Sunday, September 20, 2009

Action Martin

Martin wanted to try some martial art... I wondered... he's 2 meter tall and I see Bruce Lee like being half of that! lol

But anyway, Martin's found something............

Krav maga!

It's said to be one of the best self-defense technic.
When I discovered his new hobby, I couldn't believe my eyes! That is VIOLENT! lol
He'll need protection about everywhere, boxing gloves, etc.
I found that funny that Martin, so peaceful, started with krav maga.

I think we all have some boiling part in us, and Martin has found a (clever) way to express it. It's *defense* only and certainly lots of fun learning it.

So yeah, why not huhu!

Martin's having much fun with it, and he even trains a bit with me, or at least show me a few things he learns ... (don't point a gun on me, I will know what to do! LOL!)

Ok, to give you an idea, here's a vid'

(I've really chosen the softest video I could find, to not scare you!)

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