Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Emotional rescue

Yesterday... lola was playing with the lil rebel, Arthur.
After 5 minutes she came to me.

"Mom, I have to tell you something: I'm in love with Arthur. And for real!"

I raised a concerned eyebrow, smiled (inside), asked her if she was really sure...

She got a lovely smile then, and pink cheeks: "Yes mom I'm sure!"

Then she went to him, I kept reading but couldn't help hearing Lola telling "and you know Arthur, if you want I can kiss you on the mouth!"

She repeated it several times...Insisting a LOT (lol a few things will have to be taught in the next years!)

I finally turned to Arthur to tell him that girls are this way, nothing to stress about... lol... and he can just say stop it if he wants.

Anyway, 15 minutes later Lola ran to me, with wet eyes.

She said, trying to swallow her own tears "no mom I don't want to talk"
She looked at the floor, crying.

OMG !!!
I knew this look, I knew it! She'd just got her heart broken for the very first time!

Arthur joined, looked at her, asked her what happened... she fought to not cry in front of him.

I asked no question, I'm a mom, and mom are not so welcome when hearts are broken, I know! I remember!

Shit what do I do!??

I gave her some kleenex... told her she can tell me anything if she wants.

(I felt old, I felt like a mom then!)

Finally she let it go: mom I've just fallen on the floor and opened my upper lips oh mom I'm bleeding! BOOOOO


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