Friday, June 12, 2009

My lil moment of laugh 'n glory (surtout glory!)

I don't know... It's my blog, I can talk of myself, being proud of myself, be self-centered, etc, right? hehe

Well anyway, I will write how proud I've been yesterday during my body-pump session.
Our trainer, aka one of the "terminators", is very motivated to make of us other kinds of terminators.. lol

During one specific song we work on some specific muscles... and when we were about to start the shoulders exercises (push-ups / pompes), I was called by Terminator to show the others the exercise during the whole shoulder session.

me who got the most horrible marks at sport when I was a kid!
Sorry, that is so big for me that I gotta type it!

And we have several ways (like 4 5) of making the push-ups, the easy, on the knees, to the hard one, like on the pic, but harder, with the hands on a bar with weights on the side. A bar that roll if you don't make your abs work at the same time. I use this hard way, because it's a challenge.
I'm not very good at it, but I can make it, and did it pretty well yesterday!

What a little moment of pleasure, of "I can tame my body and make it do what I want if I want it"
wunnerful feeling.

(réalisé avec un talentueux trucage)

Come on, tell me this pic of mine, above, makes ya trembling in your boots! :P

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