Sunday, June 21, 2009

I forgot tell you how much this lunch with Dr Caso and the other bloggers was great!
Such a pleasure to spend this time all together again. I wish it could happen more often, really.

That makes me think... Mel' & Jenny, I might be in the mood to join you for the next Paris Carnet... what do you think, girls? :P

Ohhh and now I remember what I had forgotten really (winking @Mahie)... You know, my inner self is worse than a paparazzi: everytime I wander in Paris I meet a celebrity!

Well, then while I was on my way to join our Bloggers' restaurant... rue du Louvre... A grey porsche from les Yvelines stopped... and Eric came out of it, just passing in front of me, I could not miss him!

Don't tell me AGAIN that you don't know him!

But the real celebrities were those I was to meet at the restaurant :)

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