Sunday, August 23, 2009

A real pirate!

You know... I would have never believed lil ones could have such a big imagination.
Loup is getting like an expert in the imagination world.

For him, as soon as he starts involving himself in a game, or whatever, then it happens.
I've always wondered how it worked with the cards, you know, Pokemon type... How kids could just use their cards to imagine they would transform in something etc.
Then I saw Loup, just grabbing a card, putting his hand on it, making a big noise then being the creature on the card! LOL
very impressive!

Loup is so much into it. And I am the last one who will break his imagination, I feed it, enjoy it so much that I'm caught by it. I become the real tinker bell that my lil pirate wanna kill! lol

Even gold has to be real, you see... well almost:

(Loup talking)

Mom I want real gold coins!


yes mom, and not those like the one Lola made, in paper, I want real ones... in PLASTIC!!!

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