Monday, September 21, 2009

Action mama ?

Well, at least I'm good at giving cuddles! :P

I've just done so much lately that I start to feel I need to sleep more than 6 hours sometimes.

I'm doing great, Life is spoiling me! I'm getting ambitious, I feel passion for life -and ice creams- burning in me, and that is so precious! I want to make a few *life dreams* come true... dunno how but I'll find a way :-)

Now, I gotta say my body cannot follow my rhythm.. lol... despite the hard training!

Gijs came for dinner yesterday! I cooked, had great talks about ermmm firearms, strikes and the beauDy of friendship... but when Loup called me for a cuddle... I fell asleep with him! lol. Woke up in the early morning to realize I had missed the end of the party! lol OMG, I felt bad!

anyway, there's no way I can stop my rhythm, but I include now a nap sometimes when I need it! :)

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