've started the week thinking it was Tuesday already.
And I'm almost sure it's the weekend tomorrow.
You know?

I hate it when this happens... and that makes time running really slow on daytime and on ultra speed mode on evenings.


Who's hiding behind the Cello ?

As I told you a few weeks ago, I'm exploring classical music at the moment ... and I'm getting pretty lost! There's simply too much of it!
So I climb my Everest from another side, trying to re-discover what's really famous first, then I'll explore what bring vibes to me!

So far, I've got bits of Wagner, Prokofiev and Tchaikovski (lol do I sound posh enough with all that, hm? ;-).
I actually found unexpected and delicious vibes with 2 Romeo and Juliet! No kidding! (one from Prokofiev and the other from Tchaikovski). The walls are vibrating with them right now. Too guuuuud! Groooovy!

I'm also expecting an order of 3 second-hand CDs, something like the "best classic music in movies"! Yup, I think it will be easier for me to get familiar with classic famous stuff this way!


I was also wondering about the faces of these so famous musicians. it's a pity photography did not exist a few century ago, cause I'm sure (I hope! lol) some portraits are far from the reality.

So let's see... here's a lil gallery, do these composers *look like* their music, hm?

click here first thought: hell no, they can't be who they say they are! //oO\
And then, from my newborn knowledge in that classical field, I realized these faces really suited the music I had discovered. Most of them!
Even Ravel, lol... (no offence!)

Well now, let's talk goily, my favourite one here might be Vivaldi, despite the hair! hehe
As for my favourite kind of music... I have no idea yet :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

J'ai trois Amouuuuuurs...

...mes Loulous, my Hubby
Par eux toujours
Mon cœur est raaaaavi

Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentine moon

A full moon! ...great way to start a week that will celebrate my other-half's birthday!

Our weekend was great but too much on a speeeeed mode. And Lola is still on holiday for the whole week in Paris; i won't have a minute (lil sigh)

I deeply miss/need time to work, if you only knew... but well, you just can't do everything! I know (who) what my priorities are and that's the main point! :-)))

Alice & Tom

Friday, February 10, 2006

A Breton-ish first time

Yup, first time Loup will breathe the fresh air from Bretagne tonight!
Martin's bagpipe is ready, and I can't wait to spend ermmm one day (only) there. We'll be back on Sunday (for rugger, stoopid rugger's fans ;-)

Will Lola have change in a week? I wonder! Probably!
I'm ready for hours of cuddles right now! (happy sigh)

click here

Dinan, 5 minutes from the Hobbit house

the photo was found here

Pshhhit: have a great weekend!

knock knock

(talking to Jenny's miniboy here)

"psssshiiiit, I don't want to disturb you, I know it's comfortable, quiet and peaceful inside, but... time to join us!

**~~*^* ***^^~~*^** *

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tea-time thoughts

wanna some biscuits?
Another cupocatweewee?

I believe it must feel wunnerful walking with boots with pompoms on their side. You know? these northen winter boots. I must experience that some day.

Thinking Yoko Ono and John Lennon were really in love, I find John a bit more friendly. So his music sounds suddenly even beDer.

The Rolling Stones agreed to have their (so so shoking) songs cut and sensored during the supabowl? Fook, no balls here! Probably lost them a long long time ago.

Tofu IS yummmy! Not just a vegetarian weird stuff!

My lil delicate mouff really prefers light red wines to heavy ones that stick to the tongue, you know?

I would not sleep well if I were THE Danish cartoonist!

I do enjoy electronic music like daft punk, telepopmusik, Air of course, etc. I would have never ever expected that!

Had a message from Lola, she tried gallop with her poney! How about that, huh? 3 years old and into gallops! (good I was not there I would have run along with the poney, as usual!)

to share some great time with Esox tomorrow evening

Image Hosted by

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Rugger on my way

Despite a too heavy victory from the English yesterday (grrrmmmpphhh), The 6 nations cup has started pretty well!

I can see in my cristal ball now that I'll be stuck to my sofa at about 4.00pm today, enjoying the visual and spiritual (cough) effect of the malish efforts (happy sigh) ;-)

When Scotland plays, I've no favourite, France or Scotland might win, I support both. The best way to enjoy a match at the end :P

A full big LONG week

...without Lola!
A very first time for Lola and for us, (no kidding). She's just left with her cousin Eva and her Grand-ma for a week in Bretagne.
You'll find that stoopid but I miss her already...

The positive side is that she's going to have the time of her life there, riding poneys, going to cinema, enjoying crepes, etc.
And Loup will have his mama and papa at 100% for once ;-)

We'll join Lola to take her back to Paris next weekend. 6 months we've not been to Bretagne! Despite the cold weather, I think it will feel great to be back there again! :)

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

have I missed a chapter or something?

"The managing editor of a French newspaper has been fired over publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad that are inflaming the Muslim world, where Pakistani protesters on Thursday chanted "Death to France!" and Gaza gunmen demanded apologies from European governments"
CNN sources

(lol that was just an excuse to play with my toys :P)
...well, I doubt any dialogue is possible when you get such extremists in front of you. I just wonder why they seem to want to impose absolutely their views to people thinkings differently. Why they don't accept difference.

Petit Loup deviendra grand

I'm just back from the 3 months' visit at the doc for Loup. 2 injections, almost no cries (I'm a proud mama), and lots of smiles to the pretty nurse from my lil wolf!

click here

He's now 64cm (he took 13cm in 3 months!) and has a weight of 7,300 kg (3 months ago he was at 3,800kg)... wears 6 months' pyjamas!

A lil wolf in good shape it seems (my back painfully approves :P)

He just does not make his nights yet... Always wakes up at 2, 3 or 4.00am. And he sleeps maximum 2 hours on daytime (less than Lola!)...
But the rest is really ok, wunnerful even, he laughs, answers my blah-blahs, tries to grab anything, etc. Very alive!

What can I say... I'm the first fan of my babes, both makes my days anyway:)

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So many books, so little time

Am I am a bit late for a new year's resolution, hm?
It's just that I didn't want to chose an impossible resolution like... "I want to learn kick boxing, lose 10 kgs, quit smoking (done, 4 years ago, phewww), cook with passion, etc etc"
Nenenene. My resolution isn't a huge one. Not an Everest :)
I simply wanna read my pile of books, 1 chapter everyday maybe? T'is all I'll officially try to do. Me lazy bum :)

When I think of Martin, who spends about 1 hour everyday reading while he's in the metro, I'm a bit jealous. Ermmm, not so much of the metro ;-)
Reading is a real *Xtra* that requires xtra time, which is hard to find when you've to take care of your babes, house and biz!

Right now I'm in the middle of an exciting trilogy, The War of Souls, by Weis and Hickman. Great Fantasy, with the beloved Tas'.

And in the past weeks, I've kept my imagination busy with...

The Soulforge
by Margaret Weis. Informative (about the twins). Pretty good.

Everything's eventual
by Stephen King. Irregular. Some great short stories though.

les dents de la mort
by Xavier Maniguet. Informative, frightening! (wavin at Oz ;-)

the charnel prince
by Greg Keyes. Wunnerful, brilliant, exciting Fantasy!

Now we wait for a new second-hand books' order... my pile's gonna get higher ;-)