Friday, July 03, 2009

Formula 1

Who needs a fast red car anyway??

After a couple of days running after a new form of grail (wheelchair for Loup), we found it!
From days on the bed he now can go in some other rooms (small choice, 3 rooms! lol)
...and it's nice.

I hope in a few days I can take him outside with it... but my problem is the 5 floors thingie... Loup is very heavy with his cast, I'm not sure I can carry him that much... hm, gotta try.

Oh my grandma yesterday advised me to use a bottle when Loup wants to pee, and why didn't I think of it?!!!
That is SO SO practical! Instead of carrying him in a most uncomfortable way 10 times to the toilets, he now just snap his fingers for his lil bottle. hehe

Grand-mothers should never leave us, they're so precious!

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