Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer break, Die Sonne is finally mine!


But I think I will miss a lil bit my blogsphere during the next three weeks.
("C'est grave Docteur?")
("Worse, it's hopeless!")

Will I remember how to blog after 3 computer-free weeks? (well actually there are 2 beauDiful computers where I go but I've learnt to resist temptation!)

I was actually to blog about many fookin exciting topics, but missed the time to do it.
So you won't hear about the most wunnerful new lipstick I bought(un truc de dingue, tu le mets le matin, le soir, tu l'as toujours! Non mais les filles, it's a revolution! la meilleure invention après, heu, facebook),
you won't hear about the male-ish baby-sitter I have found (huhu),
you won't get any detail about how I fell in love with some (most expensive) tea,
you won't know how much I start to shape some body bits thanks to my Pilates coach (proud smile),
and you won't see how beautiful is the (photo)book I've made about my paintings.

I know, I nooooe, hard to handle, huh!

But I'll be back with beDer stories (if possible) about planteurs, crabs, beach, boat, cats, sheep, music, fest-noz, works, hobbit house and maybe a few drama -Dynasty style- because the whole family will gather over there (pointing towards the west)

While I'm away, don't really behave, but take care of your bits!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The cereals Monster

We were about ten on the boat, plus a dawg.
Among the sailors, there were Pierre, 84 years-old adventurer, and his good friend Jean-Marie. A great pair who crossed the world and lived the greatest adventures.

The weather was fine, just enough wind and sunshine.
Happy team, joking, sharing stories (camp-fire style).
Happy, yeah... till we got attacked!
no kiddin!

In a bloody fight, we lost the dog.

I was petrified, I had seen meself in the eye of the sea Monster (remember Orca, the movie? yeah same way!)

But what really scared me was that this sea monster had the shape of a cereal Monster!
I would have laughed if its teeth were not that sharp.

How do you fight a cereals sea monster? That was going to be our main problem!

Not sure I will sail during the holidays or eat any cereals..!
And why do I only remember the most stoopid dreams/nightmares ?

What about you, what was the last dream you remember?

The devils' playlist

Answering their request, every other evening of my busy life I spent 40 long, endless minutes singing these songs in the dark (always the same songs as in the last post I wrote months ago, they don't want any change!) ...

Fais dodo, 'cola mon tit frère
Les petits poissons
Une chanson douce (that's my hit song, my fav' one :P)
Au clair de la lune
Entre le boeuf et l'âne gris (here I invent the words, nebermind)
Petit papa Noël
A la claire fontaine
Ne pleure pas Jeannette (a happy song in which a youn girl and her lover die at the end!)

But tonight it's Martin's turn to sing, and that is priceless!

PS: and, having quiet evenings, no lullaby to sing, loud music allowed, etc etc, you don't know your luck!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Final countdown

In a week, I'll be running on the grass, forgetting shoes, time, and all the stressing lil bits of life.

I can't wait, it's just the purfect time to be away, it seems everybody's on holidays or working too hard. The blogsphere is geDing a bit slow, it's definitely summertime!

And it's getting hard with the kids around night and day here. I pray every night for a Mary Poppins (preferably a John or Bob Poppins, that would be more, ermm, *exotic* me thinks :P) to help me a lil bit.

I can hardly work before the evening, and that's a real pain in the bum. I can't find a min to read, to breathe, not a minute for meself.

Oh, talking of work, did I mention I've sold 6 candle-holders the other day (friends of friends bought them)? hehe, yup, I won't be rich but proud! :P

Anyway, I hope I can finish with this painting *in progress* before leaving. I count on the weekend for that! We'll see..

Call the Guinness office...

... cause I've just broken a record!!!!

During the summer sales, I've spent lots of time in Parisian shops to finally buy one single item (which is already a record!), a skirt, for .... 7.49 euros!!!!!
Sooooo, how's that for a material goil, hm?!

Did you break the record the other way ;-)?
Did you resist the sales, hm?

edit: oh no, I've just ruined it with bloody painting!!!!!! Nothing can be done! pfffff, not fair!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

(crispy crusty crunch) the weekend postcards

For a couple of days... that's a lot of gas and kilometres!
Thank gawd, in less than 2 weeks, it will be the HUGE summer break: 3 long, full weeks in Brittany. Can't wait!

We arrived very early on Saturday morning, and before joining the family house, we made a stop by the hobbit house.

Wunnerful surprise there: a garden full of strawberries, red/white currants and gooseberries turned to be our breakfast. Fantastic for the city girl I am.
(memo to self: gotta check I can still call meself "girl", despite dusty age!)

And then we could check the plumber's works. All the connections are done, we just have to put the cherry on the cake now (making the bathroom, kitchen, toilets)

The plumber worked perfectly, doing exactly what we asked, and dealing with heavy stuff (like installing the connections via the rock on which the house stands...!)

click here

Then we celebrated my mama's birthday for the rest of the day and recovered on Sunday before coming back around here. The weekend was great, a bit exhausting with so many people in the house.

Oh, we had rain, huh, and it was cold most of the time (I worry for the holidays!), but we got sunshine too!
Just la Bretagne, quoi!

click here

(oh and the sheep have gone to the hair dresser! they all look so young-ish now!, except Cesar with his huge horns! Soon the horns will start to turn around and around on themselves, very beautiful!
A proud Cesar, but who does not impress the 3 girls :P)

heavy, light, dark, black, hilarious, noisy... metal rocks anyway :P

Last year, I made a *musical* break to explore classical music. That was interesting, even though I haven't found real Nirvanas on a personal level.

Now I'm actually doing the same with heavy metal stuff, which I already know, but not that much.
Ok, I say "heavy metal" and do not bother with all the sub-categories, huh!
I already get my lil idea about what I really like and what I cannot stand at all.

It's funny, I got big surprises. I'll share my love/hate list later, but since I have one song in the head since days, thought I would share it already.

Martin was the first one to be surprised that I enjoyed Rammstein.
But I do, despite the words sometimes which are a bit like brrrrrrrrr ..hehe..

This song I have in mind is this one:

(from this movie)

the words of it are much more sad than the video itself.
...and I love, love that song!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

When bikini rhymes with sunny, yeepee... Candy?

(huhu supa hot post, send the kids to bed and keep grandmama locked in her cosy bedroom ...oh and bring her a cuppotea, we're not that bad!)

I gotta hurry with this post, because some really lucky ones leave for holidays soon!

So the other day I decided to take my big bag to go to the market.
It was such a gorgeous day!
The Seine looked, OMG, Carribean-ish !
Then I thought I'd pose for a minute to catch the poetry of the moment.

What a souvenir!

Well, that is indeed the bikini I bought, I'm not just a liar!
And I thought I'd try it next weekend in Bretagne but... well, it's Bretagne you know.

We just rush there for the weekend to celebrate my mama's birthday, it's gonna be a huge party. On Saturday, there was a canoe trip organized and a big picnic, but well, as it's Bretagne... there gonna be as much sater inside the canoes as outside (sigh).
Soooo new plans will follow.

Anyway all this post was nothing but a pretext to expose my bits, of course :P

Any plan for the weekend on your side of the planet?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

That's one small step for a man, ... giant leap for mama Candles!

And I dedicate this post to Dr Caso who will thank me forever and ever to associate her name to what will follow.
(my pleasure, missssh !)

So, Loup is clean. Not that he never pees in his pants (or much MUCH worse), but he's clean. At least I've decided that 10 days ago.
For Lola it did not work that way ((Dr Caso, you're still around?), she had to decide it by herself.
But Loup is lazy, he let me do the hard job.
I can see a pattern here ... but I prefer to forget it instantly!

Anyway, I'm proud of my lil devil as much as of meself! huhu

Summer diet (chapter #348) ... a real pain in the bum (nothing new here)

Yet, there are some happy times in the life of a dieter. Like..hmm...well...lemme think!... shhhh I can't concentrate!

Oh yes, like when the diet actually works a bit! hehe..

It's just that I don't belong anymore to the (French) size 42 gang (a gang I still love, beauDiful sexy curves!). Now I'm a newbie in the size 40 gang. It feels pretty good! Ok, as I'm as small as a smoked mushroom, that does not change a lot!
But I'm proud, I make efforts, take care of meself and it works.
When I am a regular size 38er (next year maybe? I'm a slow worker!), I will have reached what I want. And the point is really not to fit to what magazines say, just to feel good in my own body. That's all what matters.

My *carrot* is a tattoo. When I close this chapter, I'll get that huge tattoo of my dreams on my back. Probably a beauDiful dragon. Good company for the lil ones, they need a mama there! :P

I told that to my mom the other day ... she looked devastated (lol, sowwy mama!) and it felt good you know (?), just like when I was 15 and wanting some piercing or whatever! lol

Her reaction really made me laugh, probably because I'm a mama now too (if that makes any sense)... and by the way I will never let my daughter do anything a bit painful like that to her body. Oh nenene!

(little) Tragedy with a happy ending

When Martin cooked on Friday evening, he forgot to turn off the "fire" (we have gas).
So the pot spent the whole night getting hotter and hotter.

In the early morning, Martin was there (yeah I know how to keep my man in the kitchen!). He just took the pot to clean it.

But then, it was hot. VERY EXXXXxxxtremly hot!
He burnt 3 fingers, and couldn't do anything for the rest of the weekend (what a devil's plan, btw!)
(psshhhht...Martin, next time you can make it more simple and less painful when you want me to cook :P)

Anyway Martin is ok, probably because at the end he could enjoy my own mini Spring rolls (with meat inside and Asian fresh herbs, onion, etc). Very light (no fat there) and absolutely delicious!
I was pretty proud
(and I realize I talk AGAIN about food on the same day I talk about diet on here! lol)

It was fantasticodelicious!

Saturday, July 05, 2008


I've just finished the painting that took me a whole week (with the first *failure*)
Anyway, I'm haaaappy with it, phewwww!

I felt strange though when I made it (and I'm curious if the other painters around feel the same when they create)... creating this lil fairy buDerfly felt like giving life to her. Wunnerful! But then I decided she was not to live long, and even added painful bits. I felt a bit like the one who pulled out the delicate wings. Ouch!!!
Very strange feeling!

click here

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Frustrationus maximus

It's not even 7.00am and I'm blogging!

Too much daylight too early for me to sleep well. Oh and I could not stay in bed, my pencil and brushes were already waiting for me..

Yesterday in a second I really spoiled a beauDiful painting, a big one (36x48) that took me much time. It was really completly done. I was happy and relieved, I'll spend a relaxing evening!

(before I started with the fatal painting)

For a final touch I decided to add some Chinese ink (something that you can't work as watercolours, once it's on the paper, it's for ever and ever and ever). That was fatal: I fucked up.

That was a big HUGE frustration. Just like when you spend hours and hours cooking and burn everything.

To get rid of this frustration, I've started it all again, and that's why I woke up with the early birds :)

Gotta work, I hope my hands and brushes will behave!!!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Nan mais oh!

A couple of weeks ago, I made my books' harvest on Amazon. I chose books of high value (your books!), not just cheap ones you know. Books with "a meaning" (memo to self: don't try pretending you can write about books)!

Well I got my books....... GREAT.
And as I've been a perfect customer it seems, Mr Amazon decided to spoil me!

But then, I got their lil present...


What? a girlie book? How did they know?.......... ;-)
Ok, I'm kind of *girlie* but not the Sex & the city type at aaaaaaall!

I read Voici every week and I guess it's just what I need regarding gossips. Unless you get new ones to share!?!

It's a kind of magic

After the purfect lunch on Saturday, I had some kind of other blogger's rendez-vous on Monday!

Bluelulie and I spent 2 hours together giggling and enjoying each other's company!

After gently smiling at every long-haired girl coming out from the metro (not that embarrassing, yet funny!), I saw Bluelulie (I had never seen her before): her beauDiful smile was telling everything!

I drank (too) many coffees with a really beautiful French *expat'*, with a great sense of humour (=close to mine! hehe), a determined, independent and sensitive woman. Lucky me!

We laughed a loooot sharing views about......... men!
Americans vs Europeans
Brown haired ones vs Blond ones
Northen vs southern ones
etc etc

(and miss Bluelulie has great tastes = ermm close to mines again :P hehe)

Ok ok, we did not only talked about men, but it was a funny girlie part! :P

Well.. I spent a great moment and I hope our roads will cross again!

I can't believe how much the Internet can be intense on a *relationship* level. The few people I've met via the internet are so precious to me. There's magic there (and I don't say that because Bluelulie could physically be the sister of Piper Halliwell!), I can't explain it really.

Now if you're very lucky I'll add a picture here. Who knows!

edit: and here is the photo! I keep it quite anonymous, to avoid paparazzi fever you know :P