Sunday, September 06, 2009

Summer in the city

I've never had so many picnics than in the past weeks.
And today was such a gorgeous day again... if you see 4 ones like dressed for the beach every time there's sun over Paris, then, it's us!

Well, that won't last, so we really make the best of it!

It's been a good week, despite Lola's high fever on Friday night. I just thought it couldn't be possible, after 2 days at school, that was way to early to catch anything!

But the fever is gone.

And Gijs has arrived!
Our gooood friend Gijs has just left Finland to come to work in Paris! Martin & the devils went to take him at the airport earlier today. It's gonna be so kewl to have him around here (happy sigh).

I've had news from my publishing house on Friday, they will publish the 2 other books (which are done already since months) beginning of next year. That's a nice piece of news.

Even nicer, Loup can almost run now! In a weird way, right, but he can make it. It feels so good to see him improving every day!

That's all, folks :)

hope you have a good one!

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