Monday, April 28, 2008

Thunder, snakes, toads and bagpipe..

...that sounds like Hell, doesn't it?
hehe.. nenene, I'm just talking about Brittany here, and Britanny last week had more of Heaven than anything else (happy sigh)

You will get an idea about it with the photo gallery:

First sunny bits

About the works in the Hobbit house, we spent 5, 6 hours per day on it. Which is pretty much actually (considering you have to take care of 2 wild devils)

It's funny because people around us always seem surprised that we haven't finished the works there. After 5 years. I wonder if they realize what it means to have no money and to be forced to renovate a house with one's own hands. Renovating a wall or building a new parquet takes weeks, renovating such a old little house takes simply years. Because we only have a few weeks per year to work on it, plus weekends. It's not much.
Ha well, nebermind, it's getting better and better anyway! :)

I start to like my lil house a lot, I feel the atmosphere in it and the vibes are warm and positive :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ouch !

So much sun in a couple of days!
(the terrible rainy Tuesday does not count here, huh)

I'm back as roasted as a chicken, but not as reddish as my hubby-the-lucky-lobster!

We've started with water games and BBQs (nananèreu), the summer season's gonna be hothothot in Brittany. Yup. I can feel it in my waters (don't ask me what that means really)

More details to come soon... when I feel like back on earth ;-)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Olé Olé

Spring's here.
(don't leave, the post will be interesting, I swear it! -spitting far-)

Well, no, Spring's not really here, but I'm in the mood for it.
If I believe in it hard enough, it will happen yes? Yes.

Well, at least Spring is here:

click here

(I took a poor pic of the painting, the original is brighter, more colourful :-)

And Spring should be there in Britanny where we go tomorrow morning, but I'm not sure the change of season will be that obvious. Grmmphhh.

See you in a week, I'll be back with tons of pics... and wet feet!

Scoop !

(I know how tease the reader..hehe.. but this time it's true!)

And here's a scoop à la Perezhilton..., except that it's much more fun because.. Well, just because!

(Please, have a seat and a cupotea and listen to that... hehe...)

It happened Yesterday...
Martin leaves work, walks a bit, and looks for a Parisian bike.
There's a station there in front of this little pub.
He checks the bikes, and a couple (having a drink at the terrasse of the pub, just in front of the bikes) starts talking to Martin.

(I hope I'm good at "suspense", huh :P)

The lady, pretty with a charming Italian accent, asks Martin if the bike he checks is ok, she says that she was on it earlier and that her back is a bit painful now.

Then her man and she start to talk of the weather with Martin while he's getting ready. They say the weather is so nice, great to walk in Paris and to talk like that to people in the street.
Martin talks with them another minute about Paris and they all wish each other a nice end of day.


Martin, who can hardly recognize me in the street (joking but not that much), realizes he had seen these 2 persons before. Yes. But when, where?

He comes back home, tells me about it, checks on Dailymotion something and realizes...
..he had just exchanged pleasant words... with the talented couple Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel!


(and Martin who had not recognized them at first! lol)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The NeverEnding day

aka "Wednesday" ...

Been to take Loup to the kindergarten, Lola to the dancing lesson, went to buy something for lunch, came back to take Loup and Lola, played pirates with Loup, painted with Lola, enjoyed a *dancing queen* show, sang zillions of lullabies to help Loup to fall asleep, ran to take Lola to some devils'party, stopped to buy candies for the devils there...
..and now I'm waiting for Loup to wake up before taking him to the park, make and destroy hundreds of castles and mountains in the sandpit, runs after the toys' little thieves, and occasionally after Loup, and realize I'm late it's time to take Lola, running with the push-chair, asking Loup to stop screaming -Nope, you won't get any ice-cream, I can still resist your screams-

Once back at home, I will collapse on the sofa. Ooops, no, the "collapse thingie" was just a dream!

Don't you love dem Wednesdays!

Bad surprise

The video was superb, original, poetic, inspired, beauDiful, as much as the song was.

it was very promising.

We finally ordered the CD. Received it yesterday...
...And I got really disappointed!

There's something with the guitar like a mix of old U2 + Radiohead or something that I really do not like here. But I'm not saying it's really bad. Just not my taste, except that "I lived on the moon" song above, which is a jewel.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My sofa vs toutouyoutou gym

(ok men won't show they feel concerned, but we know they're just like us!)

It's April, 3 months before we'll have to expose our bits on the bloody beaches. Don't tell me I'm the only one to worry about the extra kilos I've got from Christmas time (btw Santa C. lacks imagination! Each year he comes with the same heavy present.. huhu)

It's about time to start with the Spring tortures: sports, diet, etc.

Ok, so far the weather's still ugly soooo, I will follow my Plan A.
In case warmer temperatures and a generous sun decide to join, I'm ready for Plan B.

Plan A = don't move from your sofa, girl!
Plan B = Spring tortures

Somehow, I start to enjoy that fookin ugly weather!

click here
if you can't read the text

Pshhhit: no I haven't bought a pinkish swimsuit, and no I do not wear green sox :P

The moustache just makes the difference

My talented lil princess has just drawn her first cat!

And you will notice it is a male, a real male, the cat has Martin's moustache and goatee!

OMG! 1000 euros !

No that's not what' I've just won at the lottery... unfortunately!

That's the price we have to pay just to "activate" our account to be connected to the mains (en gros, 1000 pour la "mise en service" du tout à l'égoût. Pffff, hyper cher pour une "mise en service"!).
Besides we have to pay and make all the works to connect the hobbit house to the official installation...pffff....

It is definitely expensive to renovate a house from top to toe!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I have some problem with religions at the moment. Can't help thinking most of that was created by men's fertile imagination and fears.
Another part in me is really *open* to believe, and I believe in miracles, and I believe in after life, and I believe in ghosts and in Nature's *Shpirit*.

Anyway, I did not want to talk about my beliefs today, just about Eve :)

I've just finished a painting about this free woman. Got inspired by what she represented to me. More details in the gallery

click here

Well done, frangine !

My sis (=frangine) and her boyfriend will *sign papers* tomorrow to buy a new flat (100m²!!! -faint-)
... and on Saturday they will *sign other papers* to sell the flat in which they are at the moment.

Really, selling one's flat and buy the one you want in the same week, that's so perfect!

In case I didn't know really... I have the confirmation of it :P

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.

If it happens, you blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.

Sooo, what about you? Don't have a blog yet? It's about time!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Alors voilà

(I warn you, the post deals with a most important topic here!)

I'm so happy, after years of restless hunt, today I've found THE purfect lipstick's colour: brownish, but not too dark, not shiny, not too dry, and going perfectly with my bloody freckled face (freckles and make-up, not good friends at all!)

I've also been playing @scrabulous in Italian (which is really funny when you don't speak the language), I've eaten fruits cooked on bbq with a (heavy) touch of rum, been cuddling my lil devils for a couple of hours (they needed a nap and I believe I needed one too), shared a laugh with my sister, and happily spoiled my nieces and nephew.

And the sunny-bananas-goilie-girl in me has also been jumping around singing Madge's tic tic toc, I love her tic tic toc. (sorry can't share any link to her video, Big Bro *Warner* is everywhere to stop people from showing it. So stupid!)

So we had rain, but a lipstick and a tic tic toc have been just enough to bring sunny bits around! Life's easy with Ol' Candy ;-)

Fasten your seat belts !

... 'cause you're about to cross Paris by velib'!

Martin had the great idea the other day to fix my lil cam on his helmet on his way back from work. He works in the 19th arrondissement, we live in the 15th, at the opposite. So he crosses Paris every day by bike. So so practical and faster than using the metro.

Martin came back home with this really nice lil film! Unfortunately it's been so much compressed when he put it online that it lost 80% of its visual quality. Too bad :( But you will get an idea... and the song, by Psapp, is really nice :)

Pssshit: if you've never been in a roller coaster, you will get the feeling of it here :P

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ouch! My English is vinaigrette

Seriously? Seriously! (what, yup I've also watched Grey's Anatomy :P)... I feel terrible when I see all the mistakes I make in English... after all the diplomas I've got, the time I've spent reading about everything in English, the English and American History I had to learn by heart, the British boyfriends I had -to improve my skills- (huhu), the evening courses I had to follow... I should be supabilingual!

I've learnt Spanish and Portuguese too. Passed sucessull exams. Do not talk a word of them anymore.
I belong to the "language serial killeuse" gang.

After all these time and efforts, I'm still mediocre (to not say "bad") at it.
This quiz, I made it I think a couple of years ago. About the same results if I remember! ... (shaking head)

Your English Skills:

Punctuation: 80%

Spelling: 60%

Grammar: 40%

Vocabulary: 40%

But you understand me when I type English, don't you?

Trying to *relax* and *take it easy*, but...

...The other day, I finally found a partner in crime to go Mika's concert (on next July)... Yeeehaaaaaaaaaaa!


I quickly realized there were no more available tickets...!


Lola (hehe yup, she was THE One to go with me!) was as disappointed as I was.
Then she suggested we could go to see Butterfly on stage! (hehe, she's soooooo cute)... but no, pffff.... that's a bit too rock 'n roll for her me thinks (and they're not on tour anyway)... pffffff