Sunday, July 05, 2009

A pirate leg, muscles, etc

A wheelchair, even for kids, is really heavy! A Loup with a cast too!
I wouldn't be able to do it several times a day, but it worked. And Loup loved it outside.

He's being very reasonable (which breaks my heart! lol... mamas!), not asking to go out of his chair, not asking for anything he can't do. He is so aware of his own condition!

And I start to feel more comfortable with everyday details (toilets, etc)... but it's still pretty difficult.

Days (and nights!) are really long, can't wait for life to be normal again.
On Tuesday we go back to the hospital for new scans. I'm impatient to know how his leg goes.
Then on Saturday, if everything is ok, we should leave for Bretonie... not with the excitement I got a few days ago, but it will be much better there. And there will be relatives there to help. I will have breaks! (and Loup too :P)

Oh, Loup got the visit from his teacher on Friday!
She came with her hands full of games from school so Loup can have some fun with his favorite games! She also brought the mascot "Arthur", a teddy bear, so Loup does not feel alone :)
So sweet!
Oh and all the kids, who worried a lot for Loup, made a drawings for him on the last day at school. Very nice!

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