Sunday, September 30, 2007

hope you like ...

... my new partner in crime on the left part of the screen here!
Welcome aboard mr Bones :P

Friday, September 28, 2007

Wanna come and baby-sit, hm?

(I know, it's one of my favourite question :P)

Since Martin is about to start his "boat license" session (2 full days of rum 'n gambling hard work), no break for me this weekend!
A bit more complicate when you have to take care of a sick Lola (who must not go outside) and a vitamin-ed Loup (who can't stand staying at home for hours)!

I've told my babes that mama will take care of them all the time but they must promise me one thing. Important. VITAL!
... to let me enjoy at least one rugger match! It's a fair deal (specially for them!)

When Autumn's around ...

... it's time for other songs
(yeah yeah I know, I'm bad with rimes, lol)

I'm in a Neil-ish/Cohen-ish mood tonight, I feel pretty relaxed. Great, I mean GREAT!!!

I cross my bits so that the mood remain this way for the whole weekend... but I doubt it!

Sickus Severus

When Lola tried to get up from her bed on Wednesday, she just couldn't.
After 2 days with a very high fever, with a horrible and painful cough, without managing to stand on her feet, after 2 doctors, a wrong diagnosis (angina), a visit to a clinic for scans, and 2 bloody blood tests...
...We finally found that Lola suffered from a pneumopathy, one of her lungs was highly infected. Usually the level of infection (according to their tools) is between 1 and 10. Lola had a level of infection beyond 200! Our doc had never seen that!
He confirmed she must have felt completely exhausted and that it was very painful (my poor baby!), she will need a good week to recover.

She is still pale-ish with dark shadow around the eyes, but after 3 days and new antibiotics, she's wonderfully recovering!
She even manages to fight again with Loup!


Nowwww... what's next, huh?!

(I'm buying my flu vaccination next week, and for the 4 of us!)

PS: I bless Gawd for being an "available" mama for my kids. Working (more or less, huh) at home is just perfect for them :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I've been *facebooked* !

Well I don't know many people around me who are member of this (not so) new supa kewl thingie: Facebook...

Do YOU know it? Have you already registered? (if so you MUST tell me!)

I was very reluctant with all of it at the beginning. Gawd, just another internet thingie, I've enough to do with my blogs and the rest!

But who can resist the call of the kutlu miss Etolane?! I registered and discovered my lil sister was there two. Then I found Benoit was part of it, and even my other half! lol the internet world is small, huh!

What is Facebook about?
I can't tell really and that's why I'm really facinated by it! lol

You connect with your friends, find people you had lost contact with, etc... and it's very interactive, so many toys to play with (I've been caught my the "endless movie quizz" and just can't stop)

I haven't had the time to do about anything on it, but it's fun and the best is that you really learn a lot about your friends, via the tests they answer, etc.

So, why not trying it, huh? I need to get more friends on my friends wall you see ;-)
It's also pretty great for those who don't have any blog (yuss, you, you and you there!), another way to be *connected* !


Just an excuse

In the "Show me your bits, I'll show you mines" series...
Here's a (absolutely not interesting) pic of of my desk. Bluelulie's one is definitely much more desk-ish you know (=full of interesting lil thingies)!

There are 2 *things* you'll always find near my desk: a cup of coffee (I'm a coffee addict) and 2 lil devils ready to push any buttons, preferably the HIGHLY FORBIDDEN ones ;-)

Here I guess you've noticed Mini-Devil on the left. He was watching something truly great on Dailymotion. here's the link. If you enjoy cartoons, well we all had a great laugh with this one (but it's in Frawnch, sowwwy!)

Sooo, my desk picture was just an excuse to share this so so funny and clever lil video!

A French sailor in the family

... Martin will spend the weekend following classes to get his French boat license (the exam will be next week)

And after visiting the German embassy here, he realized he could now ask for French nationality too. He will have then both nationalities, German and French ones. It's really important for him to get the French *card* because he works and lives here and feels he has a right to express his views with the vote, etc.

And the more Martin gets integrated into the French society, the more I feel the need to know/integrate as much as possible German culture, habits and way of life.
But it is very hard for me to do so, because I'm in France (and everything would be easier if I was there in Germany), because Ich spreche kein Deutsch, and because I do not take the time to dedicate myself to all that. And I really miss that. I want my kids to get the best of both cultures (not only talking about food and drinks huh :P)

So, I've found my first resolution of the year (it was about time! :P)

You think I can find a German History for Dummies or something like that?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Getting sentimental

There are still these marks on my feet (suntan from the sandals you know), but they're almost gone!
Just a couple of weeks, and it will be inevitable :
no more juicy fruits
no more endless days
no more bare foot

I'm getting way too sentimental with my feet.
But I promise that soon I'll worship my socks and will only speak of pumpkins and cinnamon!!! See, I can get sentimental with my sox too :)

(that was the best post of the year! lol)

"In Space, no one can hear you scream...

..on Earth... it won't matter"

Tadaaaaa... they're back!

The pets are back and it's gonna be bloody, baby!

(petit moment de solitude)

Well I'm sure I'm not the only one on earth who enjoyed the first Alien vs Predator.

Or am I ???!!

It was a huge surprise, we simply did not waste our time watching it. We even spent a pretty good moment! I'm a big fan of the Alien movies, sooooo I was naturally curious and I loved the idea of a war between the two of them.
I recommend it if you like the genre, huhu.

Anyway, you know what I've read ??? (I hope it's true!)... In the new Alien vs Predator, there will be a PREDALIEN!
(mind boiling here)
Have they had some ermm relationship? Like in "copulation" (can't think of any other words with them both together)
The "predalien" will have the shape of the alien, if I got it right, with the dread locks of the Predator (lol)! That's simply too good to be true! And He/She will have two main occupations: hunting and reproducing.
All that is weird enough to tempt me! hehe...

Here's the new trailer

I just fear the new movie will be just too bloody, which was not the case with the other one! ..And "too bloody" is too scary for ol' Candy!

And here's the trailer of the first movie, the "It's our planet, it's their war" one ;-)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Blind test

Martin is getting excellent at cooking Asian food!
And we now visit our little Asian (Japanese, Thaï, Chinese) supermarket as much as the bakery. The guys there always give great advice, they're nice with the kids, etc.

Each time we're there I allow the lil devils to chose a little something. We make of that our *blind test*. We've tried amazing stuff, most of the time wrapped up in some pink paper (Lola's choice of course!).

Here's what we got yesterday:

Inside we found that:

Aloe vera cut into small pieces, with a taste of lychee. It's from Thailand and I don't remember the price of this Panchy thingie, about 1 euro.

Soooooo, let's try it:

...scrunch scrunch....

Lola: (palish face), I prefer not trying it, I KNOW I don't like it
Martin: I'm not fond of aloe vera, tried a juice of it the other day and ...
Loup: more, mama, more!!!
I: I can say I have tried it once and it was pretty fun to bite in that, but the lychee touch... huuuuuu!

Avec mes Paris Hiltons, j'ai vraiment l'air trop c***e!

(I won't translate the title, but I'll explain every bit of it below :P)

The other day, I bought this pair of cheap H&M sunglasses.

Would I resist a red apple? I doubt it. I'm a fashion victim, all right. And most of the time it feels wunnerful. Resisting is just so, hmm, frustrating!

But my Paris Hiltons are the worst sunglasses I've ever bought.

here they are on my nose, with a touch of photoshop for more contrast. Once *photoshoped*, they look pretty stylish...

...but for real, the fly here is much more kewl than the fake one!
I'll keep them for some Halloween party!

What's the last thing you bought which was a real mistake?


what is REALLY exciting for you, hm? I mean ... when do you feel like floating above the clouds ?

Ok, let's think hard about the question...

What's really exciting... ok :

Sooo, besides private moments with my other-half, huh, I'd say ...

-a moment for myself, good music and a cupofburningcoffee
-a baba au rhum, a flan, a religieuse au café
-a glass of red wine
-having a drink on a Saturday morning in front of the city hall(=weddings!)
-running on the sand to enter the water
-buying new shoes!!!
-selling a painting
-being part of the blogsphere
-making surprises to my lil devils
-making plans for the halloween parties
-having girlie talks with my friends
-music, MUSIC!
-planteur cocktail
-Blondie (the Good! not the Ugly! pffff)
-news from my friends
-knowing I'll be a lottery winner someday :P
-laugh, real deep one... I'm lucky, it happens often here
-and... tada... rugger! Tomorrow... Frawnch versus Oirish !





(I hope you appreciate my deep introduction to finally talk about rugger!)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


TWO full months since I've added a new painting to my gallery!
Am I being lazy or something?!

Well, this painting, dealing with the seasons -and much more- is pretty appropriate today.
It was cold here in Paris! no more than 12°C!
Worse, I'm coughing and sneezing at this very minute! Grmmppphhh!
I need a hot toddy, (where are you, Jack?! :P)

I hope you'll enjoy the colours :)

click here

Sunday, September 16, 2007

We found it!

Next month, there's this party you know, with pumpkins, rats and yummy candies. Huhu...
Yeah, Halloween. You're already bored with it? Oh noooo! Come and celebrate it with us, then you will change your mind! ;-)

Actually, Michelle and Frederic have just told us they will celebrate it, and just like last year, there will be a contest for the best outfit!
(we won last year! :P )

So we spent hours thinking what we could do. Vampire? Pirate? Witch?
hmm... suddenly we got THE idea!

A very very simple idea.
It requires a lot of work to make everything with our lil hands, but I hope the result will be fun enough. Or scary, who knows!

Oh, I can't tell you anything about it really because our American-French couple of friends visit the blog, so shhhhhhhh ;-)

(so exciting!!!)

edit: for Ariel and Mahie, who wondered about last year... we've almost no pic, but here's a tiny idea: Lola was a Ariel (huhu), Loup a pumpkin, Martin a devil and I a witch. The thing is that Martin's make-up was extremely well done, it really looked as if the horns had come out from the head... and for me, the clue was that it was hard to recognise me, some black teeth, (kind of ;-) scary witch, I think that's what surprised people ;-)

Relax, take it easy

(noooo, the title does not refer to any song, I swear it! )

We had a sunny Paris today, just wonderful. Well, I imagine it was wonderful because I've had no time to go out. pffff
More work on the book, a new painting almost done and the day was gone. The kids are out with Martin, I really need this time on weekends to work properly. Not fun working at home sometimes, you see. (I don't complain though!)

Soon my lil gang will be back, then 2 busy hours: the bath, running after Loup (specially before he pees on our bed, he loves doing that at the moment), then dinner time, a few games... but not too long, cause we're rugger tonight, huh! (not a real exciting game though pfff)

The next weeks will be as busy as this day it seems. All these walks to take Lola there, Loup there, then back here, away there again, trying to work between.
I must finish my book project next week to send it to publishers, then I have to work for my rendez-vous (beginning of October) with a publisher for another project. Lots of work to do here.
I also have to prepare stuff for Lola's birthday next month, there will be a party, etc, and for Loup's birthday too.
Martin also plans to get his French boat license before the prices jump (in 2008), so he'll be busy beginning of October with that too.

Thank Gawd, there is rugger for me to relax my fat asssh and have a beer sometimes! hehe

Ok, I'd better run before the beer!
Cheers, big ears :P

Little wolf's new trick

Haaa, what a lil devil!
It's been 3 nights now that we go to bed, happily, just the 2 of us, you know. Kinda NORMAL.
But when we wake up in the morning, it's (black) magic, we're not 2, but 3 in the bed!

In the middle of the night, Loup manages somehow to jump above his baby bed, without making any single noise, and quietly, in a very dark flat, finds his way to our bed, where he just quietly joins!
There's nothing we can do against that simply because we do not realize the trick when it happens!

(no worries, Loup is safe and well trained to clean the windows here
That was our revenge trick today :P

Thursday, September 13, 2007

What do you want to do when you grow up?

When I was a lil one, I never dreamt of being a doc, or a cop, or a famous actress.
I think I did not have such a dream at all.
And I was kinda jealous of those who knew exactly what they wanted to do.
Well, at least I had no frustration later (such dreams almost never comes true!)

A miracle happened, much later!

I became a doc, a cop (lol), an actress sometimes, a clown, an adventurer, an artist, an entertainer, a philosopher, a show girl, a nurse, and so much more: I became a mama!!!!!

I would have never thought of that 20 years ago ...and I'm still surprised!

The carrot at the end of the week... the weekend! huhu!

...and next weekend will be something ... simply because we've no plans. Nothing. Except a meeting at Lola's school, a birthday at friends' for the kids, one Midsomer Murders, 3 Lost, lots of cuddles here and there, and rugger, lots of rugger too.. Specially tomorrow evening, England vs South Africa, bloody exciting! (I would almost support my Roastbeefs friends there... jocking ;-)

I'm also happy for Loup that the weekend starts. It's been a bit tough for him at the kindergarten.. When he's there, he keeps asking for his mama, puts his shoes on, takes his coat hoping to join me, etc.. and he just struggles so much when we leave to go there... :(

A blue lil fairy among the roses

Lola is really the only one to wear a blue tutu during her dance classes!

Wearing pink, playing with pink stuff, etc., is more than just a fashion at their age, more than an attitude, it's the way they look at life I think.
No stress, no threat, no worries, no violence, love, prince charming, hearts, sweetness, mamas and papas, dolls, giggles, first lil secrets with girlfriends, optimism, beliefs, fairy tales, candies.
... Life in pink!

And when I see Lola, life in pink is not as boring as it sounds, trust me :)
I cross my bits so that Lola can enjoy a pink-ish life as long as possible, with lovely blue touches here and there..

Monday, September 10, 2007

Counting sheep

I usually sleep rather well. But yesterday, without planning it, I entered the realm of the Insomnia, the real one! And I can say I explored it for a while.
I went to bed at about 1.30am, and last time I checked my watch, it was 4.30am..

After less than 3 hours of sleep, I said hello to an horrible zombie in the mirror..huuu...
I'm kinda happy this day is almost over now!

Here's my lullaby for tonight. The song is really lovely, and I KNOW it will inspire me.

Life can be sweet

Loup is back from Bretagne (after 4 days). Phewwww, I missed him!
We've just shared a couple of hours of cuddles and games and giggles. It feels wunnerful!

While he was still away though, we decided to spend a *perfect* Sunday.
So yesterday we joined friends (Oli and Tanja from Hamburg) in the center of Paris. We had a great meal at Le Paradis du fruit, a place where I was sure to find some vegetarian food for our friends. I hadn't been there for 15 years maybe, and it was pretty kewl, Lola loved the "Paradis terrestre" menu :)
And I fell in love with their orange pie + chocolate. It was a culinary miracle! Warm pie, close to a clafoutis with oranges, with creme anglaise and a delicious chocolate on top of all that.

We've also been caught by the rugger fever there, South Africa/Samoa. Just great!
Later Lola and Martin went to cinema and I came back home to work on my book. A fine fine day.

(btw, thanks to all the Springbokers who posed for me!)

80% is done!

... 80% of my new book :P
Now I have to put everything in the computer, choose the fonts, add the text and mix this nice cocktail to get a nice result.
I show you a bit more of the first page, that won't tell you much, but give you an idea. The text will be really included into the illustrations.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

A *free* evening, croustillants, mangue et Brouilly

Loup is away for the weekend. He's with his grand'ma, paying a visit to the sheep in Bretagne :)
That was very unexpected (a last minute idea), and as soon as he left we made a reservation in a great lil restaurant not far!

So first thing we made was having a great diner, to celebrate Martin and I's first meeting (9 years ago). Well actually we remembered the day after the restaurant there was this event to celebrate! lol

Lola was so happy that she decided she had to go there with her crown. The dinner was perfect, from the glass of champ' to the scalop of foie gras with fresh figs, etc. The only mistake was my choice for a veal's liver, it came certainly not from a young veal, and was not as good as we make it!

Okies, a few pics to give you an idea of the happy moment.
(please, notice Lola's pose here, that's now the ONLY way she pose for photographs now and she highly recommends it to everybody!)

Between the legs ...

... of the Eiffel Tower :

(photo taken by Martin yesterday)

We lost our first match yesterday, but t'is ok I'm ready to support any other winning team ;-)
Just a pity it was not as fun to watch as expected. Next match: New-Zealand/Italia, I think I have to support Italia against the Invincible !

Oh, and here's what Lola started to draw the other day at the restaurant. We never really talk of rugby at home, so we opened HUGE eyes when we saw that. It was her teacher who explained them what was rugby! lol! Good point for the teacher!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Something's happening today ( ? )

and if you like rugby and photography (well or if you're just curious, huh ;-), I really advise you to check the wunnerful links on Mahie's blog, just here

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

new first times!

Lola's first time today is named classic danse!
It was her idea, I'm not at all pushing her to make as many activities as possible, just the opposite, having fun at her age is what matters.
But she wanted so much to try it! I asked her if she wasn't more into judo, and she looked at me as if I was talking another language, rolling eyes and all. lol

I can't wait to see how it happens!

(her shoes HAD to be pink of course, and her tutu too, but we failed here ;-)

And Loup's first time today is named straight in the target
My lil devil peed for the first time in the real toilets! An important detail in a man's life!

(proud mama here!)

Ouch !

For my new book, I've abandoned watercolour to use pens. And that's bloody exciting (but really :P) !
I hope to show you soon the result with one of these new illustrations (probably before the end of the week).

The thing is, I can't tell about anything yet, but I might get more involved in some seious illustrations works again... and I might have to work a lot in very short periods of time.
So I needed to find helpful equipment, like these beaudiful pens.

I got about 50 of them at a pretty good price.
Wanna know the price?
Yes, of course.
I had them for a total amount of 170 euros!!!!

You'll tell me if you like the result... I'd better hurry now to finish that new book!

Misssh von Tease

I've sometimes wondered about the popularity of miss Von Teese


What do you think about her by the way?
(yeah I know, it's one of my *whathefook topic* days :P)

Dita von Teese rhymes with ...
see the results

dunno.. she's like THE new generation pin-up, but there's nothing glamorous in her to me, she'd rather scare with the her you've-been-a-bad-bad-boy hard face! Brrrr!
(but maybe that's precisely what men enjoy in her :P)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Rugger cup 2007, final countdown!

5 days and we're there!

I've been a few times in stadiums to watch rugby, great for the atmosphere, but I really prefer it on TV.
Well, I love sport on TV! (même pas honte ;-)

(I watch it with Martin -in case you wonder who plays with the batteries here-)

I've always loved rugby and I think it was really the game itself that seduced me at the beginning (then came the calendars, etc )

And we still watch it whenever we can.

Oh, and Loup, 22 months-old, has played rugger for the first time this week... and that was fun! He just tackled (plaquer) his lil friend at the right moment every time his lil rugby partner got the ball!)

(but I don't want my baby to start with rugby any time! I wouldn't stand the injuries and the violence of it!)

I wish I could recommend the new calendar, but the front picture (I thought the guy was peeing on the ball! huuuuu...) is really not motivating enough! Too much make-up, ridiculous pose. What a pity! We only wanna them running nekkid in the prairies!**

Anyway... the best is to come. And that is really the exciting part!

(love that lil video below! :P)

** well if you get details about the calendar, you still have my email address, huh :P

Saturday, September 01, 2007

The never ending story

When I finished my studies, I thought I would never heard of school again. No more teacher, pressure for exams, etc.
Now I'm a mama, I feel I'm starting a new cycle with school! Different, but probably more stressing!!!

The end of holidays, that's something.
Saying goodbye to yellow brick roads, etc. Pfff, not fun!

Lola will start her last year in kindergarten on Monday and Loup will start on Tuesday at the creche (he will go there 2 mornings/week, he and I should survive that ;-)

but well, I still hate school ...
(and I'm happy my kids can't read English yet :P)

One more for the pleasure ?

Because it's Saturday, because Loup is having a nap and Lola is at a birthday party (the birthdays season start early here! or does it ever stop really, huhu)

It's quiet around, we're enjoying some yummy chocolate with a cup of cawffee.
And Mika's singing the beaudy of life. Paradise!

Are you good at selling yourself?

Because I am not at all, when it comes to my work!
I've been offered yesterday to expose my published books in a shop and I answered I did not find them good enough..


I really think my first works are not that good. Or is it a total lack of confidence? I wonder.
I feel I'm very objective when it comes to my own work, and when it's crap, it really is.


I think if I sell 10 paintings today, I will run to that shop and give them hundreds of books to expose.
And I might win lottery too one day. And put a foot land my bum on the moon too.
Who knows!