Thursday, September 03, 2009

New year, pink powa, etc

New year (for parents and kids) should start with the school year. Let's forget the old dusty rotten calendar which makes depressive 1st of January the first day of the year!


Ha well

been a tough first day, for me!
I stressed for Loup, his leg, his full days at school (he's still only 3 years old after all... at school from 8.30 to 4.30 is so long!).
For Lola, it's a different stress... I always worry I do not take care enough of her, because Loup is so demanding since weeks, ermm, since ever! :P

It's been really fine for Lola! In her class, they are 24 pupils.... 17 girls and 7 boys, including her lil "amoureux"! lol
Poor boys!
She came back home with homework (on the first day, I'll never get used to that!) and lots of talks about her girlfriends and teacher, etc.

For Loup, god he broke my heart a bit. I asked him if he wanted to stay at school for lunch and he said no, not this time (I'll let him at school on lunchtime 2 days/week). When I came to take him, he had tears in the eyes, I could feel it had been such a heavy first morning. Sitting on a bench, listening to the teacher, not being allowed to play really. Not like his first year.
My poor baby.
It was very VERY hard to take him back to school after lunch...

He'll get used to it, and so will I.

I really need a few days to get used to a quiet space around me. It's strange. I'm happy, I've already worked a lot today. At the same time, I would love to make my babes' first years without this kind of stress, you know?

ha well. That's life and they will soon love it :)

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