Monday, August 10, 2009

Almost had a heart attack ...

... earlier today when I totally lost my summer pictures (well only had 15 of them left, from beginning of July!)

I thought I had transferred them all on my PC, but did not notice I had not enough space left.
When I finished the transfer, I just deleted them all from my ebook and memory card.

Then I started to check the photos and ...

I panicked, could remember my holidays... the images were gone, so was my memory!

When Gijs told me he might help, I thought you can't get anything back once it's really completely deleted for ever and ever

I was wrong!
Gijs helped me find a free software to get back the old pics on my empty memory card! yeah yeah!
...but I had pictures lost from the beginning of July till now, and it could only get the last days' photos.

I tried then to get a software to find deleted files on my (e)PC. Well, you know, once you empty the bin, it's empty. lost.
... wrong!
I could find all my deleted files thanks to that.
A miracle!

I have all my lost pics back, I still can't believe it!

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