Monday, August 10, 2009

Adieu Bretonie, Bonjour Paris

Finally I've spent 4 weeks away from Paris... how about that? pretty kewl, huh!

Well that was great for me... and for the kids, specially for Loup who, despite his wheelchair, could enjoy a huge garden & big house.

We've had some stress though with the lil devil having a bad fever, several trips to the hospital (for fear of an infection linked to his leg), new cast done, blood tests, etc...

Well it was strange holidays for me. Honestly on the last week of June when Loup broke his leg, I had so much stress (and physical pain for him) that I just did not know where I was anymore. I focused all my energy on him and was unable to think about anything else.

Then once his pain was gone (after 10 days), I started to feel better -and exhausted-.

Now I'm kinda used to the wheelchair and cast but it still makes life very complicate.

Next week, we go back to the hospital, then he should get his cast removed.
I can't wait for good news about his leg... Normal life to be back :)

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