Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Painting & painting

This year in the hobbit house, my main jobs are painting and masonry.

I've come to the conclusion that if I was back at school, all fresh and capable, I would have chosen one of these following jobs as a dream job: 1) sport trainer(making people sweat, beg for me to stop, lol, and helping them to push their own limits, I would have loved that), 2) mason ( building stuff is exciting, the physical work really suits me!). Why do they only ask you if you want to be a doctor, teacher or lawyer when you're at school, hm? If I had known...

Anyway, I have finished painting the ceilings, had to do it 2 times to get a fine colour (yawn). Supa boring, but done! :)

At the same time, when I get a minute, I work on this new project below.. hope it will be as I have it in mind!

Oh and while we're in the topic, Loup made a painting the other day.. when we asked what it was, he said: I have painted *a secret*! :-)

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