Monday, August 17, 2009

Normal life is really exceptionnal

...something you discover when suddenly life's harder for such or such reason.
Well, I know my luck, we've just experienced a "broken leg", which is nothing in comparison to many other situations.

But that was enough to *feel* how normal life is precious.

We've spent hours in hospital this morning (Gawd, they need more workers in Necker hospital, too much to do there for them!).
Finally, after a few x-rays, a few checkings, Loup got his cast removed!

Yeepeeeeeeeeee!!! I was so stressed. On the x-rays, you can still see clearly the broken tibia but no "empty space" between the bones.
The doc said that now he can start walking again, that everything's fine. He can't do any sport for at least six other weeks and must be careful. We'll go back to hospital end of September. A last visit :)

No more wheelchair, god, that was so heavy with the floors, with stairs everywhere, so complicate to organise..
No more strategic plans for peeing or washing or playing cowboys ...
No more stress about Loup moving his broken leg, night and day. I get my bed and sleep back for myself! (supa happy sigh)

Well, I've still spent the most tiring day in weeks today, because Loup can't/refuse to walk so I'm his wheelchair! lol... But that's just a matter of days :)



And trust me, there's a huge difference between these two days ;-)

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