Thursday, July 23, 2009

Diagnosis: sky? heavy, heart? pretty light

Fucking Bretonie ( I love it but), when it rains, it never stop! 5 days now, just too much!

I said I have a pretty light heart today because we're back from hospital and Loup's broken tibia starts to fix itself a bit. The situation is not worse and that's kewl.

We've been to the hospital emergency early in the morning... Loup's got fever since 10 days now (not in a regular way), we've been to the doc several times and he finally sent us to the hospital because he worried there could be a blood infection due to the broken tibia.

Oh yeah

Loup has got a new cast, blood tests, lungs & legs scan etc.. the full menu!

He's back now, has watched Athur & the minimoys, Totoro & might go on with la guerre des boutons -again!-

The hospital just called, asking me to stop antibiotics, to take Loup temperature every 3 hours and to take him back there tomorrow morning.
Well, I can say the hospital of Saint-Malo works pretty well and won't let you go without knowing you're really ok. Good point!


I'm tired, I don't sleep well since 3 weeks, sleeping near Loup, with him moving a lot, having nightmares and high fever in the night.
I surrender: I can jump on the table and scream I'm exhausted. Yeah yeah, that happens to me too! ;-)

But I know it's gonna get better.

I expected the wheel to turn from supa karma to shitty one. I'm in the shitty one, soon it will change again! That's a very kewl perspective!

A last trip to the hospital tomorrow and I swear I'll make the best of my holidays!

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