Sunday, August 31, 2008

I don't want to go to school....

I've actually always hated it ... only when I was 14, 15 and more, I found it kewl enough to go back to school and have fun with the gangs of friends!

I hope my babes will love it more!

Tomorrow's our last day of holiday. Well, I was impatiently waiting for school to be back, so here I am.
But I had forgotten when your lil one start with school, it's a new separation. And mamas are not that made for separations with their babes.

Anyway, Loup will start at school, Lola will start with serious school, and I will run to never be too late here and there.
All that means too I'll be back *at work*, even if that means my own lil biz, I've to make it work, huh ;-)

School sucks!
(but you keep that for yourself, huh :P)

The Omnivore's Hundred ! Yummmmy!

Missssh Dr Caso was inspired the other day, answering a questionnaire found here!

(psssshit, Dr Caso, I gotta thank you for your translations! That was almost the best part, very interesting!)

To understand it, here are the rules ...:

1) Copy this list into your blog or journal, including these instructions
2) Bold all the items you’ve eaten
3) Cross out any items that you would never consider eating
4) Optional extra: Post a comment here at linking to your results

1. Venison (I'm not a fan, too much "taste")
2. Nettle tea (tisane d'ortie)
3. Huevos rancheros
4. Steak tartare (I LOVE it)
5. Crocodile
6. Black pudding (bouddin)
7. Cheese fondue
8. Carp (Supa dégueu!)
9. Borscht
10. Baba ghanoush
11. Calamari yummm!
12. Pho
13. PB&J sandwich (sandwich au beurre de cacahuette et gelée de raisin)
14. Aloo gobi
15. Hot dog from a street cart
16. Epoisses Yummmm!
17. Black truffle
18. Wine made from something other than grapes
19. Steamed pork buns (petits pains fourrés au porc à la vapeur)
20. Pistachio ice cream (as a kid, it made me sick, always! Now I love it!)
21. Heirloom tomatoes
22. Fresh wild berries (baies fraîchement ramassées dans la nature)
23. Foie gras and I like it a lot
24. Rice and beans
25. Brawn, or head cheese
26. Raw Scotch Bonnet pepper (un des piments les plus forts du monde, cru)
27. Dulce de leche
28. Oysters
29. Baklava
30. Bagna cauda, I would hate it!!!!
31. Wasabi peas
32. Clam chowder in a sourdough bowl... I would love it!
33. Salted lassi, I prefer the one with sugar
34. Sauerkraut
35. Root beer float
36. Cognac with a fat cigar ... I wouldn't enjoy the cigar! Yuccck!
37. Clotted cream tea
38. Vodka jelly/Jell-O, now that sounds funny!
39. Gumbo
40. Oxtail (queue de boeuf)
41. Curried goat (curry de chèvre)
42. Whole insects
43. Phaal (curry indien le plus fort au monde), I think I tried it in London, almost killed me. Literally.
44. Goat's milk
45. Malt whisky from a bottle worth £60/$120 or more
46. Fugu (plat japonais à base de poisson super toxique), I already hate fish, sooooo toxic fish....!
47. Chicken tikka masala
48. Eel (anguille) ... ouch! never again!
49. Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut
50. Sea urchin (oursin), too salted for me
51. Prickly pear (figue de Barbarie)
52. Umeboshi (sorte d’abricots japonais macérés dans du sel)
53. Abalone (ormeau), supa yummmy! and expensive :(
54. Paneer (fromage indien)
55. McDonald's Big Mac Meal
56. Spaetzle (Spätzli)
57. Dirty gin martini
58. Beer above 8% ABV (bière à plus de 8%)
59. Poutine (plat national Québecois à base de frites, de “crottes” de fromage, et de sauce brune)
60. Carob chips (chips de fruits du caroubier)
61. S'mores (marshmallow + chocolat fondu entre deux crackers)
62. Sweetbreads (ris de veau) YUMMM!
63. Kaolin
64. Currywurst... I can't wait to go to Hamburg, just for them, almost :P
65. Durian (fruit chinois réputé pour sa puanteur)
66. Frogs'legs
67. Beignets, churros, elephant ears or funnel cake
68. Haggis
69. Fried plantain (bananes plantain frites)
70. Chitterlings (andouillette), yummmm
71. Gazpacho
72. Caviar and blini
73. Louche absinthe
74. Gjetost, or brunost (fromage orange de Norvège)
75. Roadkill (animal tué par une voiture)
76. Baijiu (liqueur chinoise)
77. Hostess Fruit Pie
78. Snail
79. Lapsang souchong
80. Bellini (cocktail italien à base de pêche)
81. Tom yum (soupe thaïlandaise)
82. Eggs Benedict
83. Pocky (Mikado)
84. Tasting menu at a three-Michelin-star restaurant... I wish!!!
85. Kobe beef (boeuf japonais)
86. Hare (lièvre), I love rabbit and hate hare!
87. Goulash, Martin's mama is the queen of the goulash!
88. Flowers
89. Horse
90. Criollo chocolate
91. Spam (pâté de jambon en conserve)
92. Soft shell crab (crabe qu’on peut manger en entier)
93. Rose harissa (harissa avec des pétals de rose)
94. Catfish (loup de mer)
95. Mole poblano (sauce mexicaine à base d’épices et de chocolat)
96. Bagel and lox
97. Lobster Thermidor
98. Polenta
99. Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee (un des cafés les plus chers au monde)
100. Snake (serpent)

baaaa not bad for an omnivore, I've already tried 50 of the weird stuff above :P

Friday, August 29, 2008

Tell me everything about your summerish juke-box, I mean MP3 !

Dunno but sometimes on summer, like on every season, there are bands, songs, to which we stick.
What music did you really enjoy during summertime?

Music tastes being so personal, so different from one person to another, so close to the inner self (I think), I expect very different answers from ewws.

Personally, I've got completely addicted to 2 bands/singers.

None of them was really of Martin's tastes, so I think our trips by car were not that fun to him... (of course I insisted to put MY music!)

I really but REALLY fell in love with 1 band and one album.

The band is Rammstein, industrial metal stuff (pssshit, don't run away!), and the other one is an album by Moby (baaa, don't run away again!), Hotel, which is absolutely incredible. I fell in love with every song of it, which I did not expect one second.

Here are 2 videos,

One of my favourite by Rammstein, in which SnowWhite is a quite dominating junkie

and another from Moby's Hotel. Unfortunately there are no videos of my fav songs in it. But if you're tempted, just get it. No way you can regret it :P

Fitz-ish !

Today I woke up, and so the computers did, just as usual.
And quite early in the morning (sowwwy we're that addicted, yup)... who am I talking with?
........ Fitz!

You don't know him (except you Ariel and maybe Jack and Kiki too, hmm?), but he's a friend of mine since at least 12 years! Which also means people start to get long-term-friendly-relationship via the internet!

We've spent so much time together online with other American friends. It was a fine gang, helped me a lot to improve my English slang ;-)
I remember most of my wages were spent at the time for huge telephone bills. lol. (je me tapais quand même des factures de 3000 balles!)

Anyway, Fitz is one of the nicest person I know (and I don't say that only because he used to send me kilos and kilos of candies from Texas).
I met him too once, had a very fine dinner in Paris.

But we had lost contact for 3 years... and then this morning he was just there online!
I was as surprised as if I had met him in the street!

Great surprise.

I bless, kiss, cuddle the Internet for the few excellent friends I've met on it!

Get a lil something moving between your teeth ?

(yup I can write glamorous titles)

Not so long ago, I had some wunnerful lunch with friends, blogs' friends. A few of them are born chefs, they love cooking!
At some point, were were talking of salad, most of them mentioning they never eat salad conditioned in plastic bag.

I nodded with the others, hehe... But my inner self blushed, realising the last time I prepared a *free* salad, I was maybe 14 years-old and it was for my grand-ma. Since then I only took the tasteless washed ones imprisoned in their in plastic bag.

Soooo, once back home, I decided to try the real salads.
Haaaa beautiful, gorgeous salads!

I quickly remembered (hellllo city goil) and realized that I could not just cut the salad and serve it.

There were lots of little people in my gorgeous salad!

I had to wash it, huh. (hellllo city goil #2)
But the little people loved their shower apparently.

I gave the salad a good bath then.
Same activity on the leafs!
Haaaa, but I had forgotten vinegar. Poured some in the water.
Got impatient.

I still had a more crispy salad than expected!

Ok, the taste of it is so much better... troooooe troooooe! ... But, any idea how I can easily (without sweating, getting mad and swearing) get rid of the little people in them?

yumm! :P
PS: this was not my salad, huh! hehe

And if my salad didn't really frighten you...

...then what about this wunnerful creation?

for details, click here
Tribute to Arcimboldo and H.R. Giger
by Till Nowak

The artist-designer, who lives in Hamburg, represents a perfect cocktail to me: creativity + inspiration + gift + perfect technics.
And I'm definitely jealous of such talent!

Monday, August 25, 2008

What about a retro haircut, hm?

Don't you find this photo absolutely fascinating?

(and I don't say that only because my hubby's on it :P)

Back in the late 1980s, Martin (the cutie on the left :P) is posing with 3 friends, the smiling girl was the lil sis of his girlfriend, the 2 others, 2 friends of the time.
I gotta mention the scooter was Martin's (he's very proud of it)
-men and vroom vroom gadgets - tssss - shaking head -

Too bad we can't see really Martin here because he had a very kewl haircut -he says-, a long horn on top!

The pic was taken in the (old) tunnel under the Elbe. Woooaaaaa!

I really do love the photo, so representative of a generation, of a time, of a mood.
I could say they're all very cute actually, but then I'd feel way too old.

No, they're kewl, simply kewl :)

(Martin, what was the favourite music of this gang, can you remember? just curious! ;-)

Another very first time ...

...for Lola, whose first tooth has just fallen (and the 3 other front teeth are moving! )

...and for I, who had to suddenly wear the little mouse's outfit (our *tooth fairies* have round ears and simply luuuve cheese :P)

Lola was soooo proud, losing a tooth was like winning a medal! Now she can't wait to go to school to show it :)

And I made a pretty good job as a mouse, despite the stress of waking up the devils in the middle of the night :D

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fried eggs à la Candy

Voilà, in French when you have small boobies, we say you have fried eggs (oeufs au plat)...

Actually, I have just lost one "bra size", and I understand you don't care at all about it... but in a woman's life, that's not just a detail! Oh nenene! That's drama, TRAGEDY!!!


Good point is that ... tomorrow I need, absobloodilutely need to go for shopping!

Summer bits

Honestly, with the fookin weather we have in Paris, I can hardly remember what it feels to lie down in the sun :(
...which did not happen that often during our holidays anyway!

Here are the pics...

Oh it's raining again (summer 2008)

(you gotta click on "slideshow" once there, okies? :P)

My Parisian mason ...

(watta posh title!)

... is 1.60m tall, blond, blue eyes, lovely suntan, probably younger than I am. She (yup "she") wears jeans just like mines, was careful and pleasant. We talked of masonry as we could have talked of whatever.

Times have changed, huh!

That's kewl!
And my bathroom should be repaired before the end of ... next month! :P

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Where is my Bobby Poppins (aka perfect babysitter) when I need him?

Apparently, the lil devils do not need to recover from their wild holidays...nope..not at all... unlike their broken mama!
Besides, the pollution makes my eyes so sore that I don't know anymore whether I can't open them because I'm exhausted or not. Life's hard sometimes ;-)

Soooo I guess I'll need another couple of days before sorting out my summer pics and share them around here. But the deal is ... naturally I show you mine if you show me yours, huh

During the holidays, there is that lil film we made, where I have some interesting dialogue with an oyster (why the hell am I talking of that again?), (oh yuss, that was a transition! :P)... but instead I'll show you this one I've found the other day :P

envoyé par viccho

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A summerish logbook

Day 1 - 4.50 pm
It just starts raining, and it won't stop for the next 12 hours.
Welcome in Bretagne!

Day 2 - 10.00 pm
They (the family) started with the political topic. Electricity, thunder, fight. Carla and Nico have just spoiled my evening, thank you, guys!

Day 3 - 3.00 pm
I'm lying on the grass, purring under a glorious sun. My head's empty, only the fresh breeze on my skin does matter

Day 4 - 5.00 pm
8 motivated ones on the canoes. Water's bloody cold (17°C) or am I geDing old??

Day 5 - 9.15 am
I'm painting doors, my mp3 stuck on my ears. Moby's Hotel is just purrfect, my painting's a success!

Day 6 - 4.15 pm
Just been working 6 hours in the hobbit's house. I'm exhausted, suffer from a painful headache. Heavy medicine will help. I lie down, listening to James Bond's soundtracks. I'm walking on the beach, a scary knife fixed on the hip. The power of strong medicine!

Day 7 - 11.45 pm
The most adorable hedgehog is challenging the cats. He's driving them mad!
We give him some milk, happy hour at Chez Candles!

Day 8 - 7.20 am
Everybody's sleeping. I sit in the morning sun, enjoying my coffee. Soft music behind. It's quiet and perfect.

Days 9 - 3.00 pm
They all wanna go sailing again. Yawn, I wanna sleep on the grass, nothing else

Day 10 - 1.45 pm
The salad of the year: melon + shrimps + fresh mint + balsamic vinegar. Ligth and tasty. Fantastic!

Day 11 - 11.00 am
I kinda like masonry but it's a too hard work. The old stones are so heavy, and I keep smashing my fingers with them :(

Day 12 - 8.15 am
Me: Je t'aime, mon loulou
Loup: je m'aime aussi, maman

Day 13 - 11.45 am
I can make my own cement and build a wall by meself! Woaaa! Can I add that to my cv?

Day 14 - 10.00 pm
We've guests tonight, don't know them. Yet one of the guys comes to me later and tell me "oh by the way I already know you from your internet page"

Day 15 - 3.30 pm
We've just found a "nest" of mice under one of the canoes! I immediately went to call for the cats .. and got everybody on my back for that! lol
The babies are safe, mama mouse took them all away (shaking head)

Day 16 - 4.00 pm
Fishing in the rocks' always exciting for the kids.. and I! We'll bring back enough for a small dinner! Yeeehaaa!

Day 17 - 8.00 am
I sneeze and cough, and my suntan belongs to dusty History. Grrmpphhh!

Day 18 - 2.00 am
My arm hurts like hell. Sport's not allowed for days.Though I hate to admit it, the stones were really too heavy for me.

Day 19 - 9.00 pm
We've 2 big wasp swarms/nests (?) in the garden (I should say "under" the garden since they built them in the ground), but 2 of us got stung by bees.

Day 20 - 4.00 am
We have busy days, and always party in the evening, yet can't sleep btw 4.00 and 5.00. Jean Potocki' s still around to entertain me :)

Day 21 - 7.00 am
I will miss everything around here, except the heavy clouds!

Monday, August 18, 2008

I insist, my karma is just fine!

I'm back and already blogging! Yeeehaaaaa!

Voilà, that was the positive touch of that post :-)

Now, I worked soooo much during the last days (hobbit house stuff) that my left arm has gone on strike. Will refuse to do anything! Been 3 days. grmmmphhh!

So unpacking luggage will take more time than expected. Much more time even since we've faced a lil problem when we arrived... No more ceiling in our bathroom. I mean the ceiling was there, rrrrrright, but on the floor! Shiteroo!!!

well, it could have been worse... me with both arms blocked and useless, and the ceiling that could have fallen while singing under the shower.
Soooooooooo, t'is not THAT bad!

Yeah, I'm kinda happy to be back..