Saturday, June 06, 2009

Needs your lights

... who am I going to vote for tomorrow? (European elections here)

Can I ask you what you will vote (or is it too personal)? I'm so much close to not go there to vote, not because I'm not interested or lazy, but because honestly there's no one I wanna vote for.

Voting for the best of the worst ones? Does that sound like a good motivation? Maybe.
But then who's the best here?

So far I hesitate between Cannabis sans frontières, l'Union des Gens, le Parti Breton, la Terre sinon rien (aimeraient en autres remplacer le PIB par le Bohneur Intérieur Brut, huhu!) and Le Modem...

Why do I feel nothing will change even if we know we're the only ones (voters) that should have the power to make things change?

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