Wednesday, June 17, 2009

my little precious muse

Sometimes, Lola shows signs that she'll be a typical teenager in a few years.

Life would be so annoying with a perfect lil lady at home (which was precisely the theme of the poem she told me for Mother's day! ... "I could clean my bedroom, and smile all the time, I could help whenever I'm asked to, etc etc but life would be so boring with such a perfect daughter, I love you mom" ... lol!!!)

Well, except when the shrimpette is tired and then a bit on nerves, she's such a delicious angel! Curious, wanting to learn, to understand, always easily expressing her love, etc etc.
I'm so proud. Sorry I repeat myself pretty often about Lola ;-)

On Sunday, she had to perform for the big final show (classic dancing).
It was so great, can't believe I'm the mama of such a delicate & gracious little bird :)

Well, before she started with classic dance, I suggested her to try judo, or anything she wanted really. Avoiding to stick her to stereotyped girlie occupations.
But she wanted to be a pinkish dancing butterfly! So right, if she wants it that much, let's go for it!

Next year Lola (6 year old) will follow the courses for 9-13 year old lil dancing queens. I'm proud! lol I know I know... but gotta tell and repeat and sing and shout it! :)

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