Tuesday, July 07, 2009

It's a fact

..Charlie's Angels have got a much more interesting influence in my life than Michael ever did!

I was watching him performing on tv... looking for the answers to why he was so popular.
I put aside all the mystery around him... I think his music must have been the main part (never enjoyed it but) because for the rest... a dress code that was absolutely terrible, a *touch my cock*, robot like kind of choreography that seemed so much in opposition with his fragile look & voice. Strange. Weird. What was the message hidden behind his moon walk, hm? (boiling mind)

Nothing attractive in him to me. And the fact he's dead cannot change anything to that. Death seem to be kinda kewl for the popularity rating. But it's a bit extreme!

Anyway, (coughing), I could faint for a few (very alive) singers/musicians so I understand the fever!

But who cares at the end, apart from me, that is ;-)
Just wanted to speak of something else than my lil one :P

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