Sunday, December 31, 2006

New year's Eve

I just couldn't end the year with a bloggie about death penalty! huuuuu, no way :)

Sooooo... as the kids have just had their New year's Eve dinner (with candles and everything), and as Martin is starting cooking for us (woooohooo! and how kewl is that, hm?!!), I just thought I could share some of the bubbles of my glass with ewws!

And for those who are still stuck behind their screen (moi? I'm not stuck! pfff! hehe) and for those who really get bored with all this happy-merry-love-gift-stuffed-spoiled-materialistic-kisskiss season, here's a lil (MOST STOOPID) video which made me laugh, despite meself (I swear it :P)

Bonne année, les zamis :)

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam's death.. a new step towards democracy?!!

How can you say that, I wonder.
When you consider death penalty make you legally so close to the people you kill (just like these murderers, it's your turn to kill), I wonder how you can imagine death penalty can lead to an healthy democratic society.

We're such barbarians!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Winter in Bretagne, unforgettable!

I had forgotten how Bretagne could be magic when winter comes. Quiet, frozen, hiding zillions of enchanting secrets.
I brought back a few pics of it..

Winter-ish nature, still alive, despite a frozen kiss

The seaside, for once not caught by fog, but very grey-ish

A boat on the foggy river, giving any story teller the desire to share old tales

The view from the hobit house: our lil hamlet, quiet, asleep

On a brighter day, the other vew from our house: the river Rance.

And on a brighter twilight (my so favorite time of the day, for the mixing of night and day colours)

And finally, our beauDiful sheep, living in front of my parents' house. I already talked of her here, her name's Julia.
(isn't she really cute?!!)
I worry for her when the temp' goes really down! But she seems to stand it pretty well (I still keep an eye on her, be sure of that!)

edit: and I was to forget what makes our winters a bit less icy :P

A gallery to share our Christmas

Naturally, it was a Christmas with lots of bubbles around

With candles in every corner of the rooms, outside too

With the most typical and delicious stuff from Bretagne (oysters from Cancale)

With the traditionnal turkey too, may them all yummy birds rest in peace

With 2 devils getting crazy in the early morning, in front of the fireplace

With an older devil as crazy as the 2 previous ones with his present (the heaviest cast-iron stewpan)

With lots of cuddles (you can notice I am wearing my blue working suit :P)

Ohhh and with wunnnerful cosy moments too!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

The video of the year (I don't take much risk... 2 days left only :P)

Since Gulliver's so sick (mother board or graphic card, I will know by Saturday -we'll visit the Doctorus Computerus-), I can't do much with him.
But, making a 3 seconds video is still possible, so here you go, you won't regret it!

Yup, my first Winter Soup.
First time in my life too that I've cut a leek (poireau).

I know, you're speechless, full of admiration. (thank you!)

Oh but I have to share this moment of glory with my adorable lil helper (proud smile here):

Btw, I feel, just *feel*, that this end of year's gonna be VERY exciting, particularly on my beloved blog!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Frozen feet and lottery ticket

We're back!!! Can't wait to jump into your bloggies!

What are the news on my side?

-been spoiled by Santa Claus (yeeepeeeeee!)
-managed to work in the hobbit house
-cooked my very first Christmas cake
-checked my *after Xmas* bank account: I NEED lottery
-have to take care of 2 lil devils with a big cold
-is making my very first home-made winter soup
-is getting really cold feet, it's cold and humid..where's snow?
-must try this exciting Titan Quest game but ... gotta fix my sick computer first
-have to get ready to face the less pleasant season of the year (that usually goes with many taxes and invoice to pay..pfffff)
-have to visit my dentist, sometime, soon, but pfff, I'm not so motivated
-have to contact a notary to make papers for the future of our kids (in case something happens to us)
-have to take care of different stuff with our car (hahem)
-have to get rid of my constant headeache
-have to try all the "body shop" stuff I've been offered

and I really have to take things easy and not get stressed by the "after Xmas and new year" everests to climb :)


PS: I feel negative vibes on my corner, don't you feel them too??? Tell me a good joke, make me laff, show me a youtube treasure, I don't know, but I need a lil something to feel on top of the world again! Pfff, always very demanding this Candy!

La mairie de Paris vous souhaite un très joyeux Noël

(The Paris city hall wishes you a merry MERRY Christmas)

What a wonderful surprise to drive back to Paris on the day after Christmas to discover dozens of workers getting rid of the last free parking places!

I don't know how it happens in big cities abroad, but here in Paris, when you want to park your car in the streets, you've to pay for it 70% of the time.
Fortunatly, there were still many "free streets" where you could simply park your car, without paying anything.

But we all decided having a new mayor would make of Paris a paradise (well, that's me being naive, you know?). And we thought that this new gang of environment's defensors would make our city more welcoming, more human.

Hell no, in France, the "Green" (les verts), the political party of the environment defenders', never act as we expect.
You expect from them what, cleaner streets, parks where you can walk on grass, good water, cheaper access to public transport, etc etc.

The only thing we will remember for the green Denis Baupin is that he's trying to make money on the back of car drivers, which is such a great way to make his party popular. How do you want to convince people you do the right thing when you act against them, to make money.

You just can't say cars are bad and we will make them pay for what they are. It is so so stupid.


Well, yess I have a car, yess I feel concerned, and no I don't have money for them :(

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

On my way to welcome Santa! Wooooosh!

Voilà, our luggage is ready and I think we're among the first to leave for holidays around here:P

We leave tonight for Bretagne, hoping to be there by midnight (4 hours driving) and not too tired to enjoy the the warmth of the huge fireplace and of some old beverage (just a drop to warm up, huh)

Lola's very excited.. when you're 4 years-old, Christmas is like a Nirvana (when you're 32 also, except that you know Santa Claus can't come via the chimney, way too dangerous!)

As for Loup, I fear a bit we won't have a minute for ourselves, the big house will be like a paradise for him (last time we were there, he did not walk... now it's gonna be very active with my lil wolf!)

Of course tomorrow morning, Martin or I will be working at the hobbit house. Working in such a old house when it's 2°C around and when the sun goes down so early... brrrrrr, not motivating!

I think I will start tomorrow, because Martin does not feel so well (yeah yeah, I know it was all planned :P).
My part is to renovate the walls of the future living room, first getting rid of the daub (torchis) with the pit and the hammer. (yawn)
Martin has to finish the parquet of another room, build a step between 2 rooms, add varnish on the stairs and we'll both cut the wood shudders (paint them too if we get the time).

Well, we only leave for a few days, no time to miss me (besides, you get zillions of posts below to answer ), we'll be back just after Christmas.

So I wish you all a merry Christmas, I hope you can make the best of it : enjoy your friends and relatives around, and drink fine champ'! :)

I'll have a special thought for the kids (young and old ones) who have no parents anymore, no one really to celebrate Love with.
Do you believe in "thoughts"? Do you believe feeling the pain for those who suffer can help in some ways?
I wonder. Maybe that's what they call "prayers"?... Maybe that can make a lil difference. Who knows.

Merry Christmas, my friends!

Life on a Christmas ball

Damn, I haven't found the time to finish this Christmas painting, and I won't get the time before next week... too bad, really!

click here

I really loved the idea of it... what would be the life for a lil one living on/in a Christmas ball?
Christmas, like everything, is great because when you do not celebrate it everyday.

Anyway, I'll finish it in a few days... before 2007 I hope! :)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas shoes on, purrrrfect smile on me face: I am ready!

My christmas gifts are done, all wrapped...
My Christmas cards are written, almost stamped...
...5 days before Christmas!

Now, 5 days... oh shiteroo, that's long!

Oh wait, you join for a hot wine, some Stollen and good music?
I wait for you!
(don't use the door ring, the lil wolf's slipping!)

(grabbing the mike, singing for the spiders and invisible -hopefully deaf too- angels :)

PS: if Santa Claus could, I dunno, just make it earlier with a mother board for my puter (waving at Gulli who's waiting quietly next to this other computer I use)... that would be great.
psssshhhiiiiit... I have a lot of hot wine for ewww too, just have a break with your exhausting work, and join here!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Ground control to Major Candy

("Major candy", now I could get used to that :P)

Well, the machine has completly fucked up, I fear I'm lost in cyber deep space!
Apparently, my computer gets a problem with some hardware... oh wait, my techie crew ;-) confirms it should be the mother board. Have to change it.

Funny, last year same time of the year, I got disconnected for 3 weeks.

I cross my bits so that it gets quickly fixed..


Thursday, December 14, 2006

16 songs for a portrait, let's play!

I found this musical questionary on Benoit's blog, and it's been created by a very inspired Fabienne. Thank you!
I've also added some questions.. here they are:

1. A song that makes you cry
2. A song that makes you laugh
3. A song that makes you dance
4. A song that reminds you of holidays
5. A song you really can't stand
6. A song that makes you shuderring (frissoner?)
7. A song with beautiful words
8. A song with stupid words
9. A song that gives you energy
10. A song to make love
11. A song to sit down and relax
12. A song from your teenage years
13. A song that reminds you of a movie
14. A song that makes your mind boil
15. A song you enjoy while driving
16. A song you have in mind, just right now

Now, your turn to answer, Feel free to modify it the way you want and add anything you want too.

My answers:

1. A song that makes you cry: Bjork's Bachelorette
2. A song that makes you laugh: Sesame Steet's Octopus's Garden
3. A song that makes you dance: Abba's Waterloo
4. A song that reminds you of holidays: America's Horse with no name
5. A song you really can't stand: Bob marley's Get up stand up
6. A song that makes you shuderring (frissoner?): Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother
7. A song with beautiful words: Paris Combo's le Roi de la forêt
8. A song with stupid words: Queen's Bicycle
9. A song that gives you energy: Madonna's Love Profusion
10. A song to make love: The Cure's Lullaby
11. A song to sit down and relax: Air's Cherry Blossom Girl
12. A song from your teenage years: Kim Wilde's Cambodia
13. A song that reminds you of a movie: John Williams'Imperial March
14. A song that makes your mind boil: David Bowie's Ground control to Major Tom
15. A song you enjoy while driving: Dido's Here with me
16. A song you have in mind, just right now: Nancy Sinatra's Bang Bang

When the *Minimoys* have sold their spirit

"Les Minimoys aiment Orange"

I knowwww that making a movie requires a LOT of money, specially when you're named Luc Besson.
I don't know if Luc Besson is famous abroad really... but here his movies have always been much expected. Some hate, some love, some think he now focus more on the money than quality. Well, honestly, I can understand that... you don't work and involve yourself and your own money on huge projects without hoping any benefit!

Just like with my paintings (lol don't you love such a comparison?!!), I like painting, but if they did not sell... I would not spend so much energy on them..

But then, I definatly believe you lose your "entertainer" card when you hear more about your financial contracts than your own movie.
It's been the case with Luc's last movie Arthur and the Invisibles (what a poor translation btw). I was really excited with the project a few years ago..
But the only thing I've got for months was advertisement from the "Invisibles" for the BNP Bank and the Orange phone company.. and I've only discovered yesterday the trailer. Pfffff

The book is said to be pretty good, but I'm already fed up with the movie. Too bad. Maybe I'll miss something!

My fav' movies from Luc were the Big Blue and the Fifth Element... I did not enjoy Joan of Arc and Nikita.

There are jobs I would never want

..and among them, being a farmer might be in the top ten of my most hated jobs.

First because you can hardly take any vacation ;-).. and then..

..Do you know I have a bird (little) phobia, specially with pigeons and chicken? Huuu I really can't stand next to one of them. If a pigeon enters my flat by the window, I leave the flat in the next 10 seconds.
My grand-parents were farmers in Normandie. Had about 50 000 chickens.

My uncle (the youngest) now runs the farm.
If you only knew how uncertain are your days when you're a farmer. Specially when your biz is linked to animals.

The weather, illnesses, European requirements, rumours (Bird flu has arrived! run, run!), etc etc. Everything can lead to some disaster.

And the other day, there was a checking, as usual, from vetarinaries.They discovered a microscopic "mark" of salmonellosis on a box where there were some of the 200 000 chicks that had just been delivered.
No salmonellosis has been found on the chicks so far, but no way he can raise them now (sigh)
And if he can't prove the salmonellosis was there before he was delivered, it will be pure loss.

From one day to another you can lose so much! And you're so dependent on so many things you can't control..pfffff

Really, I thank gawd for not being a farmer!

... and what's your most hated job, you think?

Monday, December 11, 2006


Don't you love soundtracks? Listening to music that feed your imagination with memorable images? I am a soundtracks lover!

I know that Battlestar Gallactica's soundtracks will be mine for Christmas (you're reading, Santa?!! Tell me you do! Thank you!)

I know a soundtrack does not always mean much when you haven't seen the movie... but let's see if the magic happens for you too... and if not, you have really no taste! (kidding!) hehe

edit: huhu, I've found the scene that goes with the music... Starbuck, the girl, is a goodie back on her planet occupied by the baddies. Almost every human has disappeared. Only very nasty machines around. Anf there she stops a minute to relax in her old devastated rotting flat, putting a tape of a piece of music played by her father. This very song.

Don't we all live in a yellow submarine?!

Well at least Papy Blues does! And actually I still hesitate between a boat and a submarine , huh ;-)

(NB: Papy Blues is my dad, the kids call him this way, like "Grand Pa Blues")

On Sunday afternoon, instead of watching a certainly wonderful rugby match (do I say that because we won against our Roastbeef friends, hm? I wonder!), we went for a really nice brunch, on the other side of the Seine (rive droite) where my dad lives.

It's a posh district, no doubt, with typical parisian buildings (not my fav' architecture, but t'is nice)

So, Papy Blues live in a posh district (actually just near where the rugger match was played!), but in a quite small flat. 2 rooms. 2 rooms yes, but designed by an arechitect who was fond of boats! So you really get that "boat/submarine" feeling when you're there. It's really nice.

With an inner very small "winter garden"..

And from time to time you can see some young ship's boy if you're lucky enough

The Brunch was delicious (jeez I'm talking of food in about every post I make! lol)

Then we came back home crossing a very Christmas-ish Paris

T'was nice.

Oh, one last thing about my dad... he's often called Papy Blues (as some of you know already), because of that:

and that... (proud smile) :

The Rattlebones

bravo papa! :P
(dad's playing rythm guitar here)

Christmas time and its yummy calories

I thought I was an expert regarding *non-diet* food..
But then, Martin beat me with his Stollen the other day. I don't know if you've ever tried it, but it's really REALLY good. Of course when it's that good, it's usually just a lil bit *rich*, which is confirmed by the intense quantity of butter and almond paste in it.
But hey, the richer, the better, no?

Anyway, Martin agrees with the last point since he has the wunnerful habit of covering slices of Stollen with butter (just in case there was not enough :P)

Oh that's very good, I can confirm it! Just a lil bit heavy, but you get used to it, no problem ;-)

Oh, last point, of course Martin is the thin type. Extra butter has no more influence on him than making him happy, and that is very UNFAIR!

Friday, December 08, 2006

The tallest Christmas tree (on earth and far beyond) can be found in ... Paris! :P

C'est un roc !. C'est un pic ! C'est un cap? ! Que dis-je, c'est un cap ? C'est une péninsule!!

About to reach the sky and touch the stars, Candles' Christmas tree reveals today to you, and you only, his reddish balls :)
Hold your breath and enjoy the green giant, it's here...

Cattitude and Peggy on their way

I think that never ever happened to me: selling 2 paintings in less then 24 hours!

The first painting should be already in South of France, the other one is crossing the Atlantic (faint) to reach the American coasts! (helllllo America!)

And as I know precisely who will take care of them, I'm relieved and happy for my babies who are now old enough to get independent, huh :)

the babies:

Happy ears, but... not only!

Till last week I had never really paid attention to Overkill... But now that I've done it, I do not regret!

That was the "happy ears" part..

About the *painful ears* part, it happened when I started to listen to Sting's new album.

You must hear it once... Sting sings here Elizabethan songs....! I loved the idea, and the critics are very good, but... to me there's definatly a wrong combination between Sting's voice and the songs.
To give you an idea of what I'm talking about...:

Soooo? What do you think?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Holly cow! Saint Nicholas joined us yesterday night! true!

Ok, we made everything so that he simply HAD to stop around here...

Lola and I had prepared everything before jumping into bed: carrots for his donkey, clementines for both and a full bottle of "Calvados de Bon-Papa"* in case Saint Nicholas *needed* a lil extra to finish his night :)

Actually I don't know much about this tradition, except that I used to do it as a kid and loved it. I've also read somewhere that it's been celebrated since the 12th century!
I told Lola Saint Nicholas was a friend (a spy?) of Santa who came to check how nice the children had been in the past year. Which suited Lola (she only remembered the "friend of Santa" part, naturally :P).
A kind of *starter*, before the main dish (Christmas) is served ;-)

Sooooo, when Lola and Loup woke up this morning, they felt very proud, they had the golden-chocolate proof they had been nice enough! ;-)
(what, I need such support to teach my babies that doing Good is the most kewl way to do :P)

The carrots were almost eaten, same with the clementines, and the supa strong calavados glass was drunk! :)
(very important details that proved to Lola the old guy and his donkey had really been here!)

* one of the last bottle of calvados made by my grand-father a long long time ago. 60% of alcool (even Martin, a Schnaps drinker, coughs when he drinks it! lol)

Fufufu! Hiro San, I might need your help here :P

You Should Learn Japanese

You're cutting edge, and you are ready to delve into wacky Japanese culture.

From Engrish to eating contests, you're born to be a crazy gaijin. Saiko!

If you consider that after more than 15 years, I still speak English as a French cow, after 8 years sharing my life with my German other-half, I still struggle to say a fluent "ichpricheukeinedotch", well, how many lifes will it take me to learn Japanese, hm?!

Now if Hiro is patient enough... I might be able to ask (all by myself!) for a good sushi in a couple of years!

Thank you for the quizz, my quizz guru :-)

Nicolas, Segolene, and handcuffs

Here's one of the best ad I've seen in months...
Saint Nicholas is celebrated today, for those who had forgotten ;-)

And the text could be translated as "To celebrate Saint Nicholas day, Segolene has ordered handcuffs..."

It took me a couple of second to get the political dimension of it..hehe
Segolene and Nicolas, being the 2 main candidates for the next French elections... and Nicolas being.. let's say.. "chief of the police" in France at the moment :P

I love that ad! Bravo to Chambre69, a very chic site selling most naughty toys!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

"Dear Ol' Santa, if you hear me..."

Or I'd rather say: "WHEN you read me... ;-)

Dear Santa,

I've missed you lately!!! Glad you'll be around soon again (but never soon enough, huh!)

Ok, I'll make it short 'cause you know me pretty well :)

I've been nice you know, just as usual. So you can spoil me, you're sure you make no mistake wiff me.

I love you (kiss kiss), dear Santa, even though you seem to forget that every year I ask for a not-so-tiny flat in Paris, a flat of our own (3, 4, 5 rooms, you decide). That is the only gift I seriously think I'll never get without your help...
Hmmm...Make it 6 rooms, and you'll get a bedroom in Paris whenever you join for holidays! Deal?!!

But ok, not that easy to pack.

Hmm, then I'd be quite happy too with
12 bottles of good champ'
1 grahic card + 1 extra hard disc + memory for my full puter
or this computer I've seen for 500 euros, large flat screen, hyper speed, etc :)
1 digit cam, the best and the smallest one

That's about it. Not too greedy this year. Only 4 requests! See, I've improved! (you gimme xtra points for that, no?!)



PS: I've cooked the pancakes you love for when you come around

(Santa's photo was found here)