Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summerish summary

The Facebookers already know what a shitty weather we've got during these four weeks in Bretonie. But I gotta say that for Loup, unable to move, it was not that bad... no temptation for the beach!

Apart from Loup's cast, a few fest-noz, the rain and the wind, I'll remember how much we've worked on the hobbit house! Unfortunately, the photos I took were "broken" when I tried to get them back. So you won't see the result!
We've worked a lot on the terrasse, in the kitchen and bathroom, on the living room & bedroom ceilings.

And another good memory will be our meeting with Axel. I've instantly been under the charm of his show & personnality, which is impressive on many levels. A few days later I contacted him via his site to tell how much we had enjoyed his show.
The result of all that is that I can say we've started a real friendship, he came to spend half a day at home there with his lil boy, and we really had a great time.

Next year if you're not far from Dinan, there will be the big medieval party in July. The theme of it: the Middle Ages' Fears.
Martin wants that we go there as lepers (lépreux).. lol... nene not glam enough for me!

I might change my mind though :P

But Anyway, I don't tell anything but Axel's performance there should be really something! I truly can't wait :)

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