Monday, June 22, 2009

2 months, 60 days

that's how much the French kids get for summer vacation! You think it's not enough?
That's what I thought 20 years ago :P

10 days of school from now, and then.. the devils are free!

2 months, 60 days of... happy times, games, mornings in pyjamas, late evenings, picnics, the beach, water games... sun (yeah, well I've not yet considered the fact we'll spend 3 weeks in Bretonie!)

2 months, 60 days... during which mama Candy will LOVE relaxing time with her babes! It's just that... mama Candy usually works at home on school time!

So, that means it's gonna be hard to get time for work except in the evening and night... I won't make any sport (my drug! :P) except in the evening either... and no real time for anything else really.

A big change of rhythm for me and actually a bit more complicate to organise my days.

But then it's gonna be fine and fun! I'll be just way busier than I usually am!

"summer vacation"

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