Thursday, August 31, 2006

Material fantasies

(girlie minute #1)

I think I have now quite many whishlists on several websites, yup yup.
I am a very 1985 Madonna, material pleasures can make my days (sometimes..ermm...often!).
Material fantasies too.. like playing lottery or making online wishlists!

I don't like shopping at all. I swear it (not spitting for this one though!)
I always go for shopping it on a stressed mode, keeping an eye on my watch constantly. Since when would mamas have real time for shopping anyway?


Besides I almost never find what I really want. Worst to find are shoes and underwears!

Anyway, online shopping is really made for me. I can shop at midnight and take my time. dat's kewl.

OOps but I'm not Jackie O.!!! and I do not get any golden credit card. So I make wishlists. Filling my baskets with dozens of wunnnnerful treasures. Knowing that when I get the lottery, I will simply click to validate my baskets and spoil meself.

happy sigh

Blind and deaf

(girlie minute #2)

I've just remembered that the first time I watched Nivarna's Smells like teen spirit video (about a zillions years ago, huh), I thought it was Sting getting high.

I miss a bit Nirvana sometimes (not that I was a huge fan but I enjoyed), nekkid pic of Sting too, sometimes (isn't it the way he eappears in mags most of the time?)

image found here


(girlie minute #3)

My time with you is over. We shared about 3 wunnerful years together, but it's time for change. Sowwwy, you made my days, really, but we're about to take different paths now. You will recover, even without me!

I think like some other women, I really NEED to change of perfume regularly. Every 2, 3 years.
And when I say *need*, it's that suddenly I really can't stand my perfume anymore.

And I've just made an overdose of my Flower by Kenzo.
I will never wear it again (spittin far)
Like with my previous perfumes, Angel, Lolita Lempika, jean-Paul Gaulthier, Cacharel's teen stuff (ouch!), once I've made my overdose of them, I really can't stand them anymore.
I even wonder how I could wear them..
Not very nice of me because I forget easily the pleasure they brought me, huh!

Now I wonder what will be my next one. Any idea?

And I wonder how a woman can wear the same perfume all her life... To me it's like keeping buying the same pair of shoes year after year!


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I feel like ...

kicking hard in the butt of Autumn whch has about nothing to do around here in August! No manners, really!

Mama Nature, if you *hear* me...

Bretagne in August... ouch!

edit: I'm a pretty good butt kicker it seems! Look at the sun shining outside!!! -I've found my new vocation here! yeeepeeee!!!-

Nicolas will get my vote

... but no, not the Nicolas Sarkobidultruc, oh nenene.

We're going to have a terrible autumn and winter and a rotten spring with French elections to come next year.
So if Nicolas, this one could join the party... that would be a relief!
I will feel less politically desperate, and will happily go to vote then :)

Nicolas, if you read me, or rather really *hear* me...

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Like the winkle stuck to its rock

Today I feel like getting rid of my cape.
Supa moma Candy needs a break you see.

It seems so easy with everybody.... but me!
I need a bit more. Socially, intellectually, zenitude-lly too ;-)

"Only 2 kids, pffffff... too easy. How can you complain?
You're at home all the time, doing nothing or so. Ok, You awake at 5.30 am everyday, but if your lil winkle needs its rock that early, then take it easy!!!"

Well the rock is not in good mood today (but is improving via some blogtherapy ;-).
Jealous of the mamas having a job, frustrating for being unable to multitask, feeling like the only one on Earth getting exhausted only by taking care of 2 babes! Oh and I'm angry at meself for complaining right now. lol

Well, it's our choice and at the end I'm really happy with it.. honest :)



I'm doing better... I know this is what I want. It's just that being a full time mama is not easy. You can never have a break.
But t'is ok. Lola's getting independent and Loup will understand winkles sleep at night and can survive without their rock near :)

Thank ewwwws!

From myth to reality (I'm still under the shock!)

During the hol', I always read people magazines. Ok. No shame! I do things like that sometimes! Even Penny knows I may watch once a year something close to YR...!

Well, these magazines feel yummy when you have your first coffee in the morning... at least most of the time!

I was looking again at Pam Anderson's photos. The photos of her verynotvulgar and so refined wedding. Purrfect topic to start the day: "have you seen the*just married* on her panties? I want the same!"!


shocked, I got shocked by this photo below (coming from Gala I think, thank you guys for spoiling my day btw .. or for the Enlightenment, I wonder! ).
Somehow something sounded familiar on that pic. I could not put the finger on it immediatly. It was just too *big*!

Why so shocked do you think?

Because Pam almost gave THE proof she was not from earth with her 3 arms?

Because her clone on the right apparently managed to catch the flowers without spoling one single drop of champagne?


The answers starts with Lars and finish with Ulrich
I expected him anywhere but there! Pffffffff
Where were the 3 other ermmmm .... *rebels*, huh? Eating carrots with miss Richie? Baby-sitting Brad and Angie's baby? or trying to comfort Tom with his lil probbies with the Paramount?

...Working on a new album I hope!

Summer-ish postcards

And here are the holiday photos. Soon when I have time (...), I'll activate my account on flickr I think.
It's just that...

I NEED TIME (if someone above can hear and help me.. thank you!)


Anyway, Loup is now 10 months-old and I believe he won't be a calm angel!
He does not walk yet but has no problem trying to turn the gaz switches in the kitchen, or to kick in empty glass bottles, or to eat carton, or to put his fingers in sockets! Oh and since he has teeth now (6 teef), he can pretend to kiss you gently... but after a second you feel a terrible bite in your skin! The *devil kiss*, his speciality!!!

click here

As for Lola, she's changed a lot lately. More concentrated on what she's doing, she can read or draw for hours!
During the holidays, she has started with her first "horse riding course". As she was the youngest (3 years 1/2), we decided to stay a bit to see how it happens. And it was hard! She fell from her poney, had so much troubles knwong what it meant to go to the left or to the right... but she did it!
I think she was a bit too young to start but as she really wanted it.. Now I'm proud again of the shrimpette :-)

click here

And the last postcard, one of the oldies who were there in Bretagne :P

click here

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Holidays à la Candy ...

..require much energy

-first holidays with two kids (ha yup, last year I was *just* pregnant), and I can see the difference..:)
With one kid, you're pretty busy, with 2 kids you have to pray every morning to get 30 quiet minutes!!!

-Not that I'm complaining, but when your kids go to bed at 10.00pm minimum and both awake during the night to finally get up at 6.00 (Loup), you need to start your holy day with 3 good mugs of strong cawffee.
(and when I think Martin's parents were here to help us, I worry very much for the next months taking care of the kids alone from morning to evening. How other parents do, I wonder!!!)

-Martin and I managed to work in the hobbit house (details to come later) between 4 and 6 hours everyday! We're very happy with the results and if things go as we plan, we believe the main big works will be done by 2009. Electricity and plumbery to follow in 2007. First we've to read books to learn how to do it! lol

..teach you a lot

-a little toe is not much when a huge rolling stone comes over it (ouch!), a pneumatic drill can take power over you and DAT's scary, nails are bloody painful when you walk on them (double ouch), wood is fooking heavy (the award goes to old oak beams here), mineral coal's incredibly heavy too, wood dust is much worse than stone dust, and varnishing stairs is about the worst job I've ever done!
(wanna join and help next time? :P)

-I had no time to read anything really but I could make use of some wunnnerful old university books to improve my English (vocabulary). I kept visited too, neurones have to work in every way possible :P

-omas and opas are reaaaaaaally helpful!

..but are relaxing and festive too (phewww!)

-we could open a restaurant, we all cooked as to make the perfect meal everyday and I'd give 4 stars to all of us :P

-despite a pretty stormy weather, we jumped in the river pretty often (a bit less in the sea actually, too much cold wind)

-Martin and I are really good at fishing velvet swimming crabs (lovely expression that means "étrilles" in Frawnch)! Yummm again!

-Loup loves bagpipe, the neighbours too (thank Gawd since we played outside till midnight sometimes!)

-nothing, NOTHING can be compared with a lazy nap under the roof in the middle of afternoon (that happened... once)


Now I just wonder what it feels again to simply be a tourist on holidays, with a cam around the neck and a few euros to spend in th next pub! lol

Unpacking luggage


the worst part in (ex) holidays me say!

But I'm supa happy to be around ewwws again! I'll be back as soon as I have a minnie!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

To my blogvisitors :)

I'm packing luggage, you know what that means, hmmmm? haha! Yeeepeeeee!
I'm almost off, leaving tonight... for 3 big fat heavy weeks!

To the regular visitors, my friends, I wish you as many relaxing times as possible. Don't behave, don't drink cheap wine, don't wear white sox, take care, and all that, ya know **~~*^* *

Now if I don't know you yet, but you're coming regularly on this blog, then yeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaa this post is also made for you!
Just leave a comment so that I can wave back at you for once -when I'm back- :)
And if I don't see any comment when I'm back on this post, I'll be very very sad you know! And that would be terrible !

Okies, where's the beach now!

PS: got rid of my cold just in time! Phewwwww ... :P

Tu veilles sur la galaxie sur mon bloggie aussi
(je te revaudrai ça!)

Voilà, I let my bloggie under the protection of the pirate of my heart below
(he's nice enough, but if you get very lon hair, lifeless eyes and if you're are very thin, I would not come near him, really!)

click here

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Blog, blog me do, you know I blog you!


As Martin and I have way to much time to waste ;-), we both are working on new bloggies!

Martin's changing completly his blog, he has suddenly been very inspired to make the blog he's always wanted to make. Free of daily boring lil news (which is NOT boring on some bloggies, I ermm INSIST :P).
Something very Martin-ish (cheers!)

And as already mentioned, I'm working on an artblog, blogart or bloggallery, as you want. Not easy to make, but I'd say with the help of Martin I've done 70% of it. Well this blog for ewws all might not be really exciting, but I swear (I do not *promise*, I only *swear*) it will be nice enough, and a big change from the old gallery that will be sent into the Paradise of websites soon. Oh and there will be a few paintings you've never seen.. never ever! how about that, hm?! Teasing enough?hehe :P