Friday, February 23, 2007

En route for old Bretagne

While Martin will come back to work, I'm going to spend 10 full days with my babes (and my nieces!) overthere (pointing towards the west)

I'm not sure (at all...) I will find there the energy I've lost since months, but... least I'll breathe fresh air
...oysters definatly taste better when the sea is your neighbour :-)
...bagpipes sounds wunnerful when they're played near the fireplace
...and I might find a couple of minutes here and there to read a book! (Candy can read, I swear it!)

take care of your bums and bits

PS: Kerstin, Tammo, I send you the best *vibes* I can...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

let's quizzzz! how much have you changed in 10 years?

You've Changed 52% in 10 Years

You've done a good job changing with the times, but deep down, you're still the same person.

You're clothes, job, and friends may have changed some - but it hasn't changed you.

hmm, well yeah that fits!
(in 10 years I haven't changed that much -checking about the devilish wrinkles on the corner of the eye!-...;-)... but my life has changed, a lot indeed :-)

And I want my life to change positively the same way in the next 10 years!
If I could personally improve a bit too, that would be good ;-)

Sometimes I wish I did not stick that much to the idea of "security", the need to be reassured by routine's comfort...
Happiness lies in the hands of those who jump in the train when it runs in front of them! ok... I know it!

If I hadn't accept to marry Martin 2 months after we met, would I be where I am now? no! :)

Soooo... I must run, don't you hear the train coming?

And what about you, how much have you or your life changed in 10 years? What main change do you expect in the coming 10 years?

When Lola celebrates Mardi gras ...

1. She celebrates it on Wednesday (her mama had totally forgotten about it!), with about 2 dozens of crepes with nutella

2. She makes it spooky in the most princess-ish way

3. She keeps asking if she can dress this way now, since she finds it so much better than her usual trousers (girrrrlz!)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Rendez-vous at Captain Kirk's decadent quarters

Inspired once more by Mahie's ideas, here's another "tell me everything about" lil game.

This time, let's focus on series. Tell me what series you watch, I'll tell you who you are ;-)
I'm sure you'll get inspired too by the topic :P (and if not, just pretend!)

1.the first series I've watched:
gentle Ben & Little house on the prairy
2.the series from my childhood:
V, les brigades du tigre, the famous five, Zora la Rousse & Silas
3.the "cult" series:
Buffy, Dallas, Desperate Housewifes, X-files & Twilight Zone
4.the series for girls:
Smack the pony, Xena
5.the series that gets on your nerves:
Sex and the city, Friends, Poltergeist and all the CSI (les Experts trucmush)
6.Your most favourite one:
Blackadder, Buffy, Battlestar Galactica
7.the series during which nobody can talk to you, you're too concentrated:
Lost and Prison Break when Michael shows his tatoo
8.the series that make you really laugh:
Coupling, Father ted, the Office and Kaamelott
9.the most creative series:
Six feet under & Lexx
10.the most stressing series:
Lost & Battlestar Galactica
11.the series I haven't watched yet but would really love to:
Weeds, the French "Office"
12.the series you love(d) but do not tell anyone (except ewwws!):
Midsomer Murders (inspecteur barnaby)
13.Your favourite characters from series:
Michael Scott, Spike, G'Kar and Mollari, Cliff Barnes, Starbuck, Guenièvre and Perceval
14.Your most hated character from a series:
Kosh, Bobby Ewing, Mike Donovan

When Amazon gets funny... or is it me???

Last weekend we've celebrated Martin's 38th birthday (men are don't care about their age, right?)
He's been spoiled, specially with my cooking talent (see below this wunnerful cheesecake!)

...spoiled too with books, dozens of books actually! But when I ordered this, I did not expect at all that I'd receive that

lol! I should have guessed there was something strange with the price..

edit: For the greedy ones... you can find the recipe of the cheesecake here... you should really try it! (oops it's in French, but I bet you can get it ;-)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Wish me luck!

Because school holidays have just started here...!
...and the devils are already tapping feet behind me waiting for me to make of their day a perfect ones with games songs and whatever to please them!


(enjoy your luck if you're snoring at work behind your computer! I can't even do that! :P)

To the lil gang and its Queenette

Thank you for this really fine moment yesterday!
Had a great time with you all!


Saturday, February 17, 2007

The song in your head?

Right now, my head is trying to make a remix between Tchoupi's Tcha Tcha Tcha (thank you, Loup and Lola!) and Superbus' Butterfly.

You don't know the first song, and don't want to, trust me.. and for the second, maybe you've heard about it..

(I love the ha-ha-ha-ha-ha part! lol something very 1980s here!)

The thing, with a song that stick to your head for a whole day, is that you never chose it. That's the first rule of the game. Second rule is you're the prisoner of that song, no way to escape!

Sooooo, what's the song you've got in your head today, hm?

Friday, February 16, 2007

Pray for not being a dolphin in your next life

or a whale, huh.
I'm just back from Moukmouk's blog and I can't help sharing this terrible film (I warn you, it's really violent, couldn't personnally watched it entirely), and if you feel concerned, you can join and sign the petition here.


Beside the fact I feel ashamed for being human when I see that, I also believe that a man who can be that crual with an animal can do the same without any problem to a human being. Imagine what these guys are capable of. The amount of cruelty in them.

This slaughter must really stop. Even if we know that this exists since years, even if we're kinda used to hear about it. We simply can't get "used to it".


PS: Gweno, don't let Eva watch the lil film!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Yummm !

They finally made it! At last Metallica made a dvd of their main hits! Yeeepeeeeeee!!!!
For those who enjoy (coughing, what you really don't like them?! pfff, ok!), the dvd includes the following videos: Enter Sandman, The Unforgiven, Nothing Else Matters, Wherever I May Roam, Sad But True, Until It Sleeps, Hero Of The Day, Mama Said, King Nothing, The Memory Remains, The Unforgiven II Fuel, Turn The Page, Whiskey In The Jar, No Leaf Clover, I Disappear, St. Anger, Frantic, The Unnamed Feeling and Some Kind Of Monster.



PS: I'm very aware that it's terrible to be a "fan", posts from "fans" are definitely the worst! lol

Is the Parisian a real bad driver ?

Oh yes! Yes, the Parisian is a stressed, impatient driver, parking on the crosswalks, insulting whoever "he" can (since usually, the insulting and violent bits are typically male-ish when it comes to cars).

It was so fine to drive with a HH number plate (from Hamburg). Very helpful with the hostile driving environment ;-)

Oh and it was also so much better when we were out of Paris. We were seen as "tourists", we could drive peacefully (=slowly ?) without any problem.
Now when you have a "75" (Paris) number plate, you already have a lil problem!
1) You are from Paris (and people simply don't like that, even Parisians do not like other Parisians!)
2) you're expected to drive like a pig


But anyway, after 2 long months, the French administration gave us our new papers and new number plate! Yeeeepeeeeeeeee!

We can again park in Paris (because all the free parking streets do not exist anymore here, you can only let your car in the streets if you get the Parisian number plate).
I know for which mayor I won't vote next time! lol!

PS: to answer the title, I'd say the Parisian is simply "bad". bad driver, bad tourist, bad customer, bad bad neighbour, etc! We have some kind of lovely reputation!
...who wanna come and visit me now? :P

Highly NOT recommended !

Waaaa I feel bad for this pic, because I'm totally against the bad habit we have to let the kids drink a drop of champ when everybody's partying, or like here, letting a lil wolf enjoying his papa's beer! pfffff

The worst part is that Loup loved it! grmppphhhh

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bloody day!!!

It's raining, I've zillions of things to do,I've a fookin rendez-vous at the dentist and ...


Monday, February 12, 2007

Don't tell me you were to forget about Valentine's?!!

Ok, thank me for reminding you just in time!

Valentine's day might be very kitsh, good for flowers' biz, but doesn't it motivate the romantic and hot one who's hidding in you, hmm?

Time to forget about your pizza in front of TV for once, pleaaaase, just a lil effort! It's only once a year! ;-)

What kind of Valentine are you?
Don't start again with that very commercial stuff
Oh, I don't care (but if he/she does not even think about it...grrmmmphhh!)
I love it! Red undies, red wine, candles, whatever for a warm evening
still looking for my Valentine, know any free Venus/Apollon, Candy?
it's a girl thing! I mean, women expect a lil gift, no? (! so easy!)
Anything for the celebration of Love! lalalaaa
Yuck, gimme the bucket!
view the results

A few feet under

The funerals the other day went "ok".
As "ok" as funerals can be, of course.

It was good to see so many relatives, that does not happen often. Too bad Death is almost the only one to have this "gathering" power. Weddings too, but people do not marry so much around us, they rather *paxxx* (the "PACS" is "a French Civil Solidarity Pact which offers legal status to all unmarried, heterosexual and homosexual couples").
And people do not celebrate very often their PACS! :(

So if weddings are not popular anymore, you can be sure Funerals will always bring people together! Not bad?!... (call me missOptmistic, not enjoying a "half empty" bottle, huh :P)

At the same time, funerals are like a mirror, reflecting your future own death, the death of those you love. This woman, missing so deeply her husband, that will be me one day. Or you.
This beloved relative lying in that horrible wooden box will be my final bed and the one of those I love. Argg. Why can we never get used to the idea that life and death go hand in hand...

Btw, I will not end in a coffin... I'm more a "ashes to ashes" one.

I hate knowing my grand-parents are lying in their box (though not yet eaten by worms because they've been "prepared" to look nice for 10 years you know).
I hate that idea. And French cemeteries look so awful. No, I won't go there :)
And don't tell me that once you're "done", "where you are" does not matter anymore. I think it does, for those who remain!

La Mort et le Malheureux par Granville

New Blogger

After some weeks of hesitation, I finally signed up for the new blogger.
For those who still hesitate , it took 45 seconds to get it without any modification of anything from the old blogger (there are probably new features, but I've had no time to check so far)

Phewwww... everything's still working!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

What movie makes your heart beat, hm?

Thank you Mahie for the great idea you got about the series and movies "quizz-lists"!

I'll start with the movies today... I give you my answers, but I specially wait for all of yours!

1. A movie that makes you laugh: la folie des grandeurs
2. A movie that makes you dance: Hair
3. A movie that always moves you to tears: The Bridges of Madison County 'among zillions of others, including E.T.)

4. A movie that gets on your nerves: Grease
5. A movie that makes you shudder: Sailor & Lula ("Wild at heart" ... I prefer the French title!)
6. A movie that makes you want to travel: Easy Rider
7. A too romantic movie: Love Story
8. A movie I've in mind just right now: Clockwork Orange
9. A movie everybody know by heart: Psycho (no?)
10. A movie with a real bad ending: Child's play
11. A movie with a soundtrack you really love: Dune, Kill Bill, Virgin Suicide
12. A movie I'd really like to watch again: Tommy & the last temptation of Christ

and I'll add to the list

13. A movie you could watch a thousand times, wihtout never ever getting bored: Jaws
14. A movie with erotic bits that inspires you: the Piano
15. A movie for kids that you love: Nightmare before Xmas, Dark Crystal
16. A favorite cartoon: La planète sauvage

Your turn now!

(first time i don't talk of The Good, the Bad & the Ugly!
..Oooops! too late :P)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Office vs the Office

We've just watched the first series of the English Office.
That's a detail, and it concerns only me, but it is pretty difficult to follow (their accent...! I always thought the American accent was the hardest to get! But nenene, not always the case)..
This "Office" is also more realistic (you just don't want to ever work there), but more hmmm "gloomy" too. Very grey.

I hope we'll have time to watch the second season though, it's said to be better!

But so far the winner is, to me, the American Office.
I really prefer the American characters here, the way they play, the way the boss is presented, so much into caricature but so human... which makes the caricature very realistic you know. Oh brilliant!


I really thought I'd get more into the English one, but nooo, not this time!

Monday, February 05, 2007

I will go where my feet take me!

You like roller coasters? yeah? Nooo? A pity, I love them!
And Paris, you enjoy Paris? Too dirty? pfffff, just a matter of "walking with your 6th sense"

Now follow me (if you dare! :P) ...

On a sunny Sunday morning, my feet decided to have a free walk.. and I thought I'd follow them...

PS: more than a concept, this movie IS a piece of art (hehe) which required lots of technical concentration from me, my couple of neurones and my lil hands!

Bubye Tatoune

Tatoune died this morning.
Oh he was old, 94 years old I think... "old enough to die" as they say.

Nanoune, his wife, took care of him till the very last minute. sharing as many tender moments as possible, while poor Tatoune was literally shrinking, letting every bit of life go away from his body, day after day.
She met him when she was 16. Her life was his life, and vice-versa.
So I guess a huge part of Nanoune died also this morning :(

They're not my grand-parents by "blood", but does that really matter? I love them.

We should be in Bretagne by Friday, even if it was quite complicate to take a day off then, we could not imagine just not telling him goodbye.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ukulele for a sunny morning

After a sleepless night, with one lil one moving like a baby tiger in our bed, the other having nightmares, and the big boy of the family having an awful cough... I feel as if I had been clubbing all night -but no, my feet do not hurt and I don't feel sea-sick ;-)-!

But it's sunny outside, and I feel like floating (feeling tired has its advantages, no?!)... just found a perfect piece of music for that mood! :)

what a good player btw!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Paris by night ... was not quite dark

If the buildings around are representative enough, almost everybody kept their lights on at 7.55 pm... pffff...

Sooo, all our hopes go towards the West now! We're with you! yayyyyy!!!

No time for TV... what a pain in the bum!

Well, I like TV, I love TV. Can't help it.
Movies, series, soaps, cartoons, even cultural stuff (no kiddin! huhu ;-))... about everything except talk shows, reality shows and music shows (I miss the real ones, those you got back in the 1980s).

Anyway, I can never sit in front of TV before midnight or so.
I find much zenitude in being passively enjoying something on tv. And I miss that..

Thank Gawd, with Michelle (my American friend and almost neighbour here) we manage to share dvds of the best series around.

At the moment we're into "The Office", the American one (anyone knows how is the UK *Office*? Jack? Ever watched it?), with the most brilliant and so funny Steve Carell.

After some scepticism with the very first episodes (a series about a working place?! arggg!), we really started to enjoy it.
(memo to self: never judge a series before the 5th episode)...

For zillions of reasons I highly recommend it to those who love good surprises ;-)

and here's a lil extra:

Dwight Schrute: "Someone forged medical information, and that's a felony."
Jim Halpert: "OK, Whoa, all right 'cause that's a pretty intense accusation. How do you know that they're fake?"
Dwight Schrute: "[reading from a sheet] Uh, Leprosy, Flesh Eating Bacteria, Hot Dog Fingers, Government Created Killer Nano Robot Infection"

(hehe I love it!)

at the same time, we're into 6 feet under, Desperates Housewives, battlestar Gallactica, Grey's Anatomy, Lost, the 4400 etc etc

Well...(cough)... I think I... I DO watch TV! lol

Lola's maternal instinct

I've always been surprised how much Lola could be maternal. Caring so much for her dolls, worrying for their sleep, etc. Ok, I know she reproduces what she observes with me, but I think it's not that simple.

We can really talk of instinct here. As much as Loup has developed a sense for *tenderness* you can hardly imagine, always wanting to cuddle you, caress your hair, put his lil arms tight around your neck, crying as soon as he notices that you're sad, etc. Amazing to see so much sensitivity and Love in such lil ones (happy sigh).

At the same time, my lil ones so full of *pure* Love are seriously improving their devilish side. The days are a bit long sometimes ;-) (but never the nights!)