Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I'm sorry I did not give news about Loup earlier. It's just that, yeah well, I shared everything on facebook, right, but could not find the time to sit down to write a post here!

Loup is getting better!

After a really, hm, stressful week with several visits ar the hospital and lots of blood tests, scans, etc.. Loup finally recovered. It was about time. The conclusion from the doctors: we see that he has nothing, but that does not mean anything, we could make new tests.

Nenene, we've had enough, no more tests!

Loup has got a new cast (the doctors wanted to check everything was fine under it) which is good because his leg has got much thinner, so a new one seems much better:)

Next visit to the hopsital, in 3 weeks to get rid (I hope!) of the cast. That will give me 2 weeks, before school starts again, to help Loup to try to walk again.

Crazy holidays.

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