Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Can someone teach me..

.. how to stand the pain of one's baby... because I find it very hard. Almost humanly impossible.
I'm lucky Loup has *just* broken a leg, how do people do with relatives at hospital, with serious illness, etc?

One of his painful screams is enough to make me feel like 6 feet under. I feel so helpless.
He's fallen asleep 10 minutes ago, and already starts to cry, feeling the pain again. God, too bad you don't exist, I would have blamed you.

We've been to hospital for scan control.
The 2 parts of the tibia have moved a bit, not vertically really to stick together, rather a bit horizontally. Damn.

The doc there said he'll keep his cast another week (7 weeks in total), we'll take it off (crossing fingers and everything) on the 17th of August. Blessed day.
But it might happen that he needs another cast after...........!

Ha well, that's it for the news.

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