Monday, April 30, 2007

Dernier soupir

(last breathing)

I'm usually much inspired with Spring in my paintings... But I've jumped over the season, with the Parisian heat at the moment.
So here's a colourful painting, representing Death though.

click here

And I dedicate it to a *lady* who loved Life and daffoldils, a lady who left us a few years ago and that we won't forget... just like daffodils every year, her memory comes back with our Spring here (sending a big hugg to her daughter) **~~*^* *

I do believe in miracles!

my computer has not crashed since Wednesday.
It works it works!!!!!!!!

What did we do? We got rid of the graphic card, so very high tech one, that we bought a few weeks ago to fix a "graphic" problem.

Now finally my computer works without any interruption, I know my luck, I'm going to burn a candle in some lovely church ;-)

For Mahjong solitaire's fans :P

I know I'm not the only one on earth to play it!
Martin does too
And Lune, yes!

As mentioned last week, I'm trying any free mahjong solitaire I can find online. This one is pretty kewl, just plain, simple, basic. But without any score. Not purfect!
The best ones though are not the free ones. (sigh)
I will keep looking for the perfect Mahjong, and will find it!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Elisa, Bonnie, Melody and BB

As promised to Hiro, who's learning French , here are 3 songs by Gainsbourg that I really love. I could have added "Elisa", but I did not find anything on it really.

I hope one day you can read the lyrics of his song, Hiro, they're great!

The first one ... la ballade de Melody Nelson (1971), wonderful, making my skin all sensitive! (but not when I watch the video of it! lol)

Then, Bonnie and Clyde (1967) ... A song that makes me believe anytime I hear it that I am also a Bonnie (lol)

...Une nuit que j'étais
A me morfondre
Dans quelque pub anglais
Du cœur de Londres

The Initals BB. Sergio Leone + a greek tragedy, that's what this song is, to me!

And for the Gainsbourg's fans, if you remember "le poinçonneur des lilas", you might enjoy this :P

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cover your eyes, you prude souls (it's all about seksss!)

here comes the *sea* and *sex* part of the weekly theme (sea, sex, and sun)
(I hope you're not too shocked, Fañch :P)

found on

Not as terrifying and hot and wet as the previous one, but I REALLY love it:

found on

Lola's getting ready for the next Olympics!

Lola's bloggie has just been updated!

A French fry, a son and a mama

Loup is getting supa good at imitating everything he sees... which is always quite fun!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A first heat wave for Paris ?

My heaters haven't worked for a month now! Last year, I stopped them on the 1st of June... wooohoooo, t'is crazy, but t'is good cause I'm going to save some euros with lighter bills :P

Crossings bits

So that François YouknowWho (Ornot ;-) does not join the armies of Darkness today ;-)
(that was my political touch, I really can't help it :P)

edit: oh thank you François, you just said everything! You're my heroe of the day! Weeehoooooooooooooooo!!!!

edit #2: (washing my mouff) my heroe of the day, the month, the year is Martin! My computer has worked without any problem since this morning! Woaaaaaaaaaaaa

Dr Evil, what are you playing at?!!!

(grabbing my notes)
8.32 am
8.41 am
9.16 am

2.15 pm
2.24 pm
2.36 pm
2.52 pm
3.29 pm
3.33 pm
3.37 pm
3.43 pm

8.00 pm
8.09 pm
8.12 pm
9.13 pm

these are the exact moments when my computer crashed yesterday. In different ways (Dr Evil enjoys diversity it seems), getting frozen usually (which ended with a fatal Ctrl+Alt+Suppr), or simply turning off by itself, black screen, or also getting frozen but refusing to be rebooted (had to push on the big button behind the puter then, you know?)

For those who haven't followed this thrilling story, a few months ago, my old computer (if you consider 5 years old is old) stopped working one day. Bought a new one, got troubles with (pirated) stuff that didn't work. Saved money, got new stuff, and got problems again. No virus here. Just Dr Evil playing with ol' Candy it seems!!!!!


Like Penny said, I'm a prisoner in my computer! And I'd better find the key to get out of it soon or I'll get crazy!

Today, we try a last lil thingie! Pray the Gods for me!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Candy Greenthumbs is back!

3 words to sum up these holidays: sun, work and garden (yup there's a nasty word hidden here ;-)

We've worked a lot, about 7 to 8 hours everyday, Martin working in the morning and I in the afternoon.
Still working in the living-room, working on the walls and the fireplace. Trust me, it will look good at the end! ;-)

We've chosen new doors and windows too, we should get them installed in the next months. But we've also lost contact with our mason. He's never available, we've to find a new one. Sheaaaaat!

The best part, regarding the house, was the garden this time. We have plnated our first trees, and it was fantastic (and damn expensive!)
I absolutely wanted a palm tree and a cherry blossom ... and I got them!!!! (do you know the cost of a palm tree, small, like 1m50, here? 250 euros minimum!!!!!!! Jeez)
We've also planted (grabbing my dictionnary):
a Japanese camellia
a lilac
an apple tree
a pear tree
a laurel (laurier-sauce)
more bamboo (don't you love the music of the bamboos in the wind?!!)
a butterfly tree (no idea about the translation of arbre à papillons!)
periwinkles (pervenches)
sweat peas (pois de senteur)
nasturtiums (capucines)
more roses too, old ones with a wunnerful perfume.

(happy sigh)

A pity we won't see our garden in a few days, there are already many flowers to come!
We made a good job with the garden, I'm rather proud of it :)

We had sun the whole week, with temperatures that could reach 26°C in the shadow. In Bretagne, in April!!!
Lola and Loup could run nekkid in the garden under water almost everyday, they had the time of their life!

Really it was a good week, even if a bit too expensive ;-)

Here come the pictures below ...
(they've lost much quality once put on dailymotion, a pity!)

If my computer stops crashing every 10 minutes (in average)

...I'll be back very quickly with a holidays gallery.
But fook, my damn puter has started crashing again!
Usually when I work with images, which I do all the time...

What a pain in the bum!

A toi, François

(sowwy, Frawnch politics again... I'll make of this post a real quickie, I promise!)

Please, François, don't take any position to support Ségolène or Nicolas.
That would really break all my hopes with politics!
Just keep your independent position and let your electors chose freely :)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Just back in time ...

... for the French elections!


I hope *my* canditate will make it... Otherwise I will have really wasted a wunnerful sunny day in the most glorious countryside!

edit: grmpppphhh! He did not make it... and my suntan hasn't improved! pfff...
I'm very disappointed with the results, except for Le Pen's relatively low results (never low enough though).
The good thing for me is that I will not make any choice between the 2 chosen ones, and I'll enjoy the sun instead! Yeeehooooooooooo!!!

but what a pity, we had one opportunity to make something different, but here we go again.

Democracy's not fun sometimes :P

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ooooops! ...I do it again!

I almost feel bad (but no! lol) for those who're working hard at the moment... but I have to confess that tomorrow evening, I'll be sleeping (rather drinking at this time of the day) in my dear old Bretagne. Again.
And for a whole week!
And sun is expected, with temperature between 20 and 25°C
Do you think I need to take some sunscreen with me? hmmm, no maybe not, it's just early April after all!

I'll leave tomorrow evening and will be back just in time for the big stressing thingie.

I'll miss you, but I'll try to survive :P

Lola Tralala

The other day, the shrimpette asked to get her own blog sometimes, to show and sell her drawings to people (what a working lil girl! hehe), just like her mama :-)

We thought about it for 10 seconds. It could be a nice way to keep a journal of her early years, with what she makes and creates, her activities, the important moments of her life. A good way to share it with her grand-parents and friends, who sometimes live abroad.

I could include all that in my own bloggie, but no... I don't want my personnal space here to be dedicated to the life of my babes only.

So there you go, it's here and alive!
You can't imagine how Lola is proud to see her *work* on the screen!
4 years-old and her own blog! hehe...
What a bloggers' team we make ;-)

PS: It's in French, not because I'm lazy, but because most of the time I type about what Lola tells me, with her own words. But I will regularly talk of her posts here, in English! Phewwww ;-)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A treasure of experimental electronic music! Yummm!

The name of this English band is Psapp (to be pronounced as "sap"), they make strange sounds in their songs, one of their song was chosen to be the soundtrack of Grey's Anatomy (so you might know them already ;-)

On their site, they introduce themselves as a band who makes "songs with noises poking out". That's about it. With Martin, we really loved the bits we heard, so we looked and bought one of their albums, we're waiting very impatiently now for their other one, now!

Don't you love it when you discover new music that you really like? (happy sigh)
That does not happen that often!

There is 95% of possibilities that their music does not touch you, but you never know... :P ... so here's the only video i've found from them (pretty cute one!)

edit: I have found this other video, if you're still curious about it, and this time it's one of my fav song from Psapp!

Allergic to Paris ???

No that can't be!

...but 12 hours after we were back from Bretagne, my allergy was back too. My poor sore eyes!
Would there be some nasty pollution around my beloved Paris? Pfffffff, that is a possibility I guess, but i will firmly deny it!

Bits of the hobbit house

Why the "hobbit house" by the way?
Because it looks pretty small (specially the doors, which is a reality), but from the outside only. Inside it's about 110m², divided in 6 rooms.

Ok, as I can't resist much Laurienna ;-); and as she wanted to see more of the hobbit house, here are a few images of it, taken last weekend. Sorry for the bad quality of the all movie, but it's just what I have.

You'll see in it half of the house, mostly the front part of it, with outside walls that will be renovated (get rid of the cement joints), doors and windows that will be changed soon... with bits of our front garden in which there should be new trees very soon too (including a palm tree), also with bits of our living-room with the fireplace (the rooms on the ground floors are those on which we're working), etc.

I think that will be enough to frighten you! hehe
Too bad I have no images from the other side of the house, with the garden going down to the river.

Anyway, I guess that will give you more than an idea how we spend our holidays...

Monday, April 09, 2007

Cops, eggs and sun

I'm writting a quickie today, just because the only thing I want right now is jumpin into your blogs to get the last news, and then, playing mahjong (which happens twice a year, but when it happens, it really does! :P)

So, to make it short (which is not usually my way, huhu):

1. I WAS RIGHT !!! And I loved it even more this time ;-)
The hobbit house was still virgin. Except the door which is actually really broken, the robbers didn't take anything and didn't vandalize any wall!
What a relief, I tell you!
They only "borrowed" a ladder to enter the house of our neighbours...

2. We finally had a wunnerful weekend, with so much sun, with a purrfect egg-hunt (I hope you've noticed the Breton-ish detail on the pic by the way ;-), with delicious drinks with English neighbours and with good work in the hobbit house (we've renovated 60% of the big fireplace! Even the cops, who visited our house (...), were impressed with our work (proud smile here)

Yup, finally it was a good weekend :)

Friday, April 06, 2007

About to draw the curtains over the blog ...

...for 2 days! (hehe.. I could see the panic in your eyes, huh ;-) (no? no panic? pfff, you could have pretended!)

Just enough time to drive to Bretagne, get some good surprise with the house (...), have a talk with the cops, enjoy chocolate rabbits, and wooosh we're back.

Take care of your stomach, happy Easter!

Flash news:
1. Lola wants her own blog to show her drawings to the whole world like her mama! lol She'll have it!
2. Loup can now tell a third word: after "maman", "papa", here comes "BONBON" !lol

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Men and shoes ... Men are really not from Venus

hehe... well, at least Loup is from Mars. No doubt on that.
He regularly commits the worst, the unbearable sacrilege, from our female-ish point of view.

here is a pic of his daily crime:


yes, yesterday he managed to throw into the bin 8 pairs of shoes!!!!

The eyes of allergy

Is it due to pollen? To AC ? no idea really. The thing is that about every 3 months I get some allergy that makes my eyes turn into mashed straberries! I have some treatment to ease the pain for a few minutes, but, that's all.

I start the day with these horrible swollen eyes...

...and finished with real bloody ones!

Another lil pain in the bum
The worst part, besides the pain that is, it's the people asking you:
"what happened???",
"you don't seem to feel ok, you can talk if you want"!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My weekly flowers, just a real pleasure

As I'd say like 70% of women at the moment (lucky 30%), I've started my 2007 diet (huhu) to prepare meself to run on the beach like some bo dereck (lol)

So no more sugary treat here and there, which I've happily replaced with flowers about every weeks! No more than 3 euros for the bouquet, that's my rule :)

So here are the flowers I've just found. Their name? I've forgotten. Wild flowers, beauDiful, a touch of countryside in my flat.

The hobbit house has been *visited* !

Oh shit, I've just got a call from Dinan's police to tell us there has just been a burglary in our hobit house.

(big big sigh)

We have such shitty doors and windows that I'm not suprised it finally happened. The *funny* coincidence is that we have rendez-vous on next Saturday to sign with the carpenter for new windows and doors!!!


Ok, I don't stress too much, because we had nothing of real value there, except expensive equipment for the works (but does that really interest people? I hope not!)

I just cross my bits so that there was no vandalism in it. My precious walls and floors, made with love and sweat. I hope we won't get any real bad surprise. But that we won't know before being there.

Fook, we're there only 2 days and we have already half od our time taken by all that.

(I'm still looking for the positive side of this burglary, to get motivated.. but right now, hmm, no I can't see the bright side of the moon!)

Legs' hunters

In the *silhouette*, here come the mermaids :)

click here