Friday, February 22, 2008

It's the weekend? oh and much more! :P

I managed to take care of the kids, biz, pack the luggage and FINISH MY PAINTING!

I'm really happy with it, it's really me in it, I mean it's my style, the kind of topic I love to paint, etc.

Yet, days are not that long so I don't have the time to show it here or on my gallery.
I'll do it as soon as I'm back from a deserved week of lazy (kidding! I'm a mama!) holidays!

take care of your bits while the cat is away :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008


My batteries start to feel empty...
Martin has much work at the moment, my days are terribly busy and we can only have a break between 10.00 pm and 1.00am.

The kids are extremely resistant when it's time for bed and that specially kills me. I mean it's like the cherry on top of the cake, but not as good. A rotten cherry, yeah lol

I have delivered yesterday my illustrations for the third book. I hope it will work, I hope the books will be published and everything. But you never can tell I guess.
I spent 60 hours on it. 60 hours to fit in the late evenings. (yawn) I should be a millionaire. But no. grmmph

I wanted to finish my new painting before the winter holidays, but I fear I won't have the time. Almost done, but...

... jeez, days are too short!

But it seems they're long enough to watch the first season of Heroes which is absolutely fantastic so far (thank you Michelle & Frederic!). have you watched it? I expected something much worse!

... long enough to play @ Scrabulous and Superheroes on facebook. Superheroes is so funny. But really!

...days are finally long enough to come here and complain on my bloggie

Monday, February 18, 2008

I am a weak woman

and worse, predictable.

See, ask me the question "what do you like to do, any hobby?"
I would answer, yeah reading SF, History and Fantasy, watching movies, music of course, oh and, hmm, ha yes... buying shoes too!

My last pair of shoes, let me see (thinking hard here), I got it for my birthday (the pair I had later does not count really!), beautiful Doc Martins' boots (just naming them makes me wanna run to find them and wear them the whole night!)

I have lots of shoes, glamorous, etc. But I'm a mama running after kids and Loup is a wild one. I have to adapt.

I REALLY needed not just one, but two pairs of new shoes for the coming ermm year. Some need a car to go to work, other prefer bike, well ... I have no choice!
I can only adapt to my daily situation! I NEEDED these comfortable shoes, a professional matter, see.

PS: and Martin understood (with a smile, dunno why!) my professional urge
(happy sigh)

I might not be Jamie Oliver ...

... I don't like cooking anyway :P ...

I tried something yesterday and it was nearly perfect!
To please both the ol' guy and the kids, I tried ham & olives muffins!

Very easy to cook (which is basically the main point for me), with ingredients you usually have around (another important point to me) and which provoked some "yummmms" in the crowd :)

You can have it with the aperitif, or with a salad, or whenever actually, huh... Much better than nuts and chips ;-)

The recipe is here.

Highly recommended by chef Candy ;-)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Just a few candles, just not 40 yet ;-)

Today's the birthday of The One that makes my life so shhhpeshuully perfect :)

Martin's turning 39 (t'is ok for a man to tell his age no? It's going to be better and better for him... you know how men are at 20 years-old, huh ;-)...the older they get the better they get!

Everybody's out right now, and I have planned to cook some treats but I feel ...ohhh... terrible.... miserable... sick! Just the idea to be in the kitchen makes me faint (no, lol, I can hear you! I am really sick!)

Ok, I will try to go there again. Let's see what I can do...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

You've just won 500 euros...

How would you spend 500 euros ?
one week in Mexico
a meal in the restaurant of your dreams
a pair of beautiful shoes
a night in a 4 crowns hotel
something completly different (I tell you in the comment)
click here to see the results

The other day with friends and relatives we wondered actually if we could spend such a huge amount of money for a meal in a restaurant.
It sounded a bit shocking to imagine that, but that was the topic.

Half of the people couldn't stand the idea to spend so much money just for a meal, the other half thought it would be fantastic to try it once in one's life.

I absolutely agree with the second idea, if you give me 500 euros and tell me I have to spend them in the next day (and would have this limited choice to do so) I would do that.
The extreme pleasure of new tastes, haute cuisine, etc. Yeah I could do that.
Better, buying new shoes, wearing them for this restaurant and finishing the evening in a perfect hotel!

(happy sigh)
(dreaming feels so good!)

edit: I had chicken tonight, home-made, and it was priceless ;-)

Pucca, Hello Kitty and I

On Valentine's day, I hadn't planned to offer anything to Martin, except these mango-shrimps brochettes made with (MUCH) love :)
(they were delicious))

But I found this

A lil box full of kisses! You pick a card, you get a kiss to share, "wild", "delicate", "innocent", etc

any excuse is good to rush to the cards and play

And yeah, I've won 1 point in the realm of Cutattitude me thinks!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Absobloodilutely Valentined

Don't tell me you won't celebrate it. Being single is not an excuse, you can still buy a delicious chocolate heart and enjoy it in front of Wild at heart (one of my cult movies years ago :P), or The Piano, Madison's Bridge, hmm Love Story... no? (no, errrm, not Love Story!)

Well, no big plan here except that I'll cook a lil something, and as I HATE but truly deeply hate cooking, that's my Valentine Love surprise, huhu :P

Have a fun/happy/salacious one!

edit: as Martin knows about my love for cooking, he had also planned to cook yesterday evening! lol! I think we've now enough to enjoy 2 days of Valentine treats! How about that?! :-)

Very jealous

I still can't believe it... Laurienna has spent a terrific evening with Mika !!!
haha wawww! That must have been fantastic!

Oh I wish I was there too!

And if you don't know Mika yet, you've to run to find his wunnerful album (yes Esox, specially you!) :P

Monday, February 11, 2008


It feels so good to get out of the city when the sun's back!
We had a perfect sky, absolutely zen and generous.
I had almost forgotten that the air can actually NOT stink and can even carry the most pleasant smells (flowers, etc)
(happy sigh)

We also did not waste a minute there, in Brittany:

We met 2 plumbers for the hobbit house
We finished some work on the new stairs there and took care a bit of the garden
We enjoyed the most delicious seafood (praires, langoustines, huitres)
Martin and the kids played flute and bagpipe and I even managed to watch the most exciting rugger game on Saturday!
Wooooa :)

We also spent much time with the Julia (the chief of the cattle) and the adorable sheep from Ouessant. You remember we offered them to my parents last summer?
Oh they're so much part of the family now! Scarlett is an adventurer, Rosalie is a bit shy and precious and Cesar is absolutely charming, and he just knows that! :)

They all love our caresses (even if in theory we should not caress the lil male, it's not recommended because then he could feel close enough with us to fight us! lol he is so small, I can't imagine that!)
Maybe Scarlett or Rosalie will have a baby, nobody knows because they're so small that usually you only discover there's a new lamb when he/she's here!
lol. Surprise for Spring! Or not :)

We're back there in 2 weeks, it feels good to let the greenish-sunny-bananas shhpirit in us talk again :)

click here

Friday, February 08, 2008

Some things happen once or twice in one's life

like that, for instance :

the most friendly lil sun shows zactly where we go, the most beauDiful part of Bretagne of course!

(running, packing the luggage for a weekend, some work included -yawn-, and woooosh jumping in the car)

Sunny Bretagne, here we come!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My little secret

(Almost) nothing salacious here, sorry (but next time, I promise!) :P

Been a month now that I've been working on that ...

click here

click here

click here

"Photophores", aka candle holders.
Got the idea while in Germany where you get candles just everywhere on Christmas time.

And a candle, it's more than a light, it's shhhpiritual, kinda magical.

The colours, the material, the candle, the atmosphere it brings, it's absobloodilutely wunnerful!
You should see, for real the reflections on the walls, so bright, so colourful and sharp too.
I plan to sell them actually. I mean, why not, no? But I've to create some other page for that. Jeez, I need time.

I've improved a lot I think since I've made these first ones above. I stick to the Valentine theme (I'm just a girl, you know ;-) for now, then I'll start with Spring or something like that.

Ok, no big deal, that was just my lil secret! ;-)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

On Mardi gras, les p'tits clowns sont les rois

Loup left this morning with a big smile and a red nose :-)

Do you celebrate Mardi gras where you are?
3 days we've been eating crepes and no overdose yet

Monday, February 04, 2008

Am I getting old or something?

...actually the question is more like how long do you sleep every night?

I do not sleep much (lil voice shouting here: "NOT ENOUGH")

We usually go to bed at about 1.00
Waking up at about 7.00, with usually some interruption during the night (the lil wolf joining us, Lola having nightmares, etc)

But it's been 2 days now that we've only slept 5 hours, and God, I feel as if my blood had been sucked by a vampire. I could just fall on the floor and sleep for about a hundred years.

I think I need 7 hours to feel ok. More? I just can't, I don't know how to sleep more than that (the lil price to pay for the endless happiness of being a mama, huh :P)

And when I read in magazine the top models telling that their lil secret to be sooooo beautiful is to get long nights of sleep! I find this very unfair! I'm just doing the opposite! grmmphhhh ;-)