Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Absolute Monarchy is back!

It took 2 months, almost 3000 euros (eeeeeck!!! ), and dozens of painful injections (against the pain you know, lol)... to get 3 crowns replaced and 1 new one done.

Honestly, I find I get very nice teeth (ok, pretty nice, at least), and I really take care of them more than average I think. Yet, it seems they're simply not good enough.


I'm now smiling a lot, in a weird way, with an open mouth, to show my so beautiful crowns (which are actually kinda invisible, since that's the point with beautiful crowns! ;-)

I told my dentist that how much I loved him I did not want to see him in the next 5 years, he expects me to be back in 6 ... months!

(now, make me jealous, is there anyone around who never ever need to go to the dentist's?)

Carlos Nuñez, the gifted Galician goblin :)

As we talked of Carlos Nuñez here the other day, I wanted to add some of his music here, in case you never heard of him before.
He plays flute and gaita (kind of bagpipe) in a most wunnerful way.
Martin saw him in Hamburg a few years ago. He played for maybe 20 people only and was really friendly (gave the adress of his bagpipe maker to Martin, etc).

Here are bits of what the talented Spanish musician can do :)

Here, with his flute

here, crazy with his bagpipe

and here, with the Chieftains, for those who are definetely into irish music ;-)

New guest !

Our lil Korrigan (goblins) friends have just called to tell someone had decided to make of our hobbit house its new home...
From what we've heard, this guest is really cute...

image found here

Madame Lafouine (stone marten) is most welcome by Martin, who thinks it's kewl. If there's a stoner marten around, no mice, no rats.

Now, as long as it remains clean inside and that we do not share the house at the same time, it's ok for me... for the moment!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Let the sunshine flowers in

Sore throat, headache, reddish nose, inspiration reaching ground 0, yup I'm sick! (but not THAT much on the other hand ;-)

That was to be expected with this unstable weather... heat, thunderstorms, then rain and cold winds! Pfffff...

Yet, we had a great weekend, spending most of our time outside. And we took the opportunity to have no "plans" on Sunday to make the plan to bring bits of a garden in the flat.

My dreamteam worked hard, but it was worth it!

We now get a very exotic garden in front of our windows, which seems absobloodilutely appropriate with the weather we get!

the *celebrity* chinese portrait

(lol yuss, on weekend, I enjoy wasting my time creating stoopid stuff, specially when I'm sick :P)

You must write the first name that comes to your mind here, that's hard, but that's the game! :)

SOOooooo, if you were a celebrity... you'd be...

a writer: first name... (thinking)... John Irving!
a painter/artist: Juan Gimenez
an actress: Susan Sarandon
an actor: Ewan McGregor
a director: Frears, kubrick, Leone, I can't chose!
a musician: Carlos Nuñez
a singer (female): Bjork
a singer (male): Beck
a band: Pink Floyd
an adventurer: a cosmonaut
a king/queen: Henry IV
an inventor: mr/mrs Pampers (the one who invented modern diapers!)
a tv character: Buffy
a movie hero: Blondie
a movie heroine: Barbarella
a cartoon character: Captain harlock
a tale hero: Little Red Cap
a tale baddie: the wolf
a mythologie character: a centaur or a nymph, I hesitate!

all images borrowed on the internet, thank you guys!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The worst insult

(heard earlier when Loup was playing in the sandpit...)

boy (3 years old) to boy (3 years old)

-"you are cute"

-"don"t say that again, I'm not cute!!!!"

-"oh but yes, you are even VERY cute!"

flying sand came as a conclusion


I've been spoiled, indeed!
For my bday I got zillions of wet kisses from the lil wolf, a wunnerful drawing (of meself) from the shrimpette and a great surprise from my other-half.
Martin arrived with a huge bouquet of sunflowers, cooked a really yummy dinner, took care of the kids till they went to bed, and finally offered me a pair of boots... but not just "a" pair of boots.
Boots (doc martens! huhu!) I had seen in a magazine like a year ago!!!
What a surprise for me! I had almost forgotten them!

And he did not find them here in France, it would have been too simple... he had to look everywhere to finally find them in the USA!

And all that made a very happy Candy!

Now I just need the moto that will go perfectly with my boots!

Meme pas honte aka Hardly blushing

I still don't speak German
I read people's magazines and spend much time here, there and there
I can't touch a sparrow, nor a tiny red fish (or I simply die.)
I watch "sometimes" (huhu) YR and German tv movies (with happy beginnings, happy endings too lol)
I sometimes prentend Loup's diappers are not full, till Martin arrives.
I've made lots of compilations with blondie, madonna, abba, and kim wild and I must say they're really good :P
I'm unable to park my car and, every time I enter the car, I always wonder which pedal is the accelerator..
etc, etc.

And lately, I've found something to add to my *black* list...
Lola often plays on a site for kids her age, with many lil flash games... and if she gets enough points when playing, she can modify her lil "character" (new head, new hat, new outfit, etc. Pretty girlie, pretty cute, pretty kewl).

Hiding now behind the excuse to win points for Lola, I've abandoned my refined mah-jong to play this, and... ... I spend way too much time on it!

(I don't give you the url, you might also fall into the trap! I'd feel bad for that!)

Pocket money

A question to professionnal translators (or inspired ones) around here :P

I've been asked to translate 14 pages (English -> French), and been offered 100 euros for it... which means about 7 euros/page.
How does that sound? Too cheap? Reasonnable?

PS: my *pocket money* will be used actually to pay for new stairs in our hobbit home. These will be the first 100 euros.. another 2500 to get! (talk about patience and determination!)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Flower Queen-ette

Our 4 days away from Paris were really *guud*, despite too much work in the hobbit house (I started in the morning at 9.00, Matin finished in the evening at 8.00! 4 days like that... pfffff just too much!)

But we had sun and so many flowers around! First bbqs, first planteur punches, first naps on the grass (I had one! weeehooooooo!)... great first spring-ish moments! (happy sigh)

We go back there for summer holidays in 2 months. Way too long, of course! :)

33 lil precious moments

1.when I get my first coffee in the morning (like right now)
2.when Lola and I share a girlie moment (make-up powaaa!)
3.when I hear Martin coming back from work
4.when I get the idea for a new painting
5.when I see a new leaf on a dying tree in our garden
6.when Loup asks for my arms and my cuddles
7.when Lola comes to me asking what's the name of the insect she's just caught
8.when my babies get crazy after their bath, running everywhere like puppies
9.when Lola screams in her school corridor that I'm the prettiest of the mamas... and not the fattest one! (lol)
10.when Loup gets so boy-ish, getting over-excited when he sees a truck
11.when Martin gets so supportive with every one of my projects (even when I try new cooking!)
12.when the babes finally fall asleep in the evening
13.when I get time for the blogsphere
14.when I can enjoy a glass of bubbling champ'
15.when I make cement to fix new stones in the hobbit house
16.when we make zillions of plans about what we must do next in the hobbit house
17.when I can watch a movie without interruption
18.when I get a postcard (I love postcards!)
19.when I have enough money to buy new shoes
20.when I discover with a very mother-ish eye all the flowers we've planted in our garden
21.when my mom cooks seafood
22.when I drive without stressing (which hardly ever happens!)
23.when I can sit down with a book for more than 10 minutes
24.when Lola is quiet for 15 minutes, then comes back dressed as the most lovely princess (in her own way, you know! kind of pirate, tzigane way)
25.when I can lie down on the grass for a nap
26.when Martin gives me a back massage
27.when the bred is still warm from the oven
28.when I meet friends in the street (easy here, we gets some around!)
29.when I play lottery, knowing it's gonna be my turn :P
30.when Lola and Loup play together, which now happens a lot
31.when Lola defends Loup when he does something wrong (like painting the walls)
32.when I sell a painting
33.when it's Friday evening, and that Martin joins the 3 of us for the weekend!

33 lil (huge?) precious moments that makes me think 33 years-old can be really terrific!
Lucky me!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I can already feel the taste of the crepes.. wanna join?

because, je fais le pont, moi!

faire le pont could be translated literally as "to make the bridge"
In French it has 2 meanings (feel free to grab your pen if you wanna take notes, huh ;-) :

1. To get a long weekend (we have the thursday off, we just extend the "off" part)
2. To perform a bridge, as in gymnastics!

Have a great week, etc etc and see you on Monday for a most important event! :P

Monday, May 14, 2007

Gargantua's tears

We got huge raindrops yesterday! heavy and bloody *wet*... Now I could start talking about the so strange weather again, but no. (phewwww!)

PS: new update on Lola's bloggie :-)

The 2000 lolita vs the 2007 lolita !

Which one do you chose?
(don't tell me none!)

(hope you'll enjoy the actor's talent of the singer here, above :P)

PS: what? teenage stuff? Hardly!!!

From reality to sensuality

First I thought it was a corpse (...), then a plastic bag, huh... finally I almost blushed discovering the intimacy of this creature with the waters.
Loved it.

Nimwendil is back !

He's alive and kicking!

...and it's here (yeeepeeeeeeee!!!)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

And they did not win!

I've just missed the best show of the year (the Eurovision song contest, naturally!)... pffffff

And what do I discover? they were there and they did not win!

Too bad they made the funniest head-banging I'd seen in ages!!!... Actually I think the horrible show around (helllooooo we were not at the Olympic games here!) did not fit at all, spoiled their music!
But nice "no t-shirt" + "long hair" touch! That only will make my day!

As for the Frawnch, in case you missed it, a *lovely* eurovision song (and they did not win either!)

Ok, now let's make a hit of it, take your mike and sing!

"I remember jolie demoiselle, the last summer, nous, la tour Eiffel
I remember comme tu étais belle, so beautiful with your sac Chanel
Sur les ponts de la Seine, let's do it again, again, again, again,
You gave me a rendez-vous, what is it ? what is it ?

Je le chercher à toi, dans les rues, je ne suis pas venir car tu ne l'es plus
Je le regarde partout, where are you ? My heart is bleeding, Oh I miss you
L'amour à la française, let's do it again, again, again, again,
You gave me a rendez-vous

Et je cours, je cours, je cours, I've lost l'amour, l'amour, l'amour
Je suis perdu, here without you, and I'm crazy, seul à Paris
Je tu le manque, sans toi I can't, et sous la pluie, I feel sorry
Champs Elysées, alone, la nuit, le Moulin Rouge, I feel guilty"

Thursday, May 10, 2007

What's the last cd you bought?

... you do not ONLY download stuff online, huh, nooo... So try to remember, what's the last cd you bought for REAL!? :P

It does not happen often here, but 3 weeks ago we ordered 2 cds:

The first was from Psapp (those who made Grey's Anatomy soundtrack). Unique style, beauDiful.. they get their own musical planet, and me thinks I'll stay a while on it ;-)

And then there we got this Superbus album "Wow"... even better than what I expected! From song 1 to song 12, I love it! And I will definitely get everything they made! wooohoooooooooooo

Well, not easy to share musical tastes... but I'm still curious about what YOU bought!

If I was a faery, I would chose a peony have the most salacious nap on the most delicious spring-ish day :)

Actually, I love peonies (pivoines) when they just start to open. Stretching a petal here, a petal there, just as if the whole body was getting up.

Such beauDiful creatures!

Does memory only *store* what REALLY matters?

I hope not, or I'd worry for meself.
I don't know how your memory works, but mine is playing tricks, too often.

I'm unable to give details of a book I've read 2 weeks ago;
yet I remember most details of a movie I've seen 10 years ago.
I don't forget faces but I'm not good with names.
I remember the birthday of e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y around, but tend to forget to wish them!
I use my credit card 10 times a day with the same ol' code (which was created at the beginning of life on earth)... yet I still forget it regularly!

And when I see the kind of details my memory "stores"...

the metallic taste of the kisses with a boyfriend when I was a teen
the specific smell in the bathroom of my grand-parents in Normandy
the very unique and weird colour of a ceiling in this London hotel
the shape of the front door of all the places where I've lived
the smell of the awful hair lotion from a british boyfriend
the glompphhglommph feeling I got when putting my spoon in the only rice pudding I'll ever had (17 years ago!)
the way my English History teacher looked above his spectacles
the so thin ankles from another English teacher
the shape of the glass when I tried Lagavulin (a hundred years ago!) for the very first time, and the burst of sensations following the first sip (drooling!)

Why do I remember so many details of my life while I'm unable to remember most important stuff, I wonder.

I think my memory needs exercise... good, my grand-ma has zillions of books and games for that (yawn) ;-)


"One elderly couple is visiting another for supper. The two women go into the kitchen for a moment, leaving the men to talk.
One of the men says to the other, "The Mrs. and I went to the nicest restaurant last night."
"Is that right?" the other inquires, "What was it called?"
"That's just it," he replies "I can't recall. "Say, what's the name of that red flower that has thorns all over it?"
"A rose?" he responds.
"YEAH, THAT'S IT!" he says energetically.
He then whirls around and yells into the kitchen:
"Hey, Rose! What was the name of that restaurant we went to last night!?"


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Spring Cleaning (girls, they just wanna have fun)

I see 4 reasons to explain a sudden session of Spring cleaning

1. It's Spring! (huhu)
2. It's fookin dirty around ! (yumm!)
3. You're stressed and need to get rid of these nasty vibes (it works!)
4. Your in-laws are about to visit you...!

I expect my beloved in-laws (waving at Christa and Achim :-) in 2 days here, so of course I've turned into a washwashwashcleancleanclean powerpuff girl!

I must admit Martin is also very good at it (but did he have any choice really? nope!)

Now I tell you, behind this spring cleaning, there are 4 precious days to come, with the kids over happy to make run their opa and oma, and with a Candy just over-excited to get lil help :)

Bloggers & journalists

2 different species?

Well... yes, I think so, don't you?
(I'm not talking of personnal blogs here, which have nothing to do with "journalism")

Yet, when you read the Wikipedia's definition of a "journalist" ("A journalist is a person who practices journalism, the gathering and dissemination of information about current events, trends, issues and people"), it is very close to what many bloggers are.

So what's the difference?
I believe some bloggers are as competent as journalists.
What about objectivity. Is there this kind of ethic with bloggers? I'm not sure.
(well well, I know journalists are sometimes way less objective than expected)

Why do I talk of that today? Just because I'm surprised to see so many bloggers invited in "serious" tv or radio shows to share their views, just like historians, journalists, etc.

Wait, I find that kewl that suddenly there is a kind of "democracy" in these shows. The internet is also represented! yeah, cool.

But there's a lil something disturbing. I can't put the finger on it yet... Maybe it's like being a blogger/blog writer is now enough by itself to get credibility.


Well, if anyone wants to interview me about shoes, I'm ready!
Wait, I can talk about wines and rum too
hmmmm, I think you can trust me too when it comes to masonry and carpentry!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Wondering how much Paris can smell like roses ...

The best part of the early morning? I wonder ... the croissants, the sunshine or the blooming roses!

edit: it feels wunnerful to not talk about fookin politics on my bloggie tonight! I'm going to have a beer and paint the walls of my kitchen now! weeehooooooooo! :P

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Il est l'heure, Monseigneur, have a planteur !

(I just had to bring some balance in this blog after my political post! )

Welcome in my lil paradise...
here you get sof music (sometimes)
no political consciousness ;-)
a warm sun and
an endless sea
white sand and red crabs
just enough breeze..
Oh (tssss...I was to forget the most important here!) and planteurs too!

...I've already put the recipe here, maybe a couple of years ago... but I bet I've improved it with personnal touches!

1/4 liter of orange juice
1/4 liter of pineapple juice
1/4 liter of guava juice
1/4 of white rum
a drop of grenadine
cane sugar
bits of green lemon

You mix everything slowly together and then you can start sipping!

photo from here

Where's my hamac again?!!!

Almost there ( my boots!)

Have I said I won't talk of politics again on my blog? Ouch!
I was just a liar, but I swear (spitting far) I won't do it often. I know most of you do not care anyway, but I just need to share, with myself at least, what's boiling (more or less, huh) inside.

The elections are tomorrow...tadaaaaa!
Thank Gawd!
I'm tired of hearing people giving lessons to others, telling them what is right and what is wrong, why they're more intelligent than others, that they "know" what to vote better than others (Gawd bless them for such a strong knowledge!)

I can't believe how many people are still trying to make those who vote differently feel guilty. "how can you vote him/her?" "How dare you?" "do you have any political consciousness?"

Oh gawd I hate this propaganda, I can't stand people calling their neighbour nazi because they simply vote for the right party! Or the same way I can't stand others calling their neighbour lazy profiteers because they vote for the left party.

Be passionate, yes, defend your ideas, but stop attacking others for their beliefs (but ok, you do as you want, lol :P)!
It is simply ... exhausting to hear about so much hatred... That's what really made me sick during these elections... not the possible results, simply the Hatred.

I don't wonder anymore why it's never been a good idea talking politics with friends or family... : because people do not respect others' choices. People do not accept others think differently.
End of (my) chapter...

Personnally, I'm not too stressed for tomorrow, it won't be a good surprise in any case since I do not support their respective programs.

Yet, I will vote for the left-ish candidate, with much reluctance... and only because the center's ideas (my political preference) have more chances to be represented and developped with Mrs Royal as Presidente.


The new victory of the S(cottish) N(ational) P(arty) ...

...just reminds me of University where I got my MA in English and American History (& literature)

I can't believe the same Candy who writes about the purfect sandals' quest, also wrote almost 300 pages about a possible Scottish independence on the 21st century!

I'm just too proud typing it, lol, sorry, that's very self-centered

PS: and I remember it was the time when the Internet just started really. Nobody used it yet. Life for students without the internet was really something! We had to read the books (faint ;-), go to the libraries, call and talk with people to check information, etc! Can you imagine?! :P

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Endless cuddles

The lil wolf and I share a lot of them everyday. I complain often that he sticks to me too much, but...

I confess I really LOVE these sweet moments :)

Politics, sandals and icecream

As we hear about politics everywhere here in France (next Sunday we get our new president), I thought it was an appropriate time to talk about serious problems on this bloggie.
Like... how difficult it is to find the purfect sandals for summer.

Sandals for the feet are like ice-cream for a dry mouth. They're supposed to feel wunnerful on hot days.
But the whole dilemma with sandals is to get comfort and beaudy at the same time(which is quite true with shoes in general).

I tend to give priority to comfort though... but shoes are now so expensive that you can't just compromise!

my dream would be a mixture of these:


(for the beauty one, the heel is ... 9.5cm high!)

and I have almost found my perfect combination, still with a heel of 6cm, but I should be able to walk with them.

The brand Clarks', so I hope their quality's good enough. Their price? 75 euros. Expensive, right. But (convincing meself) not that expensive for "perfect shoes" (lol)
Anyway, I don't have the money rightnow, but I might save for next month (dunno how, but, I believe in miracles -and lottery-)!

(PS: I hope this post made your day ;-)

My mama's heart's beating fast when ...

I see my shrimpette coming back from a walk after spending her lil money on flowers rather than on a carousel..

I was so sick yesterday (and I believe my spicy chinese shrimps were not so innocent here), that I had to stay in bed the whole day, feeling as if I was on a rolling fishing boat (those which really stink "fish and oil", you know?!).

And there came my Lola, with her 5 flowers, so happy to make me happy!
Woaaaaa it feels wunnerful to be a mama!

"White voter"

In case you missed it, we're about to vote for our next president, on Sunday.
And I will vote "white"... = I will go to vote, but won't vote for right or left parties. I'm criticized for my choice, almost constantly, which I do not understand. I thought freedom of thought, freedom of vote meant something.

found here

I've read the programs, followed tv debates... thank you Fañch for this great time online! .. and even if I would tend to vote for the left party, mainly for the environment position... the rest of the programm isn't valid enough, to me.
And I won't vote for the right party, mainly because of their social position.

The heart on one side, the head on the opposite...easy! ;-)

So you might criticize me as much as you want, but I will vote the way I did before (= according to my own beliefs and principles) and I'm really proud of it! :)

edit: (cough cough)...
...I wait for Bayrou's speech later today... but I might follow my heart, because I'm a woman, because I'm a mom and because I have kids, I think Ségolène will be more efficient on these matters. These are the only reasons she would get my vote.
My mind's really boiling and I hate that!...