Sunday, September 20, 2009


Sport is almost my hobby #1 now.
The adrenaline, the endorphins, the pleasure to push limits, the people with who I work... fantastic.

I still work pretty much on machines, with weights etc... but the real fun parts are the training sessions with my now well-known Terminators.
The hardest one, the one who'll have no mercy and who'll still manage to make me laugh while making me suffering like hell is... a woman. Blond!
She has an energy and a physical resistance I cannot understand. But I plan to discover her lil secrets ;-)

And then there are these 2 other guys. One black one, supa nice, just asking that we keep smiling when we die working with him. And the third, Cedric, same energy and physical resistance as my Blond one.

With them I do body pump & body attack. Body attack 3 times a week. It's a LOT. lol
On Thursday evening, I went with just a few others to my Blond's course. Among the pupils, there was Cedric, who wanted to try it (the Blond is SO good at it!).
We were what, 6, 7, training, my 2 *masters* included.

That was supa good. Supa exciting, supa motivating.

Ok, you've no idea what I'm talking about (body attack -no, it's not a sect-), so I gotta add a video.

It's just advertisement, you gotta add much better music, harder movements, great atmoshpere (10 people maximum) and a lot of fun!

My fav is still the body pump courses... but it's hard to find the time for everything!

and I would luuuve to do more body combat which is so much fun!

The hardest one though, among my 3 favourite ones, is body attack. Really hard!

...yummmmmy.... :)

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